“The human body contains blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile.

“The human body contains blood, phlegm, yellow bile and black bile. These are the things that make up its constitution and cause its pain and health. Health is primarily that state in which these constituent substances are in the correct proportion to each other, both in strength and quantity, and are well mixed.”

Hippocrates (c.460 – 377 BC) healer who is regarded as the father of medicine;and author of the Hippocratic Oath.

Black Bile was associated with a melancholy temperament. Melancholy individuals were thought to be excessively sad and sullen i.e.,. suffering psychological depression.



“Happy people have a sunny disposition and always look on the bright side of life. Unhappy people possess dark souls and black bile.”

As a foreign correspondent for NPR, Eric Weiner spent more than 10 years reporting on problems overseas, such as suicide bombings in Jerusalem and student suicides in Tokyo. Then he became intrigued with finding the places in the world where people are reportedly the happiest — and learning why.

The Geography of Bliss, from the chapter “Iceland: Happiness Is Failure” (2008).



“My liver swells with bile difficult to repress.”

Horace  (65 – 8 BC) Roman lyric poet that influenced later English poetry.

Clarity is all if you want, in good faith, to popularise important truths and reach the widest audience.

If you want, in bad faith, to popularise untruths, and to mislead the widest audience possible, casuistry designed to deceive rather than illuminate, dressed in an aura of profundity, is often used. It works especially well on the Libtard, and the intellectual poseur.

Major figures of this movement (Cultural Marxist “rock stars” such as Freud, Horkheimer, Adorno, Marcuse, Derrida, Foucault, Kristeva, etc.) deliberately obfuscate their arguments with an incoherent vocabulary rife with misused and misapplied scientific terminology. They also employ the catch-all, un-provable “theory” device; “theories” that explain everything but prove nothing: Freud in particular; his “oedipal complex,” for example.

In other words, pseudo-philosophic and pseudo-scientific posturing.

Much of Cultural Marxist literature is a mishmash of incoherent ideas arising from:

  • Misreading of texts: either cynically or because they do not understand them
  • Misrepresenting data (Shameful Science and Statistical Misconduct)
  • Argumentation that is appalling in its casual lack of elementary self-criticism
  • Statements that are either trivial (but dressed up in complicated verbiage) or false; or both trivial and false
  • Statements that are deliberately nonsensical: hogwash presented as profound wisdom, which only “clever” people “get” (“Emperor’s new clothes” for Libtards and intellectual poseurs)
  • “New” words, terms and phrases: a coded vocabulary only those who “get it” understand “it”
  • Intellectual smugness, self-congratulation of those who think they “get it,” an atmosphere of winks and nods, which replaces real thinking and debate
  • Logical fallacies
  • Prolixity and gibber
  • Sophistry and casuistry
  • Cult-like behaviour (especially the “psychoanalysts”)


Much of Cultural Marxist literature relies heavily on a coded vocabulary that is inaccessible to the untrained eye, and incomprehensible to the layman. Much of it presented in extremely pretentious language that on examination is revealed to be simply illiterate.

Illiterate gibberish, Shameful Science, proclaimed by charlatans to hide their frauds and deceits. In short: they are all full of shit!


Mankind can only thrive, create a culture, High Culture and Civilisation, when in possession of a common language. Possess the universal grammar, a deep structure, and core pattern, which underpins, organises, generates all human languages.

The ideal, a foundation, whereby understanding of ourselves and the world in which we live can be known, and this knowledge can be conveyed to others in a meaningful, clear and lucid way.

Cultural Marxists and its unholy spawn (“post-modern,” “deconstruction,” “structuralism,” “psychoanalysis” etc.) seek the opposite: to disrupt all metaphysical and mental anchors. They seek to upend Natural Moral Order on Earth.

Hence, why most post-modern writing comes off as so-much sophistry, gibberish and hogwash. Its function is to deny Objective Truth, subvert Objective Reality, and to bring about the Post-Truth World; the necessary requisite to condition humanity to accept the Woke Agenda: whose success is designed to usher in the Post-Human World.


Cultural Marxists use various styles to entrap as many people as possible. Offer various flavours to appeal to varying degrees of maturity and intellectual development, some even to attract the mentally ill. Casuistry designed to deceive rather than illuminate, but much also used to exploit a target audience’s insecurities.

Much of Cultural Marxism does not go after the top-tier thinkers, who too easily see through the deception. Rather, it is aimed at a less intellectually secure group, the kind that think, the budding “psychoanalyst,” for example, that

“I don’t understand everything Freud is saying, which must mean he’s really clever and I should make him my guru.”



