Illuminati Conspiracy

Illuminati Conspiracy

“Princes and Nations shall disappear from the face of the Earth … and this Revolution shall be the work of Secret Societies.”

Adam Weishaupt : Discourse for the Mysteries. Part I. The Antichristian Conspiracy (English translation, Second Edition, London: 1798  p. 261).



robison“I bind myself to perpetual silence and unshaken loyalty and submission to The Order, in the persons of my Superiors; here making a faithful and complete surrender of my private judgment, my own will, and every narrow-minded [as defined by the Illuminati] employment of my power and influence …
I will conduct myself as required by The Order …

I pledge myself to account the good of The Order as my own, and am ready to serve it [as agentur and Change Agent] with my fortune, my honour, and my blood.

The friends and enemies of The Order shall be my friends and enemies …”

The binding oath a candidate for Illuminated status ‘drawn out of the general mass of Free Masons” to become “Illuminatus Minor” was required to give to his Secret Masters, quoted by Professor John Robison in his Proofs of a Conspiracy (1789).



Eye of lucifer illuminati



A modern vehicle of the Ancient Plan to Transform Society, the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government often called the New World Order, is a demonic organisation called the Illuminati.

Much has been written of this Secret Society from many perspectives and positions of varying ignorance. Therefore, an overview of its aims and function in the unfolding Evil Agenda will be given.

Adam WeishauptIt was ostensibly the brainchild of an supposedly Christianised Jew called Adam Weishaupt (1748-1830), a young professor of Canon Law at Ingolstadt University who, apparently, provided much of the inspiration for Mary Shelley’s “Baron Frankenstein.”

When a child, his parents, who were Orthodox Jews, converted to the Roman Catholicism and instead of attending the yeshiva, young Weishaupt attended monastery schools and later a hochschule (high school) run by the Society of Jesus.

The Jesuits, who were the principal agent of the Counter-Reformation and arch-conspirators themselves, educated him in their ways.

The Jesuits taught Weishaupt well, especially in their forte -subversion: that is, the conspiratorial methods of access to power. He later appeared to have rebelled against his masters and rejected the authority of the religious order and its Papal agenda.

A Danish merchant named Franz Kolmer, who had lived for many years in Egypt and had made several trips to the Great Pyramid of Gîza, is reputed to have initiated Weishaupt into a secret Gnostic doctrine based on Manichaeism.

Weishaupt, we are informed, determined to destroy the corrupt power of the Jesuitical rule of Rome and help humanity back to the pristine Christian faith of the Gnostic martyrs. Ecclesiastical forces that suspected the young man’s humanist ideals opposed Weishaupt’s appointment as Professor of Natural and Canon Law at the University of Ingolstadt in 1775.

Weishaupt was aware of the corruption and bigotry of the Church and therefore established an opposing party in the University to safeguard his position.

This was as equally corrupt and bigoted although in the best traditions of venal liberalism in the guise of enlightened philosophy. Weishaupt conceived of a close association of enlightened or intellectual men who supposedly would advance the moral and intellectual qualities of themselves as well as others, but in reality was a centre of corruption both moral and spiritual.

Where Weishaupt publicly asserted his aim was “to perfect and ennoble mankind” the real purpose was to so corrupt his disciples that they, by similar means, would corrupt all those they came in contact with.

This power base at Ingolstadt, and with his coterie of students, his “Areopagites,” that initially consisted of five members, self-righteously calling themselves “reformist libertarians” and “partisans of absolute equality,” was the beginning of the “Order of Illuminati” or the “Enlightened” that at first had no connection with Freemasonry.


Weishaupt aspired to attract Europe’s “best and brightest,” to his order and was confident of its success:

“The pupils are convinced that the Order will rule the world. Every member therefore becomes a ruler. We all think of ourselves as qualified to rule. It is therefore an alluring thought both to good and bad men. Therefore the Order will spread.”

Weishaupt also urged his followers not to shrink from committing acts of violence or to commit crime in meeting Illuminati objectives, writing:

 “Sin is only that which is hurtful, and if the profit is greater than the damage, it becomes a virtue.”

This is a simple reformulation of the wicked Illuminati shibboleth:

 “the end justifies the means.”


Weishaupt declared his revolutionary credentials by adopting the nom de plume “Spartacus,” the name of the Thracian gladiator and rebel, and the humbler of Imperial Rome.

Weishaupt, usually under his pseudonym Spartacus, published, in addition to numerous tracts, the following books:  A Picture of the Illuminati (1786); A Complete History of the Persecutions of the Illuminati in Bavaria (1786); An Apology for the Illuminati (1787); and An Improved System of the Illuminati (1787).

