Weasel Words, Euphemism, Deceptive Language & the Real and Stated Goals

Weasel Words, Euphemism, Deceptive Language & the Real and Stated Goals

“[I can suck] melancholy out of a song as a weasel sucks eggs.”

“Jacque” speaking in William Shakespeare’s As You Like It (1600)

In certain folklore, weasels were believed to be able to suck the insides out of an egg without damaging the shell. Thus, a weasel-sucked egg looked perfect on the outside, but was actually empty and useless. Devoid of all nourishment, all worth, all goodness.

So too words, the single units of language that has meaning and can be spoken or written, can be drained of all meaning. Often unintentionally but, in the New World Order’s realm, today’s Post-Truth World, very deliberately drained of meaning.

Words sucked of all meaning become shells of words. Empty shells, emptied of meaning, words from which life has gone. Ghostly words, corpses and facsimiles, frauds of the real living thing. They are “Weasel words” … “liberty,” “equality,” “freedom,” “democracy,” “social,” “social justice,” “civil liberties,” “vibrant,” “smart,” “inclusion, “diversity,” “equity,” “sustainable,” for example.




Weasel Words sprinkle the fairy dust of high-sounding words over the ungainly contours of something quite ordinary, and you may be able to transform it into something special, in the way that a gentle snowfall can turn an ugly tool shed into a dreamy cottage, inhabited by elves.”

Wilfred M McClay, The Hedgehog Review Spring 2018




“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.” “The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master — that’s all.”

Alice was too much puzzled to say anything; so after a minute Humpty Dumpty began again.

“They’ve a temper, some of them — particularly verbs: they’re the proudest — adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs — however, I can manage the whole lot of them! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!’

“Would you tell me please,” said Alice, “what that means?’

“Now you talk like a reasonable child,” said Humpty Dumpty, looking very much pleased. “I meant by “impenetrability” that we’ve had enough of that subject, and it would be just as well if you’d mention what you mean to do next, as I suppose you don’t mean to stop here all the rest of your life.”

Humpty Dumpty explaining to Alice how language functions in “Wonderland.”

Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832 – 98) was an English mathematician better known as author “Lewis Carroll” who wrote Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865), followed by Phantasmagoria (1869), Through the Looking-Glass (1871); The Hunting of the Snark (1876); Rhyme and Reason (1883); A Tangled Tale (1885); and Sylvie and Bruno (in two parts, 1889 and 1893).

Dodgson, “Lewis Carroll,” by turning logic on its head appealed to a child’s sense of the ridiculous. He took the English sense of humour, with its love of the absurd and surreal, to wonderful heights, and created not only a work unique in English literature but also one of the most analysed books of all time.

His creation operating on different levels while delving into profound subjects.

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland on one level is a pure child’s fantasy story, on another a coming of age story. On other levels it acts as allegory and critique of profound subjects such as mathematics and philosophy. Another aspect deals with the thorny matter of reality and illusion. Of a created illusion moving towards absurdity and insanity.

Wonderland’s characters use language that sounds much like English yet its inner logic differs from normal understanding. It is governed by a different logic, a different reality. Wonderland‘s words are allowed free reign, liberating them from their dictionary-defined boundaries. Speech patterns, normal phrase and idiom, are subverted.

Carroll’s Wonderland is a completely mad world full of tyrannical queens and mad hatters. Peopled with characters that move words freely from one context to the next as they communicate.

Carroll had unlocked a word’s dictionary meaning and freed them from their normal contextual use, giving them an identity of their own. A word is as much a condition as a thing regardless of what other words form a sentence around it.

Wonderland word has substance beyond its context. A situation, an altered reality, a created illusion in which common sense and grammatical rules no longer prevail; a Post-Truth World, which Humpty Dumpty tried to explain to Alice.




“But I don’t want to go among mad people,” Alice remarked. “Oh, you can’t help that,” said the Cat: “we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.” “How do you know I’m mad?” said Alice. “You must be,” said the Cat, “or you wouldn’t have come here.”

Lewis Carroll, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865)

The “Cheshire Cat,’ unique among Wonderland creatures, as it is threatened by no one and can maintain a cool, serene demeanour. He has a knowing understanding of the world in which he lives; he is possessed of a detached, knowing outsider status. Hence the broad fixed smile, the knowing grin on his face.

The Cheshire Cat has great insight into the workings of Wonderland because he knows the way of the world in which he lives. He is an authority on Wonderland and helps Alice understand the absurd world – the Post-Truth World – in which she now found herself.

His calm, detached explanation to Alice that to be in Wonderland is to be “mad” revealed to Alice what had not occurred to her. The Cheshire Cat points out that:

  • Wonderland itself has a stronger cumulative effect than any of its citizens i.e., “collective consciousness” or “Hive Mind”
  • Wonderland is ruled by nonsense and Alice’s normal behaviour is inconsistent with its operating principles, Alice must becomes “mad” in the context of Wonderland to prosper in it i.e., accept the absurdity and conform to the “Hive Mind”
  • Because Alice’s burning curiosity to absorb everything she sees in Wonderland sets her apart from the other Wonderland creatures, it makes her appear “mad” in comparison




“[Randy Engel]: Before talking about the specific areas, I think there\’s a lot of benefits from this tape. One of them is when we have a good idea of what the opposition is about and the techniques [Dr Richard Day is] using – then you can turn around and begin your resistance to all the types of manipulations and so forth. So I think that the seeing that there were four or five “theme songs” -he kept repeating them over and over again.

For example this business which I think is so important that people fail to distinguish between the ostensible reason and the real reason. In other words, if you want someone to do something and you know that initially he’ll be balky at doing that because it’s against his morals or against his religious beliefs, you have to substitute another reason that will be acceptable. And then, after he accepts it and it’s a fait accompli then there’s just no turning back.

[Dr Lawrence Dunegan]: Right. It was in that connection that he said, ‘People don’t ask the right questions.’ Too trusting. And this was directed, as I recall, mostly at Americans. I had the feelings he thought Europeans maybe were more sceptical and more sophisticated. That Americans are too trusting and don’t ask the right questions.

[Randy Engel]: With regard to this lack of … almost a lack of discernment. I guess that’s basically what he was saying. They were easily tricked or too trusting. The thing that flashed through my mind rather quickly, for example in schools … how quickly so-called AIDS education was introduced. It did amaze me because if a group stated publicly that they wanted to introduce the concept of sodomy or initiate sex earlier and earlier in children and that was the reason given, most parents I presume wouldn’t go for that.

So you have to come up with another reason and of course the reason for this so-called AIDS education was to protect children from this disease. But actually, as it turns out, it’s really been a great boon for the homosexual network, because through various things like Project Ten they now have access to our children from the youngest years. …

[Dr Lawrence Dunegan]: I mentioned there were two purposes for everything – one the ostensible purpose and one the real purpose – and the ostensible purpose [Stated Goal] here would be that growing your own vegetables was unsafe, it would spread disease or something like that. So the acceptable idea was to protect the consumer but the real idea [Real Goal] was to limit the food supply and growing your own food would be illegal. …

Everything has two purposes. One is the ostensible purpose which will make it acceptable to people; and second, is the real purpose which would further the goals of establishing the new system and having it.”

Part of interview by Randy Engel, Director of the US Coalition for Life, with Dr Larry Dunegan on Oct. 10, 1991 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Dunegan, recounted his memories of the lecture he attended in 1969 where Dr Richard Day, the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood, a New World Order technocrat, and “The Order” insider, gave a Revelation of the Method.

Day revealed many aspects of a “New World System” that the Elite Globalist Parasites had been preparing form many decades, which he one of their technocrats was part of, and often called the New World Order. Day told how the Elite Globalist Parasites presented their Globalist Agenda  – the Global Action Plan –  in terms of “ostensible purpose” and “real purpose” … of the “Real Goal” and “Stated Goal.”