There is something of “The Emperor’s new clothes” about Cultural Marxism, which explains the cultist behaviour of many of its victims: lead by fake gurus, phonies, pied-pipers misleading the children from the real issues.


That some of Cultural Marxist subversives are simply intellectual frauds, and bandwagon jumpers, some are far more dangerous. The ones pushing an agenda; the Deception, the Cover Story … and preeminent amongst these are The Frankfurt School of Subversives.


The Frankfurt School of Subversives

“The most important duty of the Freemason must be to glorify the Jewish Race, which has preserved the unchanged divine standard of wisdom. You must rely upon the Jewish race to dissolve all frontiers.”

Judaeo-Freemasonry declaration that it and Organised Jewry would be the mechanisms used to “dissolve” Western Christian Civilisation, its effects pouring out of myriad “points of light” positioned throughout Christendom. “Points of light” reference to countless nexus and nodes scattered throughout the communities of the White Christian Nations wherein agentur, change agents, and subversives in general, meet and conspire. Not only the Judaeo-Freemason Lodges and Organised Jewry synagogues, but also such entities as the Frankfurt School.

These nodes of Evil are what New World Order functionary George H W Bush spoke about when referencing “1000 points of lights” in his inaugural address on January 20, 1989, (“I have spoken of a thousand points of light, of all the community organizations that are spread like stars throughout the Nation, doing good”); and later, during his State of the Union Address, when he mysteriously told the nation that the goal must be “the illumination of mankind by a thousand points of light.”

“Doing good” is the nodes of Evil and their agentur destroying White Christian society to make way for the New World Order.

Le Symbolism, July, 1928


The so-called “Frankfurt School” was a node of evil where a particular nasty form of the “Jewish genius” coalesced. A nest of Jewish subversives that plotted ways and means, devised ways, to sabotage Christendom, usurp Christian leaders, and enthrone “The Jews.”


The Frankfurt School’s “Jewish genius” was to integrated the “Jewish genius” of Freud’s faux theories with the “Jewish genius” of Baby Marxism to develop the “Jewish genius,” of  “Critical Theory,” and its evil spawn of “deconstructionism,” post-structuralism,” and “postmodernism.”

The Frankfurt School’s “Jewish genius” – the Modern Tribe of Jews’ Hive Mind Virus – is a nasty variant, a particularly potent piss and bile, a spectacular vehicle of cultural and moral subversion, now called Cultural Marxism.

Mind Virus that spread abroad when most of these “Jewish eggheads” fled Hitler’s Germany for the United States.


The Mind Virus’ life started during Weimar Germany’s tumultuous milieu, in Frankfurt in 1923 under the name of “Institute of Social Research.” A Marxist-oriented research centre affiliated with the Goethe University Frankfurt.

Its founders and leading members included the Jews Carl Grünberg, Georg Lukács, Felix Weil, Max Horkheimer, Theodor W Adorno, Erich Fromm, Herbert Marcuse and a token goy, the “shabbos goy” Jürgen Habermas.

Goy Marxist Antonio “slow march through the institutions” Gramsci, and Sigmund Freud’s quackery called “psychoanalysis,” were big influences on the Institute’s development.


The Third Reich’s leaders understanding the danger these rancorous Jews, possessed of this particular venomous form of “Jewish genius,” had moved to neutralise their toxic influence on White Christian Germany.

These Jews knew their time was up, that the sleeping German goyim had awoken to their wiles, and so fled abroad to find a more amenable host nation. Most went to the United States, which had by this time become hopelessly enslaved to the Zio-Anglo-American Establishment, and wherein Jewish Power had become enthroned.

There, they were welcomed by a motley crew of “progressives,” liberals, and socialist intellectuals; but, especially, they were welcomed by Organised Jewry and its Evil Jewish Leadership.


The Frankfurt School’s theories were predicated upon the perceived injustices of “colonisation,” “subjugation,” and “oppression.”

While Baby Marxism argued that capitalism and the class structure it created must be overthrown because it is oppressive to workers, Adult Marxism – “Cultural Marxism” – argues that it is not economics that creates “colonisation,” “subjugation,” and “oppression,” but rather the nuclear family, traditional morality and concepts of race, gender and sexual identity.

These are all now the “workers’ chains” of tyranny which must be broken by Cultural Revolution.


The Frankfurt School’s pernicious theories, seeds planted in Weimar Germany, but finding fertile soil in the United States, rapidly spread to every discipline in America’s universities, colleges and schools, and far, far beyond: colonising, infecting, higher education throughout the West.

