Global Hive Mind, Change Agents, Consensus and Manufacturing Consent

Global Hive Mind, Change Agents, Consensus and Manufacturing Consent

“The Network is a forum for making sure people are heard … Its role is to tie together the messages from all six UN conferences into practical action. Partnerships will be increasingly important … People in faith communities can help us. We use the African proverb: “‘It takes a village to raise a child.’ … Collaboration links … government, the private sector, and the civil sector.”

NGO Mouthpiece (a Lobbying group) calling itself “US Network for Habitat II.”

“There can be no place for freedom of speech, press, and so on for the foes of socialism.”

Andrei Vishinsky (1883 – 1954) Soviet statesman, diplomat, and lawyer who was the chief state prosecutor during the 1930s Great Purge trials and in the Nuremberg show trials. The Law of the Soviet State.

Across the Western World the urban environment is being re-engineered to appear more “cycling and pedestrian friendly”. Sprawling housing estates are being demolished replaced with high density blocks of flats and apartments.

Roads are closed off, traffic calming measures put in place and vehicle access denied to once thriving commercial areas. A transformation occurring especially in high density urban areas. A re-engineering rapidly transforming a country’s infrastructure and its society.

A world transformation under the pretext of “saving the planet” through “sustainable development” packaged as glammed up Bolshevik Communism called Agenda 21/2030. The template for the greatest wealth transfer in history .. nothing less than stealing planet Earth from the world’s peoples …. the Greatest Fraud in History.

Agenda 21/2030, using the “Sustainable Development” pretext, is being implemented through so-called “Smart Cities”, “City Villages”, “Mini Holland” schemes etc. The World Bolshevik Communist Tyranny being implemented at the local level worldwide and orchestrated by ICLEI.

Societal transformation greatly facilitated by Change Agents.

Change Agent is a person who implements an agenda through an already predicted course of action. A Facilitator is a trained Change Agent whose job is to gain Consensus. They also appear in the guise of Social Entrepreneur and Community Organiser. They are tasked to get a group’s consensus, their agreement, on an intended outcome.

They do this by offering limited choices and steering the victims to the intended outcome. A Facilitator is trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NPL) and psychological subversion, also in the Delphi Method’s use. Change Agents are themselves programmed and are ruthless in achieving their goal. An idea of the programming’s baneful nature is gained from the template used.

The anti-human, anti-Christ Bolshevik Zionist Jew called Saul Alinsky is their mentor and his book Rules for Radicals theirinspiration.

A key Alinsky control mechanism is to targeted and neutralised anyone who disagrees with the constructed narrative and intended goal.

That they are attacked and ridiculed by others seeded amongst the group – the “dragons” – who are working with the facilitator towards the goal of manufactured consent … the “consensus.”

Consensus is the outcome supposedly agreed by the group after informed discourse and lively debate. That it is the product of genuine debate and vote.

This is not the case. It is artificial, a sham. The agenda is already set and the public/group are steered towards the desired outcome.

A fundamental tactic is to limit choices given for vote or debate. Keeping the discussion within a very narrow corridor of accepted views and language used.

For example:

Facilitator: “Would you like Coke or Pepsi?”

Victim: “I do not like soft drinks”.

Facilitator: “Well we may go into other choices in the future but for the purpose of focusing on today’s agenda would you like Coke or Pepsi?”

Victim: “I do not drink soft drinks like cola because of their unhealthy ingredients such as aspartame”.

Facilitator and other “dragons” in unison: “Stop this now! You are being very disruptive, confrontational and hateful.”


Change Agents implementing the unpopular policies are trained in the public and private sector, organisations like  Transition Network and many community interest organisations. They are often funded through the third sector and a spiders web of organisations who train Change Agents/Social Entrepreneurs and set up “Community Interest Companies”.

In the UK, Common Purpose is a perfect example of this type of anti-democratic organisation: a subversive group training Change Agents to infiltrate and subvert all organisations and institutions that sustain Ordered Society.

Soros Organised Jewry StoogeFunding also comes from National Lotteries, through “charities” and “charitable organisations” such Tax-Exempt Foundations (Rockefeller, Carnegie etc.) the odious George Soros’ Open Society Foundation etc.

Central governments have empowered local authorities to implement Agenda 21/30’s Consensus Policies. “Mini Holland” schemes, for example, is how “Sustainable Development” is being implemented locally in London boroughs. Many of these implemented by Change Agents without any public consultation. Local councils not even bothering to go through the manufacturing consensus sham.