Deceptive language and a perfect example of weasel word usage, as well as using a word having two meanings: an ostensible meaning and a true meaning: the stated and the real: the Stated Goal and the Real Goal, which invariably are diametrically opposed … are polar opposites. A technique wonderfully used, for example, in the deceptive language of “Sustainable Development” and “Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.”

The public do not know that when the New World Order crowd, the Elite Globalist Parasites, issue their official narrative or agenda it has two meanings: the STATED and the REAL. The public always believe the STATED GOAL … the COVER STORY … the DISTRACTION: these for examples: “War on Drugs,” “War on Terror,” “COVID-19,” “Climate Change,’ “Carbon Neutral,” “Zero Carbon,” “Putin & Russia bad, Zelensky & Ukraine good.” etc.

These are impositions from above imposed upon the public justified as, for example: “the community,” “the greater good,” “all in it together,” “no one left behind,” “save the planet,” “a necessity,” “a crisis,” or “an emergency.” The gullible public always fall into the Elite Globalist Parasites’ trap and believe their lies, and do not see that these impositions are from above ordained by a higher hidden hand: the Global Death Cult.

The public are totally unaware of this and refuse to acknowledge or accept it even when they are given the FACTS. Throughout the world, but especially in the Empire of Evil and Lies, the Woke West, every group, institution, union, movement, and narrative has been INFILTRATED; more so than former Eastern Bloc countries. The pervasive INFILTRATION of everything that has resulted in the wholesale STEERING of the public.

The public have capitulated and acquiesced to what they have been STEERED into. They always fail to understand that they are repeatedly mentally and emotionally captured, ENERGY HARVEST via DISTRACTION, and then STEERED. Such that, the public itself becomes the COVER STORY‘s STEERERS and so ENABLERS of the New World Order Agenda. This is one of the Communitarian‘s great triumphs. Communitarianism is, like Communism, a system of enslavement and genocide, and both are Zionist Jewry inventions.

Both constructed to bring about Western Christian Civilisation‘s destruction and the goyim‘s genocide … following their ancient battle cry “remember Amelek!” “The Jews'” battle Cry: “Remember Amalek!”

Thus, the Distraction Principle:






“Political language … is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

George Orwell, Politics and the English Language




 “Thine forward voice, now, is to speak well of thine friend; thine backward voice is to utter foul speeches and to detract.”

William Shakespeare The Tempest (Act 2, Scene 2)

When “Alice” followed the “White Rabbit” down a well she found herself in the absurd dream-world of “Wonderland.” She attempts to come to terms with the puzzle of Wonderland as she undergoes a variety of absurd physical changes while sojourning there.

Alice continually finds herself in situations in which she risks death, suggesting that death lurks behind the ridiculous events of her Wonderland adventures. A real threat in an unreal world, which the violent “Queen of Hearts” personifies, whose screamed command “Off with its head!” her response to every perceived slight or infraction.

Lewis Carroll was a mathematician, a logician, and in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland he revels in making farce out of jokes, riddles, and games of logic.

Alice learns that she cannot expect to find logic or meaning in the absurd, surreal situations that she encounters. Even when they appear to be problems, riddles, or games that would normally have solutions that Alice would be able to figure out; “Humpty Dumpty” and the “Cheshire Cat’ had informed Alice that her ordinary world logic and common sense do not apply in Wonderland. Carroll here alluding to one of human existence’s great foibles; how life frustrates expectations and resists interpretation, even when problems seem familiar or solvable.

Hence, the book’s main themes, the loss of childhood innocence, death a constant menace, and life as a meaningless puzzle.

As Alice continued her adventure she was continually presented with situations and characters that refused to submit to logic and reason. Alice expected that the situations she encountered would make a certain kind of sense, and that she would begin to understand Wonderland‘s peculiar logic, social norms and etiquette. Yet, the absurd, nonsensical situations and disparate events repeatedly frustrate her ability to figure out Wonderland.

Alice soon realised that Wonderland‘s only reliable aspect, its constant, was that it will frustrate her every expectation and challenge her understanding of the natural order of the world. Her childhood schooling, learned experiences and etiquette did not apply in Wonderland. It was a world in which causality appeared to be in a constant state of flux, frustrating her desires to fit her experiences in a logical framework where common sense would prevail, and so make sense of the relationship between cause and effect.

In Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Carroll, a logician by profession, subverted his own craft. Its entire narrative an assault on rationality. He had used subversion to render the natural order of the world into Wonderland.

For Alice to not only thrive but also survive in Wonderland she had to abandon her every learned experience; she had to reject logic, reason and common sense: she had to disavow normal, sound powers of mind .. to empty her mind. For, Wonderland was a Post-Truth World and its denizens living in an Age of Unreason. The Truth-World‘s counterfeit, the Age of Reason parody.

In other words, Carroll’s Wonderland was, like Klingsor‘s “garden of delights,” a wonderful illusion, but a gross caricature of reality. Wondrous and seductive, but also where death lurks beneath the surface; physical death in Wonderland, spiritual death in the “garden of delights.”

Subversion used to render the natural order of the world into the “garden of delights” and Wonderland.


Wonderland is ruled by nonsense and Alice’s normal behaviour is inconsistent with its operating principles, Alice must become “mad” in the context of Wonderland to prosper in it. Alice’s burning curiosity to absorb everything she sees in Wonderland sets her apart from the other apathetic and incurious Wonderland creatures, making her appear “mad” in comparison.

Alice eventually realised that to survive Wonderland its inhabitants had to conform to the absurdity. To abandon reason, logic and common sense, and conform to a common consciousness …  A Post-Truth World, the Wonderland Hive Mind of Unreason.

In Klingsor‘s “garden of delights” illusion the unwary Grail Seekers were trapped by becoming slave to their base instincts, enslaved by their Lower SelfWonderland‘s dwellers enslaved themselves in an absurd world by conforming to the set of operating principles foisted onto them, become “mad,” and a collective madness that developed as an absurdist collective consciousness: a Hive Mind… a “Lostness of the Mind,” or “Wilderness of the Mind.”



“Globo-Homo” Collective Consciousness: the “Fourth World Wilderness” … the “Wilderness of the Mind”


“The Earth has cancer and the cancer is Man” Club of Rome, Mankind at the Turning Point (1974) … “… the resultant ideal sustainable population is hence more than 500 million but less than one billion.” Club of Rome, Goals for Mankind (1976) … “The threat of environmental crisis will be the international disaster key that will unlock the New World Order” Mikhail Gorbachev, member of Club of Rome, Monetary and Economic Review (1996).

The Club of Rome is a Elite Globalist Parasite “think tank,” which describes itself as “an organisation of individuals who share a common concern for the future of humanity and strive to make a difference.”

Its main purpose is to formulate crisis through which the world can be united under a world government using Fake Green Environmentalism as the cover story. From its inception it has sought strategies to provide a catalyst for radical change in society; “crisis creation” … to create Hegelian Dialects to bring about “Creative Destruction,” to bring a new order out of the created chaos.

In the early 1970s it promoted the Malthusian “over-population” scare, then, when the promised famine failed to eventuate, Fake Green Environmentalism, and by the late 1970s, “man-made global warming” alarmism, and Climate Hysteria. Its Limits to Growth (1972) is its most infamous report that warns of “overpopulation” and the need for “sustainable development.”

David Rockefeller founded the Club of Rome in April 1969 in Bellagio, Italy as “a think-tank of financiers, scientists, economists, politicians, heads of state, and industrialists from ten different countries.” Members have included Elite Globalist Parasites such asTed Turner, George Soros, Henry Kissinger, Bill Gates, Zbigniew Brzezinski, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.




“Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, the use of fossil fuels, electrical appliances, home and work-place air-conditioning, and suburban housing – are not sustainable.”

Maurice Strong’s opening speech at the 1992 “Rio Earth Summit” using the deceptive “sustainable” language to foist the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ programme called Agenda 21: The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century onto an unsuspecting public. Strong is lauded as a “key figure in the global environmental movement,” and a “visionary and a pioneer of global sustainable development,” and the “world mourns one of its greats” when he died.




“Effective execution of Agenda 21 will require a profound reorientation of all human society, unlike anything the world has ever experienced a major shift in the priorities of both governments and individuals and an unprecedented redeployment of human and financial resources.

This shift will demand that a concern for the environmental consequences of every human action be integrated into individual and collective decision-making at every level.”

Agenda 21: The UN Blueprint for the 21st Century, the foundation of the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ Global Action Plan for world tyranny.






Alice A Bailey (1880 – 1949) who is, along with the Theosophical Society’s founder Helena Blavatsky, the most important female figure in the New Age Movement. Bailey was a medium who channelled psychic messages from her “Ascended Masters,” “Koot Humi” and “Djwhal Khul.” Entities that poured an immense amount of information into her vacant mind, which she then transposed verbatim and published as books and pamphlets.

The channelled messages were the bedrock upon which she founded her mysticism and an international esoteric movement, the Arcane School, to continue these teachings. A Luciferian Cult that created the “New Age” as described by Bailey’s “Ascended Masters.”

Bailey’s psychic writings gave rise to many of the New Age Movement‘s aspects, especially the New Age Religion and its New Age Messiah conception: the so-called “The Christ.”

“The Christ has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognises and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to Their Founders—the Buddha, Mohammed and others.

He cares not what the faith is if the objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail to recognise the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself.

The Son of God is on His way and He cometh not alone. His advance guard is already here and the Plan which they must follow is already made and clear. Let recognition be the aim …

He is that Great Being Whom the Christian calls the Christ; He is known also in the Orient as the Bodhisattva, and as the Lord Maitreya, and is the One looked for by the devout Mohammedan, under the name of the Imam Mahdi.

He it is Who has presided over the destinies of life since about 600 B.C. and He it is Who has come out among men before, and Who is again looked for.

He is the great Lord of Love and of Compassion, just as his predecessor, the Buddha, was the Lord of Wisdom.

He is the World Teacher, the Master of the Masters, and the Instructor of the Angels, and to Him is committed the guidance of the spiritual destinies of men, and the development of the realisation within each human being that he is a child of God and a son of the Most High.”

Maurice Strong is now dead and his dark personality is no longer inflicted upon humanity, however his insidious legacy has greatly impacted world civilisation.

Strong was a consummate New World Order functionary, a Rockefeller-Rothschild Combine creature, one of its – the Global Mafia‘s – “made men.”  He never graduated from high school, but (thanks to David Rockefeller) by the time he was twenty-one he held an important position in international finance, and at thirty-one he was the chairman of one of the largest financial advisory companies in the world.

He was a senior adviser to both Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and James Wolfensohn, president of the World Bank. Annan, like all United Nations’ Secretary-Generals, was only a figurehead. The Cabal Con-men, the Global Mafia, the Elite Globalist Parasites, of which Strong was a representative, runs the the Luciferian United Nations; and, rather than “saving the world,” are set about purposefully destroying it.

Strong helped create the Management and Control System of Sustainable Development administrative structure in preparation for assuming power when the New World System of Global Governance was established i.e., the New World System of Management and Control, the Global Climate Dictatorship, which is the dark synergy of Communitarianism & Technocracy.

Strong helped to create the New Green Economy of Sustainable Development founded upon fake green environmentalism, fake green religion (“Gaia”), Junk Science, and scientific frauds such as “man-made global warming,” and “carbon dioxide, methane and nitrogen as a harmful to the planet.”


Elite Globalist Parasite Strong was a career criminal, New World Order agentur, Chairman of the Earth Council and Co-Chairman of the Earth Charter Commission on a “People’s Earth Charter.” He was intimately involved with, and a great beneficiary of, the man-made “Global Warming” Scam.

Strong was a founding endorser of “Planetary Citizens,” convened the Fourth World Wilderness Congress, served as a trustee of the Rockefeller Foundation from 1971 to 1978, and was the Secretary-General of the First Earth Summit (1972), of the Second Earth Summit (1992), and of the Earth Summit Plus Five (1997).

The Global Biodiversity Assessment Report is one of Strong’s many bitter fruits, arising from the concepts developed at the Second Earth Summit, whose conclusion calls for the ideal “global billion” (culling of world population to the Earth’s ideal human population), and Western Civilisation’s deconstruction i.e. The World Depopulation Agenda, Western civilisation’s planned demolition, and the New World System of Management and Control‘s establishment.

The ancient New World Order Agenda repackaged, now euphemistically called the “Fourth Industrial Revolution,” or “Great Reset.” In short, the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ Global Action Plan.

Strong was part of the Greatest Financial Powers on Earth‘s 1970s hijacking of the genuine Environmental Movement started in the early 1960s; turning it from genuine concerns about unrestricted pollution into the Fake Green Environmental Movement of “Gaia Worship,” Eugenic Global Population Reduction, and Western World Destruction.

He was a Rockefeller-Rothschild Combine‘s stooge, its Fake Green Environmental Movement‘s front man, its Gaia Deception‘s figurehead.


The Fourth World Wilderness Congress was a seminal meeting of Fake Green Environmentalists because they actually give their game away. Thinking they were among like-minded people, they were relaxed and unusually open about their goals: about their New Age Global Governance‘s establishment using the Fake Green Environmental Movement and its “save the planet,” “man-made global warming,” cover story.

George Washington Hunt was an attendee and not one of THEM, and was so shocked at what he saw and heard that he expended his own money and time exposing the Fourth World Wilderness Congress, its Fake Green Environmentalism; exposing its true leaders and goals.

In 1987, the Fourth World Wilderness Congress was coming to Denver and Hunt found a way in to the conference and, being a well-connected local business man, also was asked to be a host at the congress. What he thought was a genuine conference dealing with real environmental concerns soon revealed its true purpose: a steering group discussing the new World Banking System‘s establishment designed to steal the world’s entire wealth and resources … using Fake Green Environmentalism as the cover story.

The Congress involved 2,000 delegates from 64 countries, and David Rockefeller, Edmund de Rothschild, Strong, their Bankster cronies, and communists like Gro Harlem Brundtland, former Prime Minister of Norway who has held several high posts in the UN, hijacked the whole affair.


Hunt understood the greed and hypocrisy involved. That the truth of Fake Green Environmentalism and the new World Banking System was that the people behind it do exactly the opposite of what they say they do: that instead of “saving the planet” they are destroying it by slashing down rain-forests, trampling eco-systems, degrading the biosphere, and geoengineering the weather.

Hunt especially understood the new World Banking System‘s evil purpose and how it would be used to beggar nations and steal the world; to “save the world for the Banksters.” He describes Rothschild’s “International World Conservation Bank” as an insidious, rapacious entity – a Big Bad Bank – set up to use its “magick shekels” to devour nations.

“My name is George Washington Hunt and I am a Businessman in Boulder Colorado. In the late eighties, I went to a UN environmental conference as a volunteer and uncovered the largest deception of finance and Banking in US history.

The Big Bad Bank is my 5th film which explains what is going on. I also have the Big Bad Bank, the book, which a written documentary that exhibits this modern day conspiracy. All of my Films and books were made without outside funding, I financed the books and videos myself so I could bring you the truth.