The Frankfurt School’s theories also greatly helped to unify the vanguard of the 60’s counter-cultural movement, an integral part of Organised Evil‘s grand social engineering project to fundamentally change White Christian Civilisation.

The Frankfurt School’s insidious theories, nurtured by the “Jewish genius,” was refined, codified, and weaponised in the West’s once hallowed halls of academia, and is now used as the Woke War on the War.


The Frankfurt School of Subversives’s planned to destroy White Christian Culture using the Cover Story of “freeing the oppressed” by “destroying the traditions and institutions that oppressed.”

A subversion with various aspects, namely:

  • A cultural critique (Adorno, Walter Benjamin et al.) to use art and culture to promote degeneracy and alienation
  • Replace Christianity (White Western Culture’s bedrock) with Marxism
  • Development of Applied Psychology and Propaganda techniques to brainwash the public and control political campaigning.
  • Attacks on the traditional family structure (Herbert Marcuse, Erich Fromm et al.) to promote “women’s rights,” “sexual liberation,” and polymorphous perversity to subvert “patriarchal authority.”



Cultural Marxism: STATED Goals vs. REAL Goals

Part of the “Jewish genius” is to hide “The Jews'” rancour, enmity and misanthropy with high-sounding Utopian rhetoric. To camouflage their piss and bile with lies, lying, Gaslighting, audacity and consistent hypocrisy. Hence, Marxism‘s outward sunny semblance, by careful design, misrepresents its true, dark nature.

This is a ruse: the Ostensible for public consumption versus the Occult for the initiated; the STATED Goals verses the REAL Goals.


Cultural Marxism‘s main premises (the STATED Goals) were that Western culture was intrinsically evil, “structurally racist,” buttressed by “White Privilege,” and oppressive toward every “minority” group, such as non-Whites, homosexuals, and women, but it was especially beastly towards “The Jews.”

These are not only “minority groups,” but also “victims,” “victim groups,” which must be protected by investing them with special privileges and protection to bring about “social justice,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.”


Cultural Marxism‘s REAL Goals are White Christian Civilisation’s destruction and the White Race‘s liquidation using the ancient “divide and conquer” gambit.

By inciting hatred of all things “White” and “Christian” in the so-called “minority” and “victim” groups, while simultaneously inducing feelings of guilt and shame in normal White people i.e., cultivating and exploiting White Liberal Guilt.

Cultural Marxists also created “Political Correctness” as a defence mechanism against legitimate criticism. A trick, like “antisemitism” used to stifle criticism of ‘The Jews” and their Jewish Agenda.

Any objection to the Cultural Marxist Agenda is not met with logical debate but rather with smear terms, weaponised words, such as “antisemitism” “racist,” “bigot,” “homophobe,” “transphobe,” “sexist,” “hate,” “conspiracy theory,” “far right,” etc. Especially met with the Conspiracy Theory of Cultural Marxism argument.

Cultural Marxists do not seek true diversity, social harmony or universal tolerance. They do not want the races, people, families and friends, from getting along. They seek supreme power and use “social justice,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity” to get it.

Marxism is always cloaked in high-sounding Utopian rhetoric i.e. the STATED Goals … and is an “Unhappy people [possessed with] dark souls and black bile’s” poisoned chalice, their gift to the Goy world … Organised Jewry‘s piss and bitter, black bile.


 The Authoritarian Personality: a Study in “Projection,” “Protection,” and “Persecution”

“[The study has succeeded in identifying nothing less than a new] anthropological species. [Unlike the traditional bigot, the] authoritarian type [united in a single personality] the characteristics of a highly industrialized society with irrational or anti-rational beliefs.

[He is] at the same time enlightened and superstitious, proud to be an individualist and in constant fear of not being like the others, jealous of his independence and inclined to submit blindly to power and authority.”

Max Horkheimer, the director of the Institute for Social Research, in his preface to The Authoritarian Personality‘s first edition. The “new anthropological species” was the “Authoritarian Personality” i.e., primarily White, male and heterosexual, who is “anti-Semitic” and “far right.”

In other words, a Jew Wise White straight man.



“The study of anti-Semitism and group prejudice in this country has been fundamentally affected by the monumental volume The Authoritarian Personality, published in 1950, which in the few years since its publication has become a kind of “classic” in American social science. …

The authoritarian personality [was] part of the Studies in Prejudice series sponsored by the American Jewish Committee, stands as one of the most ambitious efforts of modern American social science …

[Various Jews] analyzed the results of a large-scale research project on anti-Semitism and group prejudice (“ethnocentrism”) conducted at the University of California in Berkeley.

