The earliest evidence of the Kabbalah is the system associated with “Merkava mysticism,” which flourished in Palestine in the 1st century AD and concerned itself with the ecstatic and mystical contemplation of the divine throne, or “chariot” (merkava), seen in a vision by Ezekiel, the prophet.
Star of David

The, Sefer Yetzira (“Book of Creation”) appears to have been the earliest Jewish text on magic and cosmology surfacing sometime between the 3rd and the 6th century. The central tenet of the tract was an account of creation described by a providential process involving the 10 divine numbers (sefirot) of God the Creator and the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. These were said to constitute the “32 paths of secret wisdom.”

The Kabbalah is a system of esoteric mystical speculation predicated upon mathematics and number. Kabbalists (Cabal Con-men) concern themselves with letter and number mysticism, the configurations of certain magical words, anagrams, names of angels, names of demons and so on.

It is based on Old Testament revelation, by which the revealed text was interpreted with the aid of various hermeneutic techniques. Of the many methods developed the most favoured were the three forms of letter and number symbolism: gematria, notarikon and temurah.

In the 13th century, a text appeared called the Sefer ha-bahir (“Book of Brightness”) also known as Sefer ha-zohar (“Book of Splendour”), which greatly influenced the subsequent development of Jewish esoteric mysticism and Judaism in general. The tract strongly reiterated the concept whereby the sefirot was instrumental in creating and sustaining the universe.

This doctrine of creation was built on a theory of emanations which declared that the cosmos evolved from the transcendent and unknowable God through a series of increasingly material manifestations (sefirot). It also introduced into Judaism such notions as the transmigration of souls (gilgul) as well as strengthening the foundations of the Kabbalah by providing it with an extensive mystical symbolism.

It also furnished a mystical Hebrew study of methods for controlling spirits and demons. Kabbalistic interest was at first was confined to a select few but it became the preoccupation of large numbers of Sephardic Jews following their expulsion from Spain and Portugal in the late fifteenth century.


The Zohar is the Cabalists’ main book written in the either the 13th or 15th century, depending upon the source, by Moses De Leon predicated upon “Merkava mysticism,” and the idea that the Hebrew language has a divine origin i.e “logos,” the divine word of God whereby He created the Cosmos, thus language has the ultimate creative potential.

In the Zohar letters, words and intonations are Creation’s building blocks: the sounds of creation. Moreover, that the Hebrew alphabet affects both physical and spiritual realities.

 “And they who are wise shall shine.”

Daniel 12:13


“And they shine like the brightness of the firmament that rests upon they who are wise, of whom it is written.”

Zohar, Bereshit.



That the “earth was without form,” and that creation began in chaos, arose the idea that “out of chaos” emerged  “order.”

An idea later Cabbalists developed, teaching that God’s own prophecy (that he would intervene in His creation to bring about “the Jews” salvation) could be expedited by more chaos and Natural Moral Order‘s inversion.  World civilisation’s purposeful destruction, “Creative Destruction,” but especially that of Christendom.

Two counterfeit Jews came forward (Sabbatei Tzevi and Jacob Frank) preaching this Ahrimanic-inspired creed, and claimed Messianic status.

Although both counterfeit Jews and counterfeit Messiahs, their Dark Creed gained a huge following worldwide: one that permeates throughout Organised Jewry and Judaeo-Freemasonry, and manifest in their World Revolutionary Movement: the more frenzied the chaos, faster Christendom‘s destruction, and the greater the order and perfection of the Ultimate World Order will emerge.



The modern Kabbalistic school was inaugurated by Isaac Ben Solomon Luria (1534-72) eponymous founder of the Lurianic school of Kabbalah which was organised into a practical system by the Hasidim (hasid, “pious one” or “steadfast”) of Eastern Europe.

This pietistic movement began in the 18th century and was a reaction against an orthodox religious system that had, asserted the Hasidim, become rigidly legalistic and the spiritual yearnings of the common people ignored. Hasidism subordinated Talmudic learning to emotionalism and anti-intellectualism and appealed directly to the simple folk.

Shouting, dancing, singing, wild movements of the body, and intoxicating drink formed part of communal services, which was designed to produce sudden bursts of rapturous prayer and induce states of religious ecstasy. The Talmudically educated rabbinate eventually turned on the Hasidim and excommunicated the practitioners for their practical repudiation of traditional Judaism, for pantheistic tendencies, for the adoption of esoteric Kabbalistic teachings, and for undue veneration of the Hasidic leaders.

The Hasidim also refined the Kabbalah for the writing of amulets, the conjuration of devils, incantations, seals and mystical trickery with numbers, letters and names. It was from this stream of occult wisdom, from Hebrew grimoires, that Gilles de Rais obtained his demonic inspiration for the magical blood-rites that destroyed hundreds of children and that eventually consumed his soul.

