Genocide soon Cometh

 Genocide soon Cometh

“Our conclusions, summarized in the pages that follow, are disturbing. They indicate the potential for global problems of alarming proportions by the year 2000. Environmental, resource, and population stresses are intensifying and will increasingly determine the quality of human life on our planet. These stresses are already sever enough to deny many people basic needs for food, shelter, health, and jobs, or any hope for betterment.

At the same time, the earth’s carrying capacity — the ability of biological systems to provide resources for human needs is–eroding. The trends reflected in the Global 2000 Study suggest strongly a progressive degradation and impoverishment of the earth’s natural resource base.

If these trends are to be altered and the problems diminished, vigorous, determined new initiatives will be required worldwide to meet human needs while protecting and restoring the earth’s capacity to support life. Basic natural resources–farmlands, fisheries, forests, minerals, energy, air, and water–must be conserved and better managed. Changes in public policy are needed around the world before problems worsen and options for effective action are reduced.”

 Letter of Transmittal, first page of The Global 2000 Report to the President under Dr Gerald O Barney’s direction and presented to President Carter (1980)

The Radical World Depopulation Agenda has been in progress for decades. Even by 1990 its effects were having significant effect. For example, in 1989, Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak estimated that 500 million people in the Third World had starved to death in the 1980’s.

Most of these deaths attributed directly or indirectly to debt service and “technological apartheid” policies that prevent modern technologies being used in Third World countries e.g. water treatment plants, nuclear energy, refrigeration, mechanised agriculture, pesticides and fertilisers.

Policies promoted by Radical Environmental Movement under the guise of “saving the Earth” from pollution. A process described as Eco-Imperialism: the forceful imposition of Western environmentalist views on developing countries.




Maurice Strong, Mikhail Gorbachev and Al Gore were the Radical Environmental Agenda‘s “Three Musketeers”. Its supposed leaders and great promoters, sacrificing personal ambition, career advancement and financial gain for the greater good of “saving the planet.”

Whereas the originals (d’Artagnan, the gigantic Porthos, the clever Aramis, and the melancholy Athos) united in a noble cause (to defend the honour of Anne of Austria against arch-schemer Richelieu and the machinations of “Milady”) these three united in an ignoble and contemptible business.

United in the cause to ruthlessly cull the world population before totally enslaving the remnant in a Luciferian New World Order.

United to advance the Malthusian Financial Oligarchy‘s agenda to steal the planet’s wealth and to depopulate the Earth to an ideal “500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”.

Agenda 2030: World Depopulation Blueprint

A World Empire ruled from Jerusalem under Ahrimanically inspired Noahide LawsAhriman’s Seven Commandments.

How do we know this?

We know this because “They” repeatedly tell us.

“They” following Luciferian Doctrines frequently reveal their dark intentions. “They” have told us that they intend to radically reduce the world population and bring the remnant into their New World Order.

Gentle reader, this is not Conspiracy Theory, this is Conspiracy Analysis. A conspiracy not only against mankind but also Christ and God Himself. A conspiracy operating in every aspect of human existence. One of its key components is a ruthless population control agenda. Control of both total number and all activity. Total control of a remnant world population from the cradle to the grave.

An agenda largely orchestrated by the Triumvirate of Evil:

Organised JewryJudaeo-Freemasonry and the Judaeo-Roman Catholic Church.


An agenda operating on a vast scale in which the Luciferian United Nations is an integral part. Especially to foist draconian Global Laws onto the nations. Especially to put the world’s people under “Sustainable Development Goals” tyranny.

Using the “Problem” of Man-Made Global Warming Fraud and Carbon Dioxide is a poison Fraud and its contrived “Reaction”  of

Climate Hysteria and Climate Emergency and offering its “Solution” of Sustainable Development and Global Action Plans.

In other words, using the tried and tested Hegelian Dialectic to transform society. A Judaeo-Freemasonic favoured modus operandi to pervert, control and transform.


Global 2000 Report to the President reveals Judaeo-Freemasonry’s Intention to Cull World Population

“With the collaboration of UNESCO and other institutions, including education ministries, we must develop… youth apprenticeship programs… to foster mistrust of the physical science, humility of the human conditions, and the hatred of the nation-state –among other things– for those intellectual attitudes are the premises to comprehend the grave problems of demographical explosion and resource limitations.”

Aurelio Peccei, chairman of Dark Freemasonry‘s “think tank”, the Club of Rome,  Hundred pages for the Future.


