Renaissance of the Jesuits

Renaissance of the Jesuits

Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies

When Clement XIV abolished the Order in 1773, it was summarily abolished 39 times from different kingdoms throughout Europe, a fate that echoed that of another conspiratorial group- Organised Jewry. Just as the schemes of “the Jew” were eventually rumbled, so too were those of the Jesuit and both were at various times and places were expelled because of their enmity to proper and lawful government.

The Jew has been expelled repeatedly due to his enmity to the Gentile and his God, the Jesuit because of his enmity to all those things not Jesuitical or Romanist.

It does not take a genius to understand that his shared fate of “the Jew” and the Jesuit is a product of a shared ethos: that is, a spirit of rebellion and sedition that seeks to crash Natural Moral Order to the ground.

It takes no genius to understand that there is something terribly wrong with both of these groups. Bigotry has nothing to do with this issue, for, truth is truth no matter how unpalatable it is or what opinion one holds. Such things will not change these things that stand beyond personal opinion and which will not bow to wishful thinking.

Those who defend Jewry use the tactics of the coward and call honest reporters of its scheming “anti-Semitic.” The real purpose of the “hate crime” laws being enacted throughout the world by craven politicians, who should now better and have no truck with such thought tyrannies, but are too corrupt and cowardly to do otherwise.

“Hate crimes” are not to save blushes or protect delicate sensibilities from “hateful” and “harmful” opinions and comments but to terrorise honest men into silence so that the past, present and future outrages of Organised Jewry and Zionists, both Jew and Gentile, are tacitly condoned by men afraid to call a spade a spade.

Similarly, the immoral history of the Society of Jesus is today presented as a chronicle of spite, but spite aimed at the Society by a host of others that for a variety of disparate reasons sought its destruction. That the Suppression was merely an administrative measure and not a judicial sentence based on judicial inquiry.

It was expediency used by a papacy to avoid many difficulties, especially the open contradiction of preceding popes, who had so often praised or confirmed the Society. An attempt has been made by defenders of the Society to expunge proper accounts of the Suppression from the historical written record. In fact, to suppress accurate information regarding the history of the Suppression.

A “Bull” is a formal proclamation issued by the pope usually written in antiquated characters and sealed with a leaden bulla. It is a legal document by which the will of the pope is made known on whatever subject and it is the most powerful method of speaking in the Roman Catholic world.

A bull may be conveniently defined to be “an Apostolic letter with a leaden seal,” to which, in this context; the pope invariably takes the title of episcopus, servus servorum Dei. By contrast, a brief (breve: “short”) is a compendious papal letter which dispenses with some of the formalities previously insisted on that are characteristic of a bull. It is written on vellum, generally closed and sealed in red wax with the ring of the fisherman. Instead of the formal salutation in the third person used in bulls, the brief adopts a direct form of address, which is adapted to the rank, and character of the addressee.

A “brief” does not have the leaden seal, its seal is “the seal of the fisherman,” and is thus not stamped with the vested authority contained in the leaden bulla. A “brief” is a less powerful document than a bull and can be therefore be overthrown by a Bull.

In the convenient history of the Jesuit and his apologist we are told that the Society of Jesus was suppressed by a “brief” in 1773 but restored by a “Bull” in 1818. We also read in this alternate history, Jesuit sanctioned history, that Pope Clement XIV reluctantly issued a brief to inform the world of his reluctant decision to suppress the Society.

An interim measure satisfying contemporary demands that was open for future debate and so the proscription of the Order was mere politicking and thus ephemeral and not enduring. This version of history is not true. Clement abolished the Society of Jesus throughout the entire world with a Papal Bull, not a “brief,” entitled Dominic Ac Redemptor Noster, which can be found in the Library of the Bulls.

When Pope Clement abolished the Jesuits he abolished them forever and with the commands that they neither were to talk about their abolition or that they were allowed to teach. He also confiscated all of their wealth, land and property, which for the most part, the Dominicans inherited.

A high price was paid for these inheritances, for, when the Jesuit inspired Revolution in France brought terror to that nation the Jacobins killed nearly every Dominican within the country. As a victim of Jesuit intrigues ending in his Jesuit orchestrated assassination,  Abraham Lincoln said, the “Jesuits never forget nor forsake.”

Shortly after the issue of the Papal Bull a second document, Gravissimis ex causis, was issued whereby the pope created a commission of five cardinals and commanded them to handle the procedural problems of the operation. Pope Clement met with these five cardinals and set August 16, 1773, as the date for the enactment of Dominus ac Redemptor throughout the entire world.

This arrangement was detailed in the Bull of Suppression thus:

“And to this end a member of the regular clergy, recommendable for this prudence and sound morals, shall be chosen to preside over and govern the said houses; so that the name of the Company shall be, and is, for ever extinguished and suppressed”


The “Brief of Suppression” is in fact a Papal Bull condemning the Order to oblivion, a reality that is unpalatable to the Jesuit and his advocate. That is why the most striking feature of Dominus ac Redemptor is the very long list of charges against the Society set down in such an emphatic manner that leaves no doubt to the seriousness of it and its author.

Nothing in it is favourable to the Society and the tone of the Bull is very adverse.

Jesuit Seal“Now we have perceived that the said Society of Jesus could no longer produce the abundant fruits and advantages for which it was instituted and was approved by so many of our predecessors, who bestowed upon it so many privileges, but, on the contrary, that if it existed it was almost impossible that the Church could have true and permanent peace.

Led by such considerations, and urged still by other reasons supplied to us by the laws of prudence and the excellent rule of the Universal Church, we, after mature examination, of our own certain knowledge, and in the plenitude of the apostolic power, suppress and extinguish the said Society.”

