Narcissism, Virtue Signalling, Moral Grandstanding, Libtardism, and Feelings Fakery

Narcissism, Virtue Signalling, Moral Grandstanding, Libtardism, and Feelings Fakery

In Greek mythology, Narcissus was son of the river god Cephissus and the nymph Leiriope, and was distinguished for his transcendent beauty, such that he fell in love with his own reflection. A self-love, an exceptional interest in and admiration of oneself, that now bears his name: Narcissism.

Narcissism, which is closely related to “egotism,” vanity, conceit, self-regard, is the habit of always thinking about and admiring yourself: the self-glorification of Self. Sufferers become self-absorbed and/or chronic show-offs.



“There is a word for the decadent disposition in our culture which falls for the fake: it is ‘sentimentality.’

The sentimentalist is a person in denial, and what he avoids or denies is reality. He likes to think that good ends can be achieved without unpleasantness. He would rather not be reminded that pain, effort, personal responsibility, self-control and patience are inevitable.

He is attracted by schemes which offer good ends without the need for any striving — learning, a just society, community and even pleasure. Most of all the sentimentalist is frightened by the idea that men have a natural capacity for evil.

For to admit evil, and the will to evil, is to destroy his world which rests upon the supposition that utopia may be ushered in by the mere adoption of the right plan.”

Digby Anderson and Peter Mullen editors: Faking It: The Sentimentalization of Modern Society (1998)



“Human kind cannot bear very much reality.”

T. S. Eliot (1888 – 1965) British poet who won the Nobel prize for literature.

An enormous weight of evidence informs the wise that the Dark Gods and their children of darkness are playing us for suckers, that they have hijacked the Earth and are holding its peoples hostage. The wise know that they have cunningly crafted a great delusion, the Post-Truth World, which when observed with knowing eyes their myriad illusions dissolve into stark reality, and that:

Governments are organised gangs and routinely lie, elections are rigged and political leaders selected; Countries are corporations, taxes are illegal and a government extortion racket; White Christian Nations are being invaded by Third World hordes, The Great Replacement Agenda is real; Organised medicine is a racket and its doctors misinformed; viruses are patented, diseases are created, pharmaceutical medicines are poisons, cancers can be cured, and vaccines are bioweapons; Processed foods and municipal supplied water are toxic; Media is propaganda; Opinions are created and manipulated; Education is indoctrination; the Financial system is a Ponzi Scheme, and banks are dishonest; Oil is not a fossil fuel; Carbon dioxide is not deadly to the environment; Climate Change is a fraud, Renewable energy is not clean, efficient energy; Free energy exists and energy can be free; Proper history is hidden; Wars are planned in advance; Division and strife are incited; Darwinian Evolution is a fraud; Extra-terrestrials a sham; Organised Religions are hypocritical, and … Children are stolen and sacrificed …. and the public is dumb, stupid and ignorant of the world in which they live.



An enormous weight of evidence that the majority cannot see, or if they are made aware of, refuse to acknowledge. They reject it out of hand because they have swallowed the Masters of Illusion‘s created reality. They are dumb, stupid and ignorant of the world in which they live and, from cradle to grave, happily wander through the “garden of delights” with a  “Lostness of the Mind.”

Wonderland‘s dwellers suffered from a “Lostness of the Mind,” the “Wilderness of the Mind,” because they simply accepted the absurd as normal. Oceania‘s inhabitants surrendered to the “Wilderness of the Mind” tyranny because of fear, intimidation, torture mass psychology, propaganda, distraction and Big Brother and The Party‘s Big Lies. The Brave New World‘s denizens succumbed to their enslavement primarily because they were slaves to their base instincts, slave to their Lower Self.

World Civilisation, especially the Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry hopelessly enslaved Woke Western World, is rapidly succumbing to slavery, to simply accept the absurd as normal, because of the Nameless War being waged upon it. They are rapidly becoming the Fourth World Wilderness‘ captives.

People are suffering a “lostness of the mind,” and embracing the Elite Global Parasites‘ curated “collective consciousness.” Each year, untold millions are captured and corralled into the world hive mind concept using the Fake Green Gaia Religion, New Age, drugs, Applied Psychology, propaganda, Big Lies, Gaslighting and coercion.