The efficacy of the Hebrew Kabbalah and the temporal ambitions of its practitioners soon secured access for them and their arts to certain parts of European aristocracy. A medieval phenomenon arose: the court Jew. These were men who had ingratiated themselves with the rulers of society by offering to provide them with empirical methods that contrasted favourably with the quackeries offered by the monks.

They also offered to provide the secrets of the Kabbalah, of which they regarded their race as the sole repository.

“The Jews”, as the most faithful trustees of the secrets of the Kabbalah, were almost always regarded as the great masters of magic in the Middle Ages. That is why many rulers and their courts employed Jews for their occult knowledge and their apparent skill in casting horoscopes, spells, incantations and their command over demons.

It is from this Luciferian source that Gilles de Rais acquired his grotesque formulas for using the blood of murdered children to find favour with the Dark Gods. It is also from this Luciferian source that the Rothschild Dynasty and its feudatories derived their power.

The Kabbalah is the science of demoniacal arts of which “the Jews” were the initiators as well as the most faithful trustees of its secrets. The magical blood-rites practised in the medieval period in Europe were therefore attributed to Jewish inspiration.

Its proponents have deliberately exaggerated the profundity of the Kabbalah. It is not as ancient or as profound as it has been promoted. For instance, the profundity attached to the Kabbalah‘s treatment of creation and its reverence of ‘number’ is an artificially invented liaison by Hasidic Jews in the sixteenth century.

It arises from the medieval occult fascination with order and structure that is contained in the architecture (especially the cathedral), music and the preoccupation with Pythagorean theory. This is a response to the medieval religious viewpoint that held that Hell, home of the Lord of Chaos, is a pit, the infernal (inferior) depths, or the abyss, which is waiting for those that “fall down”.

The only remedy is faith in God, blind faith in the Church and the continual striving to create and maintain order from apparent chaos. This of course is an unconscious response to a pale knowledge of the initial lifting of Creation out of the Sea of Chaos. Evil is whatever force or being that seeks to reverse this act of Creation by bringing order into chaos and converting vitality into inertia.



Bible covenants


The greatest populist of the Kabbalah in modern times was “Eliphas Levi,” which was the “nom de guerre” of Abbe Alphonse Louise Constant (1810 – 75) the son of a Parisian shoemaker. Levi could not speak or write Hebrew but he became the main agent whereby Jewish influences were introduced into European magic.

It was he who hustled the Kabbalah on to the occult scene in Europe. Previously, Kabbalism had merely enjoyed a certain respect in Jewish culture: a form of theoretical mysticism used by the Jew and not much by anyone else. Nevertheless, certain Jews strove to edge Judaism into western magic, and did anything to attract the eye.

Before this, medieval magic was mostly alchemy, the art of numbers and sorcery.


Levi is revered as the man who came up with a new idea that the Tarot and Kabbalah were linked. No evidence supported this novel idea at all. In a book called The Dogma and Ritual of High Magic, Levi devoted 22 chapters to the 22 trump cards, or Major Arcana, of the Tarot, linking each to the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, and to aspects of God, his ignorance of Hebrew not withstanding.

In A History of Magic, Transcendental Magic, The Key of Great Mysteries, and other occult booksPapus, Levi asserted that there existed:

 “a universal ‘secret doctrine’ of magic throughout history, everywhere in the world.”


This novel idea was a breath of fresh air in stolid 19th century occultism, and Dr Gerard Encausse (1865-1916) whose nom de guerre was “Papus,” eagerly glossed Levi’s conception to great effect.

No one asked if it was true for it was too useful to be doubted.

From that time onwards no one doubted this imaginary link and it as ever since been assimilated totally in the Western Occult Tradition, which it is claimed has existed since time began.


Hoene-WronskiA Polish émigré to France, Joseph Marie Hoëné Wronski (1776-1853) was the magical mentor of Levi and was a scholar of great talent. Wronski produced the idea of “The Absolute,” that is, the knowledge of truth attained by pure reason alone. Amongst other teachings he relayed to Levi was that there did exist a primary type of liaison between the Tarot and the Zodiac based upon simple numerology.

Wronski also wrote The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage, which was not Jewish, not 17th century, but 18th century and Gentile. Unfortunately, Levi tampered with it added the Kabbalistic elements and virtually threw away the great discovery made by Wronski pertaining to “The Absolute.”



Eye of Lucifer New World Order

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, founded in London in 1888 by Freemasons, adopted much of Levi’s magic. This occult society, which eventually exerted one of most significant influences on Western occultism in the 19th and 20th centuries, was founded by Freemasonry as a social experiment and therefore much of its claims and practices were bogus.

