Central Role of the Rothschild Dynasty in the Evil Agenda for World Government

Central Role of the Rothschild Dynasty in the Evil Agenda for World Government

History records numerous condemnations of “the Jews.”

Especially with reference to the surly, rancorous character the race, the growing menace of Jewish economic and political power and the baneful presence of the International Jewish Usurer within Christendom. Pre-eminent, of course, was the Rothschild dynasty, the nexus of this Evil.

Rothschild” is the name of a Jewish family (the original name was Bauer) that acquired an unexampled position in world history from the shear magnitude of its financial transactions and its central role in the World Revolutionary Movement.

The Rockefeller clan has now joined them and in many respects has eclipsed the Rothschilds as visible leaders of the Evil Agenda for the Establishment of World Government.

The founder of the house was Mayer Anselm (sometimes spelt Amschel), the son of Anselm Moses Bauer, a small Jewish merchant of Frankfort-on-the-Main. Mayer’s father wished him to become a Talmud rabbi, but he declined setting himself up as a moneylender instead at the sign of the “Red Shield” (“Rothschild“) in the Frankfort Judengasse.

The surname the family adopted actually comes from the fact that Mayer Amschel Bauer began hanging out in front of their house to identify it not a shield but a red hexagram, the red Seal of Solomon.


Seal of Solomon

Star of DavidThe Seal of Solomon is a red hexagram known as the Seal of SolomonMagen David (which signifies God as the protector) or more popularly as the six-pointed star called the “Star of David.”

The Seal of Solomon was not considered a Jewish symbol before the Rothschilds appropriated it as their family moniker and symbol. Moreover, although the Magen David is today identified with Judaism (Pharisaism) it is actually a relatively new Jewish symbol.

The symbol is composed of two overlaid equilateral triangles that form a six-pointed star.

The device is supposedly a replica of the shield belonging to King David (c.1000-962 BC) the slayer of Goliath, but there is no support for that claim in any early rabbinic literature.


David with Goliath's head


Actually, the symbol is such a rarity in early Jewish literature and artwork that art dealers immediately suspect forgery if they find the symbol in supposed early works.

Nevertheless, the device has become such a cherished Jewish symbol that it now appears on synagogues, Jewish tombstones, and the flag of the Zionist State of Israel. This was not always the case since the symbol was not particularly Jewish.


Its genesis is unknown but it was used extensively in the ancient Mystery Religions before the advent of the Cult of Yahweh, consequently the device was not historically limited to use by the Israelites, Judahites, Judaeans or Jews.

Ooriginally, in antiquity, the six-pointed star that later became known as the Seal of SolomonMagen David, was used side by side with the five-pointed star, or “Pentagram,” both serving as magical signs or as decorations.

The six-pointed star, or hexagram, was the Ammonite and Phoenician symbol of Moloch, god to whom some parents sacrificed their children, and of Ashtoreth, ancient Semitic fertility goddess; identified with Phoenician Astarte and Babylonian Ishtar. Astrologers also used it to represented Saturn, the giant planet that is the sixth planet from the sun.

“Have ye offered unto me sacrifices and offerings in the wilderness forty years, O house of Israel? But ye have borne the tabernacle of your Moloch and Chiun your images, the star of your god, which ye made to yourselves.

Therefore will I cause you to go into captivity beyond Damascus, saith the Lord, whose name is The God of hosts”

(Amos 5:25-27).

Sign of David AstrologyThe hexagram did not originate with “the Jews,” but from pagan god worship, from the Luciferian Consciousness that permeated the cultures of antiquity at this time. David, the 2nd king of the Israelites who united Israel, and to whom many of the Psalms are attributed, had nothing to do with the creation of the star.

One story has it that the symbol became associated with the Hebrews when Solomon apostatised. By rejecting the Yahweh Impulse and taking use of the star, when he experimented with Luciferian Doctrines and magic, which afterwards became known as the Seal of Solomon.

Throughout the Middle Ages the occultists of various hues, such as the Kabbalists, Alchemists, Druids and Satanists had frequently employed the six-pointed star, or Seal of Solomon, in their formulations.

Comprising of two equilateral triangles having a common centre, the Seal of Solomon is analogous to the “Ying and Yang” device of the Eastern Mystery Religions of the Hindu, Chinese and Peruvians. The ancient Indians used it to represent the union between Shiva, the Destroyer, and his consort, Kali, with the polar energies perfectly balanced.

The down-pointing triangle is the feminine principle (Kali), and the point up is the masculine principle (Shiva). Among the Judaean, symbols from Hellenistic times, both the Hexagram and the Pentagram are missing since they were deemed the signs of the pagan and his dark arts.

In the twelve-century an Ashkenazim, a Khazar Jew, called Solomon ben Duji (or Ruhi or Roy) claimed he was Elijah and his son Menahem ben Duji was the Messiah. They wrote letters to all the Jews in the lands about them proclaiming the coming of the Messianic Kingdom.

It appeared to have had little effect, for, twenty years later Menahem had assumed the name “David al-Roy,” and the title of “Messiah” and that the movement shifted from Khazaria to Kurdistan. After vain attempts to rouse the Diaspora to action and to invade the Holy Land, Menahem, or David al-Roy, was assassinated in his sleep, allegedly by his own father-in-law, whom someone had bribed to do the deed.

Solomon ben Duji and his son Menahem had used the magical symbol of two equilateral triangles having a common centre, the six-pointed star, or Hexagram, or Magen David, that became known as the Seal of SolomonMagen David in Jewish liturgy signifies “God as the protector” (shield) of David, and in this context, the symbol gained currency among medieval Jewish mystics who attached magical powers to King David’s shield.

Especially following the influence of the Kabbalist Isaac Luria (1533-72), the hexagram became accepted by “the Jews” as “the Shield of David,” before this time, there was no general usage of the six-pointed star in Jewish culture.

