Unholy Alliance between Jewish Usury and World Revolution

Unholy Alliance between Jewish Usury and World Revolution


Star of DavidThe Talmud may contain the revealed Word of God in some small measure but it also contains human interpretation in large measure and consequently is a reflection of the human condition and therefore is an archive of gross error.

The terrible error that has been made is the rejection of Christ and the perversion of the concept of “God’s Chosen People.”

The Jews have, in the profoundest sense, “missed the boat” and are left raging on the shore against the departing vessel.

Their anger is great and their wait for another vessel to deliver them is wearisome and consequently Judaism (Pharisaism) has atrophied waiting for their saviour-vessel, the Messiah (mashiakh), which has weighed heavily on the racial soul of the Jews.

The Dark Gods have worked insidiously on the soul of the Jewry and has successfully corrupted the Yahweh Impulse that indeed had made the Tribe of Judah the Chosen People to provide the perfect human vessel for the Incarnation of Christ. But once the man Jesus of Nazareth was born this especial status disappeared.

The concept of this special status accorded the Judaeans by the Divine Powers has been very useful to the Evil Principalities that seek to enslave humanity using whatever means available.

The Great Conspiracy to enslave humanity is not a Jewish conspiracy per se but members of the Jewry, especially Ashkenazi Jewry, are human agents of Evil of great influence.

Other very influential human agents of Evil arise from other racial groups.

The conspiracy is not a racial conspiracy per se but it, or more correctly they, the Dark Gods, use race as a potent weapon of control and manipulation. What is crucially significant is that the Jewry has been used as a major vehicle of transmission of the Evil Agenda, which is the Great Conspiracy against God brought to Earth.

Some of the Black Adepts who have helped orchestrate the Evil Agenda on Earth have arisen from Jewry and have played a significant part in the Great Conspiracy.

These nominal Jews who receive the adulation of their race not only betray their kith and kin but humanity itself by their actions. They serve higher purposes than simply crude racism … they serve the Dark Gods.

The real reason why Jewry has been favoured by the hidden government of the world, the Shadow Government, is because of its unique status in history.

The Lord of MisruleLord of the Flies, the Dark God Ahriman requires that Natural Moral Order be destroyed before his attempted take over of Creation and therefore uses a number of stratagems to do this. Chief amongst them is World Jewry, for it is a unique vessel for the transmission of his Evil Agenda through the ages and across continents.

Treasonists amongst Jewry, who worship gods not in the Hebrew Bible, will betray the Jews like they will betray every other race on this Earth. Similarly the Black Adepts from other races will betray their countrymen, even their king, in sacrifice to the coming New World Order predicated on Evil.

The immolation of Natural Moral Order is a primary concern of the wicked and evil people who are willing agents of Evil, both Jew and Gentile. The Jewish international usurers and banking dynasties have been greatly helped in their task by very powerful forces that are energised by Evil.

The Jewish Bankers that bring great shame and opprobrium upon “the Jew” are fronts for the Evil Agenda that uses World Jewry to attack moral order.

The power of World Jewry and its Evil Jewish Leadership is not wholly their own power; very powerful men who rule this world have bestowed most of it upon them.

These powerful men are the human agents of Evil who serve an Ancient Agenda that is part of the Great Conspiracy against God orchestrated by the Dark GodsAhriman and Lucifer. The baleful gods, who are the Dual faces of Evil, are immense spiritual beings of great power who spit in God’s face and wish to tear down Creation and erect an alternative in their own image.

The root of Zionism therefore ultimately comes from the corruption of the concept of “God’s Chosen People.” That this corruption is the fruit of the ancient resentment and disdain for the goyim nurtured by the Dark Gods into the contemporary hatred of non-Jews and politicised in Zionism.

Many authors who have been subsequently charged with “anti-Semitism” have hinted at the true nature of the “Jewish Problem.”

Anti-Semitism exists since it is the mirror reflection of the Talmudic anti-goyim discourses as it is also a reaction to the activities of Jews enacting these racist discourses.

Hatred is not peculiar to race but is innate to the human condition. But a peculiar prejudice exists within World Jewry that is unique: that the Jewish race, is intrinsically superior to all other races; that this has energised Jewry in their relations with others, which has resulted in Jewry being implicated in serious acts of treachery and thievery against the goyim, their racial inferiors.

Jews easily excuse this discriminatory and abusive behaviour towards members of another race because, unlike themselves, their victims are not the “chosen people of God.”

An example of the Evil at work within Jewry, but especially Ashkenazi Jewry, is the medieval compact between Gentile aristocracy and the Jewish elite in Europe.