After a 4-year investigation of all their intrigues whereby all the Society’s assets, wealth and buildings they owned, was revealed and thus their power, they were abolished by Clement XIV as essential to the continued autonomy of the papacy. A move the hesitant Clement XIII was about make when, the night before, he was removed by poison.

Pope Clement XIV was a Franciscan who was elected Pope due to the influence of the House of Bourbon, the Bourbon King of Spain, the Bourbon King of France, and the Braganzas of Portugal. The monarchs perceived the treachery of the Jesuits within their realms and the schemes that the Society inspired that challenged the hegemony of the House of Bourbon.

These monarchs pressured for the election of a pope that would challenge the power of the Jesuits and thwart the ambitions of the Society. Of especial concern was the vast wealth the Society was accruing in the Americas without paying taxes to the Bourbon chancelleries.

The Order during the period 1600-1750 had instituted a new economic arrangement, especially in Paraguay, whereby the natural resources and agricultural potential of the lands could be efficiently exploited. The conquistadors and the white colonists had forcibly placed the native population under the yoke of the Spanish encomienda system, which in its more severe application made them yanaconas, or slaves, in its milder form mitayas, or serfs.

The Jesuit efforts were directly in opposition to these other colonists and the encomienda system and thus provoked a storm of animosity against the Jesuits among the colonists. To such a degree that the Society was repeatedly expelled from these colonies. Even the clergy, that regarded the encomienda system as a righteous institution, and who themselves lived upon its fruits, opposed the Jesuits.

The Jesuits pursued the creation of their financial empire in South America with the hypocritical assertion that their efforts were noble and selfless. That by the creation of the separate mission colonies or “Reductions”, of a commonwealth, separate from the Spanish colonies, and far in the interior of a country, managed independently by Jesuit missionaries, they liberated the Indians from the servitium personale that made them yanaconas and mitayas and thus did the work of God.

Hypocrisy indeed, for in the 150 years of these Reductions, in the so-called “Christian Indian State” where the Guaraní Indians worked under the stewardship of the Jesuits, massive wealth was created that was essential to the funding of the future projects of the Society.

The Reductions provided the tobacco, indigo, sugarcane, and many, many commodities, especially cotton were cultivated and exported, but above all was the Paraguay tea (herba). The Jesuits funnelled this produce into the burgeoning international trade using their fleet of “Black Ships” to ship the produce all around the world. With the immense wealth generated from these mercantile enterprises, the Society started banks in Europe that was a prerequisite to advance the world ambition of the Society.

Like the another vehicle of Evil, Organised Jewry, the Jesuits understood without question the need for a network of banks to further their nefarious schemes and ambitions. The Jesuit like “the Jew” understood so well the power of usury.

To understand the wicked men behind the move towards the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government, commonly called the New World Order, one must understand the crucial role International Banking has in it and understand the nature and function of the banking system.

Another crucial realisation is to understand the difference between the banking systems set up by Organised Jewry and the Jesuits and that set up by the Knights Templars: the first is predicated on Evil, the second upon the Christ Impulse released from the Cross at Calvary.

Do not fall victim to the malicious lies of the enemies of the Templars, and thus the enemies of Christ that smear the Poor Knights of Christ as prototype Globalists and “Satanists.” The spiritual impulse energising Templarism is the polar opposite of that energising Jewry and Jesuitry.

The Templars were privy to the Mystery of Golgotha and sought to bring this to fruition in Europe by creating the conditions propitious for its maturation in a modern Europe. The efforts of the Knights Templars greatly facilitated the creation of modern Europe and Western civilisation.

Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies These efforts were vehemently opposed by the Cult of Evil who worked ceaselessly to destroy the Christ Impulse on Earth. The Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, the human agents of Evil, not only moved to have the Templars destroyed and discredited but also to remove them from the Great Game. The banking system careful crafted by the Templars was a huge impediment to the world ambition of the Cult of Evil who understood to enslave kings, nobles and men, completely and irrevocably, one must first put them in debt.

The Cult of Evil needed to supplant the Templar international banking system with their own so this grand strategy could be achieved and so the Templars were destined for destruction. This occurred in 1307 and almost immediately after the Jew stepped forward to offer his service as usurer to those deprived of this facility, and centuries later but less overtly, the Jesuit joined the Jew in this ungodly business.

Jesuit apologists deny that this wealth accumulation took place and rubbish the accusation that the Jesuits acquired immense wealth in the Reductions; they say it is a fable. They charge those who made them with envy and jealousy of Jesuit success, which are, they maintain, long since disproved. Such whitewash as this by Dom Pedro Taxardo, the Bishop of Buenos Aires, who wrote to Philip V of Spain in 1721 that:

 “I dare to maintain that if the Jesuits were less virtuous, they would have fewer enemies. I have visited their missions frequently, and I can assure Your Majesty, that I have nowhere found greater order and more perfect unselfishness than among these religious, who take nothing that belongs to their converts, whether it be for their own attire or for their sustenance”.

That the Jesuit living simply among the Indians, at his own expense, was testament to the purity of the Jesuit project in South America.

Robert SoutheyThe English Protestant writer Robert Southey (1774 – 1843), poet laureate and friend of Wordsworth and Coleridge, is cited as impartial authority on the matter. The Jesuit apologists point out that Southey following his investigation covering this question affirmed that nothing can be more certain, than that the Jesuits did not amass a great fortune in Paraguay.

Furthermore, the enemies of the Society, and there were many, oh so many, fostered a myth concerning the gold mines in the Reductions, which according to the apologists never existed.