According to the Encyclopaedia Judaica (1972), in an article on the Seal of Solomon, the hexagram was widely used in Arabic magic but:

“It is not clear in which period the hexagram [Magen David] was engraved on the seal of Solomon mentioned in the Talmud [Gittin 68a] as a sign of his dominion over demons, instead of the Name of God which originally appeared on his ring.”

King David’s symbol had always been the Menorah, the candelabrum with seven branches used in ceremonies to symbolise the seven days of Creation. Only Jewish sources called the star the “Shield of David,” all non-Jewish sources call this symbol the “Seal of Solomon.”

Magen David, the Star of David, began to appear with greater frequency among “the Jews” of the Middle Ages but it had not assumed at this time any special religious significance. The Kabbalists popularised the use of the symbol, employing it as a protection against evil spirits.

The Jewish community of Prague first used the Star of David as an official symbol in the 17th century and since then, the six-pointed star, Magen David or the Star of David, became the official seal of many Jewish communities. The Star of David had become adopted as a general sign of Judaism, but it has no biblical or Talmudic authority.

Its authority derived from the teachings of the Jewish Luciferians, the Kabbalists. In the 19th century, Jews almost universally adopted the Star of David as a symbol of their race: only decades after the Rothschilds adopted this symbol in 1822 as their family coat of arms.

Because the Rothschilds were Kabbalists, were Jewish Luciferians, they adopted this powerful magic symbol for their coat of arms claiming its inherent occult power as their own.

The symbolism of the Seal of Solomon is deep and convoluted, however, a gist of it is found in the spermo-gnostic (Sex Magic) occult group called Ordo Templi Orientis, in one of its rituals, the ninth-degree ceremony, the ancient “Mass of the Phoenix.”

The two emblems of this ninth-degree ceremony are the upright triangle of “Gold and Light” (representing spirit), and the down-turned triangle of “Blood and Water” (representing matter). Two interlocked equilateral triangles having a common centre that form the Seal of Solomon that contains the formula that is known as the “Gem of Alchemy.” This is an allusion to the famed “Philosophers’ Stone,” the enigmatic “Holy Grail” of the Alchemist.

When Mayer Amschel Bauer hung a red hexagram on his door to identify his address he was also proclaiming himself a master Kabbalist.

It symbolised the appropriation of the Magen David by the Ashkenazi, the Khazar Jews, as their future symbol in their war on greater humanity.

Mayer Amschel changed his name to “Roth Schild,” meaning Red Shield when he became a supplier of coinage to the royal Court and when the unexampled rise to power truly began. The nascent Zionist Movement adopted the House of Rothschild‘s blazonry because its ultimate source was this family and its fabulous wealth and power.

Both destinies, the Rothschild and Zionism, become intertwined with the Zionist Movement wholly dependent upon the goodwill and largesse of this Khazar familyTheodore Herzl.

The Lithuania Jew, David Wolfsohn (1856-1914), who succeeded Theodor Herzl as the visible leader of the Zionist Movement, designed the Zionist flag in 1891 whose centrepiece is the Star of David. It was first flown at the first Zionist Conference conducted by Theodor Herzl in Basel, Switzerland in 1897.

Herzl had designed a Zionist emblem that was a white flag with seven yellow stars, one at each point of the hexagram which was to have been replaced with the Hebrew words, “Aryeh Yehudah” (the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah”). The seventh star was to be above the apex of the topmost of the six.

Herzl’s complex design was rejected and the simple Wolfsohn design was confirmed as the Jewish flag by the eighteenth Zionist Congress in 1933.

The Zionist dream, of both Jew and non-Jew Zionists, of the establishment of the Zionist State of Israel was realised in November 1947, following a UN resolution on British-ruled Palestine (resolution 181) and when the Zionist State of Israel was proclaimed in Tel Aviv on May 14, 1948.

Magen David AdomIn addition, on October 28, 1948 the atheistic nation adopted the occult symbol of the six-pointed star as its emblem and now adorns the Knesset, the seat of Zionist power and flies on the national flag.

The Magen David Adom, the ancient “Red Shield of David,” is the symbol used by Israel in the humanitarian organisation, which in Roman Catholic and Protestant nations is called the “Red Cross” and in Islamic nations the “Red Crescent Service.”

The blue and white colours were chosen because of their use in the Hebrew tallit or prayer shawl.




Sign of David AstrologyThe ancient magic symbol, the red hexagram known as the Seal of Solomon, the Magen David or more popularly the Star of David, is the national emblem of the Zionist State of Israel.

It was a Gnostic, pagan symbol that the medieval Kabbalists, the practitioners of Luciferian Doctrine, had used in their formulations and it was the symbol that Mayer Anselm (sometimes spelt Amschel) adopted as his family’s coat of arms. It was both the visible expression of the Kabbalistic beliefs of the House of Rothschild and emblematic of the true masters it serves.

The Zionist Movement would not exist in its present form or exalted status if it were not for the support of the Rothschilds.

Moreover, the Zionist State of Israel itself would not have been brought into existence in such a manner if it were not for the Rothschilds. Moreover, the visible pagan international symbol of “the Jews” and the outward and inner secular character of Israel are also gifts from the Rothschilds.

The created monster in the Middle East, the Zionist State of Israel, established on a land promised long ago to the Hebrew tribes by Yahweh.  A land once the Holy Land but now peopled by a tribe, the Modern Tribe of Jews, few of whom are Hebrews, Israelites and Judahites descended from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Judah.

A land in which, two thousand years ago, its ancient religion of Yahwehism founded upon the Yahweh Impulse had become obsolete after the release of the Christ Impulse on Earth and because of the Incarnation of Christ and the Mystery of Golgotha. A land in which the majority of people had spiritually atrophied unbelieving of this changed circumstance, that their shepherd God, Yahweh, had left them and Christ, the Sun God, had come to Earth.

