The Jesuits


Christ warned in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 7) to be aware and wary of false prophets that come to us in:

“sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” (Matt. 7:15).

He warned us to take heed that we are not deceived and imposed upon by them, the false teachers and the false prophets. The men who produce false commissions, who pretend to have immediate warrant and direction from God to set themselves up as prophets, profess to be divinely inspired, when they are most definitely not.

So too must we be wary and watchful for the men who profess themselves the false apostles who say they are apostles, and are not (Rev. 2:2). Who preach false doctrine in those things that are essential to the Christian religion, and who teach that which is contrary to the truth, as it is in Christ. To teach doctrines that are inimical to the Truth, this is inimical to Christ and therefore to God.

Wary and watchful for the men who would hang out false colours, who raise false flags, but with design, with purpose, under pretence of them, so that their attacks on truth will be the more successful.

The men come in sheep’s clothing, in the habit of prophets, which was plain and coarse, for, Ahriman’s agents wear a rough garment to deceive. The men who pretend to be outwardly so innocent, harmless, meek, useful, and all that is good, the “sheep,” so nonesuch that they are excelled by none on such things.

Wary and watchful for the men who feign themselves to be just men, and for the sake of their clothing, their appearance, they are admitted among the “sheep,” which gives them an opportunity of doing them a mischief before they are aware. The men who insinuate themselves into men’s hearts and affections merely to betray them to the cause these wicked men hold higher.

The men who ingratiate themselves with kings merely to betray the confidence of the monarch and his realm to the cause they hold higher.

Wary and watchful for the men who come in “sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” whose character, appearance and apostasy are adorned with the specious pretences of sanctity and devotion. The malicious and mischievous designs concealed behind attractive ornamentation that cheat us of any truth, and possess us with error, whatever they pretend, for they in truth design mischief for our souls.

The traitors to Christ who Paul the Apostle called “grievous wolves” (Acts 20:29) who raven for themselves, and serve their own belly (Rom. 16:18).

The men, these spiritual predators who make a prey of us, who make the gain of our wealth, health and spiritual well being their life’s work. Because of all these things and because it is so easy a thing, and yet so dangerous to be cheated, Christ warned us most carefully to beware of the false teachers and the false prophets.

Especially in those times when caution and good judgement is called for, during the time when God’s work is revived, and Ahriman and his agents are most busy. The time when Satan, who is called Ahriman, turns himself into an angel of light, (2 Cor. 11:13, 14) and his human agents, the enemy, appear to us with “horns like a lamb” (Rev. 13: 11) and “faces of men” (Rev. 9:7, 8).

The great seducers who in language and carriage are soft as wool (Rom. 16:18; Isa. 30:10).

The liars, deceivers and hypocrites who inwardly are ravening wolves, who affect friendship but who in reality are the worst enemy the “sheep” has. For, these wicked and evil people come to tear and devour and to “scatter the sheep” (John 10: 12) and to drive them from God, and from one another, into crooked paths.

The plausible teachers who would cheat us of any truth, and who inculcate us with error, whatever they pretend, the “grievous wolves” who have designed mischief for our souls.

The men who would hang out false colours, who raise false flags, who come in sheep’s clothing, in the habit of prophets. Who pretend to be outwardly so innocent, harmless, meek, useful, and all that is good, and who present themselves nonparallel in such things. The grievous wolves who raven for themselves, and serve their own belly and who would destroy our souls because that is what they are compelled to do.

Manifestations of this Evil occur in every aspect of the human condition and within human affairs. Such as the craven intellects behind the Humanist and Liberal Agendas, which spawn the wicked philosophies, such as the Homosexual (LGBTQ+), Feminist and Multicultural Agendas and the thought tyranny Political Correctness that work insidiously to weaken the social cement that binds Western Civilisation.

It occurs most especially in the Churches, both Protestant and Catholic, which have been thoroughly infiltrated by wicked and evil men and women who seek the destruction of them as viable vehicles of the transmission of the Christ Impulse.

This infiltration is not accidental but planned by the Cult of Evil to dissolve the moral and spiritual integrity of the Churches, to attenuate their teachings and doctrines to a degree that renders them nought.

To bring false teachings into the Churches and disseminate them from the pulpits, the sacred dais whose status today is so devalued by the dissolute people who now have the temerity to step up to them and preach their wickedness.

Especially potent are the wicked and evil men who arrogate the garb of Christ and loudly profess their fealty and devotion to Him. But who work to bring the world under a global tyranny with a pope of their choosing sitting on the throne in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem. the Third Temple of Solomon which will be the headquarters of the One World Religion of the New World Order.

