“Nothing of the kind actually exists

“Nothing of the kind actually exists [the term Cultural Marxism only exists in the] runaway alt-right imagination. [A zany conspiracy theory that and has been] percolating for years through global sewers of hatred.”

Samuel Moyn, Chancellor Kent Professor of Law and History at Yale University, using four favoured Jewish tactics to deny Truth and Reality: LyingGaslighting, deploying word-weapons, “Jewish tricks”: “hate,” “Antisemitism,” and “Conspiracy Theory;” and Hypocrisy.

Anyone who has a proper grasp of history knows that Cultural Marxism not only exists but is a coherent intellectual movement, a constellation of dangerous ideas, the “Jewish genius” concretised, and a subversive movement whose main target is White Christian Civilisation; and, by infiltration, subversion, and steering, bringing about its ultimate destruction.


An Honest Jew declares “The Jews'” True Intentions:



The Dishonest, Hypocrite Jews and their lackeys lie and Gaslight to hide their True Intention to destroy Western Christian Civilisation, and Liquidate the White Race:


An Honest Jewess explains why “anti-Semitism” and the “Holocaust” are weaponised words deployed against the Truth, a “trick” to silence honest criticism of Jewish shenanigans:


Marxist apologists speak of a “Western Marxist Tradition,” a supposed movement of “Western” thinkers, their theories, and ideas. A ploy to shift emphasis away from “The Jews,” as its sole originator, to imply that Marxism is not a wholly Jewish affair, a product of “Jewish genius,” but a collective endeavour in which many goy were/are involved.

Yet, any honest analysis of the Marxist Tradition, its source, nature, energising power, and consequences, would conclude that Marxism‘s dramatis personae are “The Jews,” and its morphology moulded, its intentions guided, by “Jewish genius.” That its consequences wholly serve and benefit the Jewish World Ambition to establish the Ultimate World Order.

Marxist apologists routinely use the “Conspiracy Theory” gambit to shutdown debate and deflect discourse away from their agenda. That the “Conspiracy Theory” analysis of Marxism does not stand up to scrutiny, and any “serious historian” of the subject rejects them out of hand.

Marxist apologists argue that although the various versions of the “conspiracy theory” diverge from “reality” in many surprising ways, they are founded upon “conspiracy” and therefore are all false. The History as Coincidence argument.

Marxist apologists argue that individuals associated with the Frankfurt School are not responsible for particular acts at particular times perpetuated by others, and certainly they are not responsible for trends across large spans of space and time. “You can not blame Karl Marx for Cultural Marxism, and the deaths of hundreds of millions of people in the Marxist Revolutions “done wrong”” argument.


Marxist apologists argue that “conspiracy theorists” severely misrepresent the subject, and give an exaggerated interpretation of Cultural Marxism‘s effective influence. They especially contend that none of the Frankfurt School’s members were part of any kind of international conspiracy to destroy Western Christian Civilisation.

They argue that because the Frankfurt School’s headmaster Horkheimer strictly prohibited members from engaging in political activism in the United States proves that all “Conspiracy Theories” charging Cultural Marxists as de facto subversives, and Cultural Marxism subversive of Civic Order and public morals, are ipso facto false.

Marxist apologists argue that “conspiracy theorists” grossly misrepresent both the Cultural Marxism‘s Theories and Theorists: Theodor Adorno’s work on the “Princeton Radio Project,” for example, wherein Adorno sought to understand the ability of the Mockingbird Mass Media to influence the public, which he saw as a “danger to be mitigated,” rather than a “subversive plan to be implemented.”


Cultural Marxism is not a crazed “conspiracy theory,” the product of “runaway alt-right imagination.”

Nor is it a product of “global sewers of hatred,” but arose from the gutter mind of the ghetto Jew to become the greatest threat to Christendom. A baneful product of the rancorous Jewish spirit, the “Jewish genius,” manifest as Cultural Marxism … Organised Jewry‘s piss and bile.

A ceaseless, unrelenting project, the scourge of Christendom,  used to bring the world into increasing crises, chaos, confusion and, ultimately, its utter ruin.