Classical Judaism was not only a religion but also a tyrannical system of social control administered by rabbis who lusted for power over their people. Ordinary Jews were coerced into obeying labyrinthine and capricious laws on pain of fines, beatings or even murder, administered by the non-Jewish Gentile aristocracy that received a share of the fines.

The Gentile nobility and Jewish elite had other common interests that brought them power and wealth but also spawned the festering hatred of Jewry in the consciousness of Europe that would ultimately realise “the Holocaust.”

Throughout the Middle Ages, Jews served as middlemen, or bailiffs administering the oppression of the peasants, both Jew and non-Jew, by the Gentile nobility. Often nobles would give Jews concessions to manage their holdings.

In this compact, as with all such arrangements in history, the elites profited from the misery of the ordinary people. The Gentile and Jewish elites have always co-operated for their mutual benefit. The victims have always been the ordinary people who have observed these schemes and have remembered who and why.

The ordinary Jew suffered the outrages of their elites out of fear and fealty to their rabbis and their “G-D”. The ordinary Gentile suffered the outrages of their nobles out of fear and fealty but remembered the role played by the Jew in their suffering.

This willingness of the Jew to inflict suffering at a profit upon the gentiles, coupled with the separateness and non-assimilative nature of Jewry and Gentile knowledge of the anti-goyim Talmudic teachings, was the real cause of Anti-Semitism.

The pogroms that periodically erupted in Europe were the revenge extracted from Jewry by a peasantry felt betrayed by the Jew. Yet, the victims were invariably the ordinary Jews, the elites of their race somehow always managed to escape ultimate judgement for their crimes against both ordinary Jew and Gentile.

Although the tyranny of the nobility and the rabbis was dissolved by the Enlightenment, and Jews and non-Jews alike were liberated from arbitrary power of their aristocracies, some elites still co-operated together to enslave humanity in a New World Order.

A new arrangement that not merely attempts to restore the old order but a form of neo-feudalism that makes everyone equal except the elites who rule it absolutely with an immensely powerful police force and army commanded out of the United Nations.

The elites of the Gentile and Jewish worlds have plotted to resurrect their feudal power not realising that there is an agenda that transcends their petty temporal ambitions. It is the Agenda of Evil that sets out the gradual enslavement of humanity in the web of corruption that cuts mankind off from its spiritual inheritance.

There is a historical phenomenon that has inexorably destroyed mankind’s faith in himself as a spiritual being and his faith in the supreme spiritual Being who is the Cause of everything.

The spectacular success of science predicated upon ratiocination and autonomous thought is inspired by Lucifer, but especially Ahriman, who has seduced mankind into believing that rational thought, reason, logic and the canny application of the senses and an exact method are the only proper means of apprehending Objective Reality. This is the product of the Ahrimanically quickened decent of mankind into the realm of matter and man’s near total reliance on his five senses.

Although there is an infinite quality of difference between the Divine Plan ordained by God and the agenda energised by Evil the wicked people who are behind the Evil Agenda believe that theirs is more complete and that their rebellion will succeed. These deluded people are the Black Adepts who are very powerful men who serve a different god than the God of the Bible.

They are Luciferians and Satanists who work to bring about conditions in the world that will be propitious for the incarnation of their gods on earth. Although the majority of mankind has lost knowledge of its spiritual inheritance, the very powerful men and women who rule the world have never lost theirs. They have given themselves over to Evil and worship it for the temporal treasures that it brings.

They work to have a personal relationship with their gods by means that were condemned by the Prophets as abominations. The spiritual force that energises the people who rule the world is Evil and the Dark Gods Lucifer and Ahriman are at its head.

The coterie of Dark Adepts includes people from different races, including Jews, and they are the handful of people who wield real power and collectively posses the greatest power in the modern world. These few, Dark Adepts, the Occult Hierarchy, are the leaders of the human agents of Evil.

This Secret Cabal of immense power does not contain many generals, presidents, Prime Ministers, CEO’s, or bankers. They are not required, for the fabulous wealth and privilege at the disposal of this cabal easily corrupts nearly all and everyone in positions of power and influence.

Regardless of the public perception of charismatic political figures and the perceived power of sovereign parliaments, the real power on Earth lies elsewhere. The cabal has all useful people, including politicians and religious leaders, in its pockets who are the placemen of the conspiracy.

This group has been shaping European society for many centuries, and its power is such that it now is able to manipulate the whole world and modify its destiny to suit their aims. This is not sensationalism it is truth.

The four pillars of Western CivilisationChristianity, Liberty, the sovereign nation-state and the nuclear family are especially under attack from this Secret Cabal who uses a plethora of stratagems of breathtaking subtly to destroy any resistance to its objective.

Although Freemasonry delights in its reputation as the world’s most powerful secret society, it is not up to the great and terrible task of usurping Creation. In fact, it is not even in the running.

