House of Knowledge 

House of Knowledge

The Illuminati is a modern variant of an ancient model of occult power that Weishaupt fashioned to suit contemporary needs. It can be traced back to at least the eleventh century Egypt from where certain Crusader knights imported it into Europe.

Eye of Lucifer New World Order

The archetype of terror was the Dar ul Hikmator the House of Knowledge, established by the sixth Khalifa Hakim in Cairo in 1004, an occult establishment later called the Grand Lodge of Cairo. This secret order was the fruit of the schism within Islam that arose in the middle of the seventh century when the party of revolt, known as the Shiahs challenged the orthodox Islamites, known by the name of Sunnis, for leadership of the Cult of Allah.

The Shiahs, who were originally merely schismatic, were modelled by an intriguer of extraordinary subtlety into a subversive movement that plotted its seizure of Islam by violent means. The conspirator was the Gnostic, Abdullah ibn Maymn. who, while affecting adherence to the creed of orthodox Shi’ism and proclaiming knowledge of the mystic doctrines which the Ismailis believed in, sought control of the sect.

Following his coup d’etat, Abdullah ibn Maymn the arch-schemer, immediately founded a secret sect known as the Batinis with seven degrees of initiation, which was the inner core of his radical movement that were privy to much more of the conspiracy than the ordinary members of the sect.

Amongst these secrets was an understanding of the physiognomy and morphology of the sect.

The schemer, ibn Maymn, sought to co-opt into one body, a vast secret society with many degrees of initiation, both the vanquished and the conquerors, as well as all free-thinkers who regarded religion as an impedimenta to proper government of the people.

It strove to seduce true believers and men of faith whilst at the same time empowering the sceptical and profane. It sought to induce monarchs to overturn the empires they ruled or offer them false advice that would weaken their grip on the reins of power. Abdullah ibn Maymn’s ultimate aim was the usurpation of established order, if not for himself, then at least for his descendants.

This would be achieved by the creation of a secret order that was heterogeneous yet disciplined that moved as one to its ultimate goal of power and destruction of its enemies. Abdullah ibn Maymn was a true prophet of the Overlords of Chaos for who he worked diligently with marvellous tact, incomparable skill, and profound knowledge of the human heart to realise their ends. Such sly subtle artifice is the true gift from Evil.

To overthrow established order, both theological and secular, Abdullah ibn Maymn sought his true supporters not among the Shiites but from the melange of sects and free-thinkers throughout the Near East. From these radicals he was sure of a receptive audience to which he could gradually unfold the final mystery of his sect: that all religions and morality were nothing but illusion and folly.

The rest of mankind were deemed incapable of understanding such doctrines and were therefore unworthy recipients of this knowledge. Even though the masses were despised in this way their efforts were needed for the successful completion of the Evil plan.

Abdullah diligently solicited the help of the herd by initiating devout and lowly souls into the first grades of the sect, thereby flattering them into believing that they were both privy and integral to the grand plan. The missionaries of Abdullah were then schooled in the arts of deception and deceit and set about their allotted tasks. They moved through Mohammedan society purposefully plotting its destruction.

The agents of Abdullah ibn Maymn were inculcated with the idea that their first duty was to conceal their true persuasion and espouse the same or similar views of their target audience. They therefore appeared as different emissaries to different people. To the gullible faithful they performed feats of legerdemain and so appeared to be miracle workers inspired by Allah.

They discoursed learnedly with the Imams on the finer points of doctrine, whilst in the presence of the devout they assumed the mask of virtue and piety. With mystics they talked allegorical and enigmatic, with signs and secret passwords, convincing them that they were fellow metaphysicians walking the same path to Truth.

The end result of all such machinations was that a great mass of men with diverse beliefs were all brought together and put to work for an aim known only to a few of them. The archetype of subversion that was adopted by Weishaupt and carried into fruition by his spiritual heirs into this century in the embodiment of the Illuminati.

Initially anti-Islam, the secret society of the philosopher Abdullah was remodelled for contemporary needs and became thoroughly anti-Christian in its aim. Yet, one must remember, the anti-Christian secret tradition goes back to at least the birth of Jesus: in fact, it is much, much older than that, for the acts of aggression towards the Christ Impulse manifested when Lucifer first rebelled in Heaven.