A land whose people had turned their face against Christ and therefore God and who had become fertile ground for the Evil of Ahriman. The Dark God who, ceaselessly working on the racial soul of the Judaeans, corrupted it to such a degree that they willingly turned away from the Yahweh Impulse.

The Judaeans, “the Jews” who turned away from the Law and the words of the Prophets, which were in truth the revealed Word of God, and followed the works of men concretised in the lewd and blasphemous Talmud.

The Judahites were once the vehicle of the greatest good by providing the perfect human vessel for the Incarnation of Christ, but their good name, reputation and God-promises had been filched by another tribe. The new tribe forming in the centuries before Jesus’ birth in Judaea from disparate elements but especially made up of Edomite Jews.

The newly formed tribe that became debased by the Ahrimanic onslaught, and arose as “the Jews.” The people, “the Jews,” who then became the vehicle of the greatest Evil on Earth.

In their enduring hatred of the Gentile and his God they have been willing accomplices in the subversion of Western Christian Civilisation and so a consummate vehicle of the transmission of the Evil Agenda for the Establishment of World Government, which is verily the Great Conspiracy against God brought to Earth.

“The Jews” have in their midst some of the most wicked, evil and powerful men on Earth who are working to betray not only the Gentile but the Jew to the Dark Gods they secretly worship. Chief amongst these visible masters of World Jewry is the Rothschilds.

The Rothschilds were chosen by Cult of Evil as the visible expression of the Evil Jewish Leadership and by that their public representatives in the move to create the Giant Octopus, the International Banking System, which would be used to expedite the enslavement mankind.



Planting the Seed of Rothschild Corruption across Europe

Adam Eve eat from the Tree-of-KnowledgeTo catch ones quarry one needs a plan, a strategy, a tactic, and one needs a trap, a snare, a net. In addition, one needs a lure, the bait with which to attract the intended prey into one’s carefully prepared trap.

The strategy of the Rothschilds was gifted to them, like their power, by the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil, who themselves derive their great power from the Two Dark Gods they worship.

The lure used by the Rothschilds is an ancient one and they knew it well since they themselves had succumbed to it: the craving for power and wealth, which is the ancient impulse called the urge-to-power.

The ancient power-urge that had compelled Adam and Eve to partake of the Forbidden Fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, which had brought great travail to them and their progeny ever since.

The lure and net was to be created by the succeeding generations of Rothschilds who were commanded by their secret masters to go forth across the Earth and plant their roots in lands from which a new nexus of Evil would arise.

Distant centres of operation, from which the tentacles of Evil would extend outwards, ultimately linking together in a network that would cover the world in web of corruption.

To this end, Mayer commanded his five sons to advance the Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government by establishing centres of operation across Europe that would bring Gentile kings to heel and Gentile nations to their knees. To this end, four sons then established themselves in Vienna, London, Paris and Naples.

Upon the death of the patriarch, Mayer Amschel, the charge of the Frankfort house devolved on the eldest, Anselm Mayer (1773-1855). Solomon (1774-1826) undertook the Vienna branch, while Nathan Mayer (1777-1836) was sent to form a house in London.

The Naples branch was superintended by Karl (1780-1855) and Jacob (1792-1868), the youngest of the original brothers, was entrusted with the mission of starting the business in Paris. The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911) describes this peculiarly evil, mini-Diaspora, the migrations of these high priests of Mammon, thus:

Rothschild Family“Branches of the business were established at Vienna, London, Paris and Naples, each being in charge of one of the sons, the chief of the firm always residing at Frankfort.

By a system of co-operation and joint counsels, aided by the skilful employment of subordinate agents, they obtained unexampled opportunities of acquiring an accurate knowledge of the condition of the financial market, and practically embraced the whole of Europe within their financial network.

The unity of the interests of the several members of the firm has been preserved by the system of intermarriages, which has been the general practice of the descendants of the five brothers.”




The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911) summarises the spectacular rise of the Rothschild dynasty, Ashkenazi, Khazar Jews, in Christendom:

Nathan Rothschild“[Nathan Mayer] went to Manchester about 1800 to act as a purchaser for his father of manufactured goods; but at the end of five years he removed to London.

The boldness and skill of his financial transactions, which caused him at first to be regarded as unsafe by the leading banking firms and financial merchants, later awakened their admiration and envy.

By the employment of carrier-pigeons and of fast-sailing boats of his own for the transmission of news he was able to utilize to the best advantage his special sources of information, while no one was a greater adept in the art of promoting the rise and fall of the stocks.

The colossal influence of the house dates from an operation of his in 1810. In that year, Wellington made some drafts, which the English government could not meet; these were purchased by Rothschild at a liberal discount, and renewed to the government, which finally redeemed at par. From this time, the allied powers negotiated loans to carry on the war against Napoleon chiefly through the house of Rothschild.

Rothschild never lost faith in the ultimate overthrow of Napoleon, his all being virtually staked on the issue of the contest, He is said to have been present at the battle of Waterloo.

Being able to transmit to London private information of the allied success several hours before it reached the public, he affected an immense profit by the purchase of stock, which had been depressed on the news of Blucher’s defeat two days previously.

Rothschild was the first to popularize foreign loans in Britain by fixing the rate in sterling money and making the dividends payable in London and not in foreign capitals. Latterly he became the financial agent of nearly every civilized government, although persistently declining contracts for Spain or the American States.

He did not confine himself to operations on a large scale, but on the contrary made it a principle to despise or neglect no feasible opportunity of transacting business, while at the same time his operations gradually extended to every quarter of the globe.

He died on the 28th of July 1836, and was succeeded in the management of the London house by his son Lionel (1808-1879), born on the 22nd of November 1808, whose name is associated with the removal of the civil disabilities of the Jews.

He was elected a member for the City of London in 1847, and again in 1849 and 1852, but it was not till 1858 that the joint operation of an act of parliament and a resolution of the House of Commons, allowing the omission from the oath of the words to which as a Jew be conscientiously objected, rendered it possible for him to take his seat.

