“Napoleon Bonaparte had not met any Jews in his youth

When Napoleon and his army entered Ancona, the Jewish community was living in a small ghetto. Napoleon, at that time, remarked that certain people were walking around with yellow bonnets and a yellow arm band with the “Star of David” on it.

He asked one of his officers, what was the purpose of the yellow bonnet and the arm band. The officer replied that these were Jews who had to be identified in order that they return to the ghetto every evening.

Napoleon immediately ordered that the arm bands and the yellow bonnets be removed and replaced them with the tricolor rosette. He closed the ghettos and gave instructions that the Jews could live wherever they wanted and they could practice their religion openly.

The Jews of Ancona were overjoyed when they discovered that the first French soldiers who entered the ghetto were Jewish!

Later, Napoleon also closed the “Jewish Ghetto” in Rome. He liberated also the Jews of Venice, Verona and Padua.

The “liberator of Italy” abolished the Laws of the Inquisition, and the Jews felt free at last.”

Here we learn that Napoleon’s first contact with “The Jews” “probably took place on the 9th of February 1797 in Italy,” when relatively young man aged 28.

Ben Weider Napoleon and the Jews: Conference given at: International Congress of the International Napoleonic Society Allessandria, Italy June 21-26, 1997



“[It is necessary to] reduce, if not destroy, the tendency of Jewish people to practice a very great number of activities that are harmful to civilisation and to public order in society in all the countries of the world. It is necessary to stop the harm by preventing it; to prevent it, it is necessary to change the Jews …

Once part of their youth will take its place in our armies, they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French.”

Napoleon in a letter to Champagny, Minister of the Interior of 29 November 1806 in which his Jew-Ignorance is on full display. Naively believing that by abolishing all sanctions and putting the Jew on the same legal footing as a Frenchman, the “Jew” would willingly assimilate into French society and become “French.”

Napoleon was rightly concerned about the role of Jews as money-lenders, Usurers, and wanted to end that. Granting full citizenship he believed would encourage “The Jews” to go into more honest professions.

Napoleon’s concern about International Usury was such that he summoned Jewish notables to answer a set of 12 questions. In April 1806 the Grand Sanhedrin convened its purpose was essentially to give satisfactory answers to the 12 questions, and to endorse and legitimise Napoleon’s goals of assimilating “The Jews” into French society.



“The decrees were part of a larger plan on his part to accelerate Jewish assimilation into French society. While two of the decrees were largely administrative in nature, a third, which came to be known as the “Infamous Decree,” singled out Jews for a number of economic restrictions, and was understandably unpopular among them …

As for the third, “Infamous” decree, whose terms were to be in effect for a decade, as put by Paula Hyman, the late historian of Jewish-French history, Napoleon expressed “his confidence in the efficacy of social engineering through law, expressing the hope that at the end of the ten-year period, ‘there would no longer be any difference between [the Jews] and the other citizens of our empire.’” …

Erasing the differences meant moving the Jews from being predominantly involved in moneylending and commerce into other walks of life. Among other things, the law voided all outstanding loans Jews had made to women, soldiers and minors, unless the debtors had permission from their husbands, superior officers or parents, respectively. Furthermore, loans with interest rates exceeding 10 percent were canceled outright.

The social engineering element was evident in the decree’s intention to transfer Jews into farming or into being small craftsmen. To achieve this, it limited their ability to move around the empire, if such a move did not include the acquisition of land. And they were not permitted to move at all into the Alsace region, which already had a high concentration of them.

In the case of Jews who continued making their living from commerce, they were required to renew their licenses yearly, at which time they also had to bring testimony to the effect they were not indulging in usury.

Additionally, Jews who had been drafted into the armed forces were not permitted to pay someone else to serve in their place, a privilege extended to the rest of the population.

Finally, on July 20, 1808, Napoleon issued a final decree that required all Jews to take on permanent first and family names. These were not include the traditional formulation of “son of” or “daughter of,” nor were they permitted to derive from the Bible or from their town of origin …

Napoleon’s successor elected not to review its terms at all. For this, he earned himself the epithet “Liberator of the Jews” …

In reality, though, neither the adoption of the decree nor its elimination a decade later had the desired effect of making French Jews like all other Frenchmen, nor did they end the suspicion and in some cases hatred that non-Jews had for them.”

Haaretz. This Day in Jewish History – 1808: Napoleon Issues Decrees to Frenchify the Jews: With his three decrees, including the ‘infamous’ one, the Emperor sought to make the Jews fully French. It wouldn’t work.

The Jewish Myth of Emancipation has it that Napoleon greatly expedited “The Jews” long struggle for emancipation by granting them full French citizenship in 1791. He did this because he was a true child of The Enlightenment, and believed in religious tolerance and the Revolution’s slogan: “Liberté, égalité, fraternité” (“Liberty, equality, fraternity”).

Napoleon was the only government leader that gave “The Jews” equality when most other nations kept them restrained from roaming freely about Christendom by legal, economic and social chains.

Napoleon also abolished the special taxes on “The Jews” in Germany and gave them, for the very first time, civic and political equality. When strong opposition manifested itself, Napoleon stood firm in his support of Jewish “equality.” Such sympathy and empathy for “The Jews” that:

“All Jews look upon Napoleon as their Messiah.”

Metternich-Winneburg, who was the Austrian consul in Paris in a letter to Count Standion, Austria’s foreign minister, in September 1806.


Napoleon’s public feelings on the matter revolved around the knotty problem of “The Jews” as money-lenders, as International Usurers, as a bane on Christian society, and he wanted to end it. Believing by granting full citizenship he would encourage “The Jews” to go into more honest professions.