The insidious plan set up by Abdullah ibn Maymn less than a century later spawned a corrupt sect called the Karmathites. The cult deteriorated into a band of thieves, pillaging and massacring all those who opposed them and spreading terror throughout the Near East.

Their success soon engendered a lust for conquest that saw the Karmathites succeed in dominating Arabia. During their siege of Mecca, 30,000 were put to the sword. Their success notwithstanding, the Karmathites had departed from the plan laid down by the originator of their cult, Abdullah ibn Maymn, who had plotted to stealthy steal power by secret machinations that would not expose the conspiracy to public scrutiny.

Where Abdullah had planned a condition of mental anarchy by the gradual corruption of morals and the undermining of religious faith, the Karmathites smashed society by violent means causing material chaos. The eruption of violence caused a counter-violence that threatened to engulf the Karmathites whilst at the same time another branch of the Ismailis, the Fatimites, sought to organise themselves according to the principles laid out by the master schemer, Abdullah ibn Maymn.

Although this creed promoted doctrines that were less extreme than the Batinis and the Karmathites they still desired to turn Islam from an exoteric, natural religion into a hierarchical revealed religion.

The founder of the Fatimite dynasty of the Khalifas was Ubeidallah, known as the Mahdi. However, it was not until the fourth Fatimite Khalifa that their ascendancy in Egypt was assured. It was soon after this time that the sixth Khalifa Hakim founded the infamous Dar ul Hikmator the House of Knowledge, in 1004.

The establishment later became known as the Grand Lodge of Cairo.

The Fatimites soon realised the subtle genius of Abdullah ibn Maymn’s creation: his secret society and its stratagems. They soon realised that they were worthy of serious study. They adopted subversion by secret machinations as their modus operandi. The organising impetus for this continuation of the ancient Evil Agenda was the Dar ul Hikmat, the House of Knowledge, or Grand Lodge of Cairo.

The original seven degrees of initiation was extended to nine and the system of entrapment and seduction of members into the grand plan by subtle psychology was refined to an art-form. A method of enlisting proselytes was developed whereby the curious and venal were ensnared in their web.

It was a system which Weishaupt, the supposed founder of the Illuminati, realised was quite sublime and ordained the “Insinuating Brothers” of his order to follow it. The neophytes or proselytes were identified at once as either learned or ignorant and treated accordingly. The ignorant were deliberately overwhelmed with knowledge that imparted an apparent profundity to the creed, whilst the learned were flattered for their wisdom.

All initiates were bound to absolute secrecy concerning the truths to be revealed to them and were then subjected to subtle strategies that worked upon the vices of curiosity, pride, vanity, greed and the urge for power.

Advancing to the second and third degrees, the initiate was persuaded that all their prior schooling and religious instruction were wrong and that they must place their confidence solely in those Imams endowed with authority from God. The Imams were those of the Ismailis, seven in number ending with Mohammed, son of Ismail.

The fourth degree revealed to the initiate that the prophets preceding the Imams descending from Ali were also seven in number: that is to say, Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, the first Mohammed, and finally Mohammed son of Ismail. Although nothing in these first four degrees of initiation impugned the broad tenets of orthodox Islam the fifth degree introduced the subversive elements of the secret agenda.

The initiate was instructed to reject tradition and to disregard the teachings of Mohammed as the everlasting word of God. The sixth degree denounced all religious observances, prayer, orison, fasting, etc, as empty ritual established by the ruling elite as social control mechanisms to subdue the common herd of men.

The seventh degree taught the doctrines of Dualism, of competing deities, a greater and lesser that undermined the fundamental doctrine of Islam: that is the unity of Allah, of God. In the eighth degree, the omniscience and efficacy of the first and greatest of these deities was more or less ridiculed and the initiate was instructed that proper work involved secular activity. With mundane practical matters, with involvement in political institutions and the creation of good forms of government.

In the final degree of initiation, the ninth, the adept was exposed to the inner truths of the cult. He was told that all religious teaching was allegorical and the religious precepts need only be observed in so far as it is necessary to maintain order, or to avoid exposure as a subversive.

The man who understands the truth, such as the ninth grade adept, could safely disregard such fallible doctrines. Abraham, Moses, and the other prophets of Christianity and Islam were therefore only teachers who had profited by the lessons of philosophy.