I did not hate the Rockefellers or Rothschilds or any of the families that intended evil against humanity. I merely object to their placing the love of money and their world order friends and plans above the Principles that society requires in their pursuits of life, liberty and happiness. …

I had luncheon with Baron and Lady Edmond de Rothschild at the 4th World Wilderness Congress. As I seated myself, Lady Rothschild reached across the table and poured my glass full of water and Baron Rothschild greeted me with sincere respect. To my right at the table was the president of the World Conservation Bank, I. Michael Sweatman. He, too was cordial, although he was busy with the preparation for the keynote banking session just an hour ahead. .

The meeting featured addresses from Maurice Strong, Baron Rothschild and Michael Sweatman. You know what they said at their conference by listening to them on my DVDs. …

The Rockefeller Family was very kind when my sister-in-law became ill. She was the personal secretary of the wife of David Rockefeller and Mrs. Rockefeller visited her at the hospital every day during her illness. That is true kindness and love. I don’t hate any member of the New World Order … I just hate the evil with which Satan has beguiled them. …

Since I am an American I MUST expose evil and do what I can possibly do to root it out. Other Americans have the absolute requirement to assist in rooting out the evil from America as well.”


“Rothschild had a ‘World Conservation Bank’ established. This bank would lend money to defaulting countries like Brazil, taking the Amazon basin as collateral. In fact 30% of the world’s surface were defined as such ‘wildernesses,’ which could be collateralized (i.e. given as security for loans).

If the borrowing Nation cannot pay the loan back (and Brazil’s finance minister stated, that Brazil could not), the wilderness would be forfeited and belong to the World Conservation Bank. And where would this charitable bank  [obtain] its money from? …

This means that the UN countries of the world are donating money and exchange our good money for useless SDRs on the reimbursement of our loans to LDCs for Rothschild to take over up to 30% of the Earth as forfeited security!” In short, nations will gradually come under the Banksters’ control as they struggle to pay the interest and have to borrow more and more.

Moreover, the Banksters will then decide which nations can borrow more and which will starve. Using this leverage to take state owned assets like land and utilities as payment against the debt until they eventually own the nation itself. This is the debt-for-nature swaps” where Third World countries are given debt relief in return for opening their land up for “environmental development projects.”

“Rothschild wants to take over big chunks of the world via the World Conservation program – to be the only bank in the world. This is a conspiracy fact.”

George Washington Hunt interview with Infowars‘ Alex Jones.



“A Big Bank is ready for implementation whenever the directors feel the right time occurs, probably after all the world’s currency systems fail and there is chaos everywhere. It is presently called the World Conservation Bank but may open in the name of the United Nations or as a private Rothschild Bank.

The bank will replace all banks. There will be one big bank. It will issue the world currency, make loans and finance huge conservation programs. Its power will be great. It could bring any nation to its knees just by adjustments to credit and currency.

This bank is a creation of the Rothschild banking family. They are special bankers to the very rich elite and command great respect in the field of international finance and banking. They are also very clever, cunning bankers and have been known to create brilliant banking agreements. The forthcoming bank is also clever and cunning … this is a fraudulent bank. The rich elite will invest trillions of dollars into this Rothschild bank in return for stock in the bank. Their family trusts and foundations are gorged with wealth and they will readily invest in this bank because if it bankrupts they have the right to step in and claim all of its assets.

The assets they seize will include all of the mortgages and debts of cities, counties, buildings, individuals, everything. When and if the bank fails, these investors will own all of the collateral that was pledged in return for the trillions of dollars in loans on everything … this bank is a scam and is completely unacceptable.”

George Washington Hunt’s Blog, “Rothschild’s puppets.” Hunt ably demonstrated the Fourth World Wilderness Congress’ dark nature and true purpose. His testimony was that the Dark Congress accomplished two aims: Creation of:

  • Rothschilds rapacious “World Conservation Bank,” the “Conservation Banking Programme,” later reincarnated as the the “Global Environment Facility” (GEF), using the Jew Money Kings’ “magick shekels,” and operating at a supra-national level to coordinate finance to “save the planet.”
  • “Wilderness Areas,” using the “re-wilding” of the planet cover story. i.e., clearing areas of all human habitation, and of all traces of human habitation, and allowing the land to “go back to the wild.”


In interviews Hunt revealed his motivation and beliefs:

“I produce educational videotapes about the New World Order. I focus on the craven, immoral banking elite of Europe and America because they are the key figures of why there is so much evil in this world of ours. The Book of Revelations is very specific when it warns us about the members of the Synagogue of Satan. The words “synagogue” and “Satan” suggest that they are Jewish and they worship Satan.

They certainly are as smooth as Satan. They love themselves and they love money. Fortunately, most Jews are not like them, but there are enough of these lice to destroy us. They drive our money systems of the Western Hemisphere while the Oriental banking elite drive the Eastern hemisphere.

In the early 1800’s the mother of the five Rothschild sons heard news of another European war. She exclaimed “Vay, it must be my five sons again!”

A parallel Jewish joke is:

“Baron Rothschild! I’m sorry to hear about a new war.” Rothschild’s response is: “Shut up, you fool, it’s not ’til next week!”

I am an ultra-conservative Jew that believes that Jesus Christ is Lord. I love God and try to respect people everywhere—even the Rothschild’s!

A Marrano is a Jew who poses as Christian, but is not. The Rockefellers, Rothschild’s cousins, are part of the Marrano class. Their father is the Devil. They worship him in their special Synagogue.

The Rothschild’s established Israel through blackmail and extortion in 1917. In return for Israel as a territory, Rothschild promised that the Yanks would help England to keep the Germans from winning the war. President Wilson brought the American Expeditionary Force into Europe to save England from starvation by the Germans. The evil side of the Roman Church has cooperated with the Rothschild Devils since Herod and Pilate arranged the crucifixion of God’s Son, Jesus Christ. …


I had no prior intelligence of a conspiracy of Rothschild, Rockefeller, Maurice Strong, and the “Gaia-is-god” druid religionists (that your future families may serve). ALL of the world’s money men were in attendance or represented [at the Fourth World Wilderness Congress] and I was “accidentally” there. …


Why haven’t I been killed yet? Who knows? The shadow of death lurks everywhere I go now. I am shadowed by someone. I know that. But I can’t worry about this life when I have important things to do and say. “You ain’t heard nothing yet, world order crowd. God will raise up another to take my place”, I say. My blood-trail could be a
spark that ignites even one or two of you to be indignant about it.

Perhaps God will use those two people to ignite the country into indignation against assassinations!? Who knows what will happen to me? I have no fear (at this point).


Like Richard Day’s “off the record” remarks during an addressed at the Pittsburgh Pediatric Society to a meeting of students and health professionals, who were destined to be leaders in medicine and health care, Hunt’s testimony is very important. Both men give very accurate and detailed information about a future World System, which had been long-planned and was about to be rolled-out.

While Hunt’s testimony is more specific, dealing with the Greatest Financial Powers on Earth‘s hijacking of the genuine Environmental Movement and using Fake Green Environmentalism and the Gaia Deception to loot the world, Day’s testimony was much broader.

Day’s testimony represents an overview of the coming New World System of Management and Control, the bigger picture, the Global Action Plan, given by a well-informed insider, several decades before its effects began to materialise.

Day especially understood the Global Action Plan‘s eugenic depopulation component; the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ plan to wipe out swathes of humanity by promoting ill health, dangerous drugs and vaccines, fake pandemics, and spurious medical treatments while suppressing effective treatments for diseases as well as the deliberate introduction of man-made pathogens, like “AIDS,” “COVID,” and “Spike Proteins” into the human gene pool.