The Jesuits who are the church militant of the Great Whore that work ceaselessly to destroy all opposition to their plans for world domination using the corrupt Roman Church as their main vehicle of tyranny. The Society of Jesus, like Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry, although the ordinary members of each organisation may not know it, contain human agents of the Dark GodsAhriman and Lucifer, and who work in myriad ways to bring about changed conditions on Earth.

The human agents are Luciferians and Satanists who work to bring about conditions in the world that will be propitious for the incarnation of their gods on Earth in flesh and blood.


Although the majority of mankind has lost knowledge of its spiritual inheritance, the very powerful men and women who rule the world have never lost theirs. They have given themselves over to Evil and worship it for the temporal treasures that it brings.

They work to have a personal relationship with their gods by means that were condemned by the Prophets as abominations. The spiritual force that energises the people who rule the world is Evil and the Dark Gods, Lucifer and Ahriman, are at its head.

“Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them” (Matt. 7:20) counselled Christ and so we will use this wise advice to illustrate the true nature of the Society of Jesus. By detailing the “fruits” of Jesuitry, the perfidious schemes that the Society has instigated and the barbarous policies it has superintended since its very inception. The fruits of the Society are very bitter indeed.

Jesuit PriestThe Jesuits armed with the spiritual succour gained from the Spiritual Exercises, intimately bonded by the Extreme Oath of Induction, and using the practical advice contained in the Monita Secreta Societatis Jesu, are a most potent enemy indeed.

The Society of Jesus by its very nature and purpose set itself against not only proper and open government but also against other occult groups that have a different agenda, but whose activities come into contact with the Jesuits. The feverish activities of the Jesuits soon made a variety of enemies, both lay and clerical, both open and occult who by the middle of the 18th century sought to destroy the society.

This opposition arose from the anticlerical and anti-papal spirit of the time that was epitomised when Pope Clement XIV, especially under pressure from the governments of France, Spain, and Portugal, issued a decree in 1773 abolishing the order.

The organising hand of the House of Bourbon ensured that this proscription held in the lands they controlled or in those in which it held some measure of influence. Only in Russia, because of the opposition of Catherine II the Great (1729 – 96) empress of Russia, to the canonical execution of the suppression was the society’s corporate existence maintained.

The Devil looks after his own and inevitably forces moved to preserve the Society and in 1814, Pope Pius VII re-established the society. The brave Clement XIV had moved to smite the Society of Jesus “forever” but his wish was not to be, and the “forever” of the bull lasted only in actual deed during the period between 1773 and 1814.

The Jesuits and their organisation had not gone away but had worked covertly, insidiously and ceaselessly to consolidate their position in the occult underworld and to work to bring about the re-institution of their order. The period of suppression was stormy indeed, filled up with the awful tempest of the French Revolution that threatened the stability of all Europe.

Amongst all this travail and terror, when thrones and altars were desecrated, the Jesuits had the temerity to profess these as evidence of the Divine anger at the suppression of their Order. An audacity indeed since despite the bull of Clement, the Jesuits had neither ceased to exist nor ceased to act, and in the storms that shook the world they were vigorously active.

In the Lodges and covens of the occult groups that secretly, ultimately control much of the events called “history,” in revolutionary conventions and clubs, in war-councils and committees, and on battlefields the Jesuits were present.

The general of the Society at the head of his mystical, near invisible, army had commanded them to enter secret unions and associations not for personal edification but for the great cause which is the aggrandisement of the Order.

That is why when we pull away the curtain obscuring these secret unions we see the “Illuminatus Rex,” the Jesuit General and the “King of Jews” sitting at the same conspiratorial table. The elite Jesuits, the “professed of the 4th Degree,” like the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, guide the course of affairs with unseen but powerful touch.

The maxim of wicked and evil people is:

Ordo ab Chao” … “Order out of Chaos”


Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies

If tyrannies will not serve them, it is then a Jesuit desire to demoralise society such that proper government is made impossible, and from the chaos, the world is remodelled anew, according to their image.

This is also modus operandi of the Black Adepts of Freemasonry and the Illuminati who work to destroy Natural Moral Order on Earth and to crash Western Civilisation to the ground. From this contrived chaos, they plan to order the world, into the New World Order, in the image of their gods who are Lucifer and Ahriman who are the Lords of Misrule.

The Society of Jesus may profess to the world at large that they are for “the Greater Glory of God” and that they engage in active ministry for the “progress of souls in Christian life and doctrine and the propagation of faith” and some of them may even believe this.