Even Jesus was reduced to the status of a particularly enlightened savant. In the last four degrees of this order, not only was all belief in revealed religion destroyed, but the entire teaching of the first five degrees was reversed and thereby exposed as a fraud. The cardinal precept of illumination, that the inner secrets of the cult or society are revealed to the hierophant but that this knowledge is diametrically opposed to the outer surface teachings of the order, was satisfied.

Fraud, misrepresentation and deception were primary tools of recruitment used by the order to entrap a wide spectrum of humanity. Proselytes were addressed according to their prejudices: Jews were to be won by speaking ill of Christians, whilst Christians were swayed by speaking ill of both Jew and Muslim.

Sunnis were seduced by remarking with respect to orthodox Islam. The cardinal rule with all these flatteries was not to put before proselytes doctrines that might repel them, but to gradually ensnare them in the web of corruption and deceit. The subtle pandering ensured that the proselyte was indoctrinated into the ways of deceit and that the leaders of the cult were assured of compliant zealots that were ready to obey any commands.

The tragedy of such perfidy was that the duped proselyte was convinced that his master and teacher was the worthiest man in the world. So worthy and virtuous that any order or request by the master was eagerly fulfilled by the deceived pupil. Especially vulnerable was the personal wealth of the pupil that was coveted by the Lodge.

The proselyte was conditioned to accept any order including those that dispossessed him of all that he holds most precious, above all his money. Upon death the proselyte was assured of consolation in the afterlife if he would bequeath his wealth to the furtherance of the aims of the Lodge in this life.

The Evil genius that inspired such a perfidious system is a dark spiritual being that has been stalking humanity as his prey for many thousands of years. The dark spiritual being has inspired many humans to perform acts of astounding evil that have caused incalculable suffering throughout history. He has also masterminded a plan of subtle genius that even threatens the established ordered cosmos itself.

A fundamental mechanism of this assault on Creation is the founding and use of secret societies that pervert and manipulate society and individuals to facilitate this plan. The Evil Being is of course the Signeur du MalLord of EvilLe Roi d’enfer, or King of Hell: the Devil.

The Devil is a composite being that should be identified by its true nature. The Devil is Evil Personified but with two faces.

The first is Lucifer and the second is Satan also known as Ahriman. Together this duality of Evil has plotted to usurp Creation, to wrest control of it from God; or if this is not achievable, to destroy Creation and erect from the fragments a universe of their own design.

Secret societies disguised as philanthropic and benevolent are the greatest means of attack against the established order on Earth. The vast majority of the past and present members of these various cults and orders were, and are, ignorant of the inner secrets and intentions of their cult.

Only the elite, the elect are privy to the real intentions of their respective secret society: the majority were, and still are, fed falsehoods and fantastical notions of benevolence, fraternity and liberty that were, and are, intended to delude and ensnare the gullible and the good.

Once the venal and evil members were identified, then these were, and as they still are today, promoted rapidly through the degrees of initiation, illumined and welcomed into the inner sanctum and greeted as leaders and co-conspirators in this diabolic plan, the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government.

The modern expression of this assault on Natural Moral Order, part of the Great Conspiracy against God, arrived in the form of the secret society conceived by the Muslims in Cairo in the eleventh century housed in the Dar ul Hikmat, the House of Knowledge, later called the Grand Lodge of Cairo.

This was to form the model for the various diabolically inspired secret societies that operate to subvert Natural Moral Order on Earth, but its true spiritual inheritor was the Illuminati of the eighteenth century. Wrapping themselves in the cloak of superior values and hidden wisdom these societies sought to ensnare the gullible and recruit the corruptible and use both for a single end: the destruction of Natural Moral Order and the eradication all human liberty from the face of the Earth.

By inculcating spiritual and moral nihilism the human agents of Evil, the Occult Hierarchy, the leaders of the secret orders, raised up cohorts that believed in nothing but what they were taught in the occult lodges. The zealots were imbued with a radicalism that dared to destroy everything in the cause of their Secret Masters.

Believing in nothing extraneous to this revealed gnosis yet daring all to destroy established order, a murderous agenda was raised that sought to obliterate all that the Secret Masters opposed.