“I wanted to make them leave off usury, and become like other men…by putting them upon an equality, with Catholics, Protestants, and others, I hoped to make them become good citizens, and conduct themselves like others of the community …

As their rabbins explained to them, that they ought not to practise usury to their own tribes, but were allowed to do so with Christians and others, that, therefore, as I had restored them to all their privileges …

They were not permitted to practise usury with me or them, but to treat us as if we were of the tribe of Judah. Besides, I should have drawn great wealth to France as the Jews are very numerous, and would have flocked to a country where they enjoyed such superior privities.

Moreover, I wanted to establish an universal liberty of conscience.”

Letter to physician Barry Edward O’Meara (1786 – 1836) who had written to Napoleon after he had been exiled, asking why he pressed for the emancipation of the Jews.

O’Meara accompanied Napoleon to Saint Helena and became his physician, having been surgeon on board the Bellerophon when the emperor surrendered himself following his final defeat in 1815.


“The very people who detested this great man have acknowledged that for 10 centuries there has not appeared upon earth a more extraordinary “character.”

Henry Richard Vassall-Fox, 3rd Baron Holland of Holland, and 3rd Baron Holland of Foxley, who had resisted the bill of 1816 for confining Napoleon in Saint Helena, letting the world know of his great admiration for the extraordinary personality –  a World-Historic figure – that was Napoleon Bonaparte.


“Rightful heirs of Palestine!”: Napoleon “Jew-Ignorant” and Spiritually Blind

“Napoleon ended the schism and restored the Catholic Church to France by the Concordat in 1801. He insured freedom of religions and equality to the Protestant sects, and he declared France the homeland of the Jews, after it became obvious he could not establish their national home in Palestine.”

Ben Weider Napoleon and the Jews: Conference given at: International Congress of the International Napoleonic Society Allessandria, Italy June 21-26, 1997

The Mediterranean campaign of 1798 was a series of major naval operations surrounding during the French Revolutionary Wars. A French expeditionary force set off for Egypt under General Napoleon Bonaparte seeking to capture Egypt as the first stage in an effort to threaten British India and support Tipu Sultan in the Anglo-Mysore Wars, and thus force Great Britain to make peace.

The British Royal Navy under Nelson thwarted Bonaparte’s military and prophetic ambitions when it destroyed the French fleet in the Bay of Aboukir, about 20 miles east of Alexandria.

“The result:

No British ships lost – 200 dead, 700 wounded.

Eleven French warships lost and two frigates – two warships and two frigates escaped – 1,700 dead, 1,500 wounded.

Perhaps the worst French defeat of the whole Napoleonic period. And unlike at Trafalgar its results were felt immediately.

Without a fleet in the Mediterranean, France could no longer run the Egyptian campaign satisfactorily – Malta subsequently returned to British control. The Turks declared war on France, 4 September, and as a result of the lack of naval support Napoleon was to meet with failure at the siege of St John d’Acre.

From Alexandretta Nelson sent a messenger to Bombay to inform of the ‘glorious battle fought at the Mouth of the Nile’ and the ‘great victory’.

The British under Wellington invaded Mysore and in 1799 Tippoo Sahib died defending his capital. And all French designs on India died with him.”

The Campaign in Egypt


Napoleon, a man of battle and strategic genius, attempted to solve the Jewish Question, the Jewish Problem, but instead the rabbis’ “hoodwinked” him, and he failed miserably.

Napoleon was hampered in his understand of the Jewish Problem because:

  • He did not know who and what “The Jews” actually were and represented
  • He was an early example of the walking, talking biblical ignoramus and oxymoron that is the “Judaeo-Christian”


Napoleon’s understanding of the Jewish Problem was initially clouded, like untold millions of other Christians throughout history, by poor understanding of who “The Jews” actually were/are, and “End Time” theology. He even had thoughts of grandeur that when in Egypt, in 1799, he dreamed of marching into Jerusalem in the name of provoking prophecy.

It was not the first or the last time that spurious “End Time” theology and a misplaced reverence, a misunderstanding, of “God’s Chosen,” clouded a White Man’s vision of “The Jews.”

Napoleon was under the great misapprehension, suffering a Great Delusion that “The Jews” were the true Israelites and heir to the Yahweh Covenant: he believed Counterfeit Edomite Judahites, “The Jews” were “God’s Chosen people,” and “Rightful heirs of Palestine.”

This misapprehension is the rationale for Napoleon’s foolish proclamation to the “Rightful heirs of Palestine!”:

“General Headquarters, Jerusalem 1st Floreal, April 20th, 1799, in the year of 7 of the French Republic


Israelites, unique nation, whom, in thousands of years, lust of conquest and tyranny have been able to be deprived of their ancestral lands, but not of name and national existence!

Attentive and impartial observers of the destinies of nations, even though not endowed with the gifts of seers like Isaiah and Joel, have long since also felt what these, with beautiful and uplifting faith, have foretold when they saw the approaching destruction of their kingdom and fatherland: And the ransomed of the Lord shall return, and come to Zion with songs and everlasting joy upon their heads; they shall obtain joy and gladness and sorrow and sighing shall flee away. (Isaiah 35,10)

Arise then, with gladness, ye exiled! A war unexampled In the annals of history, waged in self-defense by a nation whose hereditary lands were regarded by its enemies as plunder to be divided, arbitrarily and at their convenience, by a stroke of the pen of Cabinets, avenges its own shame and the shame of the remotest nations, long forgotten under the yoke of slavery, and also, the almost two-thousand-year-old ignominy put upon you; and, while time and circumstances would seem to be least favourable to a restatement of your claims or even to their expression ,and indeed to be compelling their complete abandonment, it offers to you at this very time, and contrary to all expectations, Israel’s patrimony!

