Luciferian United Nations’ Plot to Depopulate the World

 Luciferian United Nations’ Plot to Depopulate the World

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order”

David Rockefeller, Supra-Elite Parasite, godfather of Globalism, speechifying at a UN dinner in 1994.


“Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

David Rockefeller boasting of his family’s preeminent role in destroying Western Christian CivilisationMemoirs (2003)

Grassroots environmentalists not only do not know that Dark Forces have commandeered the Environmental Movement but also do not comprehend the terrible consequences of this. That those at the top of the environmentalist movement advocate policies that ultimately kill people.

We know this because many of the Radical Environmental Agenda’s policy-makers, by adhering to the Revelation of the Method, say so publicly.

David Rockefeller, for example, boasted of his part in creating “a more integrated global political and economic structure-one world”. This he called the “New World Order”. He also advised that “the right major crisis” was needed to bring it about. This will be at the contrived World War Three’s end. He and his family, in cahoots with the Rothschilds, are sponsors of much of the world’s woes.

This includes the Radical Environmental Movement’s appropriation, largely through their creature, the Luciferian United Nations, and numerous stooges such as Maurice Strong and Robert Muller.

Using the ostensible reason to “protect the environment” and so “save the planet” as justification for World Tyranny and the reduction of the world population by at least 90%.

In the 1960s and 70s, Radical Environmentalism manifested as anti-nuclear street demonstrations and tree-hugging to stop road building, where cannabis smoke wafted around “Ban the Bomb” and “Back To Nature” posters. A tiny minority that put Mother Nature first and mankind second.

Things rapidly changed in the late 70s as Environmentalism was commandeered and incorporated into the New World Order Agenda. A remarkable transformation whereby once a regarded extremist environmentalist ideology became mainstream. Not only that, but has permeated vast swathes of the Western World’s  institutions at all levels from corporate boardrooms to the shop-floor..

A transfiguration organised by powers very different than those declared by the environmental movement’s mouthpieces and publications who unanimously assert that the movement emerged from the grass roots. Several did, but during the appropriation process were taken over by CHange Agents that co-opted them into the New World Order Agenda.

Dr Patrick Albert Moore a co-founder of Greenpeace, wrote in 1994 that “radical greens” had taken over the organisation leaving him no choice but to resign. Moreover, that the new Radical Environmental Movement routinely use scare tactics and disinformation and had “abandoned science and logic in favor of emotion and sensationalism.”

That is, using Fear Porn to scare people to death.

From the late 70s, every so-called environmental group or movement, of any influence, which formed the new Radical Environmental Movement were not part of a natural process, they were not organic, so to speak. This “Green” growth did not emerge from grass roots.

Judaeo-Freemasonry via the Zio-Anglo-American Establishment provided massive funding as well as direction and policies to them. In the USA, this came from Eastern Liberal Establishment’s (“The Order”) institutions centred around the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral commission, the Aspen Institute and a host of Tax Exempt Foundations.

In other words, the greatest financial powers created and support the modern Radical Environmental Movement. They carefully moved it from a radical fringe movement populated with a few radical activists to a mass movement infested with NGO Change AgentsUseful Idiots, just idiots, narcissistic virtue signallers and hysterical school girls.

The Central Banking Cartel sponsored Radical Environmental Movement has institutionalised antiscience, anti-human, zero growth policies at all levels of government and public life. That is, the greatest financial powers have used environmentalism as a weapon to attack Western Civilisation, targeting its economy. Especially high-technology agriculture, heavy industries and the nuclear power industry.

The Radical Environmental Movement is big business, one of the most powerful and lucrative businesses in the world. It will become the biggest once the UN Global Action Plan gets into full swing.

The Central Banking Cartel – the Greatest Financial Power on Earth – is fully behind it. They even threaten companies with bankruptcy if they fail to comply with Agenda 21/2030. As Banksters’ lackey and mouthpiece Mark “Carnage” Carney made clear.


carney NWO mouthpiece zero carbon



Environmentalist groups command vast wealth that belies their outward appearances as “public interest”, “non-profit” organisations. Wealth and funding the groups are secretive about.

There are thousands of groups involved in “protecting the environment” and “saving the Earth”. All share a common philosophy but can be separated into four general types:

  • Environmental Protection
  • Land Trusts
  • Population Control
  • Animal Rights


Man-Made Ozone Hole Fraud First Shot in the Modern Population Control Agenda

Aldous Huxley: New World Order insider “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.”

Aldous Huxley explaining how truth is often slow, but it eventually catches up to expose the lie. Mark Twain observed that a lie can be half way around the world before truth can pull its boots on.


