Illuminati, Jesuit and Jewry’s Attack upon France Her People, Culture and God

Illuminati, Jesuit and Jewry’s Attack upon France Her People, Culture and God

Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies

“The appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult, but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.”

Lectures on the French Revolution, by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, First Baron Acton (1910).

Illuminati, Jesuit and Jewry’s Attack upon France Her People, Culture and God


Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies“The appalling thing in the French Revolution is not the tumult, but the design. Through all the fire and smoke we perceive the evidence of calculating organization. The managers remain studiously concealed and masked; but there is no doubt about their presence from the first.”

Lectures on the French Revolution, by John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, First Baron Acton (1910).


“Remember the French Revolution to which it was we who gave the name of ‘Great.’ The secrets of its preparation are well known to us for it was wholly the work of our hands.”

Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion No. 7.


“We were the first to cry among the masses of the people the words ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.’  The stupid Gentile poll parrots flew down from all sides on to these baits, and with them carried away the well-being of the world. The would-be-wise men of the Gentiles were so stupid that they could not see that in nature there is no equality, and there cannot be freedom.”

Protocols of the (Learned) Elders of Zion No. 1.


Others Perceive the Evil behind the Revolution:

Nesta Webster“What was the aim of this occult power? Was it merely the plan of destruction that had originated in the brain of a Bavarian professor twenty years earlier, or was it something far older, a live and terrible force that had lain dormant through the centuries, that Weishaupt and his allies had not created but only loosed upon the world?

The Reign of Terror, like the outbreak of Satanism in the Middle Ages, can be explained by no natural causes -the orgy of hatred, lust, and cruelty directed not only against the rich but still more against the poor and the defenceless, the destruction of science, of art, and beauty, the destruction of the churches, the organised campaign against all that was noble, all that was sacred, all that humanity holds dear, what was this but Satanism?”

Nesta Webster Secret Societies and Subversive Movements (1924).

The great parliamentarian and one of the greatest names in the history of political-literature, Edmund Burke (1729-97) perceived the Evil at work in the Revolution and denounced it in his great Reflections on the Revolution in France and on the proceedings in certain societies in London relative to that event (November 1790).

While gulls like Charles James Fox (1749-1806), a prominent Whig, who said:

“How much the greatest event it is that ever happened in the world, and how much the best”


Did not understand what was happening in France, Burke understood all too well.

In earlier times Burke championed human rights in relation to the American colonies, Ireland and India but with regards to the developments in France he was a passionate critic, as indeed were most honest thinking men who loved freedom and justice.

When a young Frenchman in the late summer of 1789 inquired of Burke why he did not support the Revolution, Burke replied:

Edmund Burke“Permit me … to tell you what the freedom is that I love and that to which I think all men intitled. It is not solitary, unconnected, individual, selfish liberty. As if every man was to regulate the whole of his Conduct by his own will.

The Liberty I mean is social; freedom. It is that state of things in which Liberty is secured by the equality of Restraint; A constitution of things in which the liberty of no one Man and no Number of men can find Means to trespass on the liberty of any Person or any description of Persons in the Society. This kind of Liberty is indeed but another name for Justice, ascertained by wise Laws, and secured by well constructed institutions.”


Wisdom Burke developed in his Reflections on the Revolution, a hugely influential text, which was read in numerous editions throughout Europe and which encouraged European rulers in their opposition to the Evil flooding out of the French Revolution.

Burke instinctively perceived the malefic force underpinning the efforts and propaganda of the French revolutionaries and their supporters. His great and vocal opposition to it was founded upon his profound understanding of the true nature of the revolution and its main target: Natural Moral Order on Earth predicated upon Christ.

When Burke argued that various assaults on the pre-existing social order, even though they accorded with reason, and as such, were fatally destructive of the practically necessary and inherently valuable stability of civil society, he was defending Natural Moral Order on Earth set in place by the supreme Will of God. He emphasised the values of tradition, of the family, and of the nation state and their ultimate validation in the Natural Moral Order that was Christendom.