The young army with which Providence has sent me hither, let by justice and accompanied by victory, has made Jerusalem my headquarters and will, within a few days, transfer them to Damascus, a proximity which is no longer terrifying to David’s city.

Rightful heirs of Palestine!

The great nation which does not trade in men and countries as did those which sold your ancestors unto all people (Joel,4,6) herewith calls on you not indeed to conquer your patrimony; nay, only to take over that which has been conquered and, with that nation’s warranty and support, to remain master of it to maintain it against all comers.

Arise! Show that the former overwhelming might of your oppressors has but repressed the courage of the descendants of those heroes who alliance of brothers would have done honour even to Sparta and Rome (Maccabees 12, 15) but that the two thousand years of treatment as slaves have not succeeded in stifling it.

Hasten!, Now is the moment, which may not return for thousands of years, to claim the restoration of civic rights among the population of the universe which had been shamefully withheld from you for thousands of years, your political existence as a nation among the nations, and the unlimited natural right to worship Jehovah in accordance with your faith, publicly and most probably forever (Joel 4,20).”

French Commander-in-Chief Bonaparte’s proclamation to “The Jews” printed and dated the 20th of April 1799. Clearly Napoleon sees himself, an emissary of Providence, bearing The Enlightened ideals of “freedom for all mankind,” and “justice to the whole world.”

Bonaparte’s language fed into Jewish Messianic dreams of a “new Cyrus,” the imperial liberator. He also exploited both Jewish Messianic hopes and philo-Judaic revolutionary tendencies, and so, admitted to the principle a Jewish Nation. Bonaparte as the Jewish Messiah and Christian Zionist.


At this time the French troops were in Palestine besieging the city of Acre, and Napoleon supremely confident in victory, had already prepared a Proclamation making Palestine an independent Jewish state.

Confident that he could occupy Acre and the following days he would enter Jerusalem and from Jerusalem he would issue his proclamation. Unfortunately for him and “The Jews,” but extremely fortunate for the rest of the world, British intervention thwarted his plans.

Napoleon’s unsuccessful attempt to capture Acre prevented the Proclamation from being issued.

Put differently, “The Jews” had to wait more than 150 years before they could steal Palestine and have their Zionist State of Israel proclaimed by Zionist monster David Ben-Gurion as an independent, sovereign state on Friday May 14, 1948.



“The proclamation, however did bear fruit. It was a precursor to Zionism, heightening awareness of the cause of Jewish statehood. The ideas Napoleon expressed found the admiration of many who saw Napoleon’s gestures as a fulfillment of Biblical prophecy, which foretells of the restoration of the Jews to their land. The idea drew many adherents, especially in England.

One hundred and eighteen years later, the British [Zio-Anglo-American Establishmentwould issue [Judaeo-Freemasonry/Organised Jewry‘s] “Balfour” declaration [to “Dear Lord Rothschild”] which called for a Jewish homeland and ultimately – 31 years later in 1948 – Israel would be recognized as a sovereign state by popular vote in the [Judaeo-Freemasonry/Organised Jewry‘s] United Nations General Assembly.

Perhaps it can be said that Napoleon’s premature announcement on that first day of Passover in 1799 played an important role in the creation of the [Rothschild/Zionist] state of Israel.”

Ben Weider Napoleon and the Jews: Conference given at: International Congress of the International Napoleonic Society Allessandria, Italy June 21-26, 1997.


Judaeo-Freemason and Zio-Anglo-American Establishment insider Balfour’s infamous “post-it” note to Judaeo-Freemason and Organised Jewry bigwig”Lord” Rothschild:




After Napoleon’s harebrained scheme to establish a counterfeit Israelite Nation in Palestine for the “Rightful heirs of Palestine,” had failed, the Paris Moniteur Universel, on “3 Prairial of the year VII” (i.e., 22 may 1799) announced:

“Bonaparte has published a proclamation in which he invites all the Jews of Asia and Africa to gather under his flag in order to re-establish the ancient Jerusalem. He has already given arms to a great number, and their battalions threaten Aleppo.”


Again, after this failure, and still unabashed, on the 16th of August, 1800, Napoleon declared:

“If I governed a nation of Jews, I should reestablish the Temple of Solomon.”


Why such genuflection to “The Jews” ? Why such overt sympathy for “The Jews” ? Why did he do everything he could to assure that “The Jews” were treated on an equal basis as Catholics and Protestants?

Napoleon’s religious opinions were very modern philosophy; and he was completely given to “tolerance,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity.”

Thus, Napoleon:

“Faith is beyond the reach of the law. It is the most personal possession of man, and no one has the right to demand and account for it.”


Everywhere he went, “tolerance,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity” followed in his wake: and anywhere and everywhere he found several religions, he ended the domination of the one over the others.

His failure to deliver Palestine to “The Jews” according to a spurious “End Time” theology, and his misguided wish to help “God’s Chosen,” meant his policy changed: He now wanted “The Jews” to have their Jerusalem in France; such that:

“they will cease to have Jewish interests and sentiments; their interests and sentiments will be French.”


When more Jew-Wise people tried to intervene and warn Napoleon of the sleeping monster his policies would surly awaken, he was adamant, and still largely Jew-Ignorant.

“This is not the way to solve the Jewish question. I will never accept any proposals that will obligate the Jewish people to leave France, because to me the Jews are the same as any other citizen in our country. It takes weakness to chase them out of the country, but it takes strength to assimilate them.”