When we get to the upper echelons of this Order, the degree beyond the 4th Degree, absolute Luciferianism is practised and the god of the Jesuit is not He who sacrificed Himself on the Cross at Calvary.


The Adepts of the Society have common currency with the Adepts of Freemasonry and Illuminism and the Evil Jewish Leadership who control Organised Jewry.

They all are immersed in the dark spirituality that emanates from the Ahrimanic consciousness and the Luciferian consciousness that comprise the twofold nature of Evil. The men who control the Society, the men who control Freemasonry and the men who control Jewry are the Occult Hierarchy, the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil, the ancient Luciferian Priesthood who can claim an ancient lineage of service to Evil going far back in history, back before recorded history began.

An ancient Confederacy of Evil organised as the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies and its innumerable font groups orchestrated by the Occult Hierarchy who take direction from the gods they worship. In short, Organised Evil on Earth with the Dark Gods Ahriman and Lucifer at its head.

The Cult of Evil has placemen in positions of power in every organisation that wields influence in this world. They control the occult underworld, the Roman Catholic Church, the Society of Jesus, the Protestant ChurchesFreemasonryOrganised JewryInternational Banking and all political parties worthy of consideration. Nothing has escaped their fatal embrace. This Evil Agenda is ancient and inter-generational stretching far back in time.

The Black Adepts, the Occult Hierarchy, who bestow upon a new generation of wicked men all aspects of this terrible conspiracy have performed its execution with diligence and consummate skill. The Ancient Plan to Transform Society, the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government, which is the Great Conspiracy against God brought to Earth is ancient indeed and the Cult of Evil is its most secret vehicle of transmission.

Other vehicles of the Evil Agenda that are less occult and their dark impress on history can be discerned. The main vehicles of the transmission of the Sinister Plot to Change the World used by Organised Evil are FreemasonryOrganised Jewry and the Society of Jesus: and the ordinary members do not know it. That is, the Dark Forces of Illuminism and Political Zionism.


Pius VIIThe Society of Jesus had not gone out of existence before the French Revolution, as men believed, but had slunk into the shadows and plotted in secret unions the destruction of France.

When Pius VII (1740 – 1823) restored the Order of Jesus, we find the army of Ahriman ready in full force the moment after, prepared for the work of remoulding and ruling the nations which had been destroyed by revolution but not enlightened.

With a new vicar-general, the Russian, Thaddeus Brzozowski (d.1820) at their head, the legion of Ahriman began once more to stalk abroad in their black birettas. Very soon after the restoration of the Society, their colleges, seminaries, and novitiates began to flourish and the order grew to be the largest religious order of men. It was also back in the very realms and lands from which it had been expelled.

Although the Jesuits were especially involved in education on all levels, the number of Jesuits working in the mission fields, especially in Asia and Africa, soon exceeded that of any other religious order. They also involved themselves in a broad and complex list of activities, including work in the field of communications, in social work, in ecumenical groups, and especially, although perforce covertly, in politics.

Their importance was greatly enhanced by the fact that the contest between the “Order” and the “Papal Chair” had apparently ended, at least temporarily, to the detriment of the “Vicar of Christ.” The power of the Jesuits became supreme within the Vatican and every policy and decrees issued from that place had the fingerprints of the Society’s vicar-general all over them.

Jesuit SealThe Society of Jesus had been let off the hook and was allowed to continue to use the Roman Catholic Church as a vehicle for its wicked agenda. This agenda was conceived in the darkness of secret meetings and unions but its nature can be discerned from what transpired at the Council of Trent, especially during the council in 1546 and 1547.

Here Lainez the second Jesuit General made a great impression upon the assembly and upon Pope Pius IV. Lainez represented the pope as his theologian at the third convocation of Trent along with Cavillon, Canisius and Polanco. He was also sent by Pius IV to France to attend the famous Colloquy of Poissy in 1561, initiated by Queen Catherine de Medicis (1519 – 89), whose object was the effecting of reconciliation between the Catholics and Protestants of France.

The Protestant faction of the French government welcomed the very idea of the council while on the other hand the heads of the Catholic party had attempted to frustrate any form of negotiation. Theodore Beza (1519 – 1605) from Geneva, intimate friend and chief aid of John Calvin (1509 – 64); and Peter Martyr Vermigli (1499 – 1562) from Zurich represented the Reformed Church, with Beza the main spokesman.