Writing in 1790, Burke condemned the amoral application of rationalism and its use by revolutionaries to destroy the ancien regime. Moreover, as a true genius and champion of freedom, he understood the logical consequence of the events unfolding in France and foresaw the autocracy that was still to come and the terror that would inevitably be in its wake.

This wise man perceived and understood the world ambitions of these so-called radicals and the tyranny they truly represented. The clever, calculating men, who had begun the Revolution by releasing the enormous latent energy of Evil residing in the soul of every man, and who exploited the genuine grievances of the common people of France, were interested in more than the conquest of France by their ideas.

The conquest of France, and the destruction of its moral base, was merely a proving ground for their iniquitous method, which was to then be used in the destruction of Europe and of the conquest of the rest of the world. A world that would be “liberated” whether it wished to be or not. T he personality that was Edmund Burke was great indeed. The wise Samuel Johnson (1709-84) gives a vivid account of him.

Samuel Johnson“Burke, Sir, is such a man that if you met him for the first time in the street, where you were stopped by a drove of oxen, and you and he stepped aside to take shelter but for five minutes, he’d talk to you in such a manner that when you parted you would say:

‘This is an extraordinary man.'”


The contrast between Burke and Robespierre is stark.


They are personifications of the two sides of the mintage of man: the decent and the indecent, the light and the dark, the good and the bad. The likes of Edmund Burke are the rocks upon which Western society is founded, but which are becoming increasingly rare. The likes of Robespierre are the destroyers and the wreckers and although they are few in numbers they are in the ascendancy.

An example of this opposing spirituality, differently energising The antagonists, is this.

When Burke was advised by a friend to edit his praise of Marie Antoinette, who was even at that time victim of great calumny, he refused, and from his reply we can discern the great humanity of the man:

Edmund Burke“… am I obliged to prove judicially the virtues of all those I shall see suffering every kind of wrong and contumely and risk of life, before I endeavour to interest others in their sufferings? … Are not high rank, great splendour of descent, great personal elegance and outward accomplishments ingredients of moment in forming the interest we take in the misfortunes of men? …

I tell you again that the recollection of the manner in which I saw the queen of France in 1774, and the contrast between that brilliancy, splendour and beauty, with the prostrate homage of a nation to her, and the abominable scene of 1789 which I was describing, did draw tears from me and wetted my paper.

These tears came again into my eyes almost as often as I looked at the description, they may again. You do not believe this fact, nor that these are my real feelings; but that the whole is affected, or as you express it, downright foppery. My friend, I tell you it is truth; and that it is true and will be truth when you and I are no more; and will exist as long as men with their natural feelings shall exist.”


Contrast this with Robespierre’s address to the National Convention in 1794:

Guillotine“Terror is nought but prompt, severe, inflexible justice; it is therefore an emanation of virtue; it is less a particular principle than a consequence of the general principle of democracy applied to the most pressing needs of the fatherland.”


Or this, in another address to the National Convention:

“If we have to choose between an excess of patriotic zeal and the empty shell of bad citizenship, or the morass of moderatism, we will not hesitate. A vigorous body suffering from an overabundance of sap is a richer source of strength than a corpse.”


Or this:

“The government of liberty is the despotism of liberty against tyranny.”


The source of the perverse morality emanating out of the soul that was Maximilien Marie Isidore de Robespierre can also be discerned in the position he took on the great question of the king’s trial:

Execution of Louis“This is no trial; Louis is not a prisoner at the bar; you are not judges; you are, you cannot but be statesmen, and the representatives of the nation. You have not to pass sentence for or against a single man, but you have to take a resolution on a question of the public safety, and to decide a question of national foresight.

It is with regret that I pronounce the fatal truth: Louis ought to perish rather than a hundred thousand virtuous citizens; Louis must die that the country may live.”


Robespierre’s cruel moral relativism is the province of wicked men who claim reason as their ultimate source and justification for all their actions.