On the 30th of May 1806, Napoleon issued a decree requested that a Special Assembly of Jewish leaders and rabbis (“Jewish notables”) from all of the French departments, to meet in Paris to discuss all outstanding matters, including answering questions dealing with accusations against “The Jews” made by their opposers, which today are called by the word-weapon “anti-Semites.”

Napoleon, still Jew-Ignorant, had summoned the “Jewish notables” to answer twelve very pertinent questions.

The Grand Sanhedrin’s attendees were largely from the Bordeaux or Rhine regions (Alsace and Lorraine), and led by rabbi David Sinzheim of Strasbourg.

On 23rd of July 1806, when all of these  “Jewish notables” met in Paris, Napoleon stated that:

“My desire is to make Jews equal citizens in France, have a conciliation between their religion and their responsibilities in becoming French, and to answer all the accusations made against them. I want all people living in France to be equal citizens and benefit from our laws.”


While Napoleon sought to put an end to “The Jews” as a separate, bothersome race, the “Jewish notables” knew this and had other ideas.

“Napoleon’s outward tolerance and fairness toward Jews was actually based upon his grand plan to have them disappear entirely by means of total assimilation, intermarriage, and conversion.”

Berel Wein, Triumph of Survival: The Story of the Jews in the Modern Era1650-1990. Jewish history, a trilogy, 3. (1990)


One of Organised Jewry‘s greatest fear is “total assimilation, intermarriage, and conversion.”


Would not the Evil Jewish Leadership lose total and absolute control of “The Jews” if this was to happen? Would not Organised Evil on Earth lose its most powerful weapon in its Total War on Mankind?

Organised Evil and the Evil Jewish Leadership were never, ever, going to allow “total assimilation, intermarriage, and conversion.”


The Grand Sanhedrin convene in Paris and twelve questions put to them, which would leave them no escape from the light of history if answered honestly, namely:

  • Are Jews a nation within a nation? Or are they French?
  • Do Jews consider Frenchman “strangers”? Or as brothers?
  • Did Jews regard France as their native country? Or were they separate?
  • Do Jews obey French laws or their own laws?
  • Do Jewish moneylenders make a distinction between Jews and Christians?


Questions that went to the root of the Jewish Problem. So much so, and so pertinent, that the “Jewish notables” lied through their collective teeth in answer to them.

The “Jewish notables” bent over backwards, fell all over themselves, in their eagerness to convince Napoleon that “The Jews” were French, no different from any other Frenchman in all of those particulars. In doing so, the “Jewish notables” had ostensibly cancelled the Talmud, and cancelled “Israel” as a nation.

In short, the  “Jewish notables,” the Evil Jewish Leadership‘s public representatives, lied through their teeth. A ploy “The Jews” routinely use with alacrity in their dealings with the goyim.

The modern Jews are now even happy to boast of it:

“As in the case of intermarriage [assimilation of the Jews], the issue of moneylending between Jew and non-Jew touched the critical issue of whether or not Jews, invited into the modern European state, would treat their non-Jewish co-citizens and co-subjects by the same standard that they treated their own. The Napoleonic Sanhedrin crystallized this concern in its eighth question:

“Does Jewish law forbid Jews from taking interest from their own? What about from Gentiles?”

In response, the notables of the Sanhedrin dissimulated, assuring Napoleon that Mosaic Law did not permit the extension of interest to Gentiles.”

Nancy Sinkoff, Out of Shtetl: Making Jews Modern in the Polish Borderlands (2020)

“Dissimulated,” to hide (thoughts, opinions, feelings) from other people. Synonyms include deceit, deception, dissembling, fraudulent, falsehood, dishonesty, and sham. In short, the Grand Sanhedrin’s “Jewish notables” had hoodwinked Napoleon.

“Hoodwink,” to conceal one’s true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end.


“The Jews” are history’s great tricksters and have carried the burden of their great deception with aplomb. Lies, lying, Gaslighting, and hypocrisy come natural to them. Their hypocrisy is consistent and their dealings with the goyim are defined by it: i.e., double-dealing, sophistry and misdirection.

They are, as they are now happy to confess, consummate dissimulators:

“a person who professes beliefs and opinions that he or she does not hold in order to conceal his or her real feelings or motives.”


Lying and hypocrisy are integral to their Ahrimanic religion (Pharisaism/Judaism) such that their priesthood, the Pharisees, are the embodiment of sanctimony and unction.

“The Jews” – like their “holy” men – are History’s preeminent hypocrites.

Jesus Christ called the Pharisee, Scribe, and Jew “hypocrites” both to God and men: denouncing a “woe” upon them in this world eight times; expressing his abhorrence of their wickedness, his commiseration of their case, and their certain destruction:

“But woe unto you scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites…”


The Grand Sanhedrin’s attendees, the “Jewish notables,” served their masters well and lied served up a platter of lies that convinced the gullible Emperor and his goy advisers that “The Jews” were indeed capable of behaving civilly if “emancipated.”

Napoleon, still Jew-Ignorant, had taken “The Jews” at their word: had believed the words of history’s greatest cheats and arch-hypocrites. Henceforward, the Napoleonic interrogation formed the basis, and justification, for all European countries to “emancipate” their Jews.

“The Jews” were given all civil rights and were allowed into the professions, and quickly they become doctors, lawyers, journalists, politicians. They could claim to be  Frenchman, Englishmen, Germans, Belgium. Yet, as history always proves, underneath it all they were always still “The Jews” …  nation within a nation.

And, as boasting is one of “The Jews” favourite VICES, they often boast of it: rabbi Stephen Samuel Wise, for example, who was one of the “American” Jewish community’s most prominent leaders during the 1930s and 1940s, who served as president of both the American Jewish Congress and the World Jewish Congress. In other words, an Organised Jewry insider and arch-Zionist:

“I am not an American of JEWISH faith. I am a JEW. I have been a JEW for a thousand years. Hitler was right in one thing. He calls the Jewish people a race, and we are a race.”