“We are going to get Global 2000 implemented, one way or another by famine, starvation, or by choice..We need a real economic shock ,a depression to get our message across.”

Zero Population Growth spokesman (9/18/81) Source: The Spiral Report Vol. 111 – March 31, 1982

On July 24, 1980, the US State Department released the Global 2000 Report to the President. A document long in preparation by the White House Council on environmental Quality and the State Department involving numerous “experts.”

Its origins lay in the early days of the Trilateral Commission saturated Carter administration. In other words, an administration practising “Technocracy” and a Dark Freemasonry vehicle.

]The report’s the fundamental premise was the “population control” (a euphemism for killing people) be made the cornerstone of the policies of all future US presidents. Providing justification   by permeatng the report with lurid predictions of crises in water resources, severe energy shortages, shortfalls in strategically vital raw materials etc. and blaming it on “population growth”.

The report argued that without remedial action by the year 2000 there will be 2 to 4 billion people above the planet’s carrying capacity. Consequently, to stave off catastrophe, government policies both domestic and foreign must be directed toward the elimination of 2 to 4 billion people by the year 2000.

An argument based upon Malthusian Theory.

The claim that population growth inherently exhausts “natural resources” and there are, therefore, “limits to growth”, as Dark Freemasonry “think tank” the Club of Rome has insisted.

A simple scenario that ignores a very simple fact: the capacity of scientific and technological progress to transform circumstances, to transform man’s relationship with the world … to redefine man’s relationship with Mother Earth.

Man’s relationship with Mother Earth has been an evolving one. It may have appeared static for long periods but it has been a one of progress. Especially in High Cultures and Civilisations, but especially in the West. A progress that suddenly accelerating in the 16th century and in the subsequent centuries created Western “White Man’s” Science, which in turn created the Modern World. A phenomenon the coloured races now find painful to knowledge or even accept.

New science and technologies continually redefine the man-earth dynamic. Nature continually yields Her secrets and Mother Earth her bountiful resources.

The means of human existence ever evolves and new resources are revealed as new technologies become available.The correlation between “natural resources” and “human population potential” is largely determined by scientific knowledge and technological capability. A resource only becomes “natural” when it can be useful and exploitable

Science and technology define resources and their development opens up new vistas of opportunities .. of new new arrays of “resources” availing themselves  for use and exploitation e.g. oil becoming “natural” when combustion engines etc, where invented, before that, it was black sludge, which usually meant farm fields’ ruination.

What does this mean with respect to the Malthusian Theory and its “limits to growth” hypothesis?

Simply that:

  • There are no “limits to growth” since limits are only constrained by current scientific knowledge and available technologies. Only when scientific and technological progress is stopped dead will there be an absolute limit to “resources” for human life. There can never be such a thing as absolute human “over-population”
  • If current agricultural and industrial capabilities existing in industrialised nations were diffused throughout the Third World, not only is there ample resources but also too few people to operate advanced agro-industrial facilities at optimum capacity.


The Global 2000 Report not only took the Malthusian pessimistic approach but also ignored man’s potential to transform the world in which he lives …. to his great benefit. It also assumed no diffusion of modern agro-industrial capabilities to the Third World, that it would be denied even current technologies. It also assumed no progress beyond existing scientific and technological. That, for some inexplicable reason, human progress would atrophy.

Global 2000 Report‘s hysterical over-population forecast followed from these flawed assumptions.

The Global 2000 Report had to assume science and technology’s sudden stop in order to assert that by the year 2000, there will be 2 to 4 billion above the world’s carrying capacity. It deliberately ignored the simple fact that evolving science and technology were not to be forced into stagnation, the globe’s population would have much brighter prospects.

The Global 2000 Report can be confined to history’s dustbin as yet another failed prediction of environmental catastrophe: one of many arising from the Radical Environmental Movement and the myriad “think tanks” such as the Club of Rome. However, it has a certain importance. It is not a genuine scientific forecast but a statement of intention.

It reveals the depopulation aims of those behind the Man-Made Ozone Hole Fraud and the Man-Made Global Warming Fraud.

It reveals – by Revelation of the Method –  Judaeo-Freemasonry’s genocidal policy. To depopulate the world by at least 90%, ridding Mother Earth from all her Useless Eaters, to a sustainable population of “500,000,000 in perpetual balance with Nature.”

How do these people justify Genocide? How do they rationalise their planned demise of mankind?

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