What are the new pathways to advancing the content and delivery of education, skills and training for the students and workers of the new economy? The COVID-19 crisis has caused a seismic shift in the world of work, with profound implications on education and skills agendas. There is intense demand for technology-based solutions, with digital learning remaining as a fundamental part of the education and skills system, as well as a long-standing need to drive improvement in student and worker outcomes. Key themes to address include skills anticipation, contemporary pedagogy and market-aligned curricula, digital and physical access to learning content and infrastructure, professional development of educators, scaled investment, and supporting students and workers transition through their learning journey in a complex and volatile environment. The Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Education and Skills will develop new thinking and influence change and action through the Forum’s Platform for Shaping the New Economy and Society and shape key inputs to the Great Reset initiative.