The estimates that have been made of the alleged vast income and trade profit from immense trade transactions are founded upon purely arbitrary or false suppositions. Another defence is that the wealth of the Jesuits had been disproved by the inventories taken of their houses and colleges at the time of their expulsion in 1787.

Their buildings and possessions had been seized suddenly, without previous warning, giving that the Jesuits no advance warning so that they were not be able to conceal anything. Consequently, the only treasures found were the precious church articles and trifling amounts of money. In fact, one scholar tells us that:

“The Jesuits strange as it may appear, did not conduct the missions after the fashion of a business concern, but rather as the rulers of some Utopia, those foolish beings who think happiness is preferable to wealth.”

Pope Clement XIVIn short, the empire of the Jesuit did not exist and therefore the wealth accrued there was also purely imaginary. Such dissembling beggars belief. The Society of Jesus like all power structures with an occult elite have the majority working for an aim they are barely cognisant.

These outer brethren may contain men of virtue and moral character who perform their tasks with the greatest care. Yet the organising intelligence behind these tasks are the only ones within the organisation who have full cognisance of what they all mean and what the all add up to.

A pious priest working with natives in the jungles of Paraguay and Brazil may have believed he did the work of God and conducted himself with moral integrity. Nevertheless, who, in reality, aided in the amassing of the immense wealth of Order demanded by his vicar-general, the Black Pope.

The House of Bourbon knew this since it was their exchequer that suffered at the expense of the Jesuit project. The Portuguese King and the Spanish King looked on covetously while the Society harvested massive wealth from their vast trade transactions and so plotted to secure in position a pope that would suppress the Jesuit Order.

Thus, Clement XIV was brought to power who after a 4-year investigation ordered the suppression of the Society of Jesus. Clement knew the power of the Jesuits and the dark powers they ultimately served, for, when he ordered the Suppression he confided that: “This suppression will be my death.” Clement was right, and the revenge of the Jesuits although not swift was terrible indeed, for 14 months later, he was dead, poisoned by the Jesuits.

The poison used was slow acting causing the unfortunate pope to suffer immense intestinal pain, for his hair to fall out, his skin and fingernails to turn black and for flesh to fall of his fingers. When Clement was embalmed, his intestines exploded. The physical deterioration meant that an open-casket or open display for viewing this Pope was, for decorous and political purposes, not possible.


During the mourning for this brave pope, his casket was firmly closed.

Pius VIIThe Jesuits and their apologists asserted that the Papal Bull, which was a permanently banned the Jesuit Order was no bull at all, but a brief, even though it is listed in the Library of the Bulls in Rome.

When Pope Pius VII (1740 – 1823) instituted a Bull restoring the Jesuits in 1814, then, the revisionists tell us, Pius merely overruled the brief. The facts of the matter are these: Clement understood the danger the Order represented to good government of the Church and those of other nations and desired it ended, forever. That he issued a bull to this effect commanding the Order to cease its existence and for all Catholic authorities to cease acknowledgement of it, forever. These are the facts, this was the case, and this is the history.

Yet the order did not go away nor did it wither since the Dark Forces it serves ensured that it endure in readiness for its future role in the coming battle with God. Pius VII revived the order and it immediately set about regaining lost ground, which of course meant sedition and treason and resulted yet again in being expelled from many of the countries in Europe and in the Americas.

Even as recently as 1981, Pope John Paul II criticised the Jesuits for supporting revolution in South America.

The Jesuit apologists would have posterity believe that their “Suppression” was an expedient, a subterfuge of the pope to assuage immediate pressures but of no enduring legacy. That it was the machinations of venal monarchs and heretical Lutherans who were against God and therefore against the Order. That the people, all of them, who wanted to abolish the Society, were indoctrinated bigots and fanatical Protestants and were doing the work of the Devil.

When we survey the nature of the Suppression we find that the greatest resistance to the Jesuits was in Catholic countries and by Catholic monarchs. In these lands the Jesuits had been welcomed within the Catholic theocracy but their scheming and growing political influence became threatening to establish authority.

They were expelled from Portugal, France, and Spain during the period 1759–68, and the growing resentment against the Order climaxed in the suppression by Pope Clement XIV in 1773.

Some Popes hated and resented the Society of Jesus as bitterly as most of the monks and clergy have always done since its inception. In addition, Popes have repeatedly condemned Jesuitical practices (1710, 1715, 1742 and 1744), but did so with trepidation knowing and fearing the Jesuit evil, their power and vindictiveness.

They have dispatched more than one pope, either because they were inimical to their agenda or an impediment to a more tractable successor. Yet, the scheming of the Jesuits and wickedness of their number has always met opposition. By those who understood the spiritual nature of the Order and fought against it, and by those who resented the Society’s incursions into their particular sphere of influence.

The Society of Jesus is all about power never about humility. Nevertheless, the world ambition of the Jesuits met stiff opposition from a variety of sources.

The Marquis de Pombal got them expelled from Portugal in 1759 while Choiseul secured their expulsion from France by exposing their trickery and their vast wealth (1764). Similarly, the Count D’Aranda had them suppressed in Spain (1767) and Tannucci in the Kingdom of Naples.

The struggle moved to Rome where a bitter contest ensued with the Jesuits using every device in their large repertory of subterfuges to stave off the suppression, which the Catholic monarchs demanded. This culminated in the Bull, Dominus ac Redemptor Noster whereby the brave Pope Clement XIV abolished the Society “forever.”

Although the charges against the Jesuits were in large part brought by bishops or priests of high character, the Jesuit and their apologists dismiss them as the fabrications of covetous rivals and thus the wicked enemies of Christ. Sophistical arguments are routinely employed by wicked people to sanctify lies and assuage guilt and in the case of the Suppression, the apologists use them with aplomb.