Weishaupt, the maverick agent provocateur, set about orchestrating a secret agenda that envisioned the overthrow of the ancient established order that had ruled Europe for over a thousand years.


The Sinister Plot to Change the World was given intellectual basis by works of humanist and radical philosophers such as Rousseau and the anti-Christian doctrines of the Gnostics, especially the Manicheans. Weishaupt, in best Gnostic and Jesuitical tradition, conceived the idea of founding a secret order, which he did on May 1, 1776. The secret order avowed, so it proclaimed, to help augment morality and virtue within society to the highest possible degree by mutual helpfulness, counsel, and philosophic discussions.

His conception was a modern codification of the magical teachings of the Gnostics, the Assassins, the Rosicrucians, the Templars and the Freemasons couched in trendy humanist terms for public consumption. The eclectic mix of styles made it convivial to many beliefs but inimical to one … Christianity.

This re-revaluation of the morality of western civilisation would, argued Weishaupt, lay the foundation for the reformation of the world, achieved by the association of good men that opposed the progress of moral evil. He give his fraternity a suitably laudable epithet “Order of Perfectibilists” or “Perfectionists.”

This was soon changed to “Illuminati,” which can be translated as “intellectually inspired” or, more pertinent, it alluded to those who had received the “light.” Such rhetoric was for public consumption.

The true aims of Weishaupt were given privately to trusted conspirators. The diabolically inspired Bavarian scholar-magician confided to initiated Illuminati, in private correspondence, that the true purpose of his Secret Society was the overthrow of all forms of order and the abandonment of all accepted standards of morality and ethics.

Furthermore, the establishment of communication with powerful non-human ‘beings’ and the creation of a select minority of the elect, the “illuminated,” as the new ruling elite to mould gross humanity according to the wishes of the spiritual hierarchies was also imparted by Weishaupt to his coterie of conspirators.

This spiritual anarchy is often seen as the precursor of the Aeonic Law of Thelema of Aleister Crowley (1875 – 1947), which was summed up in the grossly abused motto:

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of theAleister Crowley law.”

Why abused? Because this motto appears to encourage moral nihilism and has been adopted by a motley crew of rebels, revolutionaries, poseurs and losers as their slogan. The proper rendition of Crowley’s motto is:

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Love is the Law, love under the Will.”


The Will here is not personal or collective will but the Cosmic Will of the Creator …. of God …. an aspect of the Gnosis … of the Logos … of the Word … of God. This may shock people who believe and condemn Crowley as the most “evil man in the world,” it may even shock those who approve this perceived status and laud Crowley as their master. The simple truth is that the proper interpretation of the Law of Thelema is diametrically opposed to the popular view of it. Crowley was not advocating moral anarchy, on the contrary, his proper magickal system, although anathematised by orthodox Christianity, demanded strict discipline and personal sacrifice.

His Law of Thelema was in fact a re-formulation of ancient Cosmic Law that is contained in ” I AM THAT I AM” (Exod. 3:14); and

“Thy kingdom come. Thy Will be done in earth, as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10).

Crowley was an avowed libertarian and believed in Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity in their fullest senses, and not the trite rallying cry shouted by the rabble during the French Revolution.

Epictetus (AD 55-135) anticipated Crowley’s conception of Will:

 “Two maxims we must ever bear in mind —that apart from the will there is nothing good or bad, and that we must not try to anticipate or to direct events, but merely to accept them with intelligence.”

Man must, that is, believe there is a God whose thought, or Will, directs the universe.

Epictetus told us that:

 ”the good or ill of man lies within his own will.”


Aleister Crowley was human and afflicted with the human vulnerability to make mistakes, to fall quite easily into error. Like every human who ever walked this Earth, Crowley made mistakes … big mistakes. But in delving into the inner secrets of Gnosticism he unearthed the true nature of Gnosis, the Dark Initiates who control most of the Secret Societies and also the non-human intelligence, the Dark Gods, behind it all.

Crowley has been grossly abused since his death by people who wish to denigrate his name and work or pervert his work for their own ends; these are the very same people who are inheritors of Weishaupt’s subversive cult, the Illuminati.

These are the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, the Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies who are the true Lords of Power on Earth that have taken command of Freemasonry and all other cults of note or influence.The process of subversion apparently initiated by Weishaupt began supposedly when, as a student, he had drafted a constitution for a syncretic occult society modelled on the best and most efficacious principles he had filched from the pagan mystery schools.

But it was not until he was initiated into Freemasonry, so the legend says that Weishaupt’s plan for the ultimate secret society was spawned. In 1777, he was initiated into Lodge Theodore of Good Council or the Lodge Theodore of Caution (Theodor zum guten Rath), at Munich.