In today’s Post-Truth World, the majority believe that their government is like a benevolent parent looking after their best interests and would do them no harm. An absurd position, as 20th and 21st century Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry slave governments – especially the Bolshevik Zionist Jew variety, are the biggest mass murderers in history.

In today’s Post-Truth World, the people have been inculcated with the belief that the government is their parent and they must ask permission to do anything, and without government things will be terrible. A wonderful trick, a masterful subterfuge, which the Masters of Illusion‘s have pulled off on the public. That Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry slave governments are a working for their best interests when the opposite is true: the Reversing of Reality.

That Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry slave governments are beneficent when they are malevolent, believing them good when they are evil; thinking they protect when they are doing everything to enslave and destroy them: the Reversing of Reality.

The Global Hive Mind‘s creation achieved via “Manufacture of Consent” and “Consensus Reality.” The Masters of Illusion‘s curated Age of Solipsism, the captured gullible kept in both an arrested development and a spiritual wilderness, the “consensus reality” captives,corralled in the “wilderness of the mind.”

In today’s Post-Truth WorldTruth and Fact are malleable, and disposable when they become inconvenient. They become “Hate Facts” when stating the obvious, and making the scammer, the faker and the liar uncomfortable, by exposing them and their works as frauds. Truth is Hate to those who Hate the Truth.


The term “Virtue Signalling” first appeared in print in James Bartholomew’s 2015 article in The Spectator magazine in which he described the modern phenomenon, fuelled by “social media,” of fake virtue publicly paraded over genuine feelings and kindness.

An easy thing to do, often taking seconds to make and post, hoping to garner thousands, even millions of “likes” and “thumbs up.” … Easy virtue, wanting to be seen to be virtuous by saying the right things violently, even hatefully, on “social media” because it is much easier than real kindness. Why feel, asks the Virtual Signaller, when I can simply imagine how to feel. It is far easier to fake feelings using two thumbs to send “Tweets” and text messages than it is to genuinely experience them.

The Virtual Signaller understands the rules of the game. That there is a very narrow corridor of accepted public opinion to tread to remain “safe,” “relevant” and “right.” The Political and Emotional Correct, the Elite Globalist Parasite approved opinions; Mockingbird Media and Social Media/Tech Giant propaganda and censorship.

Virtue Signallers, Moral Grandstanders, and Libtards, regurgitate Political and Emotional Correct shibboleths and memes – Elite Globalist Parasite approved opinions – as if they were their own opinions. Becoming ever more hysterical and ludicrous in their attempts to appear relevant. An exercise in one-upmanship, trying to make other people feel inferior in order to make themselves appear more important, more moral, seeking to appear morally superior. Seeking public praise, exaggerated praise, seeking puffery.

A shallow gambit seeking to increase one’s status. In other words: Faking It!


There is no greater fool than an educated fool filled with a conceit of knowledge. Those who accrue much knowledge and deploy clever talking-points and sound-bites, who think they know many things, and become vain and boastful because of it. Those who know much but are wholly dumb, stupid and ignorant of the world in which they live. They know much but know nothing to good purpose. Vainglorious blowhards that never make good use of their knowledge.

Knowledge that puffs up the possessor, rendering him over-confident and boastful, is as dangerous as self-righteous pride, even though what he knows on occasion might actually be right. The Professional Liberal‘s characteristic mindset: a hypocritical, vindictive, intolerant, narrow-mindedness predicated upon specious logic; but especially the Libtard, the “woke liberal”: “Woke” is the Libtard‘s main affliction after arrogance, sanctimony and stupidity.

Without holy affections all human knowledge is worthless, when anti-Christ tinged it is pernicious and dangerous.


The rise of the Narcissist, Virtue SignallerMoral GrandstanderLibtard and LGBTQ+ are a consequence of the fake world created for them. They are also evidence of Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s success in subverting reality, of Reversing Reality.

Of its “Popular Front” strategy, of Gramsci’s “slow march through the institutions,” – of infiltrationsubversionenergy harvesting, and steering; the creation of “grassroots” idealistic, synthetic movements in order to ensnare well-meaning people, usually students, workers, women, artists and intellectuals. The willing victims, the rapidly increasing Useful Idiot Army.

