George Washington Hunt: Witness to the 4th World Wilderness Congress’ Dark Dealings 

George Washington Hunt: Witness to the 4th World Wilderness Congress’ Dark Dealings

“The collective needs of non-human species must take precedence over the needs and desires of humans.”

Reed Noss, Director of The Wildlands Project


“The threat of environmental crisis will be the “international disaster key” that will unlock the New World Order.”

Mikhail Gorbachev die-hard Communist, part of a Globalist trend to merge Communism and International capitalism into a new synthesis .. the Third Way. quoted in “A Special Report: The Wildlands Project Unleashes Its War On Mankind” by Marilyn Brannan, Associate Editor, Monetary & Economic Review.


“NM Rothschild is poised to earn tens of millions of pounds… [by] further strengthening the close bond between the Rothschild family and Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska, the bank advising (Deripaska’s firm) Rusal …

Deripaska (an intimate friend of Nathan Rothschild’s) was able to tap the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (GEF) for a loan of $150m, to his Basic Element vehicle in 2006 …

Deripaska is one of 16 global business leaders who drafted CEO Climate Policy Recommendations to G8 Leaders, a document outlining international business community’s proposals to effectively tackle global warming”

The Telegraph 2 Jan 2010


“[M]y name is George Washington Hunt and I am a Businessman in Boulder Colorado. In the late eighties, I went to a UN environmental conference as a volunteer and uncovered the largest deception of finance and Banking in US history.

The Big Bad Bank is my 5th film which explains what is going on. I also have the Big Bad Bank, the book, which a written documentary that exhibits this modern day conspiracy. All of my Films and books were made without outside funding, I financed the books and videos myself so I could bring you the truth.”

George Washington Hunt’s introduction to his website.


“I did not hate the Rockefellers or Rothschilds or any of the families that intended evil against humanity. I merely object to their placing the love of money and their world order friends and plans above the Principles that society requires in their pursuits of life, liberty and happiness.

I had luncheon with Baron and Lady Edmond de Rothschild at the 4th World Wilderness Congress. As I seated myself, Lady Rothschild reached across the table and poured my glass full of water and Baron Rothschild greeted me with sincere respect.

To my right at the table was the president of the World Conservation Bank, I. Michael Sweatman. He, too was cordial, although he was busy with the preparation for the keynote banking session just an hour ahead.

The meeting featured addresses from Maurice Strong, Baron Rothschild and Michael Sweatman. You know what they said at their conference by listening to them on my DVD’s. Liars plotting evil.

The Rockefeller Family was very kind when my sister-in-law became ill. She was the personal secretary of the wife of David Rockefeller and Mrs. Rockefeller visited her at the hospital every day during her illness. That is true kindness and love. I don’t hate any member of the New World Order … I just hate the evil with which Satan has beguiled them.

Since I am an American I MUST expose evil and do what I can possibly do to root it out. Other Americans have the absolute requirement to assist in rooting out the evil from America as well.”

George Washington Hunt’s Blog The Rockerfellers and Rothschcilds Are Loving People.


“This [the Greatest Fraud in History] needs money!”

Edmund de Rothschild heard on George Hunt’s video declaring his breed’s unbridled greed for everyone else’s money.

George Washington Hunt, an accountant and an environmental service company owner, was a participant at the 4th World Wilderness Congress and witness to events.

Believing that he was participating in genuine environmental conference with kindred spirits, he was surprised at the type of participant, quickly realising that it was not a conventional environment conference.

He was surprised to see Elite Parasites such as Maurice Strong, Edmund de Rothschild, David Rockefeller and James A Baker. Men he knew were intimately involved in the New World Order Agenda.

What he witnessed was the dark side of the “sustainable development” movement. What he saw and heard horrified him. He tried to warn the world by making a documentary called New World Bank, Religion and Rulers (1988).

Hunt talks with Charles Wheeling about his findings at the 4th World Wilderness Congress namely, the Central Banking Cartel’s intention not only to make massive amounts of money but also to ensnare the world’s peoples in a web of social control.

Hunt talks about the hypocrisy of people behind the “sustainable development” movement that they do exactly the opposite of what they say they would do, including slashing rain-forests and destroying ecology, for example.

Moreover, the utter contempt for ordinary people, which on of them described as:

 “the cannon fodder, unfortunately, that populates the Earth”.


In a later video UNCED 1992, Hunt describes how the Global initiatives in the name of “sustainability” constitute a new false liberation ideology. He clearly shows the World Power of the Rothschild dominated Zio-Anglo-American Establishment behind the Greatest Fraud in History.

The same power behind the banking system he shows as the centrepiece of the new mode of organisation that “sustainable development” will create. A Rothschild dominance of World Affairs the attendees and sycophants like Maurice Strong  acknowledge.

Strong stating that there is “no better person” than Edmond de Rothschild to spearhead the Greatest Fraud in History since he:

“… epitomises in his own life that positive synthesis between environment and conservation on the one hand and economics on the other”.


In other words, Family Rothschild is the leader of both the pseudo-Environmentalist Movement and International Usury.


Edmund, standing at the Congress’ dais, described his family’s “international conservation banking” scam thus:

Edmund de Rothschild: International Usury's public face“The meetings now over the concept of an international conservation banking program involve all sectors of the human community: Governmental and inter-governmental agencies, the public and private agencies, large charitable foundations, as well as ordinary individuals worldwide.

By thinking forward as to how to reach out to the public at large, to every corporate entity throughout the world to put aside, hopefully tax-free, a part of their profits to fund our ecological and environmental protection.

Ladies and gentlemen, every country has its own problems, its indigenous peoples and its wildlife. This international conservation bank must know no frontiers, no boundaries.” UNCED 1992

Rothschild creature Maurice Strong was Rothschilds’ “world conservation bank’s” facilitator. Introducing it as the Global Environment Facility (GEF) at his next big event, the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro.