Cultural Marxism – Jewish inspired culture destruction, is a crucial part of Judea-Freemasonry‘s “Creative Destruction” of Western Christian Civilisation … its “death by a thousand cuts.”

Death and destruction by a creeping normalcy, of slow, incremental changes such that the pubic does not perceive them as being deleterious, as would one large, sudden change, which would awaken the pubic from its slumber.

Something slowly destroyed rather than being destroyed all at once. Moreover, a secret conspiracy with the plan,  whose ultimate goals being known only to those making the “thousand cuts.”

The victim does not meet his demise due to a few serious injuries, but rather to many small, seemingly trivial cuts that slowly deprived the victim of his life-force, his precious blood, which ultimately causes his death.

So to a culture’s death:  which does not meet its demise due to a few significant changes, but rather to many small changes, which slowly deprived the culture of its coherence, until it essentially disintegrates.

Ordered Society‘s purposeful subversion until its disintegration … cultural cataclysm caused not by any single significant event, but the cumulative effect of lots of very minor events.

A slow, sustained attrition, the Death by a thousand cuts.

A creeping normalcy, the small changes over time that go undetected because the victim does not perceive them as dangerous. The “boiling frog” is a common metaphor for this death.

A frog put in boiling water would instinctively try to escape, but when put in cold water, and heat gradually, the frog will remain in place until its boiled. The lesson, to it (and consequently to us) is that gradual change is imperceptible, and even if it ends in death, is often acceptable.

Although the phenomenon has been disproved more than once, the idea that you can boil a frog by slowly raising the temperature is false, it is a ubiquitous metaphor that everyone immediately gets.

Lots of metaphors are not actually true (ostriches sticking their head in the sand, or a goldfish’s memory), but their purpose is to convey impact, or wisdom, with only a few words, not be scientifically accurate.

In the context of Culture Destruction, the “frog” is the public. The unwitting victims of creeping normalcy, whose demise, and their Culture’s death, are avoidable if they were aware of their impending doom.



White Christian Civilisation‘s death by a thousand cuts is the Cultural Marxists‘ “slow march through the institutions”: to infiltrate, capture, subvert and steer them, to nurture large institutional shifts almost invisibly; and, by this, subvert society itself.

Cultural Marxism is war by other means – hybrid, 5th generation warfare – and integral to Organised Evil‘s millennia-old World Revolutionary Movement.


The so-called “Cloward-Piven Strategy” is another Cultural Marxist enterprise designed to bring White Christian Civilisation to is knees, not by corrupting the mind and morals, but via practical means.

Its STATED Goal is to “end poverty” by:

“… a massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls …

Widespread campaigns to register the eligible poor for welfare aid, and to help existing recipients obtain their full benefits, would produce bureaucratic disruption in welfare agencies and fiscal disruption in local and state governments.

These disruptions would generate severe political strains, and deepen existing divisions among elements in the big-city Democratic coalition: the remaining white middle class, the white working-class ethnic groups and the growing minority poor …

The poor are most visible and proximate in the local community; antagonism toward them (and toward the agencies which are implicated with them) has always, therefore, been more intense locally than at the federal level …

In order to generate a crisis, the poor must obtain benefits, which they have forfeited. Until now, they have been inhibited from asserting claims by self-protective devices within the welfare system: its capacity to limit information, to intimidate applicants, to demoralize recipients, and arbitrarily to deny lawful claims …

The ultimate objective of this strategy–to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income …

[The creation of unions was a good start to bargain collectively, but still not enough to solve poverty].

Union leaders have understood that their strength derives almost entirely from their capacity to provide economic rewards to members … A federal program of income redistribution has become necessary to elevate the poor en masse from poverty [i.e., meaning a shift away from capitalism entirely.]”

The Cloward-Piven Strategy created by two “sociologists,” the Jewess Frances Fox Piven and her shabbos goy husband, Richard Cloward, published in The Nation Magazine on May 2, 1966, entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.”