The Narcissist, Virtue SignallerMoral Grandstander and Libtard thrive in today’s fake world. A rapidly growing Useful Idiot Army of Narcissist, Virtue Signaller, Moral Grandstander, Libtard, Social Justice Warrior, Snowflake, Queer, and Transgender, collectively called “Woke.” The Useful Idiot Army that marches to the Elite Globalists Parasite drumbeat: the Useful Idiot Army whose esprit de corps is the  Woke Wilderness of the Mind.

The Useful Idiot Army, the Woke Legions, the Legion of Lucifer‘s foot-soldiers …. the Masters of Illusion‘s foolish victims, Cultural Marxism‘s great triumph.


All are victims of the Bolshevik-Globalist “Groupthink” Mind Virus, and the growing army of “woke” liberals’ enthusiastic embrace of it is indicative of not only the Post-Truth World‘s success but also its fraudulent nature.



Moral Grandstanding

Grandstanding is to perform ostentatiously in order to impress an audience and with an eye to the applause. When mixed with morals and ethics, it becomes Moral Grandstanding – the use of moral talk to project moral probity and in extreme cases, for shameless self-promotion. Regardless of a person’s morality, everyone has used moral talk to project an impressive and morally respectable image of themselves.

All seek to show their moral compass points in the “right” or “correct” position. When someone asserts that: “I have long stood on the side of the disadvantaged, and especially with BLM, and this case is no exception. I will not tolerate this injustice, nor should any other good person.”

This is Moral Grandstanding.

When a white person asserts that: “I am ashamed of being white and disavow my ancestors who created the modern world in which we live. I will not tolerate this historic injustice and denounce my White Privilege, so should any other good white person.” This is both Moral Grandstanding compounded by White Liberal Guilt (the mental illness of the self-loathing White liberal).

When the mentally ill, self-loathing White liberal parent uses their own children to Moral Grandstand it becomes child abuse.

Moral Grandstanders want others to regard them not only morally respectable, or even morally remarkable, but also morally superior. All contributions they make to public moral discourse, or in their virtue signalling, are intended to satisfy that desire. Moral Grandstanding is to use moral talk for self-promotion.

Moral Grandstanders are not only shameless but also invariably peddle dangerous Politically and Emotionally Correct propaganda presented as their own opinion or advice. Moral Grandstanders use public discourse as a vanity project. They are less concerned about saying what is true, and so helping other people, or contributing to a conversation that might be productive.

Moral Grandstanders often seek to show that they possess super human insight into what is right and just. Using moral talk that attempts to get others to make certain desired judgments about them namely, that they are worthy of respect or admiration because they possess some particular, finer moral quality.

Liike all Virtual Signallers, the Moral Grandstander also understands the rules of the game. That there is a very narrow corridor of accepted public opinion to tread to remain “safe,” “relevant” and “right.” The Political and Emotional Correct, the Elite Globalist Parasite approved opinions; Mockingbird Media and Social Media/Tech Giant propaganda and censorship.

Moral Grandstandersroutinely espouse “social justice” and wantonly flash their “woke” credentials; endlessly virtue signalling the accepted Elite Globalists Parasiteshibboleths and memes. Moral Grandstanding is the use of moral talk to seek social status … self-promotion, status-seeking, and ego-building. A vanity project to convince others that one is morally respectable, remarkable, even superior. In other words, an exercise in … Faking It!



Faking It is easy in the Post-Truth World’s New Sentimentality

“We then find the sovereign individual as the ripest fruit on its tree, like only to itself, having freed itself from the morality of custom, an autonomous, supra-ethical individual in short, we find a man with his own, independent, enduring will; a feeling that man in general has reached completion.”

Friedrich Nietzsche, On the Genealogy of Morals (1887)

Nietzsche believed that although a person is not in control of the desires they are born with, they can shape and organise their desires to create a sovereign and free self, a Free Will. A process requiring a person to relinquish ties to contemporary morality and act according to their prevailing will, not auxiliary desires and modes of living promoted by elites and adopted by the unthinking masses.

That through careful organising a person can achieve a state of Free Will and become what Nietzsche described as the Sovereign Individual.

The White Christian World used to have a form of Christianity in which PRIDE was considered a sin, one of the “seven deadly sins.” Hence, those still with an inkling of the Christ Impulse released from the Cross on Calvary find Moral Grandstanding and Virtue Signalling obnoxious: while those who understand the world in which they live recognise them as one of the Modern Fake World‘s main characteristics. 