The lust for power that is innate in all men was nurtured in the hearts of the proselytes to insatiable levels by their Secret Masters that themselves were inflamed by the true Lords of Power, the Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer.

The machinations of Evil are constant and their corrosive influence on the hearts and minds of men continually produce willing recruits to its cause. The putrid evil in the terrible Grand Lodge of Cairo, the Dar  ul Hikmat, nurtured a new and frightful cult.

The strange religion was called Druse, which became the doctrine of the Druses of Lebanon. It was a heady brew of Ismailis dogma, atavistic Nature-worship and a recondite creed involving a peculiar view of the nature of the Supreme Deity, who they called “Universal Reason.”

In this conception, God manifests Himself by a series of “avatars” of which the fiendish Hakim, sixth Fatimite Khalifa and founder of the Dar ul Hikmatwas the last of the divine embodiments.

The Druses were taught that their spiritual master, Hakim, would reappear at an apropos time in the future and conquer the world and make his religion supreme. The Druses organised their secrets in such a manner that is resonant with a later manifestation of Evil called Freemasonry. The nine degrees instituted by the Lodge of Cairo, which they inherited, they changed to three: Profanes, Aspirants, and Wise.

As with all occult orders, initiates were privy to increasingly more sensational information that flattered the individual’s ego as well as confirming his prejudices. Like all demonically inspired cults, doctrines were gradually unfolded under the seal of the strictest secrecy on pain of severe punishment and retribution by avenging brothers.

After the manner of Freemasonry, the eager novice was gradually conferred the apropos signs and passwords expected at particular moments of initiation. Following the template of fraud framed by Abdullah ibn Maymn, the Druse cult adopted a chameleon character that appealed to a diverse audience.

Their duplicity when enlisting proselytes belonging to other religions called for gross misrepresentation that was readily forthcoming from the masters of the cult. To Mohammedans, the cult professed to be followers of the Prophet, whilst Christians were told that the doctrines of Christianity were close to the hearts of the Druses.

The inconstant position was guarded from exposure because it was unlawful to reveal the secret beliefs of their creed to a “Black,” or unbeliever, thereby ensuring a closed, receptive and faithful audience.

Hasan e-SabbahThe Druses conducted their meetings according to the ethos of hierarchy and exclusion refined by Abdullah ibn Maymn whereby the “Wise,” the elect, the inner circle of initiates, covered their activities from the uninitiated with a cloak of secrecy and obfuscation.

The essence of the Druses cult was also that of Grand Orient Freemasonry, namely that the initiation process was progressed upon successful completion of tests and the swearing of terrible oaths. A correlation between the Muslim cult of the Druses and incipient Freemasonry can be made.

A few years later, around 1090, another sect arose from the milieu of festering heretical Mohammedanism that impressed itself on the pages of history by its murderous deeds.

The sect of the Persian Hasan-e Sabbah, also called Hasan Saba, a native of Khorasan, court usurper and traitor who had vowed vengeance on the Sultan and vizier who had thwarted his seditious plans.

Whilst in exile and disgrace, Hasan had converted to the beliefs of the Fatimite Khalifas, founded the sect called Nizari Isma’ilites, and had been received with honour by the Dar ul Hikmat as a true disciple. An incorrigible intriguer, Hasan soon brought disgrace on himself and he was compelled to flee from his co-conspirators of the Dar ul Hikmat.

Hasan fled to Aleppo were he founded a new sect. He quickly attracted followers and was soon in possession of the fortress of Alamut in Persia on the Caspian Sea. It was here that the murderous strategy of the cult was finally formulated. The secret society predicated on murder was to gain infamy as the Hashishiyn, or as it is better known in the English speaking world- the Assassins whose motto describes its satanic nature:

“Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.”


Hasan-e Sabbah’s formulation was true to type of secret societies whose true aim was POWER in that it professed fraternity when it desired control, piety when it taught blasphemy whilst pandering to the naiveté, prejudices and wishful thinking of its proselytes. What set Hasan’s sect apart from its antecedents was the manner by which it masterminded violence unimagined by its predecessors.

Adopting the ethos set forth by Abdullah ibn Maymn, Hasan honed it into a weapon of attrition that tore the very fabric of the society it targeted. What Hasan had concretized into his cult was that terrorism as a sacred religious duty incumbent upon every member of the sect. The dynastic powerbrokers, the Abbasid caliphate, attempted to destroy the power of the cult by attacking its strongholds.