Its key founder was Dr. William Wynn Westcott, a London coroner, a Freemason and Rosicrucian, who in 1887 obtained part of a manuscript that was written in brown-ink cipher from a Reverend A F A Woodford, a fellow Freemason. The manuscript appeared to be old but it was not. Westcott apparently deciphered the manuscript and claimed that it contained fragments of mystical rituals of the “Golden Dawn,” an unknown organisation which admitted both men and women.

Another Freemason, Samuel Liddell MacGregor Mathers was co-opted to transform the ritual fragments into expanded and systematised rituals. A slip of paper bearing the name of Fraulein Anna Sprengel, supposedly a Rosicrucian adept living in Germany, was found amongst the manuscript papers.

This enigmatic woman was then, apparently, contacted and asked by Westcott for permission to organise the English branch of the occult society Die Goldene Dammerung (The Golden Dawn). Permission received, Westcott et al announced to an expectant London occult smart set of the inauguration of their new secret society.

The Teutonic connection is very important since most of the problems associated with secret societies, Fascism, Communism and the New World Order can be traced to the occult scene in Germany at this time … as can today’s problems.

The 18th century Jewish revivification in the form of “Hasidism” led by Israel Ba’al Shem (originally, Israel Ben Eliezer 1700-60) had as a main stratagem the promotion of the Kabbalah into a very popular avocation. Jewish migration into France brought this new feature of Kabbalism with it and to the eventual notice of the romantic fertile mind of Levi, who transmuted it into a system of seeming antique profundity.

It is this treatment by Levi that caused the Kabbalah and the Tarot to become a focus of a later craze in ritual magic. Moreover, in the space of 150 years on man’s idle fancies have become enshrined as hallowed shining Truth!


By the 1930s the infixing of the Kabbalah into the Western Mystery Tradition had become so complete it seemed it had been there from the very beginning. Not only an infixing but also an usurpation, displacing the very origins and spiritual wisdom and inheritance of the White Gentile Nations. The Kabbalah, cuckoo-like had ousted the true chick from the nest.

A complete take-over, a Judaising  of the Western Mystery Tradition, such that even “a devout mystical Christian,” esoteric Christianity exponent, regarded as the  “foremost female figure” of early 20th century British occultism,and “one of the most significant clairvoyants and occultists of the postwar period,” could write unabashed:

“The (Cabalistic) tree of life forms the ground plan of the western esoteric tradition and is the system upon which pupils are trained in the Society of Inner Light.”

Dion Fortune (born Violet Mary Firth, 1890 – 1946) British occultist, ceremonial magician, novelist and author; co-founder of the “Fraternity of the Inner Light,” an occult organisation that promoted philosophies which she claimed had been taught to her by spiritual entities known as the “Ascended Masters.” i.e. she was a New AgerThe Mystical Qabalah (1935).


Firth aka “Dion Fortune,” also refers to “Kabbalah” or “Cabala” as “The wisdom of Israel” whereby she commits two gross errors: the “the Jews” who peddled the “Cabala” where counterfeit JewsHerrodian Edomite Jews, who were not of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’s blood, where not “Israel,”; and their “Mystical Cabala” had no connection whatsoever with the Holy Land:  it was born in the Languedoc in France.


The reputation of the Kabbalah had been assured by the ubiquity of Jews in royal courts and elsewhere throughout the middle ages and Renaissance period, which appeared to confirm that their race had some secret knowledge unknown to the Goyim (a scornful term for all non-Jews which literally translates as “cattle”).

Part of the myth was that the Jewish race was the sole repository of the dark arts of necromancy, and the masters of demonology. This is not true. The forces of Evil work in all races. What the Jewish race offered was a perfect vehicle of Evil unique in history.


Their ideology of racial superiority that had been vouchsafed to them by God at the time of Abraham was a uniquely galvanising mechanism that held together disparate groups through different times and cultures. The Jews are the most bigoted people in history. They address their deity, Yahweh, as “Lord God of Abraham,” “of Jacob,” and of “Isaac,” that is the “God of the Jews.” They exclude all other races from this sacred compact.

They are:


“God’s chosen people”


In an irony only a keen sense of secret history can reveal “the Jews” were de facto originators of the concept of the Master Race many centuries before Hitler. Understanding this will help in perceiving the deep karmic implications behind the so-called “Holocaust.”

The belief in oneself as part of a chosen people was good for morale especially to such an unfortunate people viz. slavery in Egypt and Babylon, hard times under Imperial Roman yoke, the Diaspora around North Africa and Europe, religious persecution and the “Holocaust”.