Moral Grandstanding and Virtue Signalling are merely Narcissists showing off: A calculated behaviour designed to impress people. A tawdry exercise in Faking It.

It is ridiculous that people who say that they hate “White Privilege” actually believe they are being more virtuous than others who visit the sick, give money to charity, are kind to someone lonely, or lay down their life to save their brother. A moral inversion that is now the case in today’s fraudulent Post-Truth World, the Modern Fake World, a flaccid and phoney society in which self-indulgence, fakery, fraud and fakers thrive.

A synthetic, morally inverted fake reality, the product of Evil’s millennia-old subversion of Natural Moral Order on Earth.


The rise of the fraudulent and society’s sentimentalisation is now accelerating Ordered Society‘s descent into madness; the Modern Fake World in which the faker and fraud thrive. A world in which reason, reality and restraint, of duty, are replaced by unreason, unreality and unrestraint.

A fake society that has shifted away from traditional standards of conduct. A fake reality in which Moral Grandstanding and Virtue Signalling are regarded as genuine expression of moral probity and moral action. Widespread, wholesale, shameless boasting, sent to “social media” with no shame or reflection, with a universal lack of awareness, indicates how easy and ubiquitous Moral Grandstanding and Virtue Signalling have become. How they and the fraudulent thrive in the Age of Unreason that is the PostmodernPost-Truth World.


“Social media” is a Narcissist nirvana, a Virtue Signaller‘s heaven, a boaster’s god-send. It is far easier, especially for the intellectually challenged, to express hate, anger and scorn in a 140 character word salad littered with Liberal-Globalist buzzwords than to make a reasoned argument. The more the outrage and output, the more the appearance of virtue and goodness. For, surely, anyone that constantly “Tweets” anger and outrage must be good? Mustn’t they?

We live in an increasingly hollowed-out civilisation, a fake society that is now shallow, superficial and sentimental. A wholesale corruption largely facilitated by Cultural Marxism but also the widespread embrace of the fraudulent.

The Judaising of Christianity and Cultural Marxism have fatally wounded White Christian Civilisation. Society’s sentimentalisation is one of Cultural Marxist subversion’s most subtle consequences. Western Society is increasingly sentimental. A society whose members are willing to believe in anything because, fundamentally, they are godless and believe in nothing beyond themselves.

The Masters of Illusion‘s curated Age of Solipsism, a lowly condition a wise man, Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 – 1936) an English writer of the Roman Catholic persuasion, described thus:

“It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense … It’s drowning all your old rationalism and scepticism, it’s coming in like a sea; and the name of it is superstition … And a dog is an omen and a cat is a mystery.”

The Oracle of the Dog (1923)



“You hard-shelled materialists were all balanced on the very edge of belief — of belief in almost anything.”

The Miracle of Moon Crescent (1924)


Which reduce down to the most quoted line from Chesterton’s prolific pen:

“When Man ceases to worship God he does not worship nothing but worships everything.”



Life now is no longer viewed as a mystery to be met with courage, fortitude and joy, but a problem to be solved by some man-made utopia, the New Green Economy of Sustainable Development, for example. Reality not only replaced by Wishful Thinking but also giant fraud.

The self-absorbed public have a voracious appetite for sentimentality, which has greatly helped to shape the Post-Truth World. They have poured syrupy, sentimentality over every aspect of civil society. All spheres of human endeavour are now mired in syrupy sentimentality: politics, social policy, environmental movement, education, religion, art, medicine, media, music, literature, and even modern eating habits.

This is the Sentimentalisation of Modern Society, the Postmodern, Post-Truth World‘s prerequisite.

Sentimentality, the tendency to feel or show pity or love, to an extent that is exaggerated and foolish. To the extent that its cultivation becomes a self-conscious exercise in Faking It.

Trendy religious practices in today’s sentimental society has drained Christianity of its true essence, reducing mainstream Christianity to a clap-happy, kumbaya form of wish fulfilment, which seeks to evade the realities of life and death. Christianity’s new sentimentality glosses over man’s dark side, ignores Evil and so it is not only a doctrinal failure but also psychologically inaccurate and therefore incoherent. It is Communitarian kumbaya Christianity.

Fake Green Environmentalism reflects the false assumption that Nature, Mother Earth, is benign and that the man-made world is alienating and evil. Moreover, that “man is a cancer on the earth.”