Subsequently, we are told, he sought to conjoin the virulent subversion of his Illuminati with the flabby doctrines of Freemasonry.KniggeOne Adolph Franz Friedrich Ludwid Baron Von Knigge (1752 – 96), a prominent Freemason from Hanover in north Germany, was soon Weishaupt’s confrere in the undertaking to subvert Masonry, the Church, moral order and ultimately plot the destruction of Western Civilisation founded on the Christ Impulse.

Knigge was initiated into a Freemasonic sect known as the “Rite of Strict Observance.” This was formed to combat the mystical and occult leanings developing too strongly within Freemasonry. Knigge wanted to reform Masonry; to create a method that would allow man to regain the perfection lost after the fall of Adam and Eve. He was going to make his proposed method known at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad.

The Marquis di Constanza, whose codename in the Illuminati was “Diomedes,” but who was also known as “one of the most notorious of the Illuminati,” informed Knigge that the Illuminati had already done that. Weishaupt knew of Knigge’s progressive sentiments and thus to entice him into the Order he portrayed the Illuminati as the repository of wisdom, dedicated to philosophical advancement and the hope for the greatest advancement in science. Knigge was charmed into the Order, given the designation “Philo” and soon his talents did not disappoint Weishaupt.

Knigge’s organisational talent guaranteed him the headship of the Westphalia Circle and it was he who facilitated the merger between the Masons and the Illuminati. Weishaupt wrote of him:

“Philo is the master from whom to take lessons; give me six men of his stamp and with them I will change the face of the Universe … Philo does more than we all expected, and he is the man who alone will carry it all through.”

Weishaupt, we are told, had flirted with masonry several years before forming the Illuminati, but had considered it of little use in furthering his own purposes. Although Knigge’s tireless efforts to assimilate the rituals of the Illuminati and Freemasonry, it was Baron Xaverius vonWilliam Petty Zwack, a member of the “Areopagites,” or ruling council of Illuminism, who had begun actively recruiting “minervals” from within Freemasonic lodges.

Enlistment proceeded apace with Weishaupt garnering many able lieutenants to his cause, not only Baron von Zwack, who solicited for the order in Germany, but men like William Petty (1737-1805), the second Earl of Shelburne who brought the Order into Britain. Illuminised Britons and Americans founded the Columbian Lodge in New York City, whilst a Russian nobleman, Alexander Radischev, who joined the order in Leipzig, took the doctrines home to St. Petersburg.

In Lisbon, a Brazilian, Claudio Manuel da Costa became a member and, who upon returning home to Brazil, founded a chapter with two doctors Domingos Vidal Barbosa and Jose Alvares Maciel. In 1788, this trio launched the first Illuminati uprising, the so-called  “Inconfidencia Mineira” but the revolt was thwarted by the viceroy, the Marquis de Barbacena.The ranks of the Order swelled in size to over 2,000 and extended throughout much of Europe.

The conflict with more moral elements within organised Masonry finally came to a head and the Order was destined to be expelled. An understanding was finally reached between Masonry and Illuminism, and on December 20, 1781, a combined Order was proposed, which would add to the Illuminati organisation, the first three degrees of Masonry. It was not until 16th of July 1782 at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, which was attended by Freemasons, Martinists (devotees of Martinez Paschalis, the Kabbalist and Rosicrucian Initiate), and many, many representatives from other secret organisations from Europe, America and Asia, that this unholy alliance was confirmed.

Weishaupt recommended to this community of subversives his “Illuminated Freemasonry” proclaiming that it was the only “pure” Freemasonry. And, because his movement had become knownBode as one that produces results, almost all the members of the convention rushed to join the new institution. A valuable catch for the order was Joachim Bode (1730 – 93) whose Illuminati nom de guerre was Amelius, who had a high reputation within Masonic circles.

Von Knigge, ably assisted by Bode, laboured diligently to convert the whole of Freemasonry into “Illuminated Freemasons.” Consequently, several prominent Freemasons joined the Order including, in 1783, Duke Ferdinand of Brunswick (1735-1806), the apparent leader of European Freemasonry and the aristocratic representative of the Illuminism of his age, whose cult name was “Aaron.” Subversive and irreligious as each of these disparate societies was in its own right, now they were united to the body of Illuminized Freemasonry and had produced a weapon of terrifying potency with which to attack Moral and Civic Order.

As is the want of traitors and subversives, those at the meeting were obliged not to reveal anything on oath. Francois Henri de Virieu (1754-93), an attendee at the conference, who was a Freemason from the Martiniste Lodge at Lyons, upon his return home, when questioned about the Congress, and the “tragic secrets” he said he knew, answered:

“I will not confide them to you. I can only tell you that all this is very much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it.”