Day knew and spoke of the Depopulation Agenda within organised medicine to cull the world’s population, and was also privy to the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ wider goals to bring about World Dictatorship under their direct control.

Day was a member of “The Order,” the Zio-Anglo-American Establishment‘s main foci in America. When he spoke of the conspiracy behind the “New Word System” he was delivering a Revelation of the Method by alluding to his Death Cult‘s millennia-old plan of incredible scope and intricacy; Alice Bailey’s “The Plan” … the Occult Hierarchy’s Plan for Mankind.

“The Plan” for humanity established by “The Hierarchy” that was inscribed on the granite pillars of the “American Stonehenge” in Elberton, Georgia, “The Georgia Guidestones.”

The Georgia Guidestones – the “American Stonehenge” – was another Revelation of the Method, which reaffirmed Day and Hunt’s testimonies. It was an installation boasting of how “The Plan” was making wonderful progress. Using the Global Death Cult‘s usual deceptive language, making the bitter sound sweet and the dreadful almost idyllic. It declared:

  • Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature
  • Guide reproduction wisely – improving fitness and diversity
  • Unite humanity with a living new language
  • Rule passion – faith – tradition – and all things with tempered reason
  • Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts
  • Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court
  • Avoid petty laws and useless officials
  • Balance personal rights with social duties
  • Prize truth – beauty – love – seeking harmony with the infinite
  • Be not a cancer on the earth – Leave room for nature – Leave room for nature




Judaeo-Freemasonry cultists masquerading as “Rosicrucians” were behind the Georgia Guidestones PsyOp. Its message merely “The Plan” revealed using deceptive language, weasel words, lies and hypocrisy.

To “maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” will require the extermination of nine-tenths of the world’s people. Its “be not a cancer on earth,” and “leave room for nature” direct reference to the Club of Rome’s ruthless, Malthusian depopulation directives.

Its emphasis on preserving nature anticipated the 1990s Fake Green Environmentalism, and insistence upon establishing a world court foreshadowed the move to create an “International Criminal Court” and a world government. While its “Balance personal rights with social duties” merely Communitarianism

The American Stonehenge’s message also foreshadowed “Sustainable Development” and its themes of control of reproduction, world governance, the importance of nature and the environment, and a new spirituality. Its reference to “seeking harmony with the infinite” reflected the effort to replace Christian beliefs with a new spirituality, a new “collective consciousness.”

By simply substituting the word “communism” for the phrase “Sustainable Development” enables proper understanding of what its proponents intend.


The American Stonehenge’s true significance is its covert message, which confirms other revelations and testimonies alluding to “The Plan” for humanity. Moreover, that a covert group was intent upon:

  • Ruthless Depopulation Agenda
  • Promote Fake Green Environmentalism
  • Establish World Government
  • Promote new spirituality; a new “collective consciousness,” “Gaia Worship”


Elite Globalist Parasites and career criminals Mikhail Gorbachev and Maurice Strong’s so-called “Earth Charter” reiterate the same basic issues, a similarity between the ideas engraved on the Georgia Guidestones and those espoused in the “Earth Charter” that reflect their common origin.

The “Earth Charter” is the Death Cult‘s declared global “bill of rights,” which are a parody of Yahweh’s Ten Commandments. Its ethos is imposition of the “necessary” environmental regulations on the world’s peoples by a World Government in order to “save the planet.”

In 1997, “Earth Charter” propagandist Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet Empire’s former dictator and KGB bigwig, in an interview with the LA Times regarding the Earth Charter, declared:

“My hope is that this charter will be a kind of Ten Commandments, a ‘Sermon on the Mount,’ that provides a guide for human behavior toward the environment in the next century and beyond.”



Elite Globalist Parasite Steven C Rockefeller, a Globalist intriguer and promoter of the Fake Green Religion – the Gaia Deception – underpinning the “Save the planet” Climate Hysteria, was also a  “Earth Charter” propagandist:

“This is a good time for interfaith dialogue involving Christians, Jews and Muslims and members of other religious traditions as well. The Earth Charter can be used as a catalyst for exploring common ethical values in these exchanges. A year from now, the United Nations will convene the World Summit on Sustainable Development, and our government representatives should know that we want the United States to play a creative leadership role at this critical world meeting.

Thousands of local, national, regional, and international organizations have now endorsed the Earth Charter. The most recent endorsement has come from the Parliament of the World’s Religions. Invite your organization to consider endorsing the Earth Charter, if you have not already done so.

The more support we have from civil society and local government, the greater the chance of endorsement by the United Nations General Assembly in 2002. In my home state of Vermont, the Earth Charter is being transported across the state from town to town in a beautiful, handcrafted Ark of Hope by people walking in a spirit of peace. In addition to the Earth charter, the Ark of Hope contains the prayers and poems of many Vermonters.

The global challenges before us are great, but if we unite behind the kind of vision affirmed in the Earth Charter, there are grounds for hope …

With reverence for the mystery of being and with reverence for life, let us resolve here today to commit ourselves anew to this great work.”

The Earth Charter Community Summits, Tampa, Florida, September 29 (2001)


Rockefeller here revealing to fellow Death Cultist that the “Earth Charter” was merely continuation of their cult’s “The Plan.” The ancient agenda for World Empire they also call the “Great Work.” Moreover, of America’s indispensable role in its accomplishment.


Luciferian initiate, and a “Prince of Freemasonry,” Manly P Hall (1901 – 90) often described the Secret Societies’ ancient role in the hidden stream of history, and with respect to their influence upon America wrote:

“For more than three thousand years, secret societies have labored to create the background of knowledge necessary to the establishment of an enlightened democracy among the nations of the world …

Men bound by a secret oath to labour in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world.

World democracy was the secret dream of the great classical philosophers … Thousands of years before Columbus they were aware of the existence of our Western Hemisphere and selected it to be the site of the philosophic empire. …

The brilliant plan of the Ancients has survived to our time, and it will continue to function until the great work is accomplished 

Most of the patriots who achieved American independence belonged to these [secret] societies, and derived their inspiration, courage, and high purpose from the ancient teaching. There can be no question that the great seal was directly inspired by these orders of the human Quest, and that it set forth the purpose far this nation as that purpose was seen and known to the Founding Fathers.

The monogram of the new Atlantis reveals this continent as set apart for the accomplishment of the great work -here is to arise the pyramid of human aspiration, the school of the secret sciences. Over this nation rules the supreme king, the Ever Living God.

This nation is dedicated to the fulfillment of the Divine Will. To the degree that men realize this, and dedicate themselves and their works to this purpose, their land will flourish. To depart from the symbol of this high destiny is to be false to the great trust given as a priceless inheritance. …

The rule of the philosophical elect -the dream of the ages- will yet be realized and is not far distant. To her loyal sons, Freemasonry sends this clarion call: Arise ye, the day of labor is at hand; the great work awaits completion, and the days of man’s life are few. ”

The Secret Destiny of America (1944)


Death Cultists also refer to their “Ancient Hope” when describing “The Plan,” their “Great Work’s” completion:

“When our Founders declared a new order of the ages; when soldiers died in wave upon wave for a union based on liberty; when citizens marched in peaceful outrage under the banner ‘Freedom Now’ – they were acting on an ancient hope that is meant to be fulfilled.

President George W Bush: Second Inaugural Address, Thursday, January 20, 2005



The secret group that commissioned the Georgia Guidestones, and behind the so-called “Earth Charter,” are two of the many similar groups working together toward a New World Order, a new world economic system, and a new world spirituality.

Behind those groups, however, are dark spiritual forces. Whose children of darkness are the “loyal sons, Freemasonry” ceaselessly working from the shadows, following “The Plan” until the “great work is accomplished,” and their “Ancient Hope” made complete.

