What are the new pathways to creating more and better jobs in the new economy and how can progress on those pathways be achieved? The COVID-19 crisis has led to significant economic and social disruption, triggering sharp increases in unemployment and underemployment alongside radical changes in how work is done. This disruption could accelerate previous trends towards the displacement of workers through automation and digitalization without proactive efforts by government, business and workers. Key themes to address include areas for investment in job creation, the future of temporary work arrangements, redefining quality and safety at work, work as a means of achieving fulfilment and dignity, active labour market policies, and a shift towards revaluing “essential” work through living wages.
The Global Future Council on the New Agenda for Work, Wages and Job Creation will develop new thinking and influence change and action through the Forum’s Platform for Shaping the New Economy and Society and shape key inputs to the Great Reset initiative.