“But if ye will not do so, behold, ye have sinned against the Lord: and be sure your sin will find you out.”

 Num. 32:23.

For centuries this has been paraphrased: “Your sins will find you out.” The Global Warming Fraudsters‘ sins (the Ozone Hole, “Carbon Dioxide as dangerous pollutant,” and Man-Made Global Warming deceptions) have been exposed.

Using the same MO to create unreal scenarios that eventually jarred with reality: that their unnatural creations were out of phase with natural events.


Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are gases used in hair spray, refrigerators, and insulating foams. They are a group of aliphatic organic compounds containing carbon and fluorine, and, in many cases, other halogens (especially chlorine) and hydrogen. They are colorless, odorless, non-flammable, non-corrosive gasses or liquids.

The Ozone Layer is a layer of atmosphere located between 6 and 25 miles above the Earth’s surface. It blocks ultraviolet rays, shielding the surface of Earth from high-energy radiation.

In 1974, University of California’s Dr Mario Molina and Dr Sherwood Roland published a paper asserting that CFC pollution from industry was destroying the ozone layer in Earth’s stratosphere. Here began the so-called “CFC-ozone depletion debate”.

Molina and Roland’s hypothesis was that man-produced CFCs migrate upward through the atmosphere to the stratosphere, where ultraviolet radiation breaks down CFC molecules, releasing chlorine atoms, including Chlorine, which reacts as a catalyst to break down ozone molecules into oxygen, reducing the ozone concentration.

The more CFCs released, the greater the destruction of the ozone layer.

In 1983, researchers at the British Antarctic Survey discovered at thinning of the ozone layer over Antarctica, which became known as the Ozone Hole. An observation apparently confirming Molina and Roland’s theory.

Degradation of the ozone layer we were told would increase rates of skin cancer and cataracts and cause immune system problems in humans.

In September of 1987, To save the ozone layer, 29 nations and the European Community signed the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer. Another 197 nations signed it in the following decade, agreeing to ban CFCs use.

A surprisingly effective ban. Since 1986, Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) world consumption is down 99 percent, effectively reaching zero in 2010.

CFCs vs Ozone Layer

The Montreal Protocol has been hailed as an international success to resolve a major environmental issue. A perfect example to follow for the elimination of “greenhouse gas emissions” and so halt “Man-Made Global Warming”.

Like everything about the “Climate Emergency” appearance does not reflect reality. In the “CFC-ozone depletion debate” and despitethe elimination of CFCs, the Ozone Hole remains as large as ever.

A stubborn phenomenon that hints at the Ozone Layer is dominated by natural factors and not man-made CFC emissions.

The “CFC-ozone depletion debate” on the future of CFCs raged for two years with the NRDC (lavishly funded by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations), playing a major role. Essentially, a contest between Proper Science and Shameful Science.

While President Ford’s top Proper Scientists advised him that the evidence was not strong enough for an immediate ban on CFCs, Prostitute Scientists and other members of the administration moved to implement the ban.

In October 1978, the United States banned CFCs as propellants in aerosol cans. Shameful Science and its practitioners had prevailed.

One such influential “environmentalist” that helped to steamroll through the legislation was Russell Wilbur “Russ” Peterson (1916 – 2011), who was chairman of the Council on Environmental Quality at the time and then later president of the National Audubon Society.

Peterson and others worked for a ban on the use of CFCs in aerosol cans knowing it to be the first step toward CFCs’ total ban. Peterson also made clear that Proper Science did not factor in the matter, bragging to journalist:

“I believe firmly that we cannot afford to give chemicals the same constitutional rights that we enjoy under the law. Chemicals are not innocent until proven guilty” quoted in Sharon Road’s Ozone Crisis: The 15-Year Evolution of a Sudden Global Emergency (1989).



Ozone cycle.The “CFC-ozone depletion debate” became quiescent until November 1984, when the NRDC started the new phase in the CFC assault. It filed suit against the EPA seeking to force it ban all CFC production, as mandated under the EPA’s Phase Two proposals.

Under the Clean Air Act, the NRDC argued, the EPA was required to regulate CFCs if they were deemed harmful to the environment. Since the EPA had acknowledged this in its 1980 proposed regulations, CFCs must be prohibited.

As the NRDC relaunched its campaign against CFCs, a major political change was taking place in Washington, D.C. The leading proponents of technology, the space program, and economic development in the

At the time, the Reagan administration had contained leading proponents of technology, the space programme, and economic development i.e. who favoured scientific and social progress not their retardation. Namely, Interior Secretary James Watt, NASA Administrator James Beggs, and EPA Chief Anne Burford.