Gentle reader, without understanding the nature of those dark forces, and the Dark Empire of Secret Societies‘ covert activity in history, it is impossible to understand the unfolding of world events.


The New World Order has two aspects: the secular and the spiritual. The first aspect is contained in the idea of the One World Government and the second in the idea of the One World Religion.

The One World Religion is thenew world spirituality that the Dark Empire of Secret Societies agentur have been curating over the past four centuries. Christendom‘s subversion, Christianity’s complete Judaisement, in which Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s  Judaising of Christianity Agenda have played a crucial part.

The nascent One World Religion, the new world spirituality, is the curated “collective consciousness” predicated on Fake Green Environmentalism and a Fake Green Religion, and promoted by those George W Hunt described as  “Gaia-is-god” druid religionists.”

This is the admix of Blavatsky/Bailey’s New Age Religion and the Gaia Deception. The use of Fake Green Environmentalism as a steering process for Global Governance, and the “Sustainable Development” mechanism to get people to consent to the Banksters stealing everything from them, and to consent to their own demise.

The Ancient Death Cult has hijacked the Earth, and by varies ways and means, are telling the world’s peoples that they must be evicted from the Earth to “save the planet.” Only a lucky few will remain. Those who agree to be genocided, consent to their own demise, will go first

The “Sustainable Development Goals” have nothing to do with the environment, but is the fake narrative, the cover story, to establish the New World System of Management and Control, and complete the World Depopulation Agenda to an “ideal sustainable population [of] more than 500 million but less than one billion.”

Using Fake Green Environmentalism and the New Age Religion/Fake Green Religion synergy to capture and steer the public into consensual mass depopulation, and to consent to the biggest land grab in world history, all under the “Sustainable Development” banner.


The Gaia Deception is the religion of “climate change,” and the cult of Gaia, and the countless New Age cults and sects, are used to steer, to drive, their members into the system of “sustainable development,” and to embrace its “collective consciousness.”

“Climate Change” is a powerful, potent driver of change; so too are War, Terror, and COVID, the main drivers of the Global Action Plan.


Dr Robert Muller, was a former assistant secretary-general to three U.N. secretaries-general, Chancellor Emeritus of the UN University for Peace, author of the World Core Curriculum, and founder of the Robert Muller School. He was also a member of the board of advisers to the “Temple of Understanding,” and the Blavatsky/Bailey’s New Age Religion‘s great promoter; infixing it within the United Nations’ policies and apparatus.

Muller proudly described the UN and its agencies as “The birth of a Global Brain for humanity.”

Muller’s avuncular demeanour hid a dark character. Muller was instrumental in infixing into UN policies both Blavatsky/Bailey’s New Age Religion and Fake Green Environmentalism. He greatly facilitated the “collective consciousness,” which convinces people to partake in a global genocide through adherence to a phoney Earth religion, and a “New Age” enlightenment.


The “collective consciousness” incorporates disparate elements that are forged into a strict tyranny of thought and behaviour. A strict homogeneity of thought and deed projected globally: Global Homogeneity, or “Globo-Homo.”

A vacuous existence devoid of depth, meaning and proper understanding of the human condition and the world in which we live. A shallow existence, a “collective consciousness,” which the Elite Globalist Parasitesgloat they have created. A Global Hive Mind that they created and control.

This was another Global Action Plan essential that the 1987 Fourth World Wilderness Congress revealed: for the Global Action Plan to succeed it was imperative that a new “collective consciousness” was created to capture and steer mankind towards its total enslavement and ultimate demise. The creation of the Fourth World Wilderness … the Wilderness of the Mind … the Global Hive Mind 


“Globo-Homo” is the universal process of coercing everyone into the One World One Mind, the Global Hive Mind; the Globo-Homo Wilderness of the Mind. The creation of a One World Worship Belief System the merging of Gaia/Earth Worship and the New Age Religion.

In this context we are now in the Age of Solipsism, the knowledge and worship of the self as a higher purpose. The New Age Movement (replete with private, pink fluffy religions and beliefs) is a prime example i.e., capturing the gullible and keeping them in both an arrested development and a spiritual wilderness; the Post-Truth Word of the “wilderness of the mind.”

This is one of Sustainable Development’s main aims: ensnaring the gullible and fool in Fake Green Environmentalism.



Communitarian Noahide System of Management and Control




“Amitai Etzioni,” born Werner Falk, is a Bolshevik Zionist Jew, Jewish terrorist, sociologist and “Communitarianism”s” most prominent activist. A Zionist Intellectual who is verily a Banal Face of Evil. His “new government structure” is Communitarianism that is simply Neo-BolshevismCommunism rehashed, but concealed by deceptive language and weasel words such as “community,” “greater good,” “social justice,” “social equity,” “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity,” etc. Communitarianism is essentially a greedy, corrupt system in which the venal and power-crazed flourish and are trained to present the Stated Goals as the Real Goals when they are not.

Technocracy essentially means that every action is taken into account, and the control, monitoring and efficient distribution of energy: While Communitarianism is the Control of Energy via “Social Credit.” 

In the Communitarian “Sustainable Development” paradigm every child born is deemed a godless, piece of sentient meat, allotted a “Social Credit,” which is steered into specific behaviour patterns, modes of living, ways of thinking; steered and corralled in the “collective consciousness.” The child’s every action has an energy consumption consequence, which is reflected in deductions from its “Social Credit.

Communitarianism is Bolshevik Zionism in a velvet glove; this time their genocide is more subtle and covert … in a Scientific Dictatorship sort of way …

Communitarianism is the insidious thought tyranny, the social engineering mechanism, used to cement the Post-Truth Word, to forge the new Collective Consciousness. In computer-speak, Technocracy is the “hardware” and Communitarianism the “software” of the World Technate … the New World System of Management and Control.

Dark Synergy centuries in the making, with vast sums spent on it, and myriad experts contributing to it, but whose fundamental principle is conformity: conformity of the individual to the group, to the “common good,” to the Hive Mind, to the Global Hive Mind.

Communitarianism is rehashed communism. Reconfigured to appear benign and beneficial using Fake Green Environmentalism and Sustainable Development as a cover story. It is the Elite Global Parasites‘ New World System of Management and Control imposed upon people via the Global to Local mechanism. It is Globalist policies enacted and enforced at the local level, in towns and cities, by the Globalist change agents and Useful Idiots.

Circumventing and subverting sovereign national government.

In the Communitarian System of Management and Control the Globalist change agents, lobbyists, and “pressure groups” are the “Community” not the local citizens. When the speak of “community” it is them not you; when they say it is for the “greater good,” it is their welfare not yours.

Communitarianism‘s fundamental principle is that everyone must be corralled into “Community,” in which all “rights” come with “social duties,” hence the weasel-worded, deceptive terms such as “social justice,” “social equity,” “climate justice,” “grass-roots,” “people power,” “citizens assembly,” etc. This gives the impression that everyone in the “community” has a voice.

A false impression made to appear genuine by the myriad pressure groups that arise supposedly to represent genuine concerns, many even appear to be Anti-Globalist, but in fact merely lobby for what the Globalist Agenda is: they lobby for various aspects of the Global Action Plan.

If the Communitarians want to shut down roads, for example, anti-car, pro-cycling pressure groups arise to lobby for road closures and so advance the Global Action Plan‘s agenda to severely restrict car ownership, personal travel, and facilitate the Smart City Agenda.

In short, a vast, multi-polar front of controlled opposition, which appear genuine, promoting real concerns, but ultimately all coalesce to advance the Global Action Plan. Everyone appears to have a voice, when they have not, and the agenda goes in only one direction, towards the Elite Global Parasites‘ “Community” and the Global Action Plan‘s imposition.