N.Y. Herald-Tribune, June 13, 1938.

Wise neglected to qualify which race the Modern Tribe of Jews is: that it is a miscellany of predominantly of Ashkenazi Khazars, such as Wise himself, with a small percentage of Sephardi Jews (Canaanite-Edomite Idumeans – who have the classic “hook-nosed” countenance – with a smattering of Berbers and other Asiatics) i.e., not Israelites, not Hebrews, and certainly not Judahites.


“Jews are Like Locusts”: Napoleon finally becomes “Jew-Wise”

“King Jerry treating his Jewish subjects with Westphalia Venison!!” by English caricaturist George Moutard Woodward (1807).

Jérôme Bonaparte, appointed King of Westphalia (i.e., “King Jerry” of Germany) by his brother, immediately emancipated his “good and worthy Hebrew Subjects” …  “The Jews.”

Woodward’s cartoon shows “King Jerry” sucking-up to “Jewish notables” by decreeing non-kosher ham (a forbidden pork product) to be “Westphalia venison,” thereby enabling “The Jews” to eat a delicacy they enjoyed.



“Bonaparte had no [racial] prejudices; Egyptians, Sudanese, Jews from Alexandria were all integrated into the Imperial Guard. He also had no affection for anyone. He was neither anti-Semite nor pro-Semite; he felt neither hostility nor sympathy.”

Patrice Gueniffey is director of the Raymond Aron Center for Political Research at Paris’s l’Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales (school of advanced studies in the social sciences), and author of Bonaparte: 1769-1802 (2013); a court historian that toes the Zionist Party Line in conversation with Zionist entity The Forward about the thorny subject of “Napoleon and the Jews.”

Here Gueniffey alludes to Napoleon’s lack of racial prejudices, that is, his lack of racial realism, and especially his Jew-Ignorance.



“The Syrians and Arabs and all the agricultural and pastoral populations of Palestine are, rightly or wrongly, alarmed and angered at the advent of the Jews to power; for the perfectly practical and simple reason of the reputation which the Jews have all over the world.

It is really ridiculous in people so intelligent as the Jews, and especially so intelligent as the Zionists, to ignore so enormous and elementary a fact as that reputation and its natural results. It may or may not in this case be unjust; but in any case it is not unnatural.

It may be the result of persecution, but it is one that has definitely resulted. It may be the consequence of a misunderstanding; but it is a misunderstanding that must itself be understood.

Rightly or wrongly, certain people in Palestine fear the coming of the Jews as they fear the coming of the locusts; they regard them as parasites that feed on a community by a thousand methods of financial intrigue and economic exploitation.

I could understand the Jews indignantly denying this, or eagerly disproving it, or best of all, explaining what is true in it while exposing what is untrue.

What is strange, I might almost say weird, about the attitude of some quite intelligent and sincere Zionists, is that they talk, write and apparently think as if there were no such thing in the world.

G K Chesterton (1874 – 1936) English writer, philosopher, lay theologian, literary and art critic; and one of the most prolific writers of all time.

In his travelogueThe New Jerusalem, which was written before the Second World War, when there is yet no Zionist State of Israel, Chesterton took a trip to Jerusalem, and talked about what he saw.

The book is a lengthy discourse about the Middle East, the relationships between East and West, and relationships between the various religions. Chesterton discusses Zionism and the relations between “The Jews” and the places in which they were then beginning to flock and live, and how the two relate.

To some Napoleon was a “Minion of the Chaos, Executioner of the Peoples”: a Useful Idiot that was swayed by the World Revolution‘s rhetoric to pursue doctrines and policies that were in essence Communist, “Leftist,” and so help bring future ruin to Europe.

That is why, unlike his successor Adolf Hitler, the “Left” has never hated or demonised Napoleon: A simple case of Hitler “Fascist and evil,” Napoleon “Communist and good.”


Hence, Napoleon’s sympathetic treatment by court historians and encyclopaedias etc., which follow the Zionist Party Line, and regurgitate the official narrative. This, for example, from The New Columbia Encyclopedia (1975), but substituting the articles original word “liberal” with “Leftist” (i.e., proto-Communist) because that is really what is meant:

“The Napoleonic legend, the picture of a Leftist conqueror spreading the French Revolution throughout Europe, was a potent factor in French history and helped make Napoleon’s nephew [another Left authoritarian] emperor as Napoleon III. …

Although [Napoleon I] made use of such ruthless police chiefs as Joseph Fouché and Anne Savary [a man, despite his odd-sounding name] to suppress all opposition, he cannot be compared to … Adolf Hitler.”


Napoleon should not be compared to Hitler as an authoritarian leader who terrorised the world: Napoleon was not Hitlerian. Napoleon and Hitler were both conquerors of Europe, but Napoleon was an heir to the “age of light,” while Hitler was a child of darkness.

Napoleon believed in “freedom” as the basis for modern society. He was the son of the Revolution, which emancipated society from monarchy, feudalism and church authority, and so inherited all this tradition. More importantly, Napoleon was “good for The Jews.”

Hitler was a “bad” “far-right” dictator with evil intent, while Napoleon was the “Pan-European” “Leftist” Emperor with “good” intentions, which later come to pass in the “good’ European Union.


The “Pan-European” Emperor’s ambitious and political objectives were at the time little-known.

Napoleon’s advancement of the French Revolution‘s radical policies by military force was obvious. However, his not so obvious ambition, his ultimate dream, was to found a grand, all-encompassing European State, a “federation of free peoples” as he put it.