The ultimate goals are the same but various ploys are used to achieve them. A favoured ploy is to claim an area is to be rejuvenated with new investment creating new opportunities and new jobs etc.

Under the guise of “regeneration” areas are re-engineered according to the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”in which entire infrastructure and populations disappear. All existing businesses and independent venues disappear along with much of the existing population who are “cleansed” out of the area.

A gentrification of sorts in which new developments are affordable only to those on large incomes. A process in  which the resident population largely disappears, especially the elderly, the disadvantaged and those in council housing.

Another ploy used is the Bohemian ploy.

To evict council tenants and bring in “artists” (who are offered the tenancies very cheaply on a short term basis) to make the area seem trendy and desirable i.e. Bohemian. A shabby deception but a very successful social engineering programme used often.

A gentrification happening all over London and other major cities resulting in whole cities being redeveloped according to the 17 “Sustainable Development Goals”. Entire areas socially cleansed and re-engineered into one massive homogenised zone.

The Smart Cities being built all over the world designed for full spectrum control, in real time monitoring, of residents and visitors.


Idealised Smart City


These global villages will be gated communities with significant CCTV coverage with their own mini-supermarket, gym, corporate coffee shops and watering holes, pubs etc. Also a new “Community Hub”.


The Community Hub

The “Community Hub”is the new village hall but here its proper function is the place where Change Agents  monitor, control and dictate public opinion.

Run by volunteers and trained Change Agents who will be spokesmen for the new plans that will be appear in Local Newspapers, Council Leaflets and Propaganda newspapers given away as “Community News” run by “Community Interest Groups”.

Articles and puff-pieces containing nothing of real substance. Fluffy things about local artists and trivial stories such as firemen save cat from tree-top perch. Amongst the trite will be the substantial, the draconian plans being forced through, described as “improvements” or “regeneration”.

Articles, propaganda, promoting the new developments and “Sustainable Development’s” core principles.

What is not see are real local people’s views.


Global Hive Mind

Global Hive MindThe ultimate goal is creation of the Hive Mind: the reduced condition in Huxley’s Brave New World suffered by lower castescalled Drone Workers. Simple workers, the multitudes of drones and one-task thinkers created for the purpose of a simple life of servitude.

Not only the mass production of human life to the guarantee society’s  economic structure but also conditioned to enjoy such a meagre life. Human Drones are content with their reduced condition in every sense and so they are stable. Like unthinking biological machinery, constantly working and satisfied with every minute of their day.

Human Drones possessed of the Hive Mind who not only accepted their enslavement but also became to Love their servitude …

So to those falling victim to the Global Hive Mind fake consensus illusion who willingly surrender themselves to the New World Order and imprisonment in its painless concentration camps euphemistically called “Smart Cities.”

A dream quickly becoming a reality. As the created Global Hive Mind comes increasingly under control  -from cradle to the grave-  of UN organisations, NGOs and lobbying groups.

Climate Hysteria predicated on the “Climate Emergency” is a salient example of Hive Mind creation. The creation of a cult mentality on a global scale. In this case the climate apocalyptic cult:Hive Mind Catastrophobia.

During the faux “Cold War”, George Orwell’s novel 1984 (1949) eclipsed Aldous Huxley’s earlier work Brave New World (1932). Both dealing with a future dystopia, Orwell’s book seemed the more accurate since it since perfectly captured Bolshevism’s evil character.

Orwell could do this because he had first hand experience of Stalinist terror as it swept through the International Brigade during the Spanish Civil War.

Orwell sent Huxley a copy of 1984, Huxley wrote back to say:

“that he had enjoyed it but believed his book [Brave New World] was better prophecy [with its portrait of a gentler but more effective totalitarianism than Orwell’s] boot smashing down on the face.”

Nicholas Murray Aldous Huxley: A Biography (2003).


While Huxley’s dark tale was a shocking analysis of a scientific dictatorship, it also seemed a far projection into the remote future. Orwell’s seemed more contemporary and real. However, the biological and behavioural sciences’ rapid development and their potential to reshape human beings and society, has made Brave New World “relevant” again.

How can these authors who wrote dystopian fiction over 80 years ago be so accurate in what is going on in today’s society? Because they were both privy to some degree of the New World Order Agenda … Huxley more so.

Here is a delightful parody summarising how to subjugate the world using a Plannedemic ScamdemicJudaeo-Freemasonry enslaved governments and Medical Martial Law:

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