For instance, it would be fatal to their cause to admit that Pope Clement endorsed the indictment, thus the apologist audacious pervert the truth of the matter and exonerate the pope from any guilt by association. In the language of the Catholic Encyclopedia,:

“no blame is laid by the Pope on the rules of the Order, or the present condition of its members, or the orthodoxy of their teaching.”

The Jesuit and his apologist tell us that the Society of Jesus was suppressed by a brief in 1773 but restored by a bull in 1818. That Pope Clement XIV reluctantly issued a brief to inform the world of his reluctant decision to suppress the Society, which was an interim measure satisfying contemporary demands that was open for future debate. Hence, the proscription of the Order was mere politicking and thus ephemeral and not enduring.

The Jesuit version of history is not true, for Clement abolished the Society of Jesus throughout the entire world with a Papal Bull, not a “brief,” and he abolished them forever. The truth is that Pope Clement not only enumerated at length all the charges against the Society but he also fully endorsed them.

Clement named thirteen previous Popes who had condemned, after full inquiry, Jesuitical practices and doctrines, but confirms that their remedies had “neither efficacy nor strength to put an end to the trouble.” Therefore,

“recognizing that the Society of Jesus can no longer produce the abundant fruits and the considerable advantages for which it was created [he] suppresses and abolishes the Society for ever.”

The difficulty in affirming all this is due to the Jesuits’ success at suppressing inconvenient history and references to it, especially in English. There is no modern English translation of the Bull available; the last published being in The Jesuits by R Demaus (1873). This of course gives the Catholic apologists and Jesuit writers, whom grossly misrepresenting Pope Clement’s actions, great advantage over their critics.

Jesuit PriestThere is a common misapprehension that the Society of Jesus was restored following the fall of Napoleon and the Society swiftly returned to its pernicious ways, but these are no longer threats to governments. For today, the Society is a shadow of its former self.

That they are merely a body of decadent mediocrities who confine their love of intrigue to the capture of rich Catholics for their own parishes and angling for aristocratic or semi-aristocratic converts, activities for which most priests detest them.

Their intellectual excellences are past glories and modern Jesuits have no distinction in learning or literature in spite of their wealth and leisure. They have ascendancy over other clergy is only in their audacity in untruth and their solicitous ministration to the wealthy.

The conception that the virulence of Loyola and his cohorts in their desire to be the pre-eminent champions of Catholic unity, which can only be assured thorough total submission to Christ’s vicar, has been somehow attenuated in their successors is wrong. It is the position of the fool, that is, those who know no better, and the argument of the liar, which are those who do know better.

Loyola’s model for world dominance is still used today by Jesuit heirs to this original master plan and still the Society of Jesus bestride the Catholic world, colossus like, just as its designers knew it would.

Loyola and his strategists understood that the success of their wicked agenda depended on instituting a monarchical absolutism on the Roman Church. That this despotism was successfully carried over into secular society and the monarchs and politicians, the leaders, were entirely docile to the ambitions of the Pope, the true head of Christianity, and thereby tacit supporters of Jesuit intrigues.

If any secular authority rebelled against this Catholic ambition then they found that the Jesuits were its bitterest enemies. When the imperatives of the Curia, the papal court that is the administrative body at the Vatican, by which the Pope governs the Roman Catholic Church, demanded rebellion against kings, or if these kings had embarrassed the Church, then the Jesuits were its preferred agents.

For, the Curia understood from past experience they could find no abler schemer than a Jesuit, especially when it came to propaganda, intrigue, treachery and open rebellion.

World Ambition is based on the idea of tyranny, be it in the guise of religion such as Islam and the Roman Church, or martially such as Alexander, Napoleon and Hitler, or bondage through usury embodied in the machinations of Organised Jewry. The world ambitions of the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies manifest in the power structures of this world they control covertly by their placemen.

The best examples of this are Freemasonry and the Illuminati, but the exemplar of this is the Cult of Evil, repository of the oldest religion in the world.

Similarly, the Society of Jesus falls between martial ambition and that of the secret society since it contains both within its body. It is a visible organisation with an elite that overtly radicalises the Roman Church in its war with Protestantism and organised Jewry, but whose real power comes from its elite who are high officers in the occult underworld that really rules this world.

The Society of Jesus is predicated upon a hierarchical structure and strict discipline and unthinking subordination to its authority. Fundamental to this are the “Constitutions,” the “Spiritual Exercises,” the “Extreme Oath” and the modus operandi of its soldiery, the Monita Secreta.

Strict obedience and fealty to the Society and its agenda were fundamental to success of the Order. Especially in times of trouble when the very existence of the Society was in doubt, a fealty that transcends mere “religious obedience” that is necessary to any congregation. It is a subtle yet profoundly powerful and disturbing indoctrination summarised by the Jesuit, Robert Rouquette, in his hagiography Saint Ignace de Loyola (1944)

“Far from being a diminution of man, this intelligent and willing obedience is the height of freedom … a liberation from oneself’s bondage.”

Here speaks one who is an admirer of Loyola and the system of tyranny he had set up. A system that requires the total submission of the will of the individual, nay, the very soul and spirit of the man to the Will of the Society, making him subordinate to it and a willing docile instrument in the superiors’ hands. To be a Jesuit was to be a willing tool in the hands of his superiors:

“… as a staff obeying every impulse; as a ball of wax which can be shaped and stretched in any discretion; as a small crucifix being lifted and moved at will.”

Loyola himself informs us of this imperative whereby individual will, of personal moral conscience, of moral the strongest rampart of the Society.Loyola

“Let us be convinced that all is well and right when the superior commands it … Even if God gave you an animal without sense for master, you will not hesitate to obey him, as master and guide, because God ordained it to be so …. We must see black as white, if the Church says so.”