De Virieu later denounced the Illuminati, and became a devout Catholic and, according to his biographer, Costa de Beauregard, from that time until his death:

“the Comte de Virieu could only speak of Freemasonry with horror.”

During the French Revolution, which was the first terrible issue of Wilhelmsbad, de Virieu played a significant role in the insurrection of Lyon. Faced with the excesses of the Revolution, he decided to flee but was killed by peasants who supervised the road that he had taken as his escape route. Life, and death, can be so very ironic.

A fellow Frenchman and Freemason, the Marquis de Luchet (1739-92) confirmed de Virieu’s warning of the terrors planned for France by the Illuminati:

“Deluded people; You must understand that there exists a Conspiracy in favour of despotism and against liberty, incapacity against talent, of vice against virtue, of ignorance against light! It is formed in the depths of the most impenetrable darkness, a society is to rule the world, to appropriate the authority of sovereigns, to usurp their place . . . Every species of error which afflicts the earth, every half-baked idea, every invention serves to fit the doctrines of the Illuminati . . .

I see that all great fundamentals which society has made good use of to retain the allegiance of man – such as religion and law – will be without power to destroy an organization which has made itself a cult, and put itself above all human legislation.

Finally, I see the release of calamities who end will be lost in the night of ages, activities devours the entrails of the globe and escapes into the air with a violent and devastating explosion.”

Historians have never understood the real purpose of this terrible congress and the effects of this merger between Illuminism and Freemasonry on the history of the world. Weishaupt’s success in allying Illuminism and Freemasonry has been of the darkest significance for the world.

This concordat had not only joined together all the leading secret societies of the day and united “not less than three million members all over the world” but it had opened the way for the Dark Adepts to infiltrate and take control of these secret organisations. And then to bring the disparate organisations together in a seamless whole that had one ultimate aim, even though the vast majority of the initiates within the Lodges did not know it, which was world domination by the Elect, the secret Brotherhood of Darkness.

These are the Occult Hierarchy that is the Ancient Luciferian Priesthood who can claim an ancient lineage of service to Evil going far back in history, back before recorded history began. The few men, intergenerational Satanists and Luciferians are the true leaders of the Illuminati for they are the Secret Masters of the dark Empire of Secret Societies and the true Lords of Power on Earth.

They are the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil who orchestrate the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government manifest in myriad ways but especially in the World Revolutionary Movement, in which the Cult of the Illuminati is heavily involved. In short: Organised Evil headed by the Occult Hierarchy is the Confederacy of Evil that is the organising power and intelligence behind the the Dark Empire of Secret Societies, behind the Illuminati, behind front men like Weishaupt, behind the assault on Natural Moral Order on Earth and so behind the wars and revolutions that have convulsed Western Christian Civilisation.

The horrors of the revolution in France against the Bourbons (1789-99), the so-called “French” Revolution, that consumed the lives of millions including de Virieu, was the first significant success of this Ahrimanic plan to tear down the thrones and altars of Christendom. Weishaupt and the Illuminati were merely a powerful means whereby the Dark Adepts of Evil could insinuate themselves into the Lodges of Freemasonry without being observed and corrupt them to their own terrible ends.

They did this by changing the nature of Freemasonry making it Judaeo-Freemasonry by infixing Jewish Kabbalist elements into the rituals and passing them off as ancient and original and by creating a the Lodge within the Lodge, the Inner Brethren and the Outer Brethren; that is, Illuminised Freemasonry. The face that has looked out upon the world with such malice from behind the mask of Illuminised Freemasonry is none other than the face of Lucifer, himself.

And all Freemasons who understand, and have the authority to do so, have told us so.

Eye of Lucifer New World Order

All occult groups that formed parts of this unholy alliance, this Confederacy of Evil, would have, under whatever name and whatever form they chose, the same tyrannical structure and contempt for Christ.


To advance this subterfuge, to hoodwink the unwary, they all affect a respect for religion, the same apparent acceptance of the Bible, the same outward zeal for the care of the poor, dispossessed, the ill and the widows and the orphans. This is all counterfeit to conceal the true dark nature of their aims.

Aims guarded by the same terrible blood oaths of secrecy. All occult groups, all cults, all secret societies comprising the Confederacy of Evil, the Dark Empire of Secret Societies are predicated upon, however they appear different, the same extraordinary oriental ceremonies.

Exotic observances to which any meaning from the most frivolous to the deepest and darkest could be given depending upon the prejudice of the observer. All the occult groups and orders have the same pyramidal morphology with ascending degrees, although the number might vary, with the few at the top controlling the many below.