The project had studied more than 2,000 individuals, mostly college students but also sizeable numbers of middle-class adults, prisoners, patients undergoing psychiatric treatment, labor-union members, and some other working-class people.

The social scientists tried to demonstrate from this material that anti-Semitism and ethnocentrism were more than “opinions”: they were rather facets of a definite personality type.

The roots of this “authoritarian personality” were to be explained by the concepts of psychoanalysis; but its existence, the authors believed, could be demonstrated simply by the use of questionnaires …

The authoritarian personality was described by the authors as rigidly adhering to conventional, middle-class values; uncritically submissive to official moral authorities; tending to reject and condemn those who violated conventional values; opposed to the subjective, the imaginative, the introspective; disposed to think in rigid categories and to emphasize mystical determinants of the individual’s fate; preoccupied with problems of status and strength and weakness; disposed to believe that wild, dangerous, and secret things go on in the world; preoccupied with sexual transgressions.

All these traits (and many others) could be deduced, according to the logic of psychoanalytic thinking, from a family situation in which the parents were anxious about their own status, did not give enough unqualified love to their children, and were strict but inconsistent in their discipline, thus taking on, in the eyes of their children, the character of “forces” which could not be opposed and had to be constantly propitiated.

The children’s repressed hostility and aggression toward the parents—and, later, the hostility and aggression that might be appropriately vented on bosses, the state, and other parent-like figures—are released on “out-groups” and various powerless objects (Jews, Negroes, the poor, etc.).

Anyone acquainted with psychoanalytic thinking will be able to imagine the vast range of personality traits such a personal history can open to view. …

Yet what does stand up is the most important: the steady current of research into the problem of authoritarianism and prejudice which is being carried on by many able and ingenious scholars, which research, as far as one can now see, promises to validate—though at the same time to modify greatly—the central thesis of The Authoritarian Personality: that such a personality structure exists, and persists.

But more important, it offers a key that promises to extend our knowledge of race and group prejudice. ”

Nathan Glazer, Commentary, The Study of Man: New Light on “The Authoritarian Personality” March 1954.

A typical Jewish puff-piece, the shameless self-promotion of the “Jewish genius,” here by the Jew Nathan Glazer, “a frequent contributor to Commentary [who has] written extensively on issues of ethnicity and race in American society.”

That the  “authoritarian personality” is “explained by the concepts of psychoanalysis,” should set of the alarm bell that a fraud is afoot: that flawed execution,  Freudianism pseudoscience, and confirmation bias are in full swing; and its infamous “F-scale,” measuring people’s “fascist disposition” a wonderful example of Jewish sophistry.



“Originally published in 1950, The Authoritarian Personality remains a major landmark in political psychology. It represents one of the most sophisticated attempts to explore the origins of fascism not merely as a political phenomenon, but as the manifestation of dispositions that lie at the very core of the modern psyche.

For this reason alone, it merits our attention—especially today, when insurgent fascist or quasi-fascist political movements seem once again to threaten democracies across Europe and the Americas. “

“The research for such a project was enormous and would not have been possible without the financial support provided by the American Jewish Committee, an organization for mutual aid among Jewish immigrants to America, originally founded in 1906 in the aftermath of Europe’s most violent pogroms.”

Peter E Gordon’s introduction to The Authoritarian Personality, the “hugely influential study” of the “psychology of authoritarianism.”

Gordon, a Jewish Marxist, is the “Amabel B. James Professor of History, Faculty Affilitate in the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures, and Faculty Affiliate in the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University. A resident faculty member at Harvard’s Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Gordon is a critical theorist and an historian of modern European philosophy and social thought, specializing in Frankfurt School critical theory, phenomenology, existentialism, and Western Marxism.”

One of the many subversives that have undertaken the “long march through the institutions,” he setting up camp at Harvard.

Gordon’s gushing over the “formidable task” accomplished by the merry band of Jewish (and a token shabbos goy communist) using “a broad array of research methods, joining sociology with psychoanalysis, empirical quantitative analysis and qualitative interviews with the most abstract considerations in social theory and philosophy..” oft becomes embarrassing. Yet another example of Jewish self-puffery.

“The Jews” behind The Authoritarian Personality study had assigned themselves an ambitious task:

“to explore not simply the empirical instances of stated allegiance to political fascism, but the deeper or even latent psychological characteristics of an authoritarian personality that could under given circumstances express itself in fascist commitment. Their aim, in other words, was to identify what they called ‘the potentially fascistic individual.’”