During the first session, Beza gave a lengthy exposition of Protestant tenets, which aroused such repugnance in the Catholics by his pronouncements on the Communion that Cardinal Tournon interrupted him. In the second session Beza was answered by the cardinal of Lorraine, who discharged his task with skill and moderation.

This toleration belied the obvious fact that there existed no sort of tendency on the Catholic side to conciliate with the heretics. Moreover, the cardinal of Lorraine attempted to sow dissension between the Swiss Calvinists and the Lutheran Protestants of Germany, on whose continued support the Calvinists depended, by his question whether the Calvinists were prepared to sign the so-called “Confession of Augsburg.” The promulgation defining the religious views of the Lutherans formulated at the Diet of Augsburg in 1530.

The plan to divide and rule the Protestants was further advanced when the Catholic delegates found in Lainez a powerful advocate. Who, upon entering the debate, opposed the Protestants with such acrimony and enmity that his own hostile position defined the position of the Catholic Church on the matter.

When a small residuum chosen from the assembly, consisting of five Catholics and five Protestants, looked as though they may succeed in some measure of compromise concerning the question of the Communion, hopes were dashed at the last minute. Just as their difficult labours seemed on the point of success, the assemblage of prelates refused assent causing the conference to collapse: a result that barred the way to a peaceable understanding with the Huguenots.

In this failure, whose consequences were grave indeed for the future peace of the world, the Jesuits achieved a victory against Protestantism and had thus carried out the wishes of its founder to utterly destroy all opposition to Rome regardless of the means or the cost involved.

Lainez had followed the spirit of his erstwhile leader and brooked no compromise with Protestantism, the mortal enemy of Rome, and just as though a modus vivendi would be established, he had moved to sabotage the success of the Colloquy. At Poissy, the seeds were sown that would eventually lead to the long and enduring enmity between the House of Bourbon and the Society of Jesus.

One of those the general of the Jesuit order, Diego Lainez, had set his face against so severely was Louis de Bourbon, Prince de Cond (1530 – 69), the leader of the Huguenot party in France. The lay opponents of the Bourbons was the Guises, staunchly Catholic, one of whose members was Charles de Guise (c.1525 – 74), the Cardinal de Lorraine, the divine who ably put the Catholic cause at Poissy.

Although the attempt at rapprochement failed at the Colloquy of Poissy an edict of January 1562 appeared to have guaranteed religious liberty for the Huguenots. This was merely the prelude to civil war (1562 – 98) some times called the Wars of Religion or the Huguenot Wars. For which the Guises gave the signal, on March 1, 1562, when they slaughtered a number of Huguenots assembled for worship in a barn at Vassy.

Like all wars between brothers and friends this series of civil wars were bloody indeed, epitomised by the infamous Massacre of St Bartholomew in which the Huguenot leader Admiral Gaspard de Coligny (1519 – 72) and all the leading Huguenots were slain. A date that marks a disastrous epoch in the history of France.  It inaugurated the long period of triumph of the Catholic reaction, during which the Huguenots had to fight for their very existence, a murderous time in which the spirit of Loyola was a presence at every wicked act.

Coligny had become a favourite of the young king, Charles XI, who was under the sway of the queen mother, the wicked Catherine de Medici and the faction of the Guises. Coligny attempted to emancipate Charles from these noxious influences and for his effort was fated for assassination by the Catholic force that despised all that was not of it.

The efforts of Coligny and the bold front of the Huguenots alarmed the Catherine the queen mother; and the massacre of St Bartholomew was the consequence. The murderous force moved to eliminate Coligny.

On 22 August 1572 Maurevel, an assassin in the pay of the queen mother and Guise shot Coligny in the street. The bullets, however, only tore a finger from his right hand and shattered his left elbow. Charles, the young king visited him, but the queen mother prevented all private intercourse between them.

On the 24th of August, the night of the massacre, a servant of the duke of Guise, generally known as Besme, attacked Coligny in his house, slew him and cast the corpse from a window into the courtyard at his master’s feet. The failure of the first attempt on Coligny’s life led to formulation of the plan for a general massacre of the Huguenots.

The opportunity for this terrible plan was furnished by the presence in Paris of many of the Huguenot nobility for the wedding of Henry of Navarre, (1553 – 1610), later the French king, Henry IV, and Catherine’s daughter, Margaret of Valois. Henry escaped the massacre by a feigned recantation of his Protestant beliefs.

The first civil war, which lasted to the end of the end of the century, was in essence the struggle between the Huguenots upholding “The Cause” (La Cause) and the Roman Catholics fighting for the Holy League (La Sainte Ligue). The Jesuits were obviously unswerving supporters of the Holy League as surely as they were the implacable enemies of The Cause.