Hasan had saturated Muslim society with an unknown number of agents of influence and placemen within enemy camps and cities. A network of propagandists supported these agent provocateurs as well as a corps of devoted terrorists that acted to subvert and destroy organised opposition. The attempt to capture Alamut failed. This incited Hasan to wreak vengeance on the Abbasid caliphate, and soon many generals and statesmen, including two caliphs, fell victim to the Assassin’s revenge.

In the early 12th century the Assassin cult expanded into Syria and established a second power base in the An-Nusayriyah Mountains. From this vastness the cult operated virtually independently of Assassin headquarters at Alamut. It was under the command of the Syrian grand master, the infamous Rashid ad-Din as-Sinan, who was known as the shaykh al-jabal or “mountain chief,” which was mistranslated by the Crusades’ chroniclers as the “Old Man of the Mountain.”

The term “assassin” was thus transported to Europe by returning Crusader knights who had witnessed the brutal efficacy of the cult and its effects upon ordered society. In modern parlance, an assassin is one who murders a politically important person either for hire or from fanatical motives.

In the mid-thirteenth century, the Mongols under Hülegü broke the power of the murderous cult yet their principle of organised terror as a weapon of control was admired by all who were demonically inspired to destroy all civic government and religious order.

It is little surprise to discover that the template of terror forged by Hasan-e Sabbah was used five centuries later by a Cabal of Evil called the Illuminati that desired to set Europe in flames.

Using the Grand Lodge of Cairo as a model, Hasan reduced the number of degrees of initiation from nine to seven, but organised them in such a manner to suit the demands of sedition.

The first degree was for the masses, the “common people” who were the dupes and ignorant instruments of the Secret Masters of the cult. The second degree was the Lasiqus, or “lay brothers,” whilst the third was the Fadais or “devoted,” who delivered the secret blow on which their masters had decided.

The fourth degree contained the Rafiqs or associates that were the promising candidates for ultimate illumination into the higher degrees.

The fully initiated Dais, the religious nuncios and political emissaries of the order, peopled the fifth degree. The Dial Kebab or Grand Priors inhabited the sixth degree of initiation. Finally, the head of the cult, the Grand Master, known as the Sheikh-al-Jabal or “mountain chief” (who the Crusaders called the “Old Man of the Mountain”) owing to the fact that the Order had a penchant for castles in mountainous regions.

As with all evil affairs, the truth was kept from the masses and the uninitiated and the Order professed a deep and abiding love for the Prophet and a strict uniformity to Islam. It was not until the proselyte was inducted into the evil machinations of the cult that its true beliefs were divulged and the withering contempt the Order held for “faith and works” was finally revealed.

Here the fresh adept was taught not to believe in absolutes and to consider all means regardless of their moral content were justified because of the temporal ends achieved by them. It was at this point that the adept was acquainted with Sabah’s evil expression:

 “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.”


It has ever since been used as a shibboleth by the most dissolute and venal people in history as the formula for social transformation and to maximise their power and influence. The final object of such an arrangement was the domination of the many by a few men who served other gods than He they professed to worship.

Concealed beneath a cloak of religion and piety that was swathed around the order’s activities was the naked lust for power fuelled by the worship of dark Principalities and Powers that desired the overthrow of Natural Moral Order on Earth.

The application of directed violence and wholesale assassination of those who opposed them satiated this power lust. Legend has it that the masters of the cult stimulated the Fadais or “devoted,” the doers of the evil deeds, to action by intoxicating them with Hashshash (cannabis) and inducing ecstatic visions of the forthcoming eternal bliss of paradise. Hence the name “Hashishiyn” applied to the sect, and from which the word “assassin” is derived.

The use of drugs to manipulate perceptions and pervert moral sensibilities has been used by cults since early times. The ultimate aim of the use of opiates in this context is to destroy any concept of moral order other than the perversion taught by the cult and to inculcate into the consciousness of the neophyte the idea of omniscience of the cult chiefs.