Its REAL Goals are:

  • Open Borders and a Welfare System benefiting the invader
  • Overload and Break the Welfare System
  • Maximise the Chaos, collapse Ordered Society (Race Riots/Civil Wars)
  • Take Control in the Chaos
  • Implement Bolshevik Zionism through Government Force
  • Liquidate the White Race (miscegenation, murder by injection, starvation etc.)


To bring so much chaos, crises, and confusion into the world so that God, like in the “days of Noah,” will intervene … the Sabbatean-Frankists‘ wet-dream.


Three complimentary subversive agendas are used:

  • Cultural Marxism: infiltration and subversion of minds, morals and human relations, steering them from “good” to “evil”
  • Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: weaponised mass immigration of non-White, non-Christians into White Nations to mongrelise the White Race
  • Cloward-Piven Stategy: create Welfare Systems and Open Borders and import hundreds of millions of hostile, welfare-dependent invaders to cause societal collapse


Since the 1840s, history is replete with examples of Marxist/Communist atrocities. Whenever Communists have made a power grab mass murder, tyranny, misery and slavery followed in its wake.

Communists collectively are the greatest mass murderers in history: individual Jews are the greatest mass murderers in history (Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky etc.)

That every Communist regime failed miserably, or was/is a failed state propped-up by Zio-Anglo-American Establishment covert support, does not deter Marxist apologists. Whose common excuse is that such abject failures are proof that pure Marxism has never been practice and the established: Marxism properly applied, when “done right,” perforce results in a Socialist Utopia.

That the “dictatorship of the proletariat,” was never anywhere superseded by a “socialist order,” and a “classless society” simply means, argue the Marxist apologist, that no proper Marxist revolution has occurred.

All the mass murders, the organised barbarism and culture destruction, were not Karl Marx’s fault or demonstrate Marxism‘s deficiencies and innate tyranny, it was because all these Communist revolutions were simply Marxism “done wrong.”

The cynical argument that “Real Communism has never been tried.”


Cultural Marxism Destroying White Nations and then the World

Cultural Marxism is the highly coordinated, multi-decade conspiracy designed to first tear apart the White Nations‘ social fabric and then those of every other society on Earth. Then, when all opposition is destroyed, and the world in ruin, “The Jews” will have their Ultimate World Order.

Those who understand such things know that nearly every modern “ism” are Cultural Marxism‘s products designed to destroy ordered society. Especially, designed to destroy Western Christian Civilisation.

Zionism, although Cultural Marxism‘s precursor, is one of the most devastating “isms” “The Jews” have invented.


“The Jews” Parasite People, Parasite Elites


parasite definition


That “The Jews” are a parasite people is common perception. A parasite using cunning strategies to fool, dis-empower, consume and destroy their host for its great benefit. The White Christian Nations, high trust societies, in Western Europe, and later their colonies abroad, were “The Jews'” Golden Goose gifting the parasite them unimagined rich pickings.

Especially feeding off the British Empire, but switching to America in the early 20th century, when balance of power, influence and wealth shifted westward after the calamitous First World War; when the Anglo-American Establishment became the Zio-Anglo-American Establishment: when America became “The Jews'” golden calf:

netanyahu america golden calf


“The Jews” following their Evil Jewish Leadership infiltratesubvert, steer societies and force them to work against the interests of their own people. The White Nations are the parasite people’s main target.

Various analogies are used to explain the phenomenon of how “The Jews” exploit and destroy societies. What the odious Jew Benjamin Netanyahu – an Operational Head of the Khazarian Mafia – described as:

“countries that we hate. We destroy them slowly”

Or more accurately, like a parasite killing its unwitting host as it sucks it dry.

A good analogy is a parasitic wasp at work; injecting pleasure-causing chemicals into into its host’s brain to make them accept their parasites, which then start by enriching their hosts until they are ready to subvert them and suck them dry, killing them, before moving on to another host.

Parasitoid wasps: Like the Alien movies, but real!




“The Jews,” the Satanic parasites subjecting the White Western Nations to Satanic infestation.

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