Education has been subject to massive Cultural Marxist subversion. Not only has traditional and successful teaching been destroyed (replaced by ‘”child-centred learning”) but also children’s minds and souls have been corrupted. Education has set aside God, discipline and obedience and replaced them with false love and slackness. Sentimentalists drenched in Cultural Marxism, romanticise children, ostensibly proclaiming the “natural goodness of children,” but in truth pandering to human idleness.

Sentimental teachers are ideologically blinkered social engineers: Cultural Marxist change agents set about moulding minds, destroying souls and stealing futures. A key strategy is the dumbing-down of education. Erasing competition and intellectual distinction, so everyone can be a winner, no one is a loser, “no one is left behind,” and every child maintains their self-esteem.

A cruel sham. A cynical fraud. A deadening situation destroying children’s enthusiasm, imagination, intellectual development and futures. On a purely rational level, promoting “self-esteem” at genuine education’s expense is a delusion whose consequences are disastrous for both the individual child and society itself.

Increasing numbers of students now leave school unable to read, write, and think properly who, because of their lowly condition, will have little self-respect and no way to gain any when they find themselves unemployed or employed in low paid, unskilled drudgery. In other words, the sentimental educator unaware of child-centred learning’s deeper purpose, fails to see the difference between self-esteem and self-delusion.

The educationalists and “teachers” who do understand, are Cultural Marxists whose business is subversion: to ruin minds and, by that, to ruin society.

When the dumbing-down of education is combined with Woke ideology indoctrination the result is catastrophic.

Schools, colleges and universities under Cultural Marxism‘s very dark shadow are Judaeo-Freemasonry enslaved government indoctrination centres pumping out weak-willed, mentally juvenile, intellectual dwarfs, who willingly, automatically, believe and follow everything the TV, Social Media and Government tells them.

The coddling and pampering of a child’s ego is disastrous educational policy. “Spare the rod, spoil the child’s” inversion whose negative consequences are clear to see. A worsening situation the Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry controlledEducation Establishment seeks to hide for as a long as possible until the damage done is irreversible, until the momentum is such it cannot be stopped, when White Christian Civilisation is so subverted it is destroyed.

Intellectually retarded students graduate as functional illiterates with worthless degrees, but also with wonderful curriculum vitaes, résumés, given to them by their professional coddlers. A dire situation in which intellectually challenged graduates actually believe that they are somehow exceptional. The educated fools filled with a conceit of knowledge.

Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s subversion of White Christian Culture is almost complete. Their Judaising of Christianity Agenda and Cultural Marxism have delivered a stunning victory to them. Have nurtured several generations of Judaised Christians, Christian Zionists, atheist and liberal intellectuals puffed up with knowledge, and infantile Libtards.

A fake Right vs. Left paradigm: spiritually blind Kosher Conservative Christians vs. spiritually and morally corrupt Liberal Lunatics.

A salient example of the Liberal Lunacy is its belief that mathematics is different for “people of colour” and teaching a student the correct way to obtain a mathematical answer is reinforcing “white supremacy.”

‘“White supremacy culture” shows up in the classroom when teachers “treat mistakes as problems by equating them with wrongness” because it “reinforces the ideas of perfectionism (that students shouldn’t make mistakes) and paternalism (teachers or other experts can and should correct mistakes).”’

Rantz: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation bankrolls ‘math is racist’ lunacy, Feb 17, 2021


In other words: “mathematics is racist.”

In Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four The Party used coercion, torture and brute force to root out “Winston’s” independence and destroy his dignity and humanity and get him to believe “2 + 2 = 5.” In today’s Post-Truth World the Elite Globalist Parasites use “Woke” to convince people to believe “2 + 2 = 5,” and to LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE.



The Liberal Lunatic faction, the “everything is racist” mob’s “Woke” collective insanity, which is daily getting worse. Exacerbated by the Mockingbird Media, Social Media, and popular culture but especially, youth’s indoctrination in the public educational systems: wherein, liberal insanity is hammered into students’ brains by schools, colleges and universities throughout the once White Nations.

That such a ludicrous concept is believed is surprising enough: that it is not only believed by a vocal, lunatic minority but also that it is now official government dogma in most Western countries appears astonishing to the unknowing.