Men who deify logic and who embody the cardinal sin of all revolution, the cruelty of ideas. This type of revolutionary is a man who, according to Arthur Koestler in Darkness at Noon:

“… is damned always to do that which is most repugnant to him: to become a slaughterer, to sacrifice lambs so that no more lambs may be slaughtered, to whip people with knots so that they may learn not to let themselves be whipped, to strip himself of every scruple in the name of a higher scrupulousness, and to challenge the hatred of mankind because of his love for it – an abstract and geometric love.”


Edmund Burke instinctively perceived the evilness rampaging across France, stalking and destroying everything that made that country great, but understood that Natural Moral Order founded upon the Christ Impulse was its one true prey. And, that men like Talleyrand, Robespierre, Marat, Mirabeau and others, however plausible and reasonable, were, inter alia the spokesmen for Evil.

That if The spokesmen for Evil were left to hold sway in France, without opposition both moral and physical, then this Evil would surely prevail and its creeping menace cover all of Europe.

That is why this brave and humane man wrote, as a warning to his contemporaries and for posterity:

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”


Unfortunately, gentle reader, today good men are indeed doing nothing and Evil in all its manifestations is rampaging across this Earth without any significant opposition. There is no one of the stature of Burke who has stepped forward to lock horns with the wicked and truly evil men and women who have all national governments by their throats.

The Churches are silent and parts of it even condone the excesses of these wicked people who are intent on bringing ruin to the nations of this world. The universities are empty of people who have the intellectual and moral stature to dare tackle the problem and the venal men that control the media have chased Truth out of their domain.

The sophistication of the Evil Agenda for the establishment of World Government confounds adequate description for its ultimate source is non-human. It source is an intelligence of such power and breadth that it not only defies description, but also confounds proper and thorough investigation of it.

The manner and way whereby this dark sinister intelligence, and the human agents that serve it, have plotted to destroy Western civilisation and the Christ Impulse upon which it is founded, is so subtle and complete it beggars belief. Good men really are doing nothing, ignorant or indifferent to the looming nightmare about to descend on this world.

Instead of men like Burke, we have a brigade of Robespierres, the wreckers and destroyers, who have our elected leaders in their pockets and who lead them by the nose.


Marie-AntoinetteLouis XIVLouis, the king, was guillotined and buried without a funeral, and his Queen, Marie Antoinette, was also guillotined along with uncounted tens of thousands of innocent people, all sacrificed in the name of “the People” and “the Right’s of Man.”

The humanists that moulded the French Revolution developed the idea that the individual is of no importance and superfluous to the imperatives of the “People.”

From this inauspicious beginnings was developed the cruel deception later called Communism, a pernicious theory that was developed by wicked and evil men under the guidance of the Secret Masters of the Dark Empire of Secret Societies who are the true Lords of Power on Earth.

The tumult of the French Revolution opened an era of intense politicisation where everything and everyone were political possibilities or arrangements. In this logical nightmare everyone, even children and animals were capable of treason and other high crimes against the “People.”

And so, in France, a nation of High Culture that had contributed very significantly to the creation of Western civilisation, the “Rights of Man” were exalted above everything, and because of this, masses of her innocent people were murdered in the name of “the People.”

The great terror unleashed in France saw development of this most significant characteristic of the modern world: the tendency to relate everything to politics. Left”, “Right” and “Centre” became political terms and the meaning of the word “purge” changed from a medical practice to a political imperative.

The revolutionary Government was therefore only interested in controlling “Political crime” and all other perceived crimes were a matter of debate. And this politicisation of every aspect of society caused a moral inversion whereby any moral outrage could be excused by invoking the “People.” It was a godsend for tyrants, thieves, murderers, bullies and psychopaths everywhere.

Every despot-in-waiting, traitor, would-be plunderer or ambitious bandit now called himself a “a liberator,” murderers now said they killed for freedom, thieves stole from the people for the people, and tyrants inexorably removed freedom from the people in the name of freedom of the people.

It was the beginnings of what Orwell would later call “double-think” in his prophetic dystopia Nineteen Eighty-four.