Here “free” in this context is a weasel word, deceptive, dishonest and misleading as the words “democracy,” “social,” “sustainable,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and “equity” are today.

The great White Christian Russian writer Leo Tolstoy (1828 – 1910), the author of two great novels, wrote about the French invasion of Russia in one of them, War and Peace (1869), encompassing the years 1805 – 20.

Tolstoy is very critical of the war and condemned Napoleon’s actions and motivations; using Napoleon’s own words to argue his case. Tolstoy quotes long passages that Napoleon later wrote during his exile on Saint Helena, and where he died aged 51 in 1821.

Although Tolstoy does not cite the source of Napoleon’s words, it was probably Emmanuel de Las Cases’ now rare Mémorial de Sainte-Hélène: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena (1823).

Thus Napoleon:

“The Russian war should have been the most popular war of modern times: it was a war of good sense, for real interests, for the tranquility and security of all; it was purely pacific and conservative.

It was a war for a great cause, the end of uncertainties and the beginning of security. A new horizon and new labours were opening out, full of well-being and prosperity for all.

The European system was already founded; all that remained was to organize it.

Satisfied on these great points and with tranquillity everywhere, I too should have had my Congress and my Holy Alliance [a reference to the Congress of Vienna and Holy Alliance instituted by European leaders after his defeat].

Those ideas were stolen from me. In that reunion of great sovereigns we should have discussed our interests like one family, and have rendered account to the peoples as clerk to master.

Europe would in this way soon have been, in fact, but one people, and anyone who travelled anywhere would have found himself always in the common fatherland.

I should have demanded the freedom of all navigable rivers for everybody, that the seas should be common to all, and that the great standing armies should be reduced henceforth to mere guards for the sovereigns.

On returning to France, to the bosom of the great, strong, magnificent, peaceful, and glorious fatherland, I should have proclaimed her frontiers immutable; all future wars purely defensive, all aggrandisement anti-national.

I should have associated my son in the Empire; my dictatorship would have been finished, and his constitutional reign would have begun.

Paris would have been the capital of the world  and the French the envy of the nations!

My leisure then, and my old age, would have been devoted, in company with the Empress and during the royal apprenticeship of my son, to leisurely visiting, with our own horses and like a true country couple, every corner of the Empire, receiving complaints, redressing wrongs, and scattering public buildings and benefactions on all sides and everywhere.”


Ostensibly, Napoleon’s vision appears appealing because it seems to imply White European unity, and Europe at perpetual peace. Yet, on closer analysis, and with reference to Napoleon’s actions, it is the contrary. His apparent lack of racial realism, and innate Communism, would have fostered a multiracial, multicultural Europe rather then a heterogeneous White Christian Europe.

A multicultural nightmare that the anti-Whiteanti-Christian, pro-Zionist European Union brought about in the 20th century under the pretext of ending future wars by the:

reunion of great sovereigns [that discusses] interests like one family… Europe would in this way soon have been, in fact, but one people … all future wars purely defensive, all aggrandisement anti-national.”

But it was Brussels not Paris that Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry chose to be the “capital of the world and … the envy of the nations.”



Tsar Alexander I (1777 – 1825) of Russia had planned to liberalise the Russian government of Russia, but was unable due to the distracting and devastating wars with Napoleon.

Alexander was hostile to Napoleon’s policies towards “The Jews” because, as a Christian and historian, he understood the enormity of the situation of releasing “The Jews” from the ghettos, and giving them free rein to infiltrate, subvert, steer, and destroy Christendom … spreading their Christophobia and Talmudic Communism far and wide … unleashing their “Jewish Jihad” upon Christendom.

When Alexander protested violently against the emancipation of “The Jews,” encouraged the Orthodox Church in Moscow to protest aggressively, and called Napoleon the “Antichrist and the enemy of God,”  it was not mere rhetoric or hyperbole, it was profundity.


Napoleon was in a sense a Mini-Me Antichrist that had released the greatest threat to White Christian Civilisation from its chains, “The Jews” …. the greatest vehicle of anti-Christ forces through the ages, and Organised Evil‘s most powerful weapon used in its World Revolution.

Alexander’s profound warning, hostility, and opposition to the “The Emancipation of the Jews” brought upon him, his posterity, and the nation he loved, a vengeance of a most terrible kind, an avenging anger of a such concentrated hate; an implacable rancour and hatred that resulted in the Bolshevik Zionist Jew destruction of Christian Mother Russia and the regicide of Alexander’s descendants.

The fateful time when Christian Russia and its Christian monarchy fell victim to the World Revolutionary Movement‘s first of Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s planned Three Revolutions.




The Holy Synod of Moscow issued an open manifesto against the Great Sanhedrin dated December 1806, which states:

“In order to bring about a debasement of the Church, he [Napoleon] has convened to Paris the Jewish Synagogue, restored the dignity of the Rabbis and founded a new Sanhedrin.”


That the Russian Orthodox Church was Napoleon’s greatest critic because it understood the Great Sanhedrin’s profound implications, showed that it was a true enemy of “The Jews.”

That was why “The Jews” tried to destroy it via the Bolshevik Zionist Revolutionand why they are trying to destroy it and a rejuvenated Christian Russia today.

An ancient rancour, hate, and enmity the Bolshevik Zionist Jew (who has infiltrated, subverted, and helps steer US politics), calling himself “Jamie Raskin” personifies: exhorting for Christian Russia‘s destruction “no matter what it costs us” i.e., no matter how much goyim blood “The Jews” spill.