The real powerbrokers are very, very secret, and take great care to remain hidden from the scrutiny of society. In Britain, there are only three of them, in Ireland, there are two; in France, there are eight, in Germany, there are six: in North and South America, there are twenty.

There are 39 very wealthy men- so uniquely wealthy- they can circumvent any security there is. They have their agents within Masonry, within World Jewry, the Rosicrucians, the Jesuits and any secret society of any concern at all. These people can influence all aspects of society, especially in the judiciary and in politics.

They control the European Union and the USA by the placement of agents of influence in key positions. They have four of their creatures in crucial posts in the Vatican. They have agents of influence in every political party and trade union.

There are 39 men of immense wealth and immense power who control the temporal affairs of this Earth from the shadows.

They do this through the network of secret occult groups and para-governmental bodies such as the CFR, the RIIA, the Bilderbergers and the Trilateral Commission that meet in secluded places and whose memberships are selected from the power elite of Europe and North America. They are not Jews in toto but men effecting Judaism are within its ranks.

The Jewish people have been repeatedly betrayed by this elite that whose allegiance is not only to themselves and others of their ilk but also ultimately to the dark sinister gods they worship.

There are countless instances where the interests of this elite were not those of the ordinary Jew and the ordinary Jew suffered. The greatest betrayal so far, because in the coming years there will be others of similar magnitude, was in the Second World War, a war contrived by powerful banking interests, in the event now called the Holocaust.

Here in Europe, when Lucifer, the Leviathan, reigned in the person of Hitler and when the Secret Societies, aristocrats and Jewish elites plotted to maximise the Evil unleashed in Nazidom, the ordinary Jew was sacrificed by its leaders for future objectives.

These were the creation of Israel, the redefining of Anti-Semitism, the creation of Holocaust Industry and the consolidation of Zionism.

Theodore HerzlTheodor Herzl (1860-1904) was the man credited with the creation of Zionism as a political reality and an international force. He was born in Budapest in a prosperous secular family who only discovered his own Jewishness because of anti-Semitism displayed at the infamous Dreyfus trial in France.

Alfred Dreyfus (1859-1935) was a French Jewish officer who was falsely imprisonment for treason in 1894 whose plight raised issues of anti-Semitism that dominated French politics until his release in 1906.

The trial sparked a wave of anti-Semitism in France which supposedly motivated Herzl to propose various solutions to what he called the “Jewish problem.”

His initial foray into the “Jewish problem” persuaded him that the solution to it involved resettlement of the Jews in Uganda while another was the mass conversion of them to Catholicism. He finally developed the idea of an exclusive Jewish State detailed in his book The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat).

Zionism from its beginning was a reaction to anti-Semitism and is essentially compatible with it, because Zionists and anti-Semites and have a common goal: to concentrate Jews in one geographic location.

What has occurred within World Jewry, as it suffers secularisation and the dilution of the Jewish character, is the loyalty of the Jew has been inexorably transferred from God to the Zionist state of Israel.

Israel is now the modern “golden calf.”

Moreover, powerful social and political forces have convinced the majority of Jews that belief in the Torah and fulfilment of religious obligations are a private matter and not a duty for every Jew or for the Jewish people absolutely.

The Zionists have in effect made divine law subject to politics and have consequently set their own standards of conduct and ethics. The entirely political nature of Zionism can be discerned from the fact that the founder of political Zionism and all of the prime ministers of the Zionist state did not believe in the divine origin of the Torah nor even in the existence of God.

Every Israeli Prime Minister has come from political parties inimical to Orthodox Judaism and regarded Scripture as ancient folklore that impedes modern realities of power politics.

Yet, the irony is that the very same Zionists who secretly despise the ancient morality base their claim to Judenstaat on the concept of the Holy Land found in the Bible, the divine origin of which they deny.


Lucifer atop Dark Empire of Secret Societies

Orthodox Torah-true Jews believe that the present exile of the Jewish people is divinely decreed and that the Jewish people are neither commanded nor permitted to conquer or rule the Holy Land before the coming of the Messiah.

Zionists reject this as emotional baggage from a more superstitious age.

It is no surprise to people who study proper history that Zionists and Zionism are the forte of the Ashkenazi, the non-Semitic Jew whilst the Torah-true Jew who despise Zionism are Sephardi, the Edomite Jews, in character if not race.

All Zionists are not Jews and all Jews are not Zionists. Some of the most powerful Zionists are not Jews but they want to promote Zionism because it suits their purpose of a future One World Government.

The Zionist State of Israel features very prominently in the coming chaos from which the New World Order is planned to arise, phoenix like out of the ashes of the Old World.


Understanding Revolution and Revolutionaries from Peter Hammond




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