If this was not wicked enough, the ordinary Jesuit must see in his superior not a fallible man but as is the case with the person of the pope demanded of the Catholic World, Christ Himself. We find that in the “Constitutions” of the Society we have this behest to view the superior as Christ incarnate repeated five hundred times.

Furthermore, the additions to these “Constitutions” the superiors are advised to command to test the noviciates, as God did Abraham, by giving them morally repugnant tasks, that is, apparently criminal, to prove them. Each of these tasks was to be apportioned to the each of the noviciate’s strengths thereby testing the degree of indoctrination.

The effects of such education is deleterious to the individual moral character and results in a blind faith which is unencumbered with the inconvenience of personal moral conscience and individual intelligence or the vagaries of independent thought. A condition whereby the noviciate becomes totally subjugated to his master a relationship wherein any doubt or scruple would be  ascribed to the noviciate as sin.

The Jesuit writer, Robert Rouquette, calls this state of affairs the “height of freedom … the liberation from one’s own bondage” A monstrous system that has as its source the Ahrimanic spirituality that seeks to make slaves of every one on Earth. It was present in Hitler’s Germany during the creation of that ungodly empire when the Hitler Youth subtly indoctrinated the child with this dark spirituality.

Trenchantly revealed by the German youth when asked why he had embraced Hitler’s brand of Fascism, and thus subordination of his will to the Will of the Nazi Party, replied that he did so eagerly since it freed him from burdens brought about by free will and free thought.

The proclivity for men to subordinate their will to a more powerful Will is an enduring feature of human history, since man only animal to be crippled by his own thoughts. It is the reason why Quasimodo, the hunchback of Notre Dame, in Victor Hugo’s tragic romance of Notre-Dame de Paris who, tortured by unrequited love for Esmeralda, asked the gargoyles: ‘

‘Why was I not made of stone, like thee?”

The response of the individual to the fear of the World, a world-fear, which arises from the innate sense of loneliness felt by the individual in a hostile alien world. The feeling that the individual has when it realises for the first time that it is an sentient being in an alien world and senses the immense loneliness in the Cosmos.

There arises a great gulf between the self, the inner being, and the alien world of Oswald Spenglerordered Nature filled with a fearful feeling of loneliness in world.

In the waking state, the individual is instantly conscious of the loneliness that a prescient biographer of humanity, the German philosopher Oswald Spengler (1900-36), called world-dread. This deeply felt loneliness, this world-fear, is assuaged when men subordinate their will to one more powerful and hence abdicate personal responsibility for making their own way through a fearful, alien world.

So men find it infinitely convenient to subordinate their will, their moral conscience, to that of a more powerful entity, individual or group that makes all difficult decisions for them.

The perennial presence in the human condition, this world-dread, is also one of the greatest causes for the recruitment of individuals into organisations predicated on strict hierarchy and thus on tyranny. It was the reason why the Jesuit Rouquette and the student in Hitler Youth relished membership in their respective organisations, as it was also one of the main reason why men have joined armies, organisations, power structures and secret societies throughout history.

The other motive is the garnering of power vicariously be appropriating the power inherent in dominating power structures and vested interests.

The two main reasons for men to join organisations or groups and subordinate their will to that greater cause: world-dread and the urge-to-power.

These are two of the most ancient human responses to existence that represent the fundamental problem within the human condition and thus the greatest cause of misery. World-dread and the desire for power are the two most pernicious human traits that have combined to reduced humanity to its present state of atheism, to the moral malaise it now finds itself in, and to the nihilism. All conditions that are propitious for the incarnation of the Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer, on Earth, in flesh and blood and in human form.

The Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government is the spawn of Organised Evil that has used these two traits inherent in the human condition to subvert Natural Moral Order on EarthOrganised Evil is the directing intelligence of dark spiritual beings of immense power working through humans to effect parts of their Great Conspiracy against God on Earth.

The Ancient Plan to Transform Society did not arise from human minds but given to human agents of Evil, the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil, by the two Dark Gods they worship. Ahriman and Lucifer are the guiding intelligences behind the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that intends to eradicate all human liberty and freedoms from the face of the Earth.

The spiritual source of the Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that underpins the myriad attacks on Natural Moral Order is so massive, so subtle, so complete, so enduring and so co-ordinated that it is breathtaking in its power and scope. No human mind, individual or collective, could devise such a scheme and on such a scale over so much time.

The ultimate organising intelligence of the Evil Agenda, which is the earthly manifestation of the Great Conspiracy against God, is a non-human intelligence, it comes from the Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer who a verily the dual faces of Evil.

The Dark Gods are the rulers of the dark spiritual forces that seek total control of Creation by toppling God from His exalted position by setting themselves on the Throne of Creation. The Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer are the great usurpers who have nurtured the myriad evil fruits that subvert God’s rule by weakening Natural Moral Order.

The same spiritual powers that man who hate God, Christ and humanity have sought to contact and exploit since the very beginning. The same dark spirituality energises the occult systems of the secret societies that work to entrap humanity in their web of corruption.

The same dark spirituality that energises power structures such as FreemasonryOrganised Jewry and the Society of Jesus.

The same baneful power that energises the hidden government of the world, the Shadow Government, the Deep State, which works to forge a New World Order with its One World Government and its One World Religion.

The secret rulers of this world -the Shadow Government– are the Occult Hierarchy, the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, which is the ancient Luciferian Priesthood who can claim an ancient lineage of service to Evil going far back in history, back before recorded history began.

But a Cabal of Evil who also desire to come out of the shadows to be worshipped as gods by the grateful masses they plan to trick into believing that they, the Occult Hierarchy, are the saviours of a greatly troubled world.