Gordon is wholly ignorant (or more probably simply lying) of “The Jews’” prime motive in their:

“sophisticated attempts to explore the origins of fascism not merely as a political phenomenon, but as the manifestation of dispositions that lie at the very core of the modern psyche.”

He even shamelessly peddles the propaganda, bolstered by Freudian fraud, that:

“It was among the major achievements of the original Authoritarian Personality study that it challenged this liberal assumption, by showing that the potential for fascism lie not at the periphery but at the very heart of modern experience.

It set out to demonstrate that fascism is something far deeper than a political form: it correlates with psychological patterns of domination and submission that take shape in earliest childhood and later harden into a syndrome of attitudes regarding hierarchy, power, sexuality, and tradition.

The psyche of a fascist is “authoritarian” in the sense that it attaches itself to figures of strength and disdains those it deems weak. It tends toward conventionalism, rigidity, and stereotypical thinking; it insists on a stark contrast between in-group and out-group, and it jealously patrols the boundaries between them.

It is prone to obsession over rumors of immorality and conspiracy, and it represses with self-loathing the sexual licentiousness it projects onto others. In all of these ways, fascism appears as the political manifestation of a pre-political disposition.

The authoritarian personality does not always turn explicitly fascist; its politics may remain dormant, only to emerge under certain social-historical conditions.
This thesis offers an important corrective to those who prefer to see fascism as discontinuous with liberal-democratic political culture: fascism is not mysterious, and it is not something otherworldly or rare; it is the modern symptom of a psychopathology that is astonishingly widespread and threatens modern society from within.”

That anyone who is “fascist” or “anti-Semitic” is mentally ill. Suffering a gamut of childhood born “psychological patterns of domination and submission.”

Gordon suffers from “The Jews’” perennial problem, a racial affliction … Jewish myopia. The proverbial not seeing the forest for the trees: not admitting that justifiable reaction, of self-defence, to “The Jews” constant subversion and consistent hypocrisy are “anti-Semitism’s”root cause.



“The shadow refers to those parts of the collective psyche that are split off from consciousness because they are too painful to fully acknowledge …

The shadow aspect of culture is irrational and therefore often subject to projection. Projection is a primitive defense mechanism that occurs in individuals, as well as within groups.

A person disowns an unacceptable idea or impulse by projecting it or attributing it to anotherThis alleviates the anxiety and unfavorable self-perception it engenders in the projector.

For example, no one likes to think of himself or herself as a racist.”

Carl Gustav Jung (1875 – 1961) was a Swiss psychiatrist who early dabbled in “psychoanalysis” found it grossly deficient, rejected it, and founded “Analytical Psychology.”

Freud and the coterie of Jews attempted to hide “psychoanalysis’” Jewish nature and saw in the younger White Christian Jung the perfect “Shabbos Goy” as a means of disguising it. Freud chose Jung as heir to take forward his “new science” of “psychoanalysis,” not only as a means to legitimise his own work, but primarily to deflect criticism that Freud and other “psychoanalysts” at the time were all Jews.

Moreover, rancorous Jews seeking surreptitious ways to dis-empower, dis-enfranchise, and dis-inherit the White Race; developing and using “psychology” to do it: part of the Silent Weapons in the Quiet War upon humanity, part of the Nameless War on the White Race.


Jung’s appointment as president of Freud’s newly founded “International Psychoanalytical Association” was a ruse to pretend that that “psychoanalysis” was not wholly Jewish affair.

Jung’s research, profundity of thought, and personal integrity soon made it difficult for him to follow Freud’s fraud doctrines; Jung calling them Freud’s “Jewish gospel” possessing a “corrosive character.” They parted ways, which resulted in the establishment of Jung’s Analytical Psychology as a comprehensive system separate from “psychoanalysis.”

Jung also wrote:

“The Aryan unconscious has a greater potential than the Jewish unconscious … The Jew, who is something of a nomad, has never yet created a cultural form of his own and as far as we can see never will.

Zentralblatt fur Psychotherapie, “The State of Psychotherapy Today” (1934).

Of course, “The Jews” condemn Jung for his remarks on the “Aryan unconscious” and the “corrosive character” of Freud’s “Jewish gospel” and demonstrate an “antisemitism,” which they claim is fundamental to the structure of Jung’s thought.

Classical Marxism, “Baby Marxism,” focused on economics, dismissing cultural matters as largely superficial. After Dark Freemasonry‘s synthetic World Wars delivered it great successes, it moved its World Revolution from kinetic war on the White Race‘s nations to the war on the White Race‘s mind.