He continued to represent the City of London till 1874. His eldest son, Nathan (b.1840), was created a peer as Baron Rothschild in 1885.”

The source of the Rothschild riches was the readiness to make available he huge funds necessary for the vaunting ambitions of individuals and nations. Especially, funding enterprises that aggrandised them and their satanic network of control.

The wealth and power the Rothschilds craved were garnered from the fantastic interest on loans made to profligate princes, kings and nations who because they had became their debtors became their economic slaves. In pursuit of their ambitions, the profligate princes and politicians took little heed of the well-being of their subjects and citizens.

Nor did they concern themselves with the lot of future generations whose moral and financial capital they mortgaged to the international usurer, personified by the Rothschilds. The foolish princes took no heed from those who warned that their actions had indebted themselves, their nation and their subjects to a cartel of men whose goodwill and intentions were wholly suspect.

Many people who understood the situation better than those who secured the huge loans at onerous interest gave frequent and dire warnings. Nevertheless, the die, so to speak, was cast, and the future of Western Christian Civilisation was from this time under mortal threat.

The Cult of Evil, largely through the Rothschilds and other International Jewish Usurers, had initiated an international banking system, in which “the Jews” were pre-eminent and at its core. A system of credit that could bring kings, nobles and nations to ruin, at will, and whenever it suited the Evil Agenda to do so.

The crucial difference between the banking system set up by the Knights Templars and the one set up by the Cult of Evil at whose heart is “the Jews.” The first was established to create a great Christian Civilisation, the second was set up to destroy one.

The raison d’être of the modern banking system -the Central Banking Cartel– is not to create a civilisation but to nullify everything the Knights Templars achieved, nay, to reverse and roll back those achievements as though they had not existed.

To move mankind back to the Dark Ages and away from the Christ Impulse that underpins Western Christian Civilisation; to destroy all knowledge of Christ and therefore of God.

The Central Banking Cartel is thus not merely a massive fraud to allow the Invisible Money Power to pursue warmongering, empire building and myriad petty projects but a mechanism whereby it can destroy Western Christian Civilisation.

The Evil underpinning the modern system of banking, which is bringing ruination to all, is the Ahrimanic spirituality acting through the Cult of Evil and its human agents of influence who are at the head of the Hydra that is International Banking.

Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil who secretly control World Jewry, the Jesuits, the Vatican and Freemasonry also have control of International Banking, which is from its roots up, an Evil system.

International Banking is the iniquitous system that has allowed a clique of men to become truly the Lords of Power on Earth. It has allowed a small number of men to become so extremely wealthy that they now own the material wealth of the world, and who have kings, princes, politicians and a great many others in their pockets.

They are in the majority descendants of families in Europe and the US whose power is concentrated in London, which is the centre of the world banking system. The families retain their power and control by passing them on to successive generations.

This clique is highly organised, operating in secret through a Byzantine web of “private” organisations set up to make them immune from public scrutiny, accountability and taxes. The group is known by numerous names but they are the Power Elite, the Global Elite who are in essence the Shadow Government of this World, whose extended power is the Anglo-American Establishment.

This para-governmental entity, through virtual control of the world economy, greatly determines the course of history. Yet, behind this Global Elite there lurks an even more sinister entity that orchestrates their efforts: this is the Cult of Evil, the oldest religion in the world, whose Black Adepts sit atop of this pyramid of power.

Although various researchers point the accusing finger at the Rothschild, the Rockefeller, the Bronfman and the Kennedy as the kingpins in the Evil Agenda for World Government they are close but very wrong.

The real Lords of Power do not show themselves or make their names known. They conceal their person and their motives from all prying eyes and from all public scrutiny. They hide in the shadows, in the dark away from the light, where they conduct their business of corrupting humanity in secret unions and associations.

The real powerbrokers do not show themselves and are unknown to almost all who attempt to investigate the true nature of the world in which they live and the way the temporal affairs of this world are really run.

The Rothschilds are near to this Dark Source but they are not its fountainhead, for, the group, the cult, which commands this power is very ancient indeed. It comprises a handful of people in several countries who wield real power and collectively posses the greatest power in the modern world.

These few are the Black Adepts from the Cult of Evil and are the leaders of the human agents of Evil whose power base is the Dark Empire of the Secret Societies. This cabal of power does not contain many generals, presidents, Prime Ministers, CEO’s, or bankers since they are not required.

The fabulous wealth and privilege at the disposal of the Cabal of Evil easily corrupts all and any seeker or holder of power and influence. Regardless of the public perception of charismatic political figures and the perceived power of sovereign parliaments, the real power on Earth lies elsewhere.

The Cabal of Evil has all useful people, including venal politicians and religious leaders, in its pockets. Consequently, these corrupted people become the placemen of the Evil Agenda for the Establishment of World Government, which is the Great Conspiracy against God bought to Earth.

This group, the Cabal of Evil, has been shaping European society for many centuries, and its power is so great that it is now able to manipulate the whole world and modify its destiny to suit its Dark AimsWestern Christian Civilisation and the Christ Impulse upon which it is founded are especially under attack from this cabal who use a plethora of stratagems of breathtaking subtly with which to destroy any and all resistance to its Dark Aims.

The Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government is not a Jewish World Conspiracy per se nor is it wholly a Freemasonic Conspiracy or a Roman Catholic Conspiracy headed by the Jesuits. The real architects of it are very, very secret, and take great care to remain hidden from the scrutiny of society. In Britain, there are only three of them, in Ireland, there are two; in France, there are eight, in Germany, there are six: in North and South America, there are twenty.

There are 39 very wealthy men- so uniquely wealthy- they can circumvent any security there is. They have their agents within World Jewry, Freemasonry, the Rosicrucians, the Jesuits and any secret society of any concern at all. Even the much-lauded Priory of Sion lies in their field of control.