In the council at which Catherine de Medici, Charles IX, the duke of Anjou and other leaders of the League plotted to massacre Protestants, the will of Loyola acting through the Society he founded was also felt. The will of Loyola was implacable, and its execution in pursuit of the annihilation of Protestantism, murderous, for, the Paris massacre was repeated throughout France and the Protestants were slain in thousands.

The butchery continued even after a royal order to stop, and it spread from Paris into other departments of France, reaching the provinces of Rouen, Lyons, Bourges, Orleans and Bordeaux. An estimated 3,000 were murdered in Paris, and about 70,000 in total murdered throughout France. Many fled the country while those who elected to stay resolved to fight the persecution by political means and founded a political party, otherwise, like the Protestants of Spain; they would have been exterminated.

Although the Pope and the King of Spain welcomed the news of the massacres, the Protestant world was horrified, and the killings rekindled the hatred between Protestants and Catholics and resulted in the resumption of civil war.

The massacre of the Huguenots was not only the logical outcome of the enmity of the Roman Church to all that questions her absolutism on matters of worship and conscience but also the fruit of the hate of men like Loyola who made it their life’s work to destroy any opposition to the Will of the Pope. Especially a pope of their making.

Solomons TempleEver since an edict of 29th of January 1535 ordering the extermination of the Lutheran heretics, which in effect was a declaration of war on Protestants, the Society of Jesus had made it their primary task to destroy Protestantism. It was at the Council of Trent that “The Secret Plan” was hatched to destroy Protestantism, and all those who were the able advocates of this heresy.

An extreme measure the Roman Church had always taken with other vehicles of the Christ Impulse, such as the Cathari, that threatened its hegemony. All attempts by the Roman Church at conciliation were merely sops to weaken the resolve of its enemies that it secretly worked to destroy.

The world ambition of the Church brooked no compromise or accommodation with others that presumed to preach the Gospel of Christ.

The Roman Catholic Church, although it has contained men of unimpeachable morals, is at its heart a vehicle of tyranny. The Dark Gods infiltrated, subverted and co-opted it long-ago, eventually turning it into the Judaeo-Roman Catholic Church, and have used it as a primary vehicle for their Great Conspiracy against God on Earth.

This they have done, or more accurately, their human agents have done, slowly, gradually and inexorably so that the Christ Impulse has been emptied from most of its doctrines and replaced with dogmas that inevitably lead people into error and confusion.

The main use of the Roman Church is as the means whereby a One World Religion is instituted across the globe with a “pope” sitting on a throne in the rebuilt temple, the Third Temple of Solomon, in Jerusalem.

The inauguration of a Global Religion is a prerequisite for the New World Order‘s establishment , which will be the greatest tyranny this world has ever witnessed.

The New World Order will be predicated upon a One World Religion and a One World Government with, respectively, Ahriman and Lucifer at their head.

All this has been anticipated by the great Prophets of the Bible but especially Daniel and John the Divine. The incarnation of the Dark Gods in flesh and blood was prophesied by John in the Book of Revelation who described these dark spirits of immense power as the “Beast” of the Apocalypse.

The “Beast” in the Bible is a composite figure that is often used interchangeably and which causes so much confusion. The “Beast” of the Bible is composite figure that really describes the two Dark Gods, Ahriman and Lucifer who are the dual faces of Evil.

One of the two faces of Evil is called “Diabolos” or “the seven-headed, ten-horned beast,” which is described as arising from the sea and tempts Christ by offering him dominion of the world (Matt. 4:5-9).

Other names for this Dark God are Leviathan, Lucifer or simply the Devil. The Evil dominion this entity represents is called the Luciferic Principality.

The other face of Evil is Second Beast, the “two-horned beast,” that arises from dry land and who is the cold calculating Evil spirit that challenges Christ to turn stones into bread (Matt. 4:1-4).

The other names given to this Dark God is Behemoth, Satan or Ahriman. Thus, the Evil dominion this entity represents is called the Ahrimanic Principality.

The Principalities and Powers, the Luciferic and the Ahrimanic, represent the two dominions of the Dark Gods, Lucifer and Ahriman who are the two faces of Evil.

The “Beast” in the coming Apocalypse is the Evil spirit that the Bible often calls Satan, whom the Ancient Iranians knew as Angra Mainyu, the Evil Spirit or the Evil One, symbolically represented in The Revelation of St John the Divine as the two-horned Beast, but who is also called Ahriman.