Compounding this moral malaise was the deliberate and calculated assault on the minds of the people. Propaganda was used to change public sentiment, opinion and social ideas. The masters of deception who controlled the revolution knew very well that words were weapons of warfare in their battle with Truth and therefore, ultimately, God Himself.

Here. we see the beginnings of a state-controlled press that creates the false reality of the masses it desires to manipulate and control. The beginnings of the sophisticated system of control using mass psychology whereby the Secret Elite manipulate and herd the masses like sheep. Where a matrix of lies and deception is woven whose design is to keep the people in total ignorance of their enslavement.

Innumerable pamphlets and journalists mysteriously appeared out of the shadows, speaking in a united voice whose sole intention was to mould public opinion. Truth was ignored and those who maintained it were vilified or killed. Consequently, within a very short time truth was, to the ordinary Frenchman, an unknown commodity and indistinguishable from fiction.

“Spontaneous,” nation-wide demonstrations would spring forth at sensitive times in key places to further the Revolution’s goals, which invariable caused the destruction of those people and ideas inimical to the revolutionary cause, and so targeted Christianity especially. Preying upon people’s anxieties, charges of secret conspiracies, from within and without, were routinely used by the architects of this terror to unite people behind the desires of those leaders making the charges.

The people were told that “conspirators” both indigenous and alien were the source of all the nation’s ills and needed to be “purged” from the country and repelled at the borders. The clever propagandists and intellectuals heavily promoted the Revolution of Reason as the means to bring the people to Paradise and therefore the social arrangement that was being set in place in France was posited as the perfect model and savour of all mankind.

Accordingly, the Revolution had to be spread worldwide for world-wide Paradise to arrive: for once people rationally assessed the French Experiment they would soon topple their monarchs and nobility, defrock its religious leaders and create a new world society- a New World Order. All in accordance with the best practices of Freemasonry and the other occult societies that seek World Hegemony with them at is head.

Gentle reader, when we learn attempts were made to eradicate every vestige of Christianity by destroying churches, murdering priests, and imposing a calendar not founded upon the concept or possibility of the birth of Jesus.

When priests and nuns were killed by executive order because they refused to take an oath of loyalty to the new regime and to abandon their vocations.

When popular public spectacle was made out of priests abjuring their vocation, and a ceremony of “debaptization” was invented for the laity.

When all public and private worship was forbidden. When venerable Catholic buildings became the scenes of mocking rites and blasphemously defiled by people gorged on hatred of God.

When the defiled and secularised cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris was renamed the Temple of Liberty. And, that children over the age of five were considered State property, for it to do what it willed with the child, we know we are witnessing the actions of Organised Evil with a very definite Agenda of Evil.

All percipient people can see in the organised insanity of the revolution overwhelming France, especially at the height of its ferocity, something very Evil.

Some, dark organising intelligence behind it, marshalling the forces of terror and tyrannythat was directing the likes of Robespierre, Danton and others, that was steering the National Convention and Jacobin clubs, which encouraged mass-murder, wholesale desecration of churches and all the excesses of the Terror.

The even more percipient see that behind The surface effects lies the Dark Empire of Secret Societies and Subversive Movements that have blighted human history and caused many of its great trials. They see that behind the nightmare of violence and intrigue, with its seeming anarchic chaos, there lurks the presence of a vast Occult Power .. of Dark Forces … of an unholy alliance between Luciferic and Satanic Forces.

Masonry Behind RevolutionsTo those with eyes to see, who purview history from the perspective of the bird and not that of the frog, the events in France at this time were the inevitable outcome of the organised sedition that were harbingers of far more sinister future events.

All the elements for the future assault on Christendom were here, at this time, assayed. For, when the true nature of the events and their effects are judged dispassionately the true target is easily revealed – Christianity.

It was for this reason that common sense and morality were pushed over and turned on their head: a condition now nearly perfected in the Thought Tyranny of Political Correctness that has today Western Christian Civilisation by the throat and is slowly, inexorably, throttling it to death.