In short: moved their Nameless War‘s focus from destroying the economy to destroying the culture.

Thus, enter the Cultural Marxists onto the world stage. An unsavoury cast of characters, Dark Actors, lead by the “Frankfurt School Jewish eggheads.”

“The Jews” associated with the Frankfurt School sought – because “The Jews have been eternal victims of Longest Hatred,” to create a “better society” by warning against “patriarchy,” “imperialism,” “colonialism,” and “capitalist exploitation.” And because “The Jews always do what is right,” whatever they do is beyond reproach.

The Authoritarian Personality is one of their bitter fruits: a Jewish exercise in PROJECTIONPROTECTION, and PERSECUTION.


The Authoritarian Personality by Theodor W Adorno et al. (1950) is an exercise in pure Jewish Propaganda, “chutzpah,” and audacity; a product of “Jewish genius,” and so, a potpourri of Jewish piss and black bitter bile. A product of a collective morbid mind (Jewish Hive Mind) that is both instructive and illuminating.

Arising from the “Frankfurt School’s” furtive minds during their American exile: Bolshevik Zionist Jews all, who safely ensconced in American academia, plotted and schemed the destruction of the nation that had given them sanctuary.

“The Jews'” propaganda was threefold fold.

One is to make the case that “The Jews” are never responsible for an individual’s negative opinions of them, or the negative reactions of others against them. All negative opinions arise from an irrational impulse, a neurosis, a pathological condition.

“Antisemitism” is a pathological condition that has nothing to do with “The Jews,” and certainly has nothing to do with what “The Jews” do and say. Moreover, a neurosis that appears to afflict the White Race, especially if they are also Christians.

This is The Authoritarian Personality‘s PROJECTION function.


The second aspect is to conceal as long as possible “The Jews” primary role in Cultural Marxism and its myriad spawn; especially as the White Christian Culture increasingly buckles under their impact, and “The Jews” baneful presence is seen even by the most obtuse goy.

This is why immense effort was made to identify “Antisemitism” as a pathological condition, and demonise those who displayed it. To identify any and all opposition to “The Jews” and their antics as “Antisemitism.”

To criminalise legitimate, honest criticism of the Zionist Enterprise, calling it “hate speech.” So that anyone deemed a threat to the Zionist Agenda could be prosecuted for “hate crimes.”

To scare people enough to shy away from exposing “The Jews” and their crimes. To protect them for as long as possible from exposure, censure, and prosecution.

This is The Authoritarian Personality‘s PROTECTION function.


The third aspect is make the case that because “Anti-Semitism” is a pathological condition, an irrational explosion of hatred that threatens “The Jews” both individually and collectively, “The Jews” have the right to protect themselves from it by changing the goyim‘s psychology. That they are justified, have every right, to use the Dark Arts of Applied Psychology and Propaganda to change the mind of the Christian.

And The Authoritarian Personality itself is the beginning of this Jewish Applied Psychology and Propaganda … to intimidate and persecute the Christian mind.

This is The Authoritarian Personality‘s PERSECUTION function.


The book itself is dreadfully boring, which the average person if reading it in bed would fall asleep within two minutes; it is a true cure for insomnia. However, its tedium is part of the weaponisation of it. Its labyrinthine network of tortuous arguments, logical fallacies, charlatanism and sophistry are meant to deter and intimidate the reader.

An invented psychological world of contrived categories that “The Jews” have imagined into existence – “Authoritarian Personality,” “Fascist tendencies,” “F-scale,” and “Anti-Semites” –  complete with “quizzes” and “surveys” measuring various Politically Incorrect attitudes, particularly about Jews, blacks, and foreigners, which are designed to arrogate intellectual power.

That the survey results (most of the respondents were White men, and deliberately chosen) were presented along with much Freudian psychobabble is a major red flag that intellectual fraud was involved.

The book came out four decades before Political Correctness acquired its social and political power, but this is one of the places where the original Cultural Marxists were codifying the Marxian Thought Tyranny‘s basics as early as 1950.

The book’s main theme is that there is something “wrong,” something pathological, with people who have Politically Incorrect opinions, especially “Antisemitism.” The book alleges that these views result from “neurosis.”

It makes heavy use of Freudian psychobabble, catch-all stuff, which “explains” everything but proves nothing, like “repressed homosexuality” and “daddy issues”to legitimise its outlandish claims. An overplayed hand, obsessively overdone, such that it would appear that Jewish authors were themselves “closet cases” who got too many spankings as children, and were sexually aroused when thinking of their mothers.