The jewel in Strong’s crown as the world’s supposed premier environmental crusader. and a “world saviour”.


Soon after the 4th World Wilderness Congress ended Hunt told Moneychanger magazine that the “World Conservation Bank” was designed as a World Central Bank (Hunt’s “Big Bad Bank“) to steal land while claiming it was being done to “reduce debt” and “help the environment”. That:

“‘… the banker Edmond de Rothschild was at the meeting for six days. Edmond de Rothschild was personally conducting the monetary matters and creation of this World Conservation Bank, in the company of Michael Sweatman of the Royal Bank of Canada.

Those two were like Siamese twins, and that’s why I say that it appears they were running at least the money side of this conference and I would say the conference was primarily to get money. Also, David Rockefeller (of Chase Manhattan Bank) was there and gave a speech on Sunday …”


Hunt summarised the Rothschild scam thus:

George W Hunt: Truth Warrior“Rothschild had a ‘World Conservation Bank’ established. This bank would lend money to defaulting countries like Brazil, taking the Amazon basin as collateral. In fact 30% of the world’s surface were defined as such ‘wildernesses’ which could be collateralized (i.e. given as security for loans) …

If the borrowing Nation cannot pay the loan back (and Brazil’s finance minister stated, that Brazil could not), the wilderness would be forfeited and belong to the World Conservation Bank. And where would this charitable bank [obtain] its money from? …

This means that the UN countries of the world are donating money and exchange our good money for useless SDRs on the reimbursement of our loans to LDCs for Rothschild to take over up to 30% of the Earth as forfeited security!”


In short, nations will gradually come under the Banksters’ control as they struggle to pay the interest and have to borrow more and more. Moreover, the Banksters will then decide which nations can borrow more and which will starve.

Using this leverage to take state owned assets like land and utilities as payment against the debt until they eventually own the nation itself. This is the “debt-for-nature swaps,” where Third World countries are given debt relief in return for opening their land up for “environmental development projects”.

“Rothschild wants to take over big chunks of the world via the World Conservation program – to be the only bank in the world. This is a conspiracy fact.”

George Washington Hunt interview with Infowars’s Alex Jones.


Hunt describes Rothschild’s rapacious entity set up to devour nations as the “Big Bad Bank“:

George W Hunt: Truth Warrior“A Big Bank is ready for implementation whenever the directors feel the right time occurs, probably after all the world’s currency systems fail and there is chaos everywhere. It is presently called the World Conservation Bank but may open in the name of the United Nations or as a private Rothschild Bank

The bank will replace all banks. There will be one big bank. It will issue the world currency, make loans and finance huge conservation programs. Its power will be great. It could bring any nation to its knees just by adjustments to credit and currency.

This bank is a creation of the Rothschild banking family. They are special bankers to the very rich elite and command great respect in the field of international finance and banking. They are also very clever, cunning bankers and have been known to create brilliant banking agreements. The forthcoming bank is also clever and cunning …

… this is a fraudulent bank. The rich elite will invest trillions of dollars into this Rothschild bank in return for stock in the bank. Their family trusts and foundations are gorged with wealth and they will readily invest in this bank because if it bankrupts they have the right to step in and claim all of its assets.

The assets they seize will include all of the mortgages and debts of cities, counties, buildings, individuals, everything. When and if the bank fails, these investors will own all of the collateral that was pledged in return for the trillions of dollars in loans on everything … this bank is a scam and is completely unacceptable.”

George Washington Hunt’s Blog Rothschild’s puppets.


Hunt ably demonstrated the 4th World Wilderness Congress‘s dark nature and true purpose. His testimony was that the Dark Congress accomplished two aims:

  • Creation of the Rothschilds rapacious “World Conservation Bank”, the Global Environment Facility (GEF), operating at a supra-national level to coordinate finance to “save the planet”.
  • Creation of “Wilderness Areas,” via the “re-wilding” the planet. i.e., clearing areas of all human habitation and of all traces of human habitation, and allowing the land to “go back to the wild.”



“I am educating the public to understand that a secret bank was set in motion by international financier Edmond de Rothschild. The bank will eventually be the only bank to exist as banks merge with one another into a larger bank.

As the large and small banks topple toward large banks, where will it stop? The ultimate bank may be the Bank privee Edmond de Rothschild which was created in Geneva, Switzerland, a month after the aforementioned UNCED Wilderness Congress was held. It is presently known as the World Conservation Bank.

The bank will promote conservation but judge the hypocrisy of UNCED’s Maurice Strong, Rothschild’s right hand, as he brazenly attempts to circumvent Colorado water laws and ruin valuable farmlands.”

George Hunt, who died Dec 23rd 2013, provided mankind a great service by revealing the New Green Environmental Movement‘s true, fake, dark nature. Part of his testimony highlighted the New Green Environmental Movement leaders’ rapacity and hypocrisy such as Maurice Strong, for example.

Career criminal Strong personified the phoney environmentalism involved. For example, when he purchased a huge ranch in Colorado called the “Baca,” where he and his wife Hanne held New Age and multi-faith ceremonies heralding a New World Order and New World Religion.

Hunt exposed Strong’s hypocrisy showing how he was trying to privatise the water supply of the approx 200,000 acre ranch for huge financial gain. Strong was a consummate “Global Elite” … a perfect exemplar of his kind … the Parasite Elite.


“It would take too long … to educate the cannon fodder … that unfortunately populates the earth.”

David Lang, a Montreal International Bankster, Elite Parasite, and Fourth World Wilderness Congress’  speaker.



UN “UNCED” Earth Summit 1992 By George Hunt


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