The Dark Empire of Secret Societies defends itself from betrayal by extracting  the same terrible blood oaths of secrecy from initiates who dare to enter and passing the same fearful death penalties for violation of these secrets by indiscretion or by treason.

All the high initiates, the Black Adepts, the Occult Hierarchy controlling the Confederacy of Evil, have, unknown to the lower degree brethren, the same programme for the annihilation of all religion, of all love of country and all loyalty to sovereigns. They are the heirs and arbiters of an Ancient Plan to Transform Society that is the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government.

A wicked plot, conceived many thousands of years ago, but ratified and given modern form at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, when the Confederacy of Evil declared its intention to enter into the final phase of its ancient Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government.

A final stage in which they plotted the abolition of all monarchy and all ordered government. Moreover, the planned abolition of private property and inheritance, the abolition of marriage and morality, and the mandatory education of children in government controlled schools in which they will be indoctrinated in the Satanic worldview of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies.

The keen student of History and politics will see in these aspirations the precepts of not only the Humanist and Liberal Agendas but also another man-made evil- Communism.After the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, so-called “Illuminism” of Adam Weishaupt became infixed within Freemasonry, moulding it into its present form by which it has come down to us today, despite all opposition and the continual denial of Freemasons.

The Outer Lodge of Judaeo-Freemasonry and the Inner Lodge of Illuminised Freemasonry  Dark Freemasonry. It was not an invention of Weishaupt but an ancient stream of wisdom from antiquity that was inspired by the consciousness gifted to humanity by Lucifer himself, the fallen angel and arch Rebel against God.

It was the gnosis of the ancients and it is the means whereby modern Black Adepts commune with the spirit world but especially how they secretly perceive their gods Ahriman and Lucifer.The Illuminism attributed to Weishaupt, is the way of the Freemasonic lodges today, as it was the way of Luciferic Movements throughout history. Because most men would not voluntarily worship the Devil they have to be duped into this worship, this was the way of Weishaupt has it has been the way of all sects, orders and groups that set themselves in opposition to God.

First, men were entice into the organisation through its lowest degrees and by each successive advance were inexorably co-opted into the Great Conspiracy against God on Earth. In 1884, the Scotsman, Monsignor George Dillon delivered his famous Edinburgh lectures about Freemasonry that were put in book form under the title Grand Orient Freemasonry, Unmasked as the Secret Power Behind Communism. Monsignor Dillon tells us of this duplicity:

“A man, though in Masonry, may not be willing to become an atheist or a Socialist, for some time at least. He may have in his heart a profound conviction that God exists, and some hope left of returning to that God at or before his death. He may have entered Masonry for purposes of ambition, for motives of vanity, from mere lightness of character. He may continue his prayers and refuse, if a Catholic, to give up the Mother of God and some practice of piety loved by him from his youth.

But Masonry is a capital system to wean a man gradually away from all these things. It does not at once deny the existence of God, nor at once attack the Christian dispensation. It commences by giving the Christian idea of God an easy and, under semblance of respect, an almost imperceptible shake. It swears by the name of God in all its oaths. It calls Him, however, not a Creator, only an architect – the great Architect of the universe.

It carefully avoids all mention of Christ, of the Adorable Trinity, of the unity of Faith, or of any faith. It protests a respect for the convictions of every man, for the idolatrous Parsee, for the Mohammedan, the heretic, the Jew, the schismatic, the Catholic. By and by, in higher degrees, it gives a ruder shock to the belief in the Deity, and a gradual inducement to favour Naturalism …”

Moses MendelssohnAt this time in Europe, a carefully produced wave of pro-Semitism swept across the land in the wake of a book, Upon the Civil Amelioration of the Condition of the Jews (1781), written by a Christian named Dohm under the direction of an illuminsed Jew, Moses Mendelssohn (1729 – 86).

On this wave of popular sentiment a resolution was passed at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad to allow “the Jews” into the Lodges. Subsequently, the Jews marched into the Lodges believing that this would advance not only their personal situation but also the Jewish cause itself.

The Jews, whose presence and monies were at the births of Freemasonry and Illuminism were now, at the Congress of Wilhelmsbad, admitted into the Lodges on equal terms with the goyim, the Gentile, their Talmudic religion taught them to despise. This Jewish influence soon after became one of the main driving forces behind Freemasonry, and it is an influence which today dominates the whole organisation.

For, the inner and secret rancour of Jewry, its two thousand-year hatred of Christ accorded superbly with the aspirations of the godless Gentile in the Lodges who similarly hated God and Christ. Those with eyes to see would find that the sudden vogue of the Kabbalah throughout Europe and the infixing of this Jewish Satanic system into Western Occult Tradition at this time are not insignificant.