The very same spirituality that has produced the Corrupt Liberal Democracies in which we now live that are the stepping stones to World Tyranny. The same dark spirituality that energises the powerful social forces that are both subtle and relentless that have compromised Civic and government authorities, which should in a moral society resist this corrosion of moral order, but now do nothing.

The same dark spiritual forces that have corrupted the souls of the foolish people who willingly go along with this Evil Agenda. Men such as Caiphas, Judas, Napoleon, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Himmler and Hitler, the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, these and so many more, who have delivered themselves over to Evil.

The same dark spirituality that has been called various names by different cultures at different times, but whose nature never changes. The Dark God who desires to bring total confusion into human affairs is Ahriman, who requires that all Moral Order to be destroyed to further his attempt to take over of Creation.

The same dark spirituality that has fostered the conditions whereby the inner and outer foes of moral society, such as Homosexuality, Feminism and Multiculturalism, are considered not only normal but also healthy for civic society.

The same dark spirituality that has engendered a thought tyranny of devastating power called Political Correctness that has terrorised bearers of the Truth into near silence and has allowed venal intellectuals and clever liberals to turn common sense on its head.

The same dark spirituality that has energised the powerful secularising forces collectively called the Humanist Agenda whose fruits are the corrupted democracies and the corrupted moral order that allow these outrages to common sense, moral order and God to continue. The same dark spirituality that has been called various names by different cultures at different times, but whose nature never changes.

The Dark God, Ahriman who desires to bring total confusion into human affairs but who requires that Moral Order is destroyed so that he can further his designs on Earth. That is why he is called the Lord of Misrule, the Lord of the Flies, who is also called Satan in the Bible. He is the “Man of Sin, the Son of Perdition,” the “Abomination of Desolation,” the “Wicked” and a “Vile Person.”

He is also the “Beast of the Apocalypse” the “two horned beast” that arises from the land, and sets about forging a religious world empire with him at its head. For he is the Antichrist that will arise in human form to take command of the One World Religion and declare himself a god and set about proving this with great signs and wonders.

He is the False Prophet that will deliver the grateful world into a global tyranny and the cruel embrace of the Great Dictator, who is the Dark God, Lucifer incarnate as a man in flesh and blood.

Evil is twofold it has two faces and these are dark spirits of immense power, who are called Ahriman and Lucifer, the Antichrist and the Great Dictator of the coming New World Order.

These are the Dark Gods who wish to destroy Natural Moral Order by sowing the seeds of crises and chaos hoping to crash Creation to the ground.

They are Ahriman and Lucifer who are truly the Overlords of Chaos.

The indoctrination of the Jesuit noviciate was predicated on an ancient system of  initiation that was itself derived from the dark spirituality that has brought men enlightenment and misery in equal measure. The hierarchy and strict, nay, blind obedience produced men so blindly devoted to their cause that brought them directly into conflict with authorities both ecclesiastic and secular.

Especially in the subsequent centuries, when the Order turned more and more towards politics as a powerful means to their end. When we read Loyola and come across this:

” [Jesuits] must hold their heads slightly down, without bending it to left or right; they must not look up, and when they speak to someone, they are not to look them in the eyes so as to see them indirectly.

We know we are in the presence of great dissemblers and schemers. An insight Loyola again elucidates in his Sententiae asceticae when he describes how the adroit Jesuit can mould layman’s minds and bend them to their will, which is of course the Will of the Society.

Loyola” A clever carefulness together with a mediocre purity is better than a greater holiness coupled with a less perfect skilfulness. A good shepherd of souls must know ho to ignore many things and pretend not to understand them. Once he is master of the wills, he will be able wisely to lead his students wherever he may chose.

People are entirely absorbed by passing interests, so we must not speak to them too pointedly about their souls: it would be throwing the hook without the bait.”

The wickedness at the heart of the Jesuit system of indoctrination comes from the fountainhead of Evil that energises the myriad assaults on moral order on Earth. The Society of Jesus, its structure, ethos and system of instruction was sufficient to guarantee its survival into modern times. It was, like Freemasonry and Jewry, a consummate vehicle of the transmission of the Evil Agenda through time and across continents.

The Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil, the Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies, who secretly run these things ensured its survival. Although Pope Clement wished the Society extinguished “for ever,” the Order was too valuable to the Evil Agenda to be allowed to die. So it was nurtured, in secret, until the time was ripe for its renaissance in the Catholic Church.

Guarani IndiansEvil manifests in innumerable ways and Evil acts are oft repeated but, logically, there must be a first time for all things and so too with Evil.

For instance, the expulsion from the Garden of Eden is the archetypal precedent of evil acts, but another precedent was the wicked arrangement set in place by the Jesuits in South America, in the in the so-called “Christian Indian State.”

The Society of Jesus had set up in Paraguay the separate mission colonies or “reductions” containing about 150,000 Guaraní Indians. The commonwealth was separate from the Spanish colonies and managed independently by Jesuit missionaries whose existence and function made the Society of Jesus immensely wealthy.

Where the Jesuit apologists report that the regime there was enlightened and the conditions much better than those offered by the Spanish colonists it is, like most things that laud the Order, simply propaganda. The Society had effectively created a slave state in what is now known as Paraguay, wherein, for 158 years, the Jesuits ran a brutal slave nation divided into 30 encampments in a system later, and more refined, was called “concentration camps.”

Natives were lured to the settlements with promises given by friendly Jesuits of safety and abundant food and where initially welcomed with festivities, music and plenty of food. Once they had succumbed to these blandishments, the Jesuits sprung their trap and soldiers overpowered the natives.