Equality was equated with equivalence that in turn was equated with liberty. Poverty was considered proof of one’s sincerity and virtue, and thus lack of success was not due to inability, incompetence or moral laxity but to injustice per se. A corollary of this sentimentality was that foolish and wicked intellectuals asserted that it was the duty of the State to support the poor at the expense of the less poor.

In France during the Great Revolution vigourous attempts were made to deny God.

The Cult of Patriotism was heavily promoted and foisted on the people as a replacement for the Church and Christianity, enforced with threats of imprisonment or death. The Catholic rituals were swept away along with the priests who performed them and in their wake arose the religion of “Patriotism,” the culte de la patrie, which was a sanction of faith in the fatherland.

The “Republic” of France, became the new deity and sin and blasphemy was reformulated as anything deemed unpatriotic and defined as any move against the State.

The mark of the true Patriot was swearing allegiance to the new religion that was the “Republic’s” Constitution. Whereas as priests were seen as forces of reaction and purveyors of falsehoods by proclaiming the biblical, Christian Gospel of Christ, The new “Patriots” were promoted as the social changing force for human emancipation from the tyranny of the Church, for greater understanding, enlightenment and betterment of the human condition.

While the revolutionaries banned all Christianity, burned Bibles and forbid the worship of God, the Jacobin Clubs legislated within the laws of their newly instituted government that the Christian God of the Bible was a false god. In the place of the Bible and the worship of Christ they promoted a female deity as the proper focus of veneration, the Goddess of Reason and of Liberty. The very same goddess standing in New York harbour as a gift to the “People” of America from the “People” of France.Statue Liberty

The exaltation of this goddess as the Goddess of Reason and of Liberty in Christ’s stead was a deliberate ploy of the occult groups commanding the revolution. They understood the true purpose of it, for they had attempted to resurrect the moribund ancient veneration for the Great Earth Goddess, the Queen of Heaven, that had been rejected by modern minds but whose presence was deeply felt in the subconscious of all even though they did not know it.

The very same goddess that had been subsumed into the figure of Mary, the Virgin Mother of God, who had become the most important figure in Roman Catholicism after Christ Himself.

The Cult of Evil serves different gods than those that give Form and Order to Creation. Their purpose for the exaltation of this ancient but very real deity was to eclipse the glory of Christ who is not only the Son of God, but the Sun God that has come to Earth and who is also the Earth Spirit itself.

Even as the revolutionaries replaced Christ’s altar in Notre Dame Cathedral with an altar to the Goddess of Reason. When an actress, Désirée Candéille, symbolising the “Goddess of Reason,” was enthroned upon the high altar thereby inaugurating the “Age of Reason,” the real god of the Revolution was worshipped secretly elsewhere.

This Dark God could be discerned from the preoccupation of the revolutionaries in their sacrament in the spilling of blood surrounding the ritual slaughter of the guillotine. The true god of the Revolution in France was Satan, the Dark God of the Bible also called Ahriman, the Lord of Lies and Misrule, who demands from his disciples human blood as his sacrifice.

Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies Even as Robespierre celebrated the mass in Notre Dame with the Goddess of Reason impersonated by Candéille from the Paris Opera, later symbolised as the Statue of Liberty and sent to America, foolish and clever liberals were claiming a great victory for their kind.

That by this symbolic act of blasphemy the Great Revolution had passed a noteworthy stage in the liberal struggle against religious dogma in Europe and thus the emancipation of men from the slavery of Christ.


And that this high theatre was simply a plangent event in the long struggle between received dogma of religion and freedom of thought and conscience.When Natural Moral Order is rejected and humans attempt to erect one in their own image moral degeneracy results.

And so, when the wicked and foolish men attempted to chase God out of France their efforts were accompanied by an upsurge of sexual perversion of all kinds.

In other words, the devious minds of the Black Adepts of the Cult of Evil who were the architects of this tyranny, slowly, inexorably reduced the masses into sensual slavery: just as they knew it would.

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