The multi-polar front of controlled opposition are steering groups whose function is to herd people into “Community,” but the Communitarians‘ trick is that “Community,” is THEM not us. “Community” is the Elite Global Parasites‘ imposition from above of their Global Action Plan onto the world’s peoples: the Global to Local mechanism.

Subversive tactics inherited from Communitarianism‘s parent, Communism. The use of “Direct Action,” whereby subversive groups are created as controlled opposition to control both sides.

A wonderful Hegelian Dialectic: The Globalists (Thesis) need the Anti-Globalists (Antithesis) to implement their policies, and create “Community” (Synthesis).


Communitarianism is a system wherein individual rights are sacrificed for “The Common Good.” Whereby the group’s concerns usurp the sovereign individual’s unalienable rights. Implemented by a wholly manufactured “Group Consensus,” whereby the public appear to have agreed .. to have consented to a policy, a mode of living, or an infringement of personal liberties etc.

To control all public opinion, to foist the official narrative into public consciousness, and enforce a totalitarian system, which presents itself as genuine “public engagement” lead by “the community.” The Communitarian “Community” is not the same as the commonly understood meaning of the word i.e. a group of people living in a particular local area, occupied primarily by private residences.

Communitarian “Community” is a collective of agentur, change agents, steering groups (Non Government Organisation, Common Purpose etc.), New World Order approved pressure groups of controlled opposition, the “voice of the people” (Black Live Matters, Antifa, Extinction Rebellion, Just Stop Oil etc.) trained in the principles of the system whose aim is to control the public narrative and move society ever-deeper into the Post-Truth World, and ever closer to the New World Order. … the Fourth World Wilderness.

Non-Government Organisations (NGOs), public facing organisations, colluding with the Mockingbird Media, control the narrative and train the World Technate‘s ”future leaders,” which dovetails with the Luciferian UN’s Global Action Plan to transform the world i.e. “Climate Change” (“Sustainable Development Goals”) and Operation COVID-19 (“One World Global Health Security System”).

The New Global System‘s day-to-day management and control is the Technocratic Global Health Security System under the Communitarian umbrella of totalitarianism masquerading as “community.”


The “Common Good” is how  the “Community’s” needs are expressed through public office. In a Communitarian Court of Law the evidence does not matter, cases are judged on the main criterion: are they in the “Common Good’s” interest or against it? The secondary criterion is whether the person accused or defending a claim is an asset or a liability to the system.

In a Communitarian Court of Law anything outside the accepted narrow corridor of public opinion, the “collective consciousness,” will lose in court.

In Communitarian Law no one accused or charged is innocent and ipso facto guilty. The facts of the matter are of no concern; once the “Community” accuses or charges someone with a crime that person, by the charge itself, is guilty. That is why in in the Communitarian Woke Western World there are increasing prosecutions and gaoling of innocent people on outrageous pretexts, which would otherwise be thrown out of court under Common Law.

The Communitarian Court System uses the deceptive language technique of the Stated Goals vs. Real Goals. Its language of “social justice,” “social equity,” of “Diversity, Inclusion and Equity,” are not emancipating and fair but the exact opposite; the language of oppression and discrimination.

The “Common Good” is an imposition from above under the fake concept, the cover story, of the “betterment of society,” which means shutting down and punishing any and all who appear to speak a language outside of the accepted Communitarian narrative; outside the “collective consciousness.”

There is no rule of law in the Communitarian Court System, only the imposition of whatever advances the Communitarian System of Management and Control‘s objectives.

Punishment in Communitarian Court System is unjust, irrational and harsh; they are symbolic and “sends a message” to those in society who may wish to oppose the system, and refuse to absorbed the  the “collective consciousness.”

English Common Laws‘s ancient Golden Rule of Law, that all are equal under the law, no longer prevails; it is met with the imposition of Communitarian Noahide Law.


Communitarian Law ultimately masques a greater tyranny. Behind promotion and enforcing the “Common Good’s” interest it also operates to enforce laws that President George  H W Bush in 1991 proclaimed were “The bedrock of civilization.”

Thus in a Communitarian Court of Law  the question now asked; is the person accused or defending a claim worthy under the Seven Noahide Laws? Further, that all “none Noahides” are now deemed to be the enemies of the Communitarian Court System. Those deemed to be outside the Noahide Communitarian System can be dealt with in any way the Communitarian Noahide Court sees fit.

In the Noahide Communitarian System “Noahides” are “The Jews” and the “none Noahides” are the “non-Jews.”

These Seven Noahide Laws are a way of strict enforcement against “none Noahides,” those who the Noahide Communitarian System does not approve. The Seven Noahide Laws are, discriminatory Jewish laws that come from the Ahrimanic-inspired Babylonian Talmud, and which mandatorily apply to “non-Jews.” They prohibit freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom of sexuality, and the “worship of idols” on pain of death by decapitation.

To “The Jews” the worship of Christ is “idol worshipping,” and Christians “idolaters,” which under their Seven Noahide Laws must be executed by cutting off their heads.



Communitarianism is integral to the new “collective consciousness.” It is the social fabric wrapped around a strict, hierarchical management and control system whereby people not only “consent” to their enslavement but actively participate in it … to even LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE. The Global Hive Mind’s creation and the public’s acquiescence to “painless concentration camps,” its surrender to Huxley’s Final Revolution of a “tyranny without tears.”


Wise George Washington Hunt understood what was unfolding on Earth, what the children of darkness were planning, and described it thus:

“[In 1987] I attended The Fourth World Wilderness Congress. Maurice Strong, the convener, said it was called the Fourth World because it was the fourth one of these environment congresses that Edmund de Rothschild had created.

I learned later that the [New] World Order refers to the coming One World Government as the Fourth World, or world control by the [New] World Order where there is no more First, Second, or Third Worlds, just a boundary-less planet which is called the “fourth world wilderness.”

Yogis and shamans refer to it as the “fourth world wilderness,” the “lostness of the mind.” The ”lostness of the mind” refers to the collective consciousness. 

Persons will be coerced through lies, drugs, fear, and pain to surrender themselves, their egos, to the collective consciousness.

The Fourth World will be a return to a society much like the Caesar’s or Babylon or the Fourth Reich, within the fictionalized societies described in Huxley’s Brave New World and Brave New World Revisited and Orwell’s classic, 1984.

We will flourish with only a whimper. The [New] World Order wants to create a new society out of the ashes of chaos; a collectivist Fourth World complete with a collectivist religion, collectivist finance and unchecked world national socialism [Fascism]. The [New] World Order will offer Gaia, mother earth, to the masses as the big brother image to worship in the Fourth World.

Maurice Strong has already has set up a 140,000-acre project in Crestone, Colorado to develop this earth religion system. Projects are funded by the Rockefeller Fund among other foundations. The [1992 Rio] Earth Summit will link environment with industry. The Lords of the UNCED Conference will be the masters of who gets what and when if we don’t do something about it quickly.

Who leads the environmental movement? The Convener of the [1992 Rio] Summit, Maurice Strong, identifies Baron Edmond de Rothschild as the creator of the environment movement.

Strong states that Rothschild is the positive synthesis of environment on the one hand [Thesis] and growth and development on the other [Antithesis]. Strong very clearly admits that the Rothschild combination, including the Rockefellers and most world capitalists, [Rockefeller-Rothschild Combine] aim to control the environment and development movement as the synthesis [Hegelian Dialectic: Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis].

Power will converge into their hands through the Rio Conference. The synthesis, the head of the power, merges into the hands of the House of Rothschild. Another speaker at the Fourth World Conference was David Rockefeller, world energy capitalist and banker. He was named “Mr. Growth and Development” at the meeting.