The Beast from the sea (Lucifer with his death and resurrection) is a parody of Christ, and claims divine honours and is the Great Dictator in the coming New World Order.

The Beast from the Earth (Ahriman with his lamb-like voice, signs and wonders) is a parody of the Holy Spirit; this beast deceives people into following the First Beast and is the Antichrist. The Antichrist appears only in II and III John; he is the “lawless one,” “the one destined for destruction.”

He is the figure who will usurp God’s place in the temple and deceive people with Satan inspired signs and wonders. He is the embodiment of a specious spirit of lawlessness.

Antichrist is the human vehicle, a man of flesh and blood, into which the Second Beast (Ahriman) of the Revelation, the “two-horned beast,” incarnates. Antichrist is the partner of the Great Dictator (the human vessel of Lucifer) in their unholy alliance to subvert Natural Moral Order on Earth and to replace it with the New World Order with them at its head. That is, Antichrist at the head of the One World Religion and the Great Dictator at the head of the One World Government.

The function of the Roman Catholic Church is therefore  to help bring about the conditions propitious for the creation of the One World Religion centred at Jerusalem that will have Antichrist at its head.

When it is understood that the Society of Jesus is an organisation with an inner and outer brethren. That the majority is in the outer and that the inner brethren operate to a secret plan, which is the working towards a World Government under a pope of their choosing.

A pope, these people call “Christ upon Earth,” sitting on his throne in a rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, a mortal man who they believe the entire Earth should supplicate to as a veritable god incarnate. Then the acts of treachery that this wicked Order have committed against lawful and proper government. Moreover, the atrocities in which their numbers have willingly participated in, nay, indeed, have led.

All these acts and works of wickedness that otherwise would appear incongruous with the stated aims of the founder, Loyola, of imitating the deeds of Christ, should begin to make sense. Especially when it is learnt that the Society of Jesus has, and for a very long time, been under the control of the Cult of Evil, who have had their placemen within this organisation since the beginning.

Like Organised Jewry via the Evil Jewish Leadership and like Freemasonry via the Dark Adepts, the Cult of Evil has the Society in its thrall. Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil have been secretly infixed for generations within the Society and have compelled it to commit acts inimical to Natural Moral Order on Earth.

The placemen have worked secretly to sully the best intentions and efforts of men who have joined the Society thinking it is what it professes to be. As with all Secret Societies predicated upon tyranny, the more advanced on becomes in the order, the more corrupted one becomes and the more amenable one becomes to the wicked and evil ways of the society.

The true nature of such occult groups is never what is professed or presented to the public or to the novitiate. These are deceits to attract new members and to keep enemies from understanding what they are about. This trickery is the norm in the occult underworld that is littered with myriad societies professing one thing but do another.

Similarly the Society of Jesus, that professes devotion to Christ but secretly works to extinguish His presence on Earth even though the ordinary Jesuit does not know this. How else can one explain the barbarous acts and works of treachery of the Jesuit, and in every country he operates, of the blood and misery he causes, of the Organised Evil he willingly participates in. Does the Jesuit think that Christ would approve of these things?


Council of Trent


The Society of Jesus is an important vehicle of Evil and is a conveyor of the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government that intends to eradicate human liberty from the face of the Earth. In other words, It is an integral part of the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government, the establishment of the Last Secular Global Kingdom on Earth, which is the Kingdom of Antichrist on Earth.

Just as Jewry in its special way and just as Freemasonry in its own particular way are a major parts of the strategies of Organised Evil in its ambition to create its New World Order so too is the Society of Jesus.

The martial arm of the Roman Church in its march towards world hegemony with its leader, the pope, sitting on his throne in the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem, the supreme pontiff of all. Nevertheless, there are human impedimenta to this and the greatest of them all is the so-called Protestant heresy.

That is why the Society from its very inception has worked to destroy it. That is why at the Council of Trent a plan of war was hatched, “The Secret Plan” to destroy Protestantism, and all those who were the able advocates of this heresy. A response that the Roman Church had used against other vehicles of the Christ Impulse, such as the Cathari, that threatened its hegemony.

The meeting of the Roman Church hierarchs at Trent resulted in the unconditional declaration of war against the Protestant heresy and Diego Lainez second Jesuit General after Loyola was one of the masterminds of this scheme. Lainez was a Jesuit by inclination but, unknown to his fellow Catholics, a Jew by race. Lainez was therefore the second holder of the position at the head of the Jesuits, a position that those who hold is exalted indeed and who are thus often called the “Black Pope.”