At Wilhelmsbad, it was decided to move the headquarters of Illuminized Freemasonry to Frankfurt, at the time the headquarters of Jewish finance. Here the infamous Rothschilds held sway amongst a coterie of Ashkenazim who made it their duty to use Usury not only to bond individuals but entire nations.

Money was contributed to the Order not only from the Rothschilds but also from such leading Jewish families as the Oppenheimers, Wertheimers, Reiss-Ellissens, Goldschmidts, Schusters, Speyers and Sterns.

The influence of Jewry, of the Ashkenazim variety, within this Luciferian Movement can be seen bGustavus IIIy the fact that out of the thirty-nine Louis XIV“Magi” to Weishaupt, the supposed “Illuminatus Rex” of the Order and himself a Jew, seventeen were Jews. And here, in this German city, was where the diabolical plan for World Revolution was perfected.

The place and time when the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government was given modern form as the World Revolutionary Movement. When the meticulously planned destruction of Western Christian Civilisation was given energy, direction and finance by the introduction into the Lodges of Freemasonry of the ancient Jewish rancour and enmity towards the Gentile and his God, and especially the entry of the Power of the Jewish Purse.


The destruction of the Bourbons of France was chosen to be the first target of this World Revolutionary Movement against Natural Moral Order with Italy the next. It was also here that the murders of two kings were resolved upon, Louis XVI (1754-1793) of France and Gustavus III (1746-92) of Sweden.

The Illuminati, following the agreement of Congress of Wilhelmsbad, apparently functioned under the following organisational structure:We are told by various sources that the rituals of the Illuminati were not primarily Freemasonic, and not founded by any Freemasonic authority, although they did apparently expropriated Freemasonic rituals and could cite a number of prominent Freemasons as members.

Those sympathetic to Freemasonry have declared that the philippics against Freemasonry from disparate sources are wholly unjust by reason of these supposed aberrations of the Illuminati. That the enemies of Freemasonry had also encouraged the idea of the equivalence of Illuminism and Freemasonry and thereby condemning the innocent for the treachery of the other. Apologists tell us that Knigge, especially, was a highly moral man and would have had nothing to do with any occult order that was anti-Christian.

Furthermore, although the vicious attacks and accusations by some, but especially by Abbé Barruel and John Robison had great influence, these were done out of ignorance and malice. One of Weishaupt’s greatest champions was his contemporary and fellow occultist Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826), 3rd President of the United States and chief drafter of the Declaration of Independence; not only did Jefferson strenuously defended the Illuminati, but he described Weishaupt as: 

Jefferson“An enthusiastic philanthropist [who] … lived under the tyranny of a despot and priests, he knew that caution was necessary even in spreading information, and the principles of pure morality. This has given an air of mystery to his views, was the foundation of his banishment … If Weishaupt had written here, where no secrecy is necessary in our endeavours to render men wise and virtuous, he would not have thought of any secret machinery for that purpose.”

Three contemporaries with polarised view of the man Weishaupt: Barruel called him “a human devil,” and Robison called him “the profoundest conspirator that ever existed,” whilst Jefferson called him “an enthusiastic philanthropist.” To work unseen and in the shadows is the imperative of subversives attempting to crash social structure to the ground, as Weishaupt wrote, couching their treachery in altruism:

“How can the weak obtain protection? Only by union, but this is rare. Nothing can bring this about but hidden societies. Hidden schools of wisdom are the means which we will one day free men from their bonds …”

The peculiarities regarding the rituals and objectives of the Order are known, derived from papers and correspondence found in a search of Xavier Zwack’s home in 1786 and a search of Baron Bassus’s house in 1787. The Illuminati in the best traditions of occultism, were extremely secretive, even identifying themselves and their chapters by assumed classical names.

For example, Weishaupt was “Spartacus”; Knigge was “Philo”; von Zwack, was known as “Cato”; Christopher Nicolai (1733 – 1811), Atheist, writer, critic and bookseller, was “Lucian”; Canon Hertel was “Marius”; Professor Westenreider was “Pythagoras”; Marquis di Constanza was “Diomedes”; Massenhausen was “Ajar”; Baron von Schroeckenstein was “Mohammed”; and Baron von Mengenhofen was “Sylla”.

The Grand Lodge of the Illuminati (or Lodge of the Grand Orient) was their headquarters and was in Munich and was designated “Athens.” Among their other four lodges: Ingolstadt’s code-named was “Ephesus,” Heidelberg’s was “Utica,” Bavaria’s was “Achaia,” and Frankfurt’s was “Thebes.”