Those who understand the way of the world are not surprised or astonished. They know that the great effort to foist Liberal “Woke” Insanity and “anti-white racism” onto the White Christian World is an intrinsic part of a much larger agenda to usher mankind into the Post-Truth World … the Post-Human World‘s necessary stepping stone: the Machiavellian Scheme to Drive by Fear Mankind into an Age of Unreason.

They know that the Ancient Evil Agenda to Transform the World contains a meticulous plan to demonise the White Race, especially demonise the White Heterosexual Male, to disenfranchise them, to demoralise them, to degrade and debase them, all before … they eradicate them. A select few knew of the Ancient Evil Agenda‘s white genocide aspect, and some dared even to allude to it.

One such revelator was Frederick Lindemann “the Prof.” Winston Churchill’s personal technocrat on all things science and technical. Lindemann called the initial phase of the White Genocide Great Replacement Plan the “Abdication of the White Man.”


White Christian Civilisation‘s sentimentalisation has another intended consequence: curating the immature into adulthood, the arrested development of adults, making them child-like in their understanding of the world in which they live. Infantilising entire generations such that they willingly become mocked by their masters, and eagerly, without thought or reflection, turn themselves into gullible fools at “Their” command.

Judaeo-Freemasonry enslaved government mandated indoctrination instead of proper education; “self-esteem’s” triumph over genuine education; churning out illiterate, infantile fools instead of educated, mature Sovereign Individuals.

Three generations of progressively dumbed-down and indoctrinated people who have become increasingly more dumb, stupid and ignorant of the world in which they live, which ubiquitous, mawkish Moral Grandstanding and Virtue Signalling are visible signs.

The Modern Fake World in which self-indulgence, fakery, fraud and fakers thrive.

Cultural decline and moral decay; the self-glorification of Self, and the Selfish Culture’s rise: the Culture of Self, the Age of Solipsism. The self-absorbed, captured gullible public kept in arrested development and a spiritual wilderness, the “consensus reality” captives,corralled in the Communitarian “wilderness of the mind.”

The growing Useful Idiot Army, the brain-dead Woke Legions, the Legion of Lucifer‘s foot-soldiers …. the Masters of Illusion‘s foolish victims.



Growing Herd of Sheeple

Throughout history the majority of people were always followers not leaders. They were the herd not the shepherd. When the herd is tended by a good shepherd (John 10:14) with great “knowledge of their wants, their dangers, and their characters, as to result in a deep interest in their welfare,” all is well. When the shepherd is not only derelict in duty but also leading his flock to its destruction then, of course, it is a very different thing indeed.

The herd is the masses and most people are the sheep, looking to their leaders as their “good shepherds.” Unfortunately, history is replete with dismal examples of such folly.

The Dark Gods and their children of darkness ruthlessly exploit mankind’s herd mentality. Creating a Fake World that the unthinking masses accept at face value. The Elite Globalist Parasites regard the masses as Sheeple and treat them as such.

The Dark Gods and their children of darkness have nurtured a growing flock of Sheeple who want the government to tell them how to act, want the Mockingbird Media to tell them what to believe, want Big Pharma to tell them what drugs and vaccines to take, and want the Food Giants to tell them what eat. They are incurious, mentally lazy and morally slack, and do not think for themselves.

They do not take the intellectual and moral effort to understand the world in which they live. Sheeple are dumb, stupid and ignorant of the world in which they live.

They function as biological robots, as “NPCs,” as “non-player characters” devoid of such little originality and brain power that they are the most bland human on the planet, they are Sheeple.

Not all Sheeple are Woke, but all Woke are Sheeple. When weaponised Sheeple become biological weapons (e.g. “Woke,” “BLM,” “Antifa,”) and are used to attack Natural Moral Order and advance the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ Global Action Plan.

The Global Action Plan is essentially the New World System of Management and Control’s establishment and the World Depopulation Agenda‘s completion, using the “Sustainable Development” cover story.

Elite Globalist Parasites regard the masses as Sheeple and treat them as such, and so, in order to “save the planet” for themselves they are herding the billions of Sheeple first to their holding pen, and then to their slaughter. Preparing the necessary conditions for culling billions of “Useless Eaters.”

A monumental task the Fake World’s Communitarian “wilderness of the mind” has made much easier. A depressing reality that growing millions, nay billions, have not only come to love their servitude but also have consented to their own demise.

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