These were ousted by a series of media-orchestrated scandals: precipitating a crisis due to mass resignations over the mishandling of the Superfund programme. Burford was replaced by the multi-millionaire corporate environmentalist, William Doyle Ruckelshaus (1932 – 2019), his second term as EPA administration. He had been its first Administrator when President Nixon formed the agency on December 2, 1970.

So far in the “CFC-ozone depletion debate” no credible scientific evidence against CFCs had been presented.

A situation supposedly rectified when in May 1985 Joseph Farman’s doomsday ozone-hole paper appeared in Nature magazine.  Joseph Charles Farman (1930 – 2013) was a British geophysicist who worked for the British Antarctic Survey.

The environmental lobby immediately seized upon Farman’s report and used it as Fear Porn to start creating hysteria about CFCs once more.

A test run of the “Climate Hysteria” and “Climate Emergency”.

Within two years its publication, a multi-lateral agreement, the Montreal Protocol, was in place to reduce CFC use.

Now, their use, and that of many other ozone depleting gases, is banned globally.


Judaeo-Freemasonry Front Groups Behind the Man-Made Ozone Hole Fraud


Man Made Ozone Hole Fraud


Two Central Banking Cartel front organisations posing as environmental groups played a leading role in the Black Propaganda and legal campaign to ban Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) created in 1969 by grants from Tax Exempt Foundations (Ford, Joyce, Mott, William Bingham and Carnegie) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), one the Radical Environmental Movement’s legal arms founded in 1970 with massive funds from the Ford Foundation.

The NRDC, together with the Sierra Club and the National Audobon Society, has filed many lawsuits to block dams, shut down nuclear power-plant construction and stop road development projects i.e. to retard progress and stymie industrial capacity .. to de-indistrialise the West ….

Since the Radical Environmental Movement’s co-opting into the New World Order Agenda, Judaeo-Freemasonry agentur and gatekeepers have continually declared that their plans were merely “environmental protection”, and simply good policies to “save the planet” for future generations.

All lies and deception designed to allow “Them” to create the Climate Emergency Fraud (“problem”) and nurture the Climate Hysteria Fraud (“reaction”), and to roll-out the Global Action Plan Fraud (“solution”).

One of the first displays of this deception was the so-called  “CFC-ozone depletion debate.”

In November 1974, the NRDC joined the the “CFC-ozone depletion debate”, calling for an immediate ban on CFCs citing Molina and Roland’s hypothesis as proof.

In June 1975, it sued the Consumer Products Safety Commission for a ban on CFCs used in aerosol spray cans. The Commission rejcted the lawsuit in July 1975, on grounds that there was insufficient evidence that CFCs harm the atmosphere.

Here EPA administrator Russell Train intervened on behalf of the NRDC. Train using his position’s authority supported Molina and Roland’s hypothesis and called for all nations to cooperate in establishing worldwide guidelines on CFCs to avoid “environmental disaster”.


Russell Errol Train (1920 – 2012) was a founder and chairman emeritus of World Wildlife Fund/Conservation Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund trustee and a high-ranking member of both the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations.

In other words, a member of “The Order”, the Zio-Anglo-American Establishment and so an influential Judaeo-Freemasonry agentur.

JudaeoFreemasonry controls the influential Tax Exempt Foundations, which channel untold billions of dollars into the organisations and causes they wish to support. This gives them enormous political clout. It gives them massive political leverage. It allows them to dictate the political issues presented to, and then voted on by Congress.

All done “tax free”, since the foundations are “tax-exempt”. A devilishly clever ploy to transformer society at tax-payers’ expense.

The Tax Exempt Foundations’ boards of directors are made up of some of the most powerful individuals in the country who have an incestuous relationship with government and industry power brokers.

A sad situation such that now Tax Exempt Foundations-funded environmentalist organisations have virtually taken over US national policy and, by that, the United Nations and so that of the world’s.

Gentle reader, can you sense how the Great Game is played by these people?


“Green” and “Greedy” go Hand-in-Hand in the Radical Environmental Movement

Like everything in the Post Truth World, appearance belies reality. When Truth and Fact give way to tears and emotions. When Global Warming Fraudsters shed crocodile tears and shake with fake emotions and the world believes them. When a rapacious corporation seemingly capitulates to the green argument (and sacrifices its market share and vast profits) for the sake of the planet and to “save the Earth” and the world believes it.