They used a reconstructed chronology and calendar to date their activities reminiscent of the Freemasons’ penchant to date their works according to the supposed expulsion of Adam from the Garden of Eden. The Illuminati gave Hebraic names to the months; January, for example, was known as “Dimeh,” and February as “Benmeh.”

Letters were dated according to the Persian Era, named after king Jezdegerd who began his rule in Persia in 632 BC. Their New Year began on March 21st, the spring equinox, which some sources say is the New Years Day for witches.Sources also tell of how the Illuminati intrigue attracted major figures of the German Enlightenment.

Men such as Johann Wolfgang Goethe (1749 -1823), philosopher, writer and privy councillor; Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller (1759 -1805), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756 – 91), and Johann Gottfried von Herder (1744 -1803), philosopher, Atheist and composer. Even reigning dukes of Gotha and Weimar were on its lists.

The Order soon became beset by both internal and external disorders. Although the Congress of Wilhelmsbad galvanised the disparate occult elements into a potent weapon of subversion the future of Weishaupt’s immediate circle was bleak. Weishaupt’s long-time mistress, his sister-in-law, became pregnant and insisted that he either pay her off or marry her or she threatened to go public with the scandal. Exacerbating this was the growing animosity between Weishaupt and Knigge.

The latter, calling Weishaupt a tyrant, while Weishaupt condemned Knigge for his growing obsession with occultism and ritual. Knigge accused Weishaupt of “Jesuitism,” and suspected him of being “a Jesuit in disguise … And was I” he adds, “to labour under his banner for mankind, to lead men under the yoke of so stiff-necked a fellow? –Never!”


Apparently, what precipitated the collapse of the enterprise was Weishaupt himself who had faulted some of Knigge’s ritualistic work and imperatively ordered it changed, whereupon, Knigge, offended, promptly resigned from the order on 1 July 1784.The defection of Knigge helped seal the fate of the Order of the Illuminati, for dissatisfaction with Weishaupt spread amongst the brethren.

The Illuminati writers Herder and Fichte had begun beating the nationalist drum for German unification and their calls for “Ein volk und ein Reich” were completely at odds with Illuminati tenet that called for the dissolving of loyalties and patriotism.

Weishaupt’s arrogance and conceits had caught up with him and his associates began falling away one by one. The crunch came when an apparent Act of God exposed the Dark Conspiracy.RobespierreAn Illuminati courier named Lanze was struck by lightning and killed while travelling by horseback through the town of Ratisbon on his way to deliver documents to Maxmillien Marie Isidore de Robespierre (1758 – 94) leader of the Jacobins and architect of the Reign of Terror.

When Bavarian State officials eventually examined the contents of Lanze’s saddlebags, some say it was coded messages sewn into Lanze’s clothes, they discover the existence of the Order of the Illuminati, their revolutionary credentials and plans detailing the plot to destroy the House of Bourbon in France. At this critical juncture, Joseph Utschneider, a university professor, and three companions in the lower degrees of the Order, came forward and disclosed their secret knowledge, all they knew about the Illuminati, to the Bavarian authorities.

That it posed a threat to Christianity, condoned epicurean pleasure, justified suicide, and taught that “the end justified the means” if it served a higher noble cause, which invariably meant any that advanced the Illuminati agenda.

The Illuminist propaganda against the church and state was traced to Lodge Theodore, which was dominated by the Order and the Bavarian elector after making appropriate investigations promptly ordered the Lodge dissolved.

Other Lodges infected with the Illuminist zeal were similarly dissolved. It soon became obvious to investigators that there was a Dark Conspiracy underway against state and church. Other enemies made moves against the Order such as other factions within Freemasonry like the Rosicrucians while some suggest that the Jesuits orchestrated the whole suppression.

The Roman Catholic clergy and Jesuits had fought Illuminism from the first and all priests had become its active enemies.Internal rupture preceded its downfall, which was effected by an edict issued by the Elector of Bavaria, June 22, 1784, which suppressed the Order as well as the Lodges of the “Grand Orient.” Weishaupt, dismissed from his position at the University, with others fled the country while some, less prescient, were imprisoned.

Weishaupt found asylum in Gotha, with Duke Ernst II, a member of the Illuminati, and remained there until his death in 1830. An associate, Dr. Schwartz, loaded the Order’s collection of occult paraphernalia such as the Kabbalist, Cathar, Sufi and other books into an ox-cart and took them eastward to Moscow. The Bavarian government, shocked at what it had been told were Illuminism’s true goals, repeated the Edict in March and August 1785 banning all secret associations.