They were then chained and taken to mission colonies, the so-called  “reductions,” that were in effect interment camps, where they lost all freedom and forced to work for the Jesuit order without payment other than sustenance and shelter. The overlords of the camps were Jesuit priests from Europe and soldiers from Europe where on hand to ensure that the Indians were held in subjection.

The will power of the natives was broken, as was any idea of regaining lost freedom, and the Indians eventually became abject, docile vassals to Jesuit overlords. “Councils” were formed consisting of compliant Indians of some authority among their people who were used to ensure that ordinary Indians performed their slave work with the minimum fuss and maximum efficiency.

The Jesuit masters chose the preferred natives who were then given the role of supervising their own people. Giving preferment and attendant privileges within brutal regimes always encourages personal sin to flourish in those invested with them. Consequently, these advantaged Indians became brutal oppressors of their own people in order to maintain their own status. Personal property was banished and both men and woman were forced to work in the slave camps.

Work was allotted by quota and if someone failed to meet the quota, they received less food and clothing. The entire camp system was strictly hierarchical and totally centralised in the persons of the Jesuit overlords. Punishment was swift and merciless.

If an Indian was sentenced to death, then, before his execution, he had to kiss the hand of his executioner and thank him for the punishment he was about to receive, and then repent of his crime. Executions were public spectacle in front of the assembled natives.

Jesuit priests skilled in brainwashing techniques then available were used to indoctrinate the Indians into accepting their lot and to forever break their ability to think independently from officially sanctioned matters. The Jesuitical indoctrination and the regime of terror in the camps were so complete that within several generations the natives born in the “reductions” accepted their lives as normal and without complaint.

In the Soviet Empire, these instructors using the techniques of terror and psychology were the special political officers called “politruks.”Charles IIIBy 1767, knowledge of these slave colonies had filtered back to Europe that caused embarrassment to the Society and hastened a political backlash.

The Spanish king, Charles III had been deeply offended by the real or suspected share of the Jesuits in the riot of 1766. More importantly, Charles had read the “Secret Instructions of the Jesuits,” the Secreta Monita, and understood as most prescient monarchs would the danger the Jesuits posed to his rule and to the people of his realm. He therefore consented to the expulsion of the Jesuits from all Spanish colonies.

The king sent out letters to all the provinces containing a sealed document that was not to be opened until April 2 with the threat that anyone violating that order would be executed. On that fateful day, all addressees opened the instructions, which commanded them to summon troops and to then gather up the members of the Society of Jesus, and expel them from Spain and all her colonies.  After this was done, Charles was then the main advocate for its total suppression.

The brutal regime, the arbitrary use of power and the terrible working conditions that were part of the daily routine in these concentration camps was thus ended. The idea of them did not perish and was carried forward into the twentieth century where their application was on a scale that dwarfed the Jesuit enterprise.

The system of exploitation set up by the Jesuits in South America was the prototype used ever since by evil regimes that want to control an individual’s actions and thoughts from the cradle to the grave. It was the same system that appeared as the Gulag in Soviet Russia.  It was also the system used by the Nazis for their treatment of dissidents and Jews.

Its use today is in those communist countries immature students and foolish older men regard as the models for human salvation. It is also the preferred economic system of the world society planned by the Globalists working towards the New World Order: of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth, which is the kingdom of the Antichrist and the Great Dictator.

world-wide fascist-feudal system, where the masses are reduced to near slavery, compelled to work in their allotted tasks and who are housed, clothed and fed to a rudimentary standard from the cradle to the grave. Individuality is subsumed to the group and no exercise of free will or independent thought will be tolerated.

Individuality is destroyed and the collective, hive mind nurtured by the Global Elite so that those living in the future World Tyranny will be easily governed. An immensely powerful police and army a World Army and World Police Force– will keep the ruthless authoritarian hierarchical government, the One World Government, in place and will quell any dissension or deviancy from the officially sanctioned orthodoxy.

Gentle reader, if you are sceptical, if you are atheist and godless and wholly unaware of the spiritual significance of all this, then,  satisfy yourself with this explanation of the unfolding events: its is all about CONTROL …. That is, control of every thought and every action of every individual from their cradle to their grave. The dream of despots throughout the ages  …

The template of controlling populations perfected by the Jesuits in Paraguay is that planned for the future world. A super elite that overlords the rest of humanity reaping the benefits of the labours of the world without sharing this wealth with anyone but with those they wish.

The super “elite,” the “aristocrats” of the world, (i.e., ELITE PARASITES) who will command the World Army and World Police Force, and who will have access to immense wealth and undreamed technologies that secure their position from any usurper.

The super elite, the very few men who will command a World Army and World Police Force that will, they hope, achieve what George Orwell warned us they would … That the human future is this: image a boot stamping in the face of humanity … forever.

This move towards world slavery, whereby the masses will be enslaved in a Global Fascist-feudal System, who will be forced to work in conditions no free man would tolerate, and kept in place by a supremely powerful “Police,” was anticipated by the Jesuits in Paraguay. The “reductions,” no matter what the Society’s historians or apologists say differently, were the prototype concentration camp that is the preferred social arrangement of tyrants.

The Jesuits were too valuable to the Evil Agenda to allow them to wither on the vine and so their wicked organisation was persevered. The Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil who control the Vatican guaranteed this. The Council of Trent, in which Diego Lainez, the second Jesuit General, had such a powerful influence, had set the tone for the Roman Church’s response to Protestantism.

It was here, under Lainez’s baleful influence that the plan of war was hatched, “The Secret Plan” to destroy Protestantism, and all those who were the able advocates of this heresy. The secret war plan was drafted by men like Lainez who wished for the destruction of the Christ Impulse just as men imbued with their spirituality had done since its very inception during the Mystery of Golgotha.