The talisman of the “covenant people” was raised to great prominence in Judaism, becoming the cornerstone of Jewish faith. If any Jew doubted this he stopped being a Jew. What should be understood is that Judaism is a tribal creed that has been ossified by events in history. There have been no new prophets in last two thousand years, just a wearisome wait for their mashiakh (Messiah). This is the tragedy of the Jew. So much suffering so much waiting for an event that occurred two thousand years ago and they do not see it!

Here we will digress to relate something of the utmost import to the understanding of contemporary events. The religious tract called the Hebrew Bible or the Old Testament is not similar in outward form to any of its contemporaries.

MelchizedekThe time that the Hebrew Bible covers begins in the early centuries of the second millennium BC. At this period in human history, religions were suffused with the star lore of the Egyptians and Sumerians and clearly presented this star imagery in their systems of worship.

The religion of Abraham did not.

Although there are many allusions to this Ancient Wisdom, they are usually veiled behind the heavy cover of paternalistic monotheism. Although the star lore is concealed within the text of the Hebrew Bible, what is obvious is that the Old Testament is a profound work of heredity occultism.

It describes the sublime mechanism whereby certain people, the Tribe of Judah, the Judahites, were governed by the stars, the celestial hierarchies, to bring forth a suitable physical vessel for the incarnation of the Christ. The celestial hierarchies, represented by the stars, nurtured the seed of Abraham to create a human body that would be the vessel for the Messiah.

This eugenic occultism was the means by which Christ was presented with a suitable physical body, the man Jesus of Nazareth, as a vessel for his sojourn on Earth. An analogy of the Incarnation is this: that the body of the Messiah can be understood to be the whole universe poured into a finite space.

The understanding of this unique event will provide you, gentle reader, with a powerful tool with which to unlock the Mystery of Golgotha and the subsequent unfolding of events.

A repository of this knowledge of the Mystery of Golgotha and the true nature of Christ and His task on Earth can be found in one of the most profound pieces of literature in European literature, the legend of the Holy Grail. The Grail Mystery is intimately bound with the events surrounding the Incarnation of Christ.

This may seem a bold statement since most people understand the Grail Sagas to be nothing more than quaint medieval stories about acts of chivalry and dragon slaying. This is window dressing. The true message concealed beneath the fripperies of the age in which it was wrote is the true and proper nature of Christ, His reason for Incarnation and the true nature of man and his role in the unfolding cosmic drama.

There is a complex yet sublime message contained in the Grail Saga that describes the ancient star wisdom that can be found in fuller detail here. A hint of this supreme drama is as follows.

The Grail is often called a “cup.” This account therefore accepts the tradition that Joseph of Arimathea collected the holy blood of Christ within a cup at the crucifixion. The cup in question,was first mentioned in the Old Testament when Melchizedek served the sacraments of bread and wine to Abraham.

Melchizedek was king of Salem (Jerusalem) and “a priest unto ‘El ‘Elyon'” who brought bread and wine to Abraham after the latter’s victory over the kings, and also bestowed upon him the blessing of “El ‘Elyon’.”

Abraham gave him “a tenth of all,” his possessions or booty from his conquests. Melchizedek was in fact the high priest of the Sun Oracle situated on Mount Zion. This great initiate into the mysteries give Abraham the silver cup during the blessing, he also made the prophecy of the future greatness of the Hebrews.

Abram Covenant“Thy seed shall be numbered according to the stars.” This is echoed in the verse. “And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be”

Gen. 15:5.


The subtle association between the Passion of Christ and the star wisdom can be further demonstrated by relating how Christ and his twelve disciples partook of the Last Supper. It occurred in the upper room of the coniculum, which was built directly over the sun grotto of Melchizedek on Mount Zion.

Christ served the sacraments of bread and wine from the same cup Melchizedek give Abraham that was passed down through the line of prophets and kings of the Israelites. The same cup that Joseph of Arimathea collected the holy blood at the crucifixion, and which tradition informs us he carried to Britain, bringing it to Glastonbury where it became the symbol of the Grail.

There was also a second chalice presented at the Lord’s Supper, a jasper chalice encrusted with jewels. Hiram of Tyre had sent this chalice to Solomon as a gift.

There were two very potent occult symbols present at the Last Supper, a silver cup and a jasper chalice.

The silver cup remained the possession of the kings of Israel and its history is mentioned in the genealogical tree of the race detailed in the Gospel of Matthew.

The jasper chalice was the possession of the high priests of Israel whose line is described in the Gospel of Luke.

It therefore should be obvious that the cup, later used by Joseph of Arimathea, is associated from the very beginning with the star wisdom that is later characteristic of the quest for the Grail.

The cup given by Melchizedek to Abraham, which was used by Christ at the Last Supper and later by Joseph of Arimathea is truly the Cup of Destiny.



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