As the activity of the Illuminati still continued, a final edict issued on 16 August 1787 which stated that recruiting for the Order was forbidden under penalty of death, and consequently Grand Orient Freemasonry was also exterminated in Bavaria. The Bavarian government attempted to alert the governments of the world, and especially that of France, of impending revolution, by publishing all the details of the conspiracy.

The English title of that publication is The Original Writings of the Order and the Sect of the Illuminati.

The French government and all the heads of Church and State in Europe did not heed this warning. They did not take it seriously and fell into the trap of many who are handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it exists. Such is the case today. That the majority refuse to accept that the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government exists and that a Secret Cabal is behind the Sinister Plot to Change the World and to eradicate all human liberty from the face of the Earth.

Nevertheless, the Illuminati become the bete noire of the occult world and it went even further underground.Adam WeishauptWeishaupt in his defence, and the defence of his Order,  was an active pamphleteer. Ensconced in the safety of Gotha he published tracts full of self-justifying sophistry, that however clever and convincing they appeared, always pleaded that the author merely did what he did for the betterment of humanity.


For instance in An Apology for the Illuminati (1787):

 “The tenor of my life has been the opposite of everything that is vile; and no man can lay any such thing to my charge.”


In similar vein he described for us in An Improved System of the Illuminati (1787) his ideal “Novice” for illuminism:

“Whoever does not close his ear to the lamentations of the miserable, nor his heart to gentle pity; whoever is the friend and brother of the unfortunate; whoever has a heart capable of love and friendship; whoever is steadfast in adversity, unwearied in the carrying out of whatever has been once engaged in, undaunted in the overcoming of difficulties; whoever does not mock and despise the weak; whose soul is susceptible of conceiving great designs, desirous of rising superior to all base motives, and of distinguishing itself by deeds of benevolence; whoever shuns idleness; whoever considers no knowledge as unessential which he may have the opportunity of acquiring, regarding the knowledge of mankind as his chief study; whoever, when truth and virtue are in question, despising the approbation of the multitude, is sufficiently courageous to follow the dictates of his own heart, – such a one is a proper candidate.”


And this:

“Man is not bad except as he is made so by arbitrary morality. He is bad because religion, the state and bad example pervert him. When at last reason becomes the religion of man, then will the problems be solved.”


And to the end of Papal tyranny and the de-Christianising of Europe he said:

“I have contrived an explanation [of Freemasonry] which has every advantage, is inviting to Christians of every communion, gradually frees them from all religious prejudices, cultivates the social virtues, and animates them by a great, a feasible, and a speedy prospect of universal happiness, in a state of liberty and moral equality, freed from the obstacles which subordination, rank and riches continually throw in our way.

My explanation is accurate and complete; my means are effectual and irresistible. Our secret association works in a way that nothing can withstand, and man shall soon be free and happy.”


The goal of Weishaupt and his cronies was to achieve their aims by de-Christianising Europe and ultimately destroying the Churches of Rome and Luther. But first they had to split mankind into opposing ideologies and foment discord among these factions, thus weakening national governments and organised religion. The ultimate plan was the destruction of the Christ Impulse on Earth and replace it with the Luciferian and Ahrimanic Impulses embodied in the Dark Gods they worship.

The members of the Order of Illuminati were in the majority pawns, although very insidious pawns, in the Great Game which is the subversion of God’s rule on Earth by the Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer, who ultimately seek the Crown of Creation itself.

These pawns thought they did humanity a service by their actions but in truth they had done humanity a great disservice. They had been part of the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government and had advanced it into modern times. The majority of them had been an unwitting part in the Ancient Plan to Transform Society that is the Great Conspiracy against God brought to Earth.

They had the been part of the ancient Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government and their efforts were such that their spiritual heirs who carry this Evil Agenda still forward today threaten humanity’s very existence. There efforts had laid the foundation for the final phase of the Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government in which the architects of it plan to eradicate all human liberties and freedoms from the face of the Earth.

In other words, the establishment of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth, which is the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.The Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer in their hatred for God have plotted to lay traps along the way of mankind’s evolution and many, many people have fallen into these insidious entrapments. The Illuminati experiment was one such trap and decent honourable men drawn to its flame of emancipation and enlightenment were corrupted in the Luciferian fire that give the Order its power.

And the Illuminati, regardless of its professed aims or the special pleading of Weishaupt and his supporters were, and is, for it still exists, is predicated upon Evil.Gentle reader, understand, Evil is twofold, it has two faces. These are dark spirits of immense power who are the Dark Gods called Ahriman and Lucifer, who wish to destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth by sowing the seeds of chaos, crises and confusion. They are the Dark Gods Ahriman and Lucifer who are truly Overlords of Chaos.








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