Superficially, the CFC ban appeared prudent. When DuPont, the world’s biggest, dominant CFC producer, in September 1986, announced its support for the banning of CFCs it also appeared altruistic.

Why would a huge corporation play a key role in the development of the Montreal Protocol on Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS), sacrificing both its market hegemony and huge profits?

In 1928, Charles Franklin Kettering (vice-president of the General Motors Research Corporation) and Thomas Midgley (General Motors’ scientist) invented a “miracle compound” called “Freon”; a trade-name for several different chlorofluorocarbons. In 1930, General Motors and DuPont formed the Kinetic Chemical Company to produce “Freon”. Making vast profits from its manufacture.


By the late 1980s, DuPont’s patent on Freon was about to expire allowing any company to manufacture it. Also, alternative chemicals, more environmentally friendly refrigerants, were beginning to be developed. A situation described thus:

DuPont "using science and innovation to make the world a safer, healthier, and better place to live"DuPont’s pursuit of its economic interests, along with the political impact of the discovery of an ozone hole and the threat of domestic regulation, shaped the international regulatory regime for ozone‐depleting substances.

International regulation offered DuPont and a few other producers the possibility of new and more profitable chemical markets at a time when CFC production was losing its profitability and promising alternative chemicals had already been identified.

DuPont’s organization and strategy were key to the successful leveraging of the Montreal process. For example, the Freon Division had close interaction with public officials and external groups, and benefited from the input of DuPont’s external affairs department. This positioned DuPont to exploit the situation when regulatory discussions were stepped up …  some producers stood to gain more from the envisioned regulations than others. Such industry heterogeneity provides frequent opportunities for coalitions of ‘the green and the greedy’, such as that between DuPont and environmental interests.”

James Maxwell & Forrest Briscoe: There’s money in the air: the CFC ban and DuPont’s regulatory strategy (1998)


Farman’s report and the ozone-hole scare played a two-fold role:

  • Advancing the Radical Environmental Movement and its Agenda towards “Sustainable Development” (“Green”)
  • Catering to DuPont’s interests and profis (“Greedy”)


The so-called “CFC-ozone depletion debate” and Corporatocracy’s (in the shape of DuPont) apparent capitulation, which in reality was the “pursuit of its economic interests,” is the real beginning of the Greatest Fraud in History … the time the Climate Fraud Gravy Train left the station.

The so-called  “CFC-ozone depletion debate” is the real beginning of the Global Warming Fraud. A patently absurd fraud based upon many lies and fallacies.

The Global Warming Fraudsters use the Big Lie Technique.

Knowing that their fraud cannot be justified by Proper Science they use Shameful Science. And then lie endlessly and shamelessly.

In recent years because of the repeatedly failed predictions concerning “climate catastrophe” and the fact that the Earth is now cooling, the Global Warming Fraudsters have strategically moved their false rhetoric from “catastrophic man-made global warming” to “climate change” and ”wilder weather”, which is a non-falsifiable hypothesis.

A propaganda ploy to yet again deceived the public.

A cynical ploy but one that any competent scientist, who has a basic understanding of his art, knows is a scam: that a non-falsifiable hypothesis is non-scientific nonsense.  Akin to Freud’s faux “Psychoanalytical Theory”.

DuPont was the first major corporation to hitch its wagon to the Climate Fraud Gravy Train. Many, many more were to follow.

Culminating in the climate change “crisis” agenda and the worldwide financial scam, which represents the Greatest Fraud in History.

Al Gore Great Profit of the Climate Emergency HoaxAn idea of the scam and its actors is personified in the figure of Al Gore …. the “Profit” of Climate Emergency … an execrable man, the New World Order’s public face to promote its climate frauds.

Gore the Great Purveyor of Pseudo-scientific Scaremongering was an early player in the Greatest Fraud in History, the plot to defraud the world using the “environment” as ts pretext. Jumping early on the Green Gravy Train  when as a lowly Senator claimed that the “Ozone Hole” crisis was causing, amongst a great deal of other things, the spread of AIDS ….

Gore, an execrable person who positioned himself early in the fraud by investing in the Carbon Credits Exchange Fraud mechanism before he went around the world proclaiming a “Climate Emergency” …. and the dire need to create the “Carbon footprint” market in which “Carbon Credits” could be exchanged …. at great profit to people like him.

Of course, in his public exposition he neglected to detail the great profit aspect involved in the “Climate Emergency”  for him and his sponsors

Gentle reader, can you sense how the Great Game is played by these people?


The Global UN-Rothschild Mass Murder Agenda:




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