His counterpart, William Ruckelshaus, organizer of the EPA and creator of its laws under Presidents Ford and Reagan, was dubbed “Mr. Environment.”

“Mr. Environment,” Ruckelshaus, is the CEO and Chairman of the Board for BFI, Browning-Ferris Industries, one of the largest private environment companies in the world. The hypocrisy is that Ruckelshaus as EPA chief, made the very laws by which his waste company, BFI, is becoming rich.

Hypocrisy number two is that Ruckelshaus and Maurice Strong were key investors in American Water Development, a company which tried to circumvent Colorado water laws and gain control of one of the largest underground reservoirs of water in the world…..

I did a survey of the people down in the San Luis Valley. And I asked what will happen when Maurice Strong and William Ruckelshaus and others will pull 200,000 acre feet of water/year out of the San Luis Valley? It was unanimous that their land will turn into a wasteland, will turn into a desert.

So here we have people at an environment congress that are waltzing 200 miles south that want to suck the aquifers dry and turn it into a desert. The hypocrisy is so deep.

What kind of madness are these [New] World Order Caesars afflicted with? They hope to run the lives of people for generations to come. They are the same crowd who created a Hitler, arranged the assassination of Lincoln and Kennedy, and have indicated elsewhere that they want to drastically reduce the population of the world to make environment and development more “sustainable.”



The Masters of Illusion’s Post-Truth World


“No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear.”

Edmund Burke (1729 – 97) Irish-born Whig politician, man of letters, an uncommon man possessed of profound common sense. On the Sublime and Beautiful (1757).




Today, especially in the Woke West (the Empire of Evil and Lies, and Organised Jewry/Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s stronghold) people live in a Post-Truth World. An absurdist world in which facts and truth (Objective Knowledge) are rejected in favour of opinions, emotions and feelings (Subjective Knowledge) as the guiding principle in deciding “truth,” personal belief and opinion.

An absurdity, a deception, now brought into the scientific realm as “scientific consensus.”

The Scientific Establishment had long-ago succumbed to the New World Order‘s dictates, but in recent years has flagrantly abandoned “good” science in favour of “bad” science whenever called upon to support Globalist Science i.e. abandonment of the Scientific Method, the rejection of Objective Knowledge, and the embrace of Shameful Science produced by Prostitute Scientists.

A situation clearly seen in the “scientific consensus” in support of the Man-Made Global Warming Fraud and the Science Fraud to Demonise CO₂.


Everything in our external world is not what we have been told it is. That is why the most important endeavour, a person’s greatest undertaking, is to understand the world in which they live. To seek out the Truth and continue to do so until it is revealed. The Truth shall set us free. One must seek Truth until the time when like the Great Apostle Paul, and by the grace of God, the scales fall from the eyes, and the world is seen anew (Acts 9:17-18).

Opening of the eyes of the mind, causes the scales to fall, curing our blindness, and gifting spiritual wisdom. A wonderful, emancipating experience, which brings the world into sharp focus, and the realisation that our historical era is the Age of Fakery.

Counterfeit Age of fake truths, fake news, fake elections, fake democracy, fake politicians, fake premises, fake budgets, fake money, fake justice, fake freedoms, fake outrage, fake speech crimes, fake genders, fake hate, fake intellectuals, fake science, fake scientists, fake pandemics, fake vaccines, fake climate emergencies, fake food, fake insurrections, fake intellects, fake women, fake borders, and fake wars.

Fake World, a Counterfeit Reality, a Woke World, built on four monstrously fake foundations: fake history, fake science, fake progress and fake liberalism. The Fake World, the mosaic of frauds, fakeries and lies, the Post-Truth World, which is the Masters of Illusion’s stranglehold over the public’s mind.

The Woke West‘s topsy-turvy world of moral inversion deliberately created to bring increasing crises, chaos and confusion into societal and personal affairs. A fundamental part of the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government to turn Natural Moral Oder on its head.


Like Alice who followed the “White Rabbit” into Wonderland and found herself in an alternate, bizarre world of madness, so too the the knowing person today who find themselves in a world transformed. A world inhabited by people who seemed to have lost their minds, have abandoned common sense, have allowed fear and intimidation to rob their minds “of all its powers of acting and reasoning.”

Wonderland‘s dwellers enslaved themselves in an absurd world by conforming to the absurdist “collective consciousness” foisted onto them. So too today, people have become “mad” by accepting the Post-Truth World‘s collective madness; accepting the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ moral inversion that, for example, White is Black, Black is White, a man can have a baby, and there are as many “genders” as there are people.

The Masters of Illusion’s murder of logic and reason, their inversion of reality and morals, Reversing Reality to create the Post-Truth Woke World.


Like the Grail Seekers trapped in Klingsor‘s “garden of delights” illusion, people have succumbed to their base instincts, and made themselves slave to their Lower Self, enslaved to their appetites, and slave to their body. They have become slave to their sin, succumbed to their grossest instincts, and wallow in temptation, corruption and materialism. Succumbed to vices and sins, which leave a stain upon the soul, a stain of guilt and of pollution.

Today we live in the Elite Globalist Parasites‘ created absurdist collective consciousness: a Global Hive Mind… a “Lostness of the Mind,” the “Wilderness of the Mind.”

A fateful time like when “Winston Smith,” the failed hero in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four, after intense physical and psychological torture, agreed with his abuser “O’Brien” that “2 + 2 = 5.” The awful time of his surrender to tyranny when:

“He gazed up at the enormous face. Forty years it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden beneath the dark moustache. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast!

Two gin-scented tears trickled down the sides of his nose. But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Brother.”



“Winston Smith” (like Alice in her dystopian Wonderland) realised that to survive in Big Brother‘s “Oceania” he had to conform to the absurdity. To abandon reason, logic and common sense, and conform to the common consciousness … and to agree that “2 + 2 = 5.”

“Winston Smith” a “thought-criminal,” was caught and sent to the “Ministry of Love” for a violent “re-education.” A brutal torture to both break him physically, and to root out his independence and destroy his dignity and humanity. To make him abjectly submit to The Party‘s “collective consciousness.” A brutal deconstruction of his mind, morals and psyche leading to his betrayal of his beloved “Julia,” and him loving Big Brother.


While coercion and brute force is used in today’s Post-Truth World, it is not on the scale depicted in Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-four. The Elite Globalist Parasites use far more subtle and insidious means to convince people to believe “2 + 2 = 5” and to LOVE THEIR SERVITUDE.

The Dark Gods and their minions on Earth, their children of darkness, are the Masters of Illusion. The masters of lies and deception who have succeeded in their Machiavellian Scheme to Drive by Fear Mankind into the Age of Unreason.

Succeeded in diverting man from his true inheritance by trapping him in the realm of the senses, by wrapping him in seductive, comfortable illusions, but also through frauds and counterfeits that confuse him and blind him to the Truth.

The Masters of Illusion’s Post-Truth World, the Globo-Homo Wilderness of the Mind, the Wonderland Hive Mind of Unreason … the “Fourth World Wilderness” … the End Time Great Delusion.

The fateful time when the world is full of wickedness and illusion such that goodness and Truth are rare, precious commodities. The time, and only for a season, God has allowed Evil Powers to take full command of the earthly realm. The temporary state of affairs that the Holy Bible repeatedly confirms.


The Dark Gods and their children of darkness, the Ancient Death Cult and the Elite Globalist Parasite Cabal, want to establish the Kingdom of the Antichrist on Earth, as an obscene counterfeit of the Kingdom of Christ Our Lord; and Post-Truth Woke World, the “Fourth World Wilderness,” the End Time Great Delusion, is its prerequisite.


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