The Ahrimanic spirituality that energises the Evil Agenda also energises individuals like Loyola and Lainez in their efforts to destroy independent thought and conscience, the “heretics” that undermine the move to a One World Religion under a pope sitting on a throne in the rebuilt Solomon’s Temple.


Secret Plans of Chieri

The raison d’être of the Council of Trent was to counter the threat posed by Protestantism to the World Ambition of the Roman Church. The Council’s sole purpose was to formulate a radical response to Luther and all that followed him. Crucial to this plan was the Jesuits as both architects and deliverers of it.

The Society of Jesus, by its very calling and essence, is obliged to seek, by every means, right or wrong, the destruction of Protestantism. The condition of its existence, the duty it must fulfil, or cease to exist. This is why since its inception; the Society has striven to destroy the Protestant Reformation and planned to march civilisation back to the Dark Ages. The dream of Loyola and others like him is to create an immensely powerful theocracy with the Pope exercising his temporal power as the Universal Monarch, ruling from the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem.

“The Secret Plan” to destroy Protestantism was in essence formulated at Trent, and its implementation by the Jesuits did indeed bring them infamy leading to their Suppression and expulsion from most of the sovereign nations they sought to destroy. The Jesuit battle plan was properly formulated at a meeting at Chieri, near Turin in Northern Italy.

Here, in 1825, a mere eleven years after the revival of the Society of Jesus, a secret meeting of leading Jesuits was held at their College at Chieri.  At that gathering, plans were discussed for the advancement of the world ambition of the Society of Jesus using the pope as its figurehead. To facilitate this accretion of world-wide Papal power, destabilising of monarchs and sovereign governments who stood in the way and the crushing of all opposition to Jesuit schemes and ambitions was fully discussed.

These stratagems are called the “Secret Plans of Chieri” and we know of them because a young Jesuit, named Leone, a 19 year old novitiate and a favourite of the Rector at Chieri, covertly took notes of the speeches and discussions at Chieri. These notes later were printed by a French publishing firm that were then, in 1848, translated into English and published as a book entitled The Jesuit Conspiracy. The Secret Plan of the Order. Detected and Revealed by the Abbate Leone.

The gist of the battle plan of the Jesuits is this: to use all means to secure a One World Government under a pope of their choosing sitting on a throne in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem. To paraphrase the authors of this strategy in five convenient sections:

Long Term Plan for World Government

Although the first generation will not belong to us, the second will nearly belong to us but the third will entirely belong to us. You well know that what we aim at is the Empire of the World.


Working in Secret And Using Duplicity

Let us prefer a Secret War; let us shun too much light. Every Bishop must vigorously act upon this principle, be gentle but inflexible – Let him know how to assume the demeanour of a lamb … which will win all hearts; but let him also know how to act with the fierceness of a raging lion when he is called upon to defend the rights of the Church …Nothing ought in fact to distinguish us in appearance from other men. Yes, the Catholic exterior may be sociable but let him not the less cherish within him concentrated rage and unconquerable antipathy.


Working by Revolution and Class Warfare to Destabilise Opponents

When the ebullition (state of boiling agitation) which we are secretly fomenting shall have reached a sufficient point, the cover shall be suddenly removed, and we shall pour our liquid fire upon those political meddlers who are ignorant and unreflecting enough to serve as tools in our hands, and our efforts will result in a Revolution, worthy of the name, which shall combine in one universal conquest, all the conquests that have been made. For I would not have it lost sight of, that our chief concern must be to mould the people to our purpose … yes, the people are the vast domain we have to conquer … the higher classes are always very inaccessible to the lower ones. Let us nourish their mutual antipathy. Let us accustom the mob, which is in fact an implement of power to look upon us as its warmest advocates: favouring its desires, let us feed the fire of its wrath and open to its view a golden age – the New World Order.


Influencing the Great and Powerful

It is upon the great that we ought particularly to exert our influence. We ought to bring them to believe that in a period as storming as this there is no safety for them but through us. We must give them to understand that the cause of evil, the bad leaven, will remain as long as Protestantism shall exist, the Protestantism must therefore be utterly abolished.


Using Writers and Authors

We ought by every possible means to secure the aid of modern thinkers, whatever be the nature of their opinions. If they can be induced at all, to write in our favour, let us pay them well in either money or laudation.



Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies

The similarity between this formulation and the Illuminati Manifesto, the Communist Manifesto and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is not accidental since they all come from the same wellspring. The same demonic intelligence that energises the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government that seeks to subvert Natural Moral Order on Earth.

The World Ambition of Organised Jewry, of the Jesuits and of the Freemasons, although the ordinary members do not know it, are the same. The ordinary Jewish Zionist may think he does what he does for the cause of greater Jewry, just as the ordinary Jesuit thinks he does what he does for the greater glory of the Order.

Just as the ordinary Judaeo-Freemason who presses the cause of his secret society thinks he too works for the sole purpose of bringing about the greater ambition of his Order, a benign World Masonic Empire.

Behind these three world ambitions, or any other that seeks to bring Heaven to Earth without the need for God, are energised by the same spirituality, the two streams of dark spirituality merging as Evil, which has Ahriman and Lucifer at its source. The Jew who involves himself in the Jewish World Conspiracy may think he serves Jewry.

The Jesuit who involves himself in the World Ambition of the Roman Church, thinks he serves the Society of Jesus, and the Freemason pursuing the Masonic Empire, the Grand Lodge.

On a mundane level, they are, but ultimately they serve the same cause and the same master … the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that intends to eradicate human liberty from the face of the Earth.

In other words, the establishment of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth, which is the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

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