The neophyte was subtly corrupted to carry out any and all commands of his chiefs some of which he would previously have died rather than carry through. The deception carried out by Hasan-e Sabbah was singularly evil both in its conception and its devastating efficacy. An exquisite secret garden was constructed and furnished with all the delights promised to the faithful when they reached paradise as described in the Koran.

Fragrant flowers, fruit trees, bowers of roses, fountains and sparkling streams surrounded luxurious resting-places with Persian carpets and soft divans. To this artfully contrived surroundings were brought the chosen, the prospective Fadais, who were unwittingly drugged, one or two at a time, and taken to this garden by night.

When they awoke in the morning they were surrounded by beautiful and scantily clad black-eyed “houris” (beautiful maidens) who ministered to their every need and desire. Wine was drunk from gold and silver drinking-vessels, whilst soft music mingled with the murmuring water and the song of birds: Truly a vision of Paradise.

The intoxicated Fadais were soon deprived of this false vision, for they were again drugged unconsciousness before being taken back to awaken in their own squalid hovel or cave dwelling. To them, it was as if it had been a vivid dream of things to come. The duped Fadais were then introduced to the Grand Master of the Order.

It is no wonder these young men were awe-struck when the Grand Master proceeded to tell them that Allah had given them a preview of paradise, and informing them exactly what each had been up to while in the secret garden. By this ingenious system of delusion, a deceit and deception fuelled by drugs, the young men whom the Assassins desired to train for careers of crime were conditioned and indoctrinated to an astonishing degree of complaisance.

When the Grand Master assured them that they had never left his side but had merely experienced a foretaste of the Paradise that awaited them if they obeyed the orders of his chiefs, these deluded young men would have done anything asked of them out of awe and fear. Indeed thousands of eager recruits were similarly inducted into the evil creed and devoted their life to murder spurred on by the belief that they were carrying out the commands of the Prophet.

The Nizari Isma’ilites sect, the Assassins, raised human pawns for their criminal work by the lure of Paradise and the anticipated blessings of the Prophet and established a system of organised murder founded on religious fervour. It was indeed a potent and terrible exercise in Organised Evil.

When an Assassin was sent out by Hasan-e Sabbah to murder some personage, he was so convinced that he would be rewarded in paradise that he never hesitated to fulfil his mission of murder, even though this often meant his victims’ bodyguards would kill him immediately afterward. By these demonic means the Assassins enveloped the Near East in raiment of terror that sought to extinguish the light of civilisation itself.

The drugged devotees of the Order summarily murdered any person that appeared to obstruct this onslaught of Evil.

The Reign of Terror appeared unstoppable as celebrated men of all nations fell victim to this Organised Evil. The ambitions of men are unbounded and blood relations of the Grand Masters began to plot their own advancement using they very means taught to them by the Order. Blood lust and the will to power inflamed the perverted passions of the leaders of the Assassins who rounded on each other in an orgy of hate.

The Grand Master, the “Old Man of the Mountain” himself, was murdered by his brother-in-law who was likewise destroyed by his own son. The internecine struggle was not finished until the last of the line of Grand Masters, started by Hasan-e Sabbah, fell by the hands of their next-of-kin. Then, in 1256, the conquering Mongol hordes finally swept away the cut-throat dynasty of the Assassins, while the Mamluk Sultan Baybars delivered the coup de grace in 1272.

Decency would demand that this would be an end to the influence of the Assassins and Fatimites, but Evil is ever vigilant and ceaseless in its desire to corrupt humanity.

Eye of Lucifer New World OrderHistorical phenomena cast long shadows on subsequent events. The sects from which the murderous medieval Islamic cults arose still operate in contemporary society and its haunting of modern Islam is ever ever-present. What concerns us here is the influence of the medieval oriental sect on Western Christian Civilisation.

The inspiration that the cult of Assassins had on the organisation of the eighteenth century secret society called the Illuminati was considerable. Not the gnosis or occult knowledge cherished by the Order per se but the inspiration it give to Adam Weishaupt and his Secret Masters to organise their secret society predicated on the ethos of organised terror refined by Hasan-e Sabbah and his henchman Rashid ad-Din as-Sinan.

The path between the two was trod by the returning Crusader knights who had witnessed the terrifying effects of the Organised Evil that held the Near East in its sway. The devilish arrangement and the efficacy of the Assassins were in fact admired by some of these knights who determined to bring it to Europe.


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