The Black Pope

 Jesuits who are elected by the High Jesuits and advance to the high 4th Degree and take the oath of this rank are the “professed” and under the Jesuit Oath; the “Bloody Oath” that binds him in the iniquity of the Society. The Jesuit General and the other high Jesuit Generals are sorcerers.

They are Luciferians, and worship the Dark God, Lucifer, seeking his power by secretly practising the rituals of Illuminism in the rites called the Black Mass. The Superior General of the Jesuits is the so-called “Black Pope” (black here refers to both the cassock he wears and the occult, evil activities he oversees and not to skin colour) who has gained immense power within the Vatican and now has command over the actual Pope.

The Jesuit General is the absolute authority in the Society and is the effective dictator of the Order.

The Jesuit General, the Black Pope, exercises full and complete control over the Order and when he speaks, the Society moves. Immediately subordinate to the Jesuit General are the “provincials” of which there are about 83, since the Order has divided the world into 83 regions and have placed one of their own, a “provincial,” as their representative in each one of them.

For each region, there is a Jesuit provincial. For instance, there is one provincial overseeing the interests of the Society in Ireland, while there are ten in North America. A reflection of the imperial Roman form of government whereby all states or provinces within the empire are subordinate to this one sovereign power: in Rome it was the emperor, in the Jesuit worldview it is their Black Pope.

The authority and will of the Jesuit General is exercised through the machinations of these provincials. These in turn provide the necessary local intelligence to their leader, such as political, social and cultural trends and sentiments that help him decide on the best means of subverting or influencing governments. When the Evil Agenda demands a war or insurrection the Jesuit General meets with his provincials most directly concerned in the theatre of operations to get the information on how best to go about this.

The Jesuit General therefore exercises immense power in the world through his provincials who themselves are of some power within their theatre of operations. The provincials, the inner brethren of the secret society, rule the lower Jesuits, the many Jesuits who are not “professed,” the ordinary Jesuits who have no idea what is really going on at the top.

Like most outer brethren, they have no concept of the real power of their Order, its true nature or ultimate goal. Just like Freemasonry and Organised Jewry, the lower ranks, the ordinary members have no real conception what alliances their elite make or what they have planned for them.

The Jesuit Order is NOT a religious order, it is a MILITARY ORDER and the vicar-general, the Jesuit General, the Black Pope, is its generalissimo. He is the officer who holds the supreme command. When the Jesuits employ talk about Christ and God and so forth it is a deceit, a stratagem, of the most wicked and evil kind. This dawning of religious garb and pious utterances are subterfuges to gain entry and then acceptance within nations.

Their ultimate aim is to capture the power and wealth of each and every country they enter and then to subjugate each and every country to the temporal, Earthly, political power of the Pope. The Society of Jesus is indeed the “Militia of the Pope” but the militia of a pope of their own choosing.

Reader, understand, no political event or circumstance can be evaluated or understood without knowledge of the role that the Vatican plays in them. No significant world situation occurs in which the Vatican does not play an important role, be it explicit or implicit, and thus in the past two hundred years this means also the Society of Jesus.

To think otherwise brings about a great misapprehension concerning how this world is really run.

Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret SocietiesThe Jesuits are an army, they are soldiers, they are under a blood oath and this oath is to be faithful in all circumstances to their vicar-general and ultimately to the god they serve, which is not the God of the Bible.

When a Jesuit becomes professed of the 4th Degree, he is issued give with The Secret Instructions that detail the general battle plans of the Order. Nevertheless, there is another degree of initiation beyond the 4th Degree where the candidate is introduced to the absolute Luciferianism of the Order.

The elite of Freemasonry, of Jewry, and the masters of the Kabbalah, and the elite of the Jesuits worship the Dark God, Lucifer, and seek the occult and secular power it is in his capacity to give. The secret rulers of the Jesuits, of Jewry, of Freemasonry, and of all power structures of any ascendancy, have given themselves over to Evil and serve it for the temporal treasures it gives.

They are controlled by a Cabal of Evil that is heir to an ancient tradition that is to the oldest religion on Earth. They are the inheritors of the religion of the Dark Gods that is concretised in the Cult of Evil.

This Cabal of Evil are the few men are the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil, who control the occult underworld in an iron grip, and thus the political and financial power structures that have ensnared humanity in a web of corruption. The Black Adepts, thE Occult Hierarchy are few in numbers but they are men by virtue of their inherited position uniquely wealthy and immensely powerful. They are possessors of an occult and secular power that beggars belief and no nation, no government, no organisation and no individual is safe from their machinations. These uniquely powerful men are very few indeed and their number is less than forty, in fact, there are only 39 of them. And the Jesuits are under their sway.