Calling someone crazy is a cynical ruse to avoid having to debate their ideas, to stigmatise them; a centuries old ruse to silence them.

Calling a sane person mad and sectioning them into the Asylum is the stuff of Victorian Gothic novels. Isolation and imprisonment (often with the plot device of the asylum used to get inconvenient women out of the way) are at the core of the asylum’s function in the Gothic novel.

“Madness has a much broader salience for the social order and cultures we form part of, and has resonance in the world of literature and art and of religious belief, as well as in the scientific domain.

And it implies stigma, and stigma has been and continues to be a lamentable part of what it means to be mad.”

Andrew Scull, Madness in Civilisation (2015).


James Forrestal’s assassination is a tragic modern example of the tactic, whereby “madness” was the pretext to imprison, silence, stigmatise, discredit, and remove a genuine threat to the Zionist Enterprise.


The Authoritarian Personality is the most infamous work on authoritarianism. The product of a coterie of Jews happily ensconced at the University of California, Berkeley, who wanted to prove that a number of “traits” clustered in the “authoritarian person.”

These “traits” were encapsulated in a set of loaded questions (skewed to invoke the desired response), whose answers were categorised according to “scales”:

  • F-scale (“fascistic tendency”)
  • A-S scale (“anti-Semitism”)
  • E-scale (“ethnocentrism”)
  • PEC scale (“political–economic conservatism”)


The book asserted that the “data supported” the group’s original hypothesis that a person who is high on one scale will tend to be high on the others.

However, upon close inspecton it was revealed that all the questions in these “scales” were worded so that an agree response (“yeas”) indicated authoritarian characteristics. The “F-scale” only included items where a higher level of agreement indicated a higher level of authoritarianism.

Moreover, a tendency to agree with questions like this regardless of content (the “yea-sayers”/ “agreement response set”) could produce high authoritarianism scores independent of any individual differences in personality. The phenomenon whereby individuals tended to either agree with an item independent of its content (“yea-sayers”) or disagree consistently (“nay-sayers”).

In other words, individuals with a greater tendency to acquiesce were falsely identified as authoritarian.

The item content was also often not coherent, was ambiguous, with double-barrelled questions making it hard to interpret the meaning of responses; the “F-scale” claimed to measure one coherent construct, but was in fact multidimensional with factors being difficult to interpret.

Notwithstanding these inconsistencies, the factors typically did not map onto components of authoritarianism as hypothesised by Adorno et al.


The most damning critique of The Authoritarian Personality was its use of Freudian-based theory. A scientific fraud of the first rank. Initially, “psychoanalysis” was the bedrock of The Authoritarian Personality’s hypothesis. But, as time passed, Freud’s frauds began to be exposed, causing the general loss of status of Freudian explanations in empirical social science research.

Consequently, they proved far less useful than the authors hoped, and as a result later research become increasingly divorced from the original Freudian-based theory. It is not surprising that Adorno et al.’s specific explanation of authoritarianism has not fared well. Yet, “The Jews” still stand by it as a seminal work of “Jewish genius.”


That The Authoritarian Personality’s authoritarianism construct was wholly ideologically, rather than scientifically motivated, a Marxist ploy, is easily discerned. It focused exclusively on the political “right,” but ignored authoritarianism on the “left.” An aspect of the “Hitler fascist and evil,”  “Napoleon communist and good” dichotomy.

An obvious critique given that Bolshevik Zionist Jews did the so-called research on authoritarianism; which was sparked by the recent rise of “far-right” extremism in “Nazi” Germany, with two of the authors having fled the “Nazis” by migrating to the United States.

The authoritarianism measure, and the construct itself, was clearly ideologically biased. A fatally flawed work on methodological grounds, particularly because questions were worded in the same direction, and “psychoanalysis” used to justify classifications and explain causes.

The Authoritarian Personality was subjected to close scrutiny and criticism almost immediately after it was published, which revealed its patently fraud nature. That the obvious the “F-scale” measure of authoritarianism was fraud cast doubt on much of the supposed  empirical research in its support.


The Authoritarian Personality is ahuge tome presented as a psychological treatise, founded upon solid methodology, and empirical science. In truth it is Jewish ProjectionProtection and Persecution, wrapped in the cloak of Jewish pseudoscience, and heavily promoted by “The Jews” as yet more evidence of “Jewish genius,” and the White Race‘s pathology.