These people can influence all aspects of society, especially in the judiciary and in politics.  They control the United Nations, the European Union and the USA by the placement of agents of influence, their agentur, in key positions. They have, for instance, four of their creatures in crucial posts in the Vatican.

They have agents of influence in every political party and trade union. They can do this because they have the power to do this and that power has taken careful planning and generations to amass.

Nevertheless, it is a plan whose ultimate architect is a non-human intelligence of great genius, the Dark God who is called Ahriman but who the Bible authors often call Satan.

The Rothschilds and others like them in the Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government are the fronts for this secret cabal that remains stubbornly hidden.

The wealth and power the Rothschilds spectacularly gained and in so short a time were paid for in other people’s blood. For, the Rothschilds had become the bankrollers of war.

This, of course, was no accident but a co-ordinated plan not only to become the purveyors of human misery but also the big dealers in the planned death of Western Christian Civilisation. In other words, the Rothschilds became the bankrollers of the World Revolutionary Movement.

The first significant target of the Rothschilds in their march to world power was securing control over the wealth of William IX (1787-1867) of Hanau, elector of Hesse-Cassel. The electors and landgraves of Hesse-Cassel, “whose crest had been famous in Germany since the Middle Ages,” were dealers in mercenaries, of soldiers of fortune who fought for money not principle. In short, they were peddlers in human flesh who would rent out troops to any nation that paid for the service.

William’s father, Frederick II (1720-85) had struck a rich vein when he willingly supplied mercenaries to Britain, who at that time was vigorously empire-building around the globe.

The success of this enterprise was phenomenal, for, when Frederick died, he left the largest private fortune in Europe and when William died, this fortune was estimated at $200,000,000.

Mayer Amschel had already acquired some standing as a banker when his interested in rare coins, obtained for him the friendship of William via dealings with General von Estorff. By offering numismatic coins at discount, he soon ingratiated himself with Prince William of Hanau.

This petty bribery and inveigling of the nobleman proved fruitful for in 1801 William made Mayer Amschel his “court Jew.” This was the entry into high politics that Mayer Amschel craved, a situation from which he soon took maximum advantage. The Encyclopaedia Britannica (1911) describes it thus:

Mayer Amschel Rothschild“In the following year Rothschild negotiated his first great government loan, ten million thalers for the Danish government.

When the landgrave was compelled to flee from his capital on the entry of the French, he placed his silver and other bulky treasures in the hands of Rothschild, who, not without considerable risk, took charge of them and buried them, it is said, in a corner of his garden, whence he dug them up as opportunity arose for disposing of them.

This he did to such advantage as to be able afterwards to return their value to the elector at 5% interest.”

As in most events, things are not what they first appear to be and so it is the case here. That dutiful Amschel merely watched over this vast hoard without ulterior motive or desire is naïve in the extreme.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) alludes to this reality:

“According to legend this money was hidden away in wine casks, and, escaping the search of Napoleon’s soldiers when they entered Frankfort, was restored intact in the same casks in 1814, when the elector returned to the electorate. The facts are somewhat less romantic, and more businesslike.”

Indeed, the truth of this event is more prosaic than the scenario of a faithful, loyal, ever watchful, disinterested “court Jew” Amschel standing sentinel over his master’s hidden hoard, the “silver and other bulky treasures.” It was “somewhat less romantic, and more businesslike” than the myth the Rothschilds and their lackeys would have it.

The bulk of the vast sum, estimated at £600,000 ($3,000,000) had been paid to William’s father, Frederick II, by the British government for the services of 16,800 Hessian soldiers. Frederick had embezzled the majority of the money from his troops who were legally and morally entitled to it for risking their lives during the American War of Independence.

William, on his father’s death in 1785, had inherited this vast private fortune in Europe and Rothschild eyed it covetously. The landgrave had not simply put this ill-gotten wealth trustingly “in the hands of Rothschild,” rather; Rothschild had embezzled the money from Prince William. The Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) admiringly describes this criminality thus:

Rothschild, so far from being in danger, was on such good terms with Napoleon’s nominee, Prince Dalberg that he had been made in 1810 a member of the Electoral College of Darmstadt.

The elector’s money had been sent to Nathan in London, who in 1808 utilized it to purchase £800,000 worth of gold from the East India Company, knowing that it would be needed for Wellington’s Peninsular campaign. He made no less than four profits on this:

(1) on the sale of Wellington’s paper, (2) on the sale of the gold to Wellington, (3) on its repurchase, and (4) on forwarding it to Portugal.

This was the beginning of the great fortunes of the house, and its early transactions may be divided into three stages, in each of which Nathan was the guiding spirit: namely, (1) from 1808 to 1815, mainly the transmission of bullion from England to the Continent for the use of the British armies and for subventions to the allies; (2) from 1816 to 1818, “bearing” operations on the stock exchange on the loans needed for the reconstruction of Europe after Napoleon’s downfall; and (3) from 1818 to 1848, the undertaking of loans and of refunding operations, which were henceforth to be the chief enterprises of the house.”

The twice-embezzled money was the impetus that propelled Mayer Amschel Rothschild and his progeny to the status as the first International Jewish Bankers.

The foundation upon which the House of Rothschild was built was “dirty money,” derived from fraud, deceit and sharp practice, a precedent that has not been violated by subsequent generations of Rothschilds. The “businesslike” manner that the Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) admiringly narrates is, of course, the Talmud sanctioned practices that have brought wealth and ignominy to “the Jews” in large and equal measure.

Of the five sons, Nathan inherited his father’s capacity to turn an honest healthy profit into a dishonest obscene fortune. He is generally regarded as the financial genius of the family, and the chief originator of the transactions, which brought to the House of Rothschild its unexampled position in the financial world.

Nathan, like all dealers in the London Stock Exchange rested on a favourite pillar, his became known as the “Rothschild Pillar.” A contemporary, quoted in Frederic Morton’s The Rothschilds, described his demeanour thus:

Nathan Mayer Rothschild at his pillar in London Stock  Exchange“Eyes are usually called the windows of the soul. But in Rothschild‘s case you would conclude that the windows are false ones, or that there was no soul to look out of them.