The true power in the world until this century was the Roman Catholic Church, which epitomised the concept of power politics. Alternative or rival creeds or opinions were ruthlessly suppressed by the Church, which used controlling tactics such as excommunication, gaol, torture, and burning alive to maintain its power.

The Roman Catholic Church has also waged war against rival religions to maintain its secular and theological ascendancy. It was for this reason why secret societies were created in Europe to carry forward alternative agendas without the fear of wholesale slaughter from the cruel, cruel Church of Rome. Secret Societies therefore evolved survival tactics to counter this threat of suppression and annihilation.

The situation today regarding the relationship between the Church and secret societies is this. Today the Church is not the secular power she was and is in decline. Also, there are some types of secret society where the Church held no threat or influence. Moreover, the topmost figures in the Church have always been members of secret societies, even those it proscribed. The Church of Rome is not the player it once was.

The real threat today does not come from the Holy See but from the small group who control society, and is milking it dry … the Cabal of Evil … the Brotherhood of Darkness … the Secret Masters of the dark Empire of Secret Societies who are the true Lords of Power on Earth and are verily the Shadow Government of the world.


Council of Trent’s Terrible Consequences

lainezThe meeting of the Roman Church hierarchs at Trent resulted in the unconditional declaration of war against the Protestant World and Diego Lainez second Jesuit General after Loyola was one of the masterminds of this scheme.  Lainez, and therefore the Order he headed, were behind some of the most virulent Counter-Reformation measures adopted by the Council of Trent.

Lainez had provoked the wrath of Pope Paul IV when he informed him of the intention of the Society to sail an independent course from that planned by the Holy See, which elicited from the old pope the extraordinary prediction that some day a new Satan would arise from their ranks. A prescient warning indeed …



Coun cil of Trent


Although the Jesuits may never have set down in any public documents that they act with the philosophy that the end justifies the means, it is a distinguishing feature of their history that they have always proceeded upon that axiom.

Everything that the Order did they did with the ulterior motive of empowerment, of the Order itself and but especially of its vicar-general, the Black Pope.

They inveigled from favourable Popes, special privileges (such as the right of their colleges to grant degrees) that individually brought a certain degree of power to the Order which cumulatively made the Society pre-eminent in Rome. By allowing them to grant degrees in their colleges, for instance, this ultimately enabled them to capture the universities.

By taking control of education the Jesuits could, as they well knew, indoctrinate the child with their wicked philosophies and mould the impressionable child into the rigidly brainwashed man. Through the universities they controlled and their own colleges, they drafted the sons of the rich and noble whom they particularly cultivated.

The Jesuit system of education was the narrowest and most vicious in all Europe, especially their version of history, and the primary aim of it was to inspire hatred of Protestantism. By such means were the Catholic lands prepared and primed for the grisly Thirty Years War (1618 – 48) against Protestantism that engulfed France and Germany in sectarian hatred.

The Jesuits, who hoped that these internecine wars would destroy the Protestant heresy, followed the armies and hung about the camps exhorting the faithful to ever-increasing levels of barbarity.

To maintain their influence, the Jesuits pressed their services as confessors of kings, princes and nobles everywhere and connived at their vices. For example, at the court of the dissolute French king, Louis XIV (1638 – 1715), the Jesuit confessors enjoyed the confidences of the King and all the leading ladies of the Court.

In the non-Catholic lands, the northern European states that had embraced Protestantism, the Jesuit mischief was fully realised when their propensity for extreme secrecy, for Byzantine and murderous intrigues, were allowed full rein.

In England, their great prize, the Jesuit rush to power was confounded by their own vaunting ambition. Their creature Mary I (1516-58), Queen of England from 1553 to 1558, who garnered the sobriquet “Bloody Mary” after approving the burning at the stake of many Protestants following her restoration of Roman Catholicism in England, indulged their excesses.

After Mary’s death, their attempt to secure all the confiscated monastic property as their own, and all their other intrigues and plots against lawful government reversed the policy of toleration instituted by Mary’s successor, Queen Elizabeth (1533 – 1603).

Elizabeth restored Protestantism to England and set about ridding the land of Jesuit traitors.

The Society boast of a hundred Jesuit martyrs in the period that followed but in truth only five regularly admitted Jesuits were executed for plotting revolution, while two others saved their lives by turning informers.

Like all who think they can change reality by controlling knowledge of the truth, the Jesuits swelled their list of martyrs by cajoling condemned priests in prison to “join the Society” before their execution.

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