Masters of Deception

 Masters of Deception

“If we understand the mechanism and motives of the group mind, is it not possible to control and regiment the masses according to our will without their knowing it?”

Edward L Bernays Propaganda (1928)

The Ancient Plan to Transform Society is of such scale, of such magnitude and of such genius, that proper understanding of it escapes most people. It is so monstrous that most people cannot comprehend it and others will not entertain it. A disbelief exacerbated by the crafty use of lies, deception and Mass Psychology.

The power of modern Mass Psychology, of Propaganda, of modern mind control techniques and modern communications has gifted to the Cabal of Evil a potent means whereby they can create the “reality”for the masses.

The Secret Group, the Confederacy of Evil, have developed subtle yet powerful techniques to manipulate and herd the masses like sheep. They have succeed to such a degree that the vast majority of people now live in a Matrix of Lies designed to keep them in slavery.

A subtle control grid that keeps the masses in blissful ignorance of their servitude. The Confederacy of Evil desires the masses to perceive this fabricated “reality,” their carefully crafted illusion, the Grand Illusion, as Objective Reality. They want to control the reality of the masses, control what they think, do and act.

A key strategy in the Grand Illusion is to deny the power of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies, but especially, to impress upon popular opinion that the Secret Group, the Confederacy of Evil, the Occult Hierarchy, does not exist and neither does the Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government.

The control of public opinion and the manipulation of history are such that anyone attempting to suggest a Dark Conspiracy, moreover, a five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government is deemed odd; even mad… a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

The Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies, the true Lords of Power on Earth, have constructed a complex system of control, a Matrix of Lies, which controls, manipulates and influences contemporary society by various means. Especially, control of the mass media and TV.

For instance, a major component in the Matrix of Lies, whose function is to conceal, confuse and confound proper understanding of events, is the promotion of the “lone nut” assassin and the “crazy conspiracy theory.”

The Secret Group finances Hollywood films, controls mainstream news media, and publishes material describing bogus realities. The masses, the ordinary people, are indoctrinated by the huge onslaught of manipulative propaganda, subject to subtle and pernicious mind control such that they react by reflex and hold fast to the illusion presented to them.

When people give their “opinions”, they are simply regurgitating impressions and memes infixed in their subconscious via TV, movies and mainstream media.

Intimately bound to the manipulation of reality, to the Matrix of Lies, is the incessant barrage of filth, degradation and morally reprehensible materials on television, in films and in magazines and the like. This is part of the Agenda of Evil intended to demoralise and degrade Western Christian Civilisation.

The demoralisation and degradation is exacerbated by the intentional focusing of the masses on mind-numbing diversions in the plethora of flashy, showy entertainment and sporting events.

Electronic diversions are the modern day circuses that had preoccupied the citizens of ancient Rome diverting their attention away from the excesses and corruption of the emperors.

The euphemism “Public Relations” is used to describe the numerous tactics and techniques used by these Masters of Deception, the Secret Group, to erect their Matrix of Lies and control and influence the world’s people.

The “father” of “Public Relations” is Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew, who summarised his dark art, thus:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the [public] is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We are governed, our minds are melded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.”  

Propaganda (1928)


The capacity of the modern mass media to control the perception, thought and opinion of the people –their “reality”- is breath-taking. So powerful that it is a major weapon in the armoury of Organised Evil in its war on humanity.

It uses the mass media and sophisticated mind control techniques to control the masses and to blind them to the slavery into which they have fallen.

People who come out of the spell woven by the Masters of Deception, realise the mass delusion afflicting humanity, and attempt to reveal the truth meet a variety of fates. The lucky ones are simply ignored as fools, vilified as simpletons, or mocked as “conspiracy theorists.”

The unlucky ones are those who attempt to expose parts of the massively conceived criminal conspiracy (exposing the activities and existence of the Secret Group) who are not simply vilified.

Many researchers and whistle-blowers who reveal sensitive parts of the Ancient Plan to Transform Society“The Plan,” are falsely imprisoned, falsely committed to clinics and certified insane. Many are simply murderer or “suicided.”

One of Judaeo-Freemasonry’s most serious deceptions is the so-called Man-Mad Global Warming Fraud and its adjunct, “Carbon Dioxide as a poison”. A great lie being used to deceive the world’s peoples, chicanery of the highest order. A devilish device being used to manufacture global consent.

To convince people that not only is their modern lifestyle “unsustainable” but also they themselves are “unsustainable”. And both they and their lifestyle are forfeit in order to “save the planet.”

To convince the world’s peoples to not only surrender 300 years of progress but also, if necessary, their lives and those of their loved ones in order to “save the planet.”

How can the do this?

By using mind control techniques to create the grand illusion of Climate Emergency and to convince people it is real and that they must sacrifice all they hold dear in order to “save the planet”. By creating the Global Hive Mind using Black PropagandaChange Agents and Facilitators to manufacture consent.

To get people to somehow agree to transform their lives, to surrender everything, including free thought and freedom of action, and submit to the New World Order Agenda’s tyranny and to Love their Servitude.

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