There comes not one pencil of light from the interior, neither is there one gleam of that which comes from without reflected in any direction. The whole puts you in mind of an empty skin, and you wonder why it stands upright without at least something in it.

By and by another figure comes up to it. It then steps two paces aside, and the most inquisitive glance that you ever saw, and a glance more inquisitive than you would ever have thought of, is drawn out of the fixed and leaden eye, as if one were drawing a sword from a scabbard.

The visiting figure, which has the appearance of coming by accident and not by design, stops just a second or two, in the course of which looks are exchanged which, though you cannot translate, you feel must be of most important meaning. After these the eyes are sheathed up again, and the figure resumes its stony posture.

During the morning numbers of visitors come, all of whom meet with a similar reception and vanish in a similar manner. Last of all the figure itself vanishes, leaving you utterly at a loss.”

Perhaps his greatest coup was the capture of the London Stock Market following Wellington’s defeat of Napoleon. Rothschild apologists deny that this happened, or if it something like it did, then skulduggery was not involved.

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1905) gives the assurance that although Nathan:

“… had a pigeon-post between England and the Continent which brought him early information of all important events. While the battle of Waterloo was in progress his agent Rowerth awaited the result at Ostend, and was the first to bring the news to London.

This was on the morning of June 20, two days after the battle, when Rothschild immediately transmitted the intelligence to the government; this shows that the tradition that he gained largely by keeping the news secret is entirely mythical.”

Of course, this was not how it happened.

The Battle of Waterloo was fought at La-Belle-Alliance, seven miles south of Waterloo in Belgium. To the victor of this fateful battle would fall mastery of Europe and therefore so many things, including financial gain or ruin, was in the balance.

Napoleon initially appeared to be winning and the first secret military report to London communicated this perception causing deep gloom in Downing Street.

The late arrival of the Prussians, under Gebhard Blucher, turned the tide of battle in favour of Wellington.

It was Sunday, June 18, 1815 and Rowerth, a Rothschild agent, was on the battlefield, spying for his master. Immediately upon Napoleon’s defeat and flight from the battlefield, Rowerth also left the scene and went by speedy horse to Brussels, then to the port of Ostend, where, for 2,000 francs, chartered a fast boat to England across an inclement sea.

Nathan received the news on June 20, and immediately informed the British government, who, wanting to believe their own inaccurate intelligence, did not believe him.

The general mood was gloomy and depressed since everyone, besides Nathan and Rowert, believed Wellington to be defeated. Rothschild sensing the mood and the great opportunity it presented began to sell all of his shares on the Stock Market.

Nathan, leaning against the pillar he had made his own, expressionless, cold and calculating, ordered repeated selling of his stocks. Everyone, just as he knew they would, followed suite and began selling. Panic set in causing stocks to plummet in value, and then at their nadir, Nathan’s agents on his command began secretly buying up the stocks at rock-bottom prices.

The swindle was only stopped when Wellington’s envoy, Major Henry Percy, showed up at the War Office on June 21, at 11 PM and reported the crushing defeat of Napoleon. Nevertheless, it was too late for the British economy, for, by this time the House of Rothschild had captured it.

Within seconds, the value of the stocks skyrocketed well above their original value and within the space of a day’s trading, the Rothschilds already vast fortune was multiplied twenty times over. Nathan had pulled-off a coup d’etat and had wrested control of the British economy from the British people.

Napoleon’s defeat allowed Prince William to return and resume his rule as landgrave of Hesse-Cassel. He also received monies from the Rothschilds as payment for the use of his “hidden” booty.

They could well afford it since the misappropriation of the landgrave’s money, and their “businesslike” use of it, had made the Rothschilds the richest bankers in Europe. When the architect of the take-over of Britain’s economy, Nathan Mayer Rothschild said this:Nathan Rothschild

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.”

It is not mere boast or bluster.


E C Knuth in The Empire of “The City” (1946) confirms Nathan Mayer’s claim:

“When the conflict with France ended the House of Rothschild was in control of British finance and was the official banker of the British Government. This odd financial octopus was acknowledged to be in some respects the greatest power on the earth and was acknowledged by some writers as the “Sixth Great Power of Europe.”

Post-Napoleonic France was in dire financial straights and sought substantial loans to stabilise its economy. In 1817, the French government secured a substantial loan from the reputable French banking house of Ouvrard and from the Baring Brothers of London.

The French government was soon in need of another loan and it appeared certain that they would retain the services of Ouvrard and Baring Brothers.

Although the Rothschilds used many blandishments to influence the French government to give them the business they were excluded from the lucrative loans. The French did not understand the nature of the threat against their economy nor the unprecedented cunning that the Rothschilds had developed in the use and manipulation of money.

By this time, the Rothschild had become the high priests of Mammon, the Elite Mammonites, and were well rewarded for their worship of this Evil Principle. Every effort they made to accumulate wealth was invested with the financial wizardry and subtle genius that only this particular brand of Evil can bestow.

Louis XVIII (1755-1824) gained the French throne in 1814 after Napoleon’s downfall, but fled Paris on the news of the return of Napoleon. He returned after the Battle of Waterloo had ended Napoleon’s rule of the Hundred Days and began a reign that required diligent care of the economy. Nevertheless, the French, like the British, did not understand the nature of the threat that confronted them.

That there was an ancient enemy of mankind working through its agents, its agentur, to place humanity in perpetual chains: in short, the Cult of Evil and their fronts the Rothschilds. That the great mechanism for this enslavement was an Evil Agenda of massive sweep appearing in myriad forms, which had as a major weapon the monster that is International Usury.