David Brooks of the New York Times & PBS fame uses some of the famed “Jewish genius” in The Authoritarian Personality context to enlighten the dumb goyim about the root causes of “anti-Semitism,” and its dangers; and, more importantly, how to “effectively stand against it.” … in short: censorship of Hate Facts, prosecution of “haters,” and persecution of “The Jews'” enemies.

Thus Brooks on “anti-Semitism” in the Arab world:

“This is a form of derangement, a flight from reality even in otherwise sophisticated people.This form of anti-Semitism cannot be reasoned away because it doesn’t exist on the level of reason.”

The Arabs “hate” “The Jews” because they suffer from “derangement.”

An irrational resentment devoid of any logic or reason…

Of course, their sentiments have nothing to do with the Israeli military’s brutal treatment of the poor and dispossessed Palestinians, and its historical unprovoked attacks upon Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and even, clandestinely, Iran. No, none of these, it is all about Arab “derangement.”


On “anti-Semitism” in Europe:

“In Europe, anti-Semitism looks like a response to alienation. It’s particularly high where unemployment is rampant.”

Ethnic Europeans also suffer neurosis, a mental complex of “alienation.”

Of course, their sentiments have nothing to do with the Jewish-owned Central Bank Cartel, the debt-based monetary system, which is destroying European economies; or “The Jews'” self-confessed “leading role” in both Europe’s “multi-culturalisation” (flooding the continent with a tsunami of Third World immigration), and the Woke Agenda subversion.


On “anti-Semitism” in America (which Brooks admits is minimal)

“There are others who see anti-Semitism as another form of bigotry. But these are different evils. Most bigotry is an assertion of inferiority.”

Just like their neurotic counterparts in the Middle East and Europe, Americans also suffer mental illness, this time it is an “inferiority complex.”immense

Of course, their sentiments have nothing to do with Jewish Marxism and Zionism’s immensely negative impact upon their Christian Nation:that sex-crazed Jewish Hollywood is corrupting children, that the Jewish Central Bank Cartel is debasing the currency, or that the Jewish Lobby wants American goyim to shed their blood for Zionist State of Israel, or that the Jewish-run Mockingbird Media is propagandising the public with Fake News, or that Jewish academia persecutes scholars who dare to question the two World Wars’ official narratives.


Brooks’ “Jewish genius” informs us that “derangement,” “alienation,” and a collective “inferiority complex” are “anti-Semitism’s” root causes. Nothing whatsoever to do, or correlated with “The Jews,” their thoughts, words and deeds.  “Anti-Semites” are ipso facto mentally unhinged.


Brooks and his ilk inhabit an insular world. One carefully contrived according to the Jewish Myth‘s main tenets. Especially the fundamental belief that any criticism of “The Jews’” words and deeds, and of Organised Jewry‘s activities, is evidence of a mental disease: manifest as various goyim neuroses.

“The Jews” have nothing to answer for; not now, nor in the annals of “anti-Semitism’s” 2,300 year old history.

Thus the ancient Roman “anti-Semite” probably suffered “xenophobia,” his contemporary Greek a manifest “bi-polar disorder.” While Europe’s medieval schoolmen suffered “paranoia,” and the Spanish Inquisitors a “persecution complex.” The Tsarist Russian, “anorexia nervosa,” and the nasty Nazi an “attention deficit disorder.”

All stuff and nonsense, contrived causes, fictive neuroses, for an obvious historical phenomenon: the justified self-defence against “The Jews” and their infiltration, and subversive activities.


Brook simply regurgitates the Jewish psycho-babble that the Cultural Marxists attempted to scientifically prove via The Authoritarian Personality. A perfect example of “Jewish genius.” … a ragbag of pseudo-science, sophistry, and myth-making.

Bolshevik Zionist Jew Brook is typical of his kind; conceited, boastful and wholly devoid of self-awareness. A bullshitter yes, bursting at the seams with “chutzpah,” but one that occasionally reveals truths amongst his dung-heap of lies:

“A few years ago, I wrote a book about the rise of a new educated class, the people with 60s values and 90′s money who go to Starbucks, shop at Whole Foods and drive Volvos. A woman came up to me after one of my book talks and said, ‘You realize what you’re talking about is the Jews taking over America.’

My eyes bugged out, but then I realized she was Jewish and she knew that I was, too, and between us we could acknowledge there’s a lot of truth in that statement.

For the Jews were the vanguard of a social movement that over the course of the 20th century transformed the American university system and the nature of the American elite.


That “The Jews” have infiltrated, subverted, steered and destroyed Christian America, a verity “acknowledged” amongst themselves, but woe betide the goy who dares voice it ….

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