James RothschildJames Mayer Rothschild (1792-1868) was in charge of the bank in Paris, which was known as Messieurs de Rothschild Freres (changed to La Banque Rothschild in 1967). He and his siblings wanted to own France and looked for ways of bringing this great nation into the Rothschild portfolio.

The forthcoming second loan gave them the opportunity to realise this ambition. In October 1818, Rothschild agents were ordered to buy huge amounts of French government bonds inevitably causing their value to increase. On November 5, by order of the Rothschilds, they were dumped on the open market.

This, as planned, created a financial panic, because not only their value declined but also in a short space of time other government securities began to suffer too. Soon suspicion for France’s travail began to fall on the Rothschilds, who were now gaining the dubious reputation that is now their trademark, but again it was too late.

The damage had been done and France had succumbed, another victim to the Evil Agenda.

The court of Louis XVIII was humbled by the event and reluctantly gave audience to the two upstarts, James and Karl, who, along with their other three siblings, had brought near ruin to his realm. By the time James and Karl were ushered into the presence of the king, the Rothschilds had de facto control of the French economy.

The capture of the national credit of England (1815) and France (1818) were the first of many financial coups that the dynasty has brought about worldwide in the subsequent decades. The seizure of these countries’ finances brought to the House of Rothschild a fortune estimated at the time to be at least $300,000,000.

This fabulous wealth was merely the means whereby the Rothschild influence was launched around the globe, especially those countries that were part of the “white” British Empire.

The “dirty money” garnered from these clever swindles were invested, or “laundered,” by the brothers in many ways. It was invested in new railroads, coal and ironworks, gold, precious metal and diamond mines. Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81), who as Prime Minister, bought controlling interest in the Suez Canal, borrowed some of it, and France borrowed some of her own money back at interest to finance her colonial enterprise in Africa.

It helped to pay for oil exploration in Russia and the Sahara Desert and supported Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) in his diamond operations and colonial dream in South Africa.Carnegie Rockefeller Harriman

It financed the Tsars of Russia and the Hapsburg monarchs and saved the Vatican from bankruptcy.

In the US, it helped finance the “captains of industry” that created the great power that was the American economy. It was used to finance John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) in his efforts to create the oil giant and monopoly, Standard Oil; the steel giant founded by Andrew Carnegie (1835 – 1919), Carnegie Steel; and the massive railroad network created by Edwin H. Harriman (1848 – 1909).



Lionel RothschildThe House of Rothschild‘ spectacular rise to power was observed by contemporaries such as Benjamin Disraeli (1804-81) who wrote a novel entitled Coningsby in which appeared the character “Sidonia.” This is recognised as an idealised portrait of Baron Lionel Rothschild (1808-79), eldest son of Nathan Mayer Rothschild, and by extension the entire ethos of the clan.

Lionel was the friend and counsellor of the prince consort, and the first practising Jew who took the amended form of oath (July 26, 1858) and took his seat in Parliament. He also held intimate relations with Disraeli and so the author of Coningsby knew Lionel and his family methods very well indeed.

The Jewish Encyclopedia admits that “Sidonia” as an ideal portrait of Lionel and the rest of the male Rothschilds who engaged in their peculiar brand of mercantilism. Disraeli characterised Lionel, and thereby extension the House of Rothschild, as:

“… the lord and master of the money markets of the world, and of course virtually lord and master of everything else. He literally held the revenues of southern Italy in pawn, and monarchs and ministers of all countries courted his advice and were guided by his suggestions.”

Disraeli, a “wet Jew” who converted to Christianity in 1817, understood his own tribe and those who led it.

The percipient German economist Werner Sombart (1863-1941), in his book The Jews and Modern Capitalism concluded that from 1820, capitalism was the “age of the Rothschild,” concluding that there was:

“only one power in Europe, and that is Rothschild.”

Sombart also alludes to the uniqueness of World Jewry in the Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government:

Sombart“The importance of the Jews was twofold. On the one hand, they influenced the outward form of modern capitalism; on the other, they gave expression to its inward spirit. Under the first heading, the Jews contributed no small share in giving to economic relations the international aspect they bear today …”

The unique status of World Jewry as a vehicle of the transmission of the Ancient Evil Agenda for World Government but especially its function as the pre-eminent medium for International Usury.

Then, knowing this, the keen student of history, that is, history proper, should ask oneself, what was the raison d’être of the Diaspora in the historical process?

Understanding that nothing happens by accident and everything is by design …

The Jewish writer Gerald Krefetz in his book Jews and Money: The Myths and the Reality (1982) writes of this phenomenon, the international banking system:

“They [Jews] had developed the idea of fiat money and were among the first to use negotiable instruments of credit. At the height of nationalistic resurgence in the nineteenth century, the Rothschilds were developing international syndicates, a form of international banking.”

In 1913, the House of Rothschild had a fortune estimated to be to be over $2,000,000,000. Nevertheless, publicity and scrutiny are deleterious to treason and treachery and thus the now infamous family at this time sought to conceal their skulduggery by Byzantine associations and arrangements.

They wanted to come out of the limelight, so to speak, and make themselves almost anonymous while still calling the shots.

Hence, a shift in tactics occurred to conceal further from the public the increasingly massive scale of the Rothschild sponsored projects designed to not only impoverish nations and its citizens but also fatally weaken Western Christian Civilisation.

The Rothschilds deliberately removed themselves from public attention by slipping behind a massive wall of front companies, straw men and “shell” companies, as well as a plethora of arcane methods of concealing assets.

All designed to reduce public exposure, accountability and to obviate the need for the House of Rothschild, the richest private entity in the world, from paying taxes.

This was explained by the family’s official biographer Frederic Morton in his sympathetic book The Rothschilds:

Rothschilds love to glisten. But to the sorrow of the socially ambitious, Rothschilds glisten only in camera, for and among their own kind …

Their penchant for reticence seems to have grown in recent generations. The founder of the house enjoined it a long time ago; but some of his sons, while storming Europe’s innermost bastions of power, wrapped their hands around every weapon, including the rawest publicity.

Today the family grooms the inaudibility and invisibility of its presence. As a result, some believe that little is left apart from a great legend. And the Rothschilds are quite content to let legend be their public relations … Though they control scores of industrial, commercial, mining and tourist corporations, not one bears the name Rothschild. Being private partnerships, the family houses never need to, and never do, publish a single public balance sheet, or any other report of their financial condition.”

The Rothschilds have always, and even today, claimed that they are the true friends of nations and are the respectful capitalist operators par excellence within “democracies.” A family that, in the words of its official website,

“… is widely recognised for the major contribution it has made to the economic, political and social history of many countries throughout the world.”

Moreover, that the unique status of the family, its wealth and power were merely the consequence of:

“… the solidity of the original partnership of the five sons of Mayer Amschel Rothschild, who developed businesses in five European capitals: Frankfurt, London, Paris, Vienna and Naples. Working in close harmony, the family rose to prominence in a number of business sectors including bullion, government bonds, railway and mining finance.”



rothschild dynasty




The carefully groomed public image of the Rothschilds is calculated to deceive and to bring an aura of respectability to a very dark and wicked enterprise. The family is an integral part of the move towards a global empire, the New World Order with its One World Government and its One World Religion.

An ancient ambition that has been carried through the historical process by the Cult of Evil who has seduced many along the way into joining them in it. The Rothschild clan is one of these who have succumbed to the blandishments of Evil and has reaped great profit from its fealty to the Prince of this World.

They and many like them have been well rewarded for their role in the Evil Agenda, the five thousand year old Luciferian Conspiracy for World Government.

They have played a leading role in the enslavement of nations and the destruction of ancient Natural Moral Order on Earth.

They have greatly helped to create the wicked banking system that is financing the myriad aspects of the Evil Agenda that undermine Western Christian Civilisation and the spirituality upon which it is founded: Christianity.

When the knowing apologists for the family proclaim that the Rothschilds are the epitome of capitalism, they do so to conceal that they are in fact its greatest enemy. The true aim of the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers and their ilk, who have made huge fortunes from the capitalist system is the destruction of the market economy, of the laissez-faire economy, of free enterprise.

These magnates and billionaires, these Robber Barons, want to give the impression that they truly embody the capitalist ethic whilst simultaneously working to destroy it. They want to lead attention away from the fact that the real and ultimate aim is the elimination of all competition.

That they want to destroy the individual spirit that energises capitalism because it is inimical to the great plan these people have for the world … the creation of a world-wide monopoly in which a very small number of men control the wealth of the world.

In short, a feudalistic, fascist World State in which the individual means nothing; the dream of despots and tyrants throughout the ages. That is why one of the wicked men party to what is unfolding on this Earth, John D.JD Rockefeller Rockefeller, said this:

“The combination is here to stay … Individualism has gone, never to return … I want to own nothing and control everything … Competition is a sin.”

That is why another man who understood the nature of the age-old Evil Agenda concerning the economic system said this during the height of the Great Depression:

“We shall liquidate the farmers. We shall liquidate the small businessmen. We shall liquidate labor. We shall liquidate investments. We shall liquidate the stock market. And then the worthy people will pick up what is left.”

Andrew MellonThe man was Andrew Mellon (1855 – 1937), who was at the time Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board. Mellon was privy to the hidden agenda to bring the American economy to its knees as commanded by the International Banking Cartel, the Invisible Money Power, in which the Rothschilds stand supreme.

The Great Depression was a premeditated attack on the ordinary American, the middle class especially, orchestrated by the Cult of Evil and its lackeys in banking and government, one of whom was Mellon.

The target of this attack was the ordinary hard-working person, the individual spirits who grafted to secure for themselves and their families a degree of prosperity that guaranteed peace of mind.

The individuals who lived the “American dream” and were the bastions of the free enterprise ethos and who collectively were the men and women who built America. These enterprising individuals were the prey of the wicked and evil men who dream of a global empire in which this initiative and spirit are an anathema.

In short, they, the International Bankers, Invisible Money Power, wanted to liquidate the bourgeoisie, the middle class of America.

The “worthy people” Mellon alludes to are the Wall Street Bankers, the American arm of the international banking hydra that is milking society dry. When the deliberately created collapse of the American economy occurred the middle class that had worked so hard to create what wealth it had, were ground under the heel of the international usurer who went about buying up America.

As the depression grew ever worse, prices and values kept going down and money became increasingly scarce. House prices plummeted and money had almost disappeared from the American scene and panics swept across the land.

In the contrived chaos the usurer and his minions swept across America, buying up property whose prices had collapsed to almost nothing.

The International Bankers had bought America on the cheap: they had bought it at ten cents on the dollar. In short, the American people had been deliberately, premeditatedly, completely, denuded of their savings and labours by the monster that is the “banking system.”

The sinister role of the Federal Reserve System in this operation was great indeed. Since the group of seven men on the Federal Reserve Board, as well as the directors of the twelve Federal Reserve Regional Banks, could have ended the “Great Depression” in two weeks if they had a mind to do so.

They did not because their agenda was not to preserve the “American dream” but to destroy it. They wanted to exacerbate the depression to accomplish long-range objectives that were concealed from the American people.

The International Banking system was created to bring about controlled economic cycles of “boom and bust” that operates for one purpose and one purpose only. To liquidate the middle class whenever they become successful enough to approach independence, economic independence free of the usurer.


The raison d’être of the banking system is to provide the means and wherewithal whereby the Cult of Evil can enslave humanity. The role of the Rothschilds in this move to enslave the world is pivotal, for without them the movement towards global tyranny would be have been somewhat different.

The apparent disappearance of the Rothschilds from the public arena and their rehabilitation as “private bankers” of integrity and good reputation and as major altruists to numerous “good causes” is a masterful job of deception.

They may have ducked from publicity but they most certainly have not gone away nor has their power diminished.

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