“Jamie Raskin” a modern day hypocrite Pharisee: an anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-God, Bolshevik Zionist Jew, and representative of the Modern Tribe of Jew‘s ugly face.



A “Jewish Jihad” against White Christian Russia whereby Organised Jewry, and odious, rancorous Jews like Raskin, hide in the shadows while orchestrating wars between White Christian Nations, while exhorting Christians to kill other Christians.

A typical “Jewish Jihad,” a case of “The Jews,” yet again, saying:


“Let YOU goyim, fight THEM goyim.”




Napoleon: a Mini-Me Antichrist

Christian Germany’s opposition to Napoleon seeing him as a son of Satan because of his anti-Christian policies, especially “Emancipation of the Jews.” The caption in English reads:

“This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.”


A satire, an allusion to Jesus‘ birth as the Son of God:

“And lo a voice from heaven, saying, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.”

Matt. 3:17




Contemporaries viewed Napoleon either as the “Jewish Messiah” or the “Antichrist.” At certain points in his career, Napoleon shared the former view, and as a consummate master of propaganda, he did not hesitate to encourage others to believe the best of him and his mission.

Napoleon personified the “second law of apocalyptic dynamics,” that one man’s Messiah is another’s Antichrist.

Christian Russia thought that Napoleon, because of his World Ambition and all-conquering armies, was the Antichrist; a major theme in Tolstoy’s seminal book War and Peace. That because of Napoleon’s Jewish Messianic aspirations his victorious army was ipso facto Antichrist’s army.


Two Englishmen who helped people understand the so-called “French Revolution’s” inherent dangers, and to bring Napoleon to order, also understood what was at stake.

The great Parliamentarian and orator Edmund Burke (1729 – 97), who fought the Jacobinic menace intellectually, and apprehended the so-called “French Revolution’s” dark nature, that it was run by “Jew brokers”: and Arthur Wellesley (1769 – 1852), the Duke of Wellington, who after his victory at Waterloo later became Prime Minister, and repeatedly denied bills giving “English” Jews voting rights, saying correctly, and profoundly:

“This is a Christian nation.”

Napoleon’s rash, foolish emancipation unleashed a tsunami of “The Jews” across Europe, who assiduously worked to advance themselves to the forefront of the White Christian World. With astonishing speed, as if compelled by a strong, organising force, and an inordinate desire to succeed, “The Jews” were operating at the highest levels in all fields in Europe, and later in America.

The slow, inexorable  Judaising of Christendom, the accelerating Ahrimanisation of World Civilisation.

Even the Jew calling himself “Karl Marx” in a rare moment of honesty declared that once “The Jews” were “emancipated” Western Christian Civilisation would quickly became Jewish. “Marx,” an Organised Jewry insider, was aware of Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s Judaising of Christendom Agenda; rendering Christendom a “Judaeo-Christian” society.


In Spain of the Middle Ages, “The Jews” professed to be Christians, and in the Early Modern Era in the Ottoman Empire declared themselves fervent Muslims, a ploy used to allow them to live and prosper in their country of choice, while secretly practising Judaism … the “conspiracy theorists” “Crypto-Jews.”

Under Napoleon’s rule they professed to be loyal Frenchmen. The same lie, the same pretence, the same ploy, and the same goyim gullibility in believing it.


Napoleon’s Jew-Wisdom, his “anti-Semitism,” evolved as his dealings with “The Jews” increased: when his goy gullibility began to dissipate because of his first-hand experiences trying to deal with this double-dealing people.

He instinctively understood the problem:

“I have undertaken to reform the Jews, but I have not endeavoured to draw more of them into my realm. Far from that, I have avoided doing anything which could show any esteem for the most despicable [contemptible] of mankind.”

Napoleon in a private letter to his brother Jérome “King Jerry” Napoleon, dated 6 March 1808.


But, underestimated the enormity of the Jewish Problem, thinking by simply by treating “The Jews” fairly, even emancipating them, his grand gesture would be reciprocated in kind.


Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s “French Revolution” had reaped a bitter harvest. The King and Queen of France, as well as tens of thousands of other nobles, clerics and “counter revolutionaries” guillotined, and countless others killed in the Reign of Terror.

The great military leader Napoleon Bonaparte emerged out of the tumult and became France’s leader. However, two great enemies wanted, for their various reasons, to destroy Napoleon: a visible enemy, and an invisible enemy; an Open Conspiracy and a Closed Conspiracy: the Old World Order and the New World Order.

The Royal Houses of Europe (Old World Order) wanted Napoleon dethroned and a new king from the House of Bourbon restored.

Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry were, of course, the invisible and infinitely more sinister enemy directing various subversive groups such as the Jacobins, which Napoleon had suppressed. The Jacobins were harbingers of the Bolsheviks, and both served a higher revolutionary power (the Hidden Hand of the New World Order).

The “French Revolution” was Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s second contrived revolution, but one that ultimately gave birth to modern Communism, sexual and aesthetic degeneracy, Christian Culture destruction, and anti-White Genocide.


Napoleon was a product of the French Revolution, and through military means vastly extended the Revolution’s radical policies, imposing them by force on a prostrate Europe. His ultimate dream was to found a Pan European State, a “federation of free peoples” as he put it. Ambitions described thus:

“When speaking of Napoleon’s genius as a statesman, we must never forget (among other things) that it was he who finally reduced the Gallican Church to ruins, thus irretrievably delivering over the great majority of the French to Rome and destroying every possibility of a genuine national Church.

He it was also who enthroned the Jews.

This man — devoid of all understanding for historical truth and necessity, the impersonation of wicked caprice — is a destroyer, not a creator, at best a codifier, not an inventor; he is a minion of the Chaos, the proper complement to Ignatius of Loyola, a new personification of the anti-Teutonic spirit.”

Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Foundations of the Nineteenth Century (1899)


Napoleon is lauded as a man that initiated the Napoleonic Code, the first modern legal code to be adopted with a pan-European scope, which strongly influenced the law of many of the countries formed during and after the Napoleonic Wars.

Not only that: He brought stability to France after years of turmoil following from the Revolution of 1789; he centralised the government administration; facilitated the adoption of the metric system, built public roads and sewers, and introduced state-supported secondary education; established a stable, single currency and created the Bank of France; and, introduced meritocracy to both the French government and the French army, promoting on the basis of ability, rather than on the basis of family background.

Achievements by what Chamberlain called a  “codifier, not an inventor.” That because he was “devoid of all understanding for historical truth and necessity,” his actions had laid the seeds of Europe’s future destruction. That he was a “son of Satan,” a mini-Antichrist, and a true son of the World Revolution, and so a “minion of the Chaos.”


Napoleon became a Judaeo-Freemasonry “Targeted Individual”

Napoleon understood the dangers posed by external enemies (especially Great Britain), and International Usury, and wanting the best for his people, manoeuvred to remain free of control by foreign powers and the Jewish money-masters.

Napoleon moved to counter the internal threat of Usury by enacting what “The Jews” subsequently called “The Infamous Decree.”

Why “Infamous”?

Because it dared to deprive “The Jews” of their main source of sustenance, power, and influence.


It nullified many debts while severely restricting Jewish Usury, even banning it outright in many cases.

Napoleon had dared to do what Hitler also attempted over a century later: free his country from International Usury, by breaking the Rothschilds’ hold on the French currency and credit.

Napoleon’s idea to turn “The Jews” into Frenchmen by assimilating them out of existence, whilst simultaneously breaking free of Jewish Usury, was not only a noble idea, but also one of self-survival. However, it was, like Napoleon himself, targeted for destruction.

Any of the White Race that pose a threat to “The Jews” or the World Revolution – who are an obstacle to the New World Order – are targeted for death. Napoleon had become a great danger to both, and like all other dangerous goy he became a Targeted Individual, slated for destruction.


He had challenged Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry‘s two pillars of power: the Invisible Money Power (Rothchilds’ Central Bank Cartel) and “The Jews” themselves as a cohesive social unit via “assimilation”: the World Revolution‘s consummate vehicle of transmission through the ages.

The Invisible Money Power‘s greatest fear is exposure and rejection; and Organised Jewry‘s greatest fear is “total assimilation, intermarriage, and conversion.”

Napoleon’s actions and political agenda had ignited these fears, and so his enemies moved against him. Their Dark Machinations quickly disabusing Napoleon from his erroneous beliefs about “The Jews.”

In other words, Napoleon’s Jew-Ignorance became Jew-Wisdom. 

The Invisible Money Power (in the figure of the money-lending Rothschilds) joined forces with the Royals of Europe (the millennia-old dynasties) to take out the great usurper who dared defy both the Old World Order and the New World Order.

Various European aristocrats went begging to Nathan Rothschild (Invisible Money Power‘s City of London panjandrum) for money to fight Napoleon. The concessions which Rothschild extracted from these short-sighted royal beggars would later open the door for “The Jews” of 19th Century Europe to advance, to “slow march through institutions,” in education, the professions, the press and eventually, the parliaments.

This secret power (Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry) once entrenched, overthrew the ancient Royal Houses that had ruled Europe for a thousand years, using the emancipated “Jews,” and Two of their planned Three World Wars, to do it.


The unholy alliance between the Old World Order and the New World Order against Napoleon manifested as the so-called “Napoleonic Wars,” wars all of which were imposed upon Napoleon, and various assassination attempts.





“As there is not enough evidence I cannot get into the controversy of the improbable cause of death due to chronic arsenic poisoning or mercury cyanide developing. I believe that on a debilitated body diseased with tuberculosis, chronic hepatitis and cancerous ulcer of the stomach with perforation (fatal diseases), the profuse bleeding caused by an excessive dose of Calomel hastened Napoleon’s death.

How difficult it must have been for the doctors to care for Napoleon is reflected in the attitude of the Governor at St. Helena, Sir Hudson Lowe, who would not accept the diagnosis of hepatitis on his “clean island.”

Dr. Barry O’Meara, a British Royal Navy surgeon, was dismissed for diagnosing and treating Napoleon for hepatitis.

Dr. O’Meara, a spy for the British government and later declared by Sir Hudson Lowe to be a double spy, was court martialed and dismissed from the navy for implying that Sir Hudson Lowe had government orders to speed up Napoleon’s death.

Dr. Stokoe, a British naval surgeon, met with the same fate after he diagnosed Napoleon with hepatitis.

Today we can conclude that Napoleon had bad medical care, even for the medical knowledge available at that time, administered by a group of doctors selected for political reasons and terrorized by the British Governor of St. Helena.”



Libtards (not just Jew-Ignorant, but totally ignorant of the world in which they live) pronounce Napoleon’s public record on “The Jews” as a mixed bag.

On one hand, he spread the Revolution’s ideals of “freedom of religion,” and “equality before the law,” and abolished many of the legal restrictions on French Jews; and generally implemented the same policies in the countries he conquered.

On the other hand, he cancelled debts to “The Jews” and reimposed (and later took back again) residence restrictions on “The Jews.”

All in all, declare the Libtards, European Jewry made great progress under Napoleon’s policies; a progress mostly due to the Revolution’s wonderful ideals that Napoleon inherited, and was happy to propagate when it suited his purposes, and overlook or take back when it did not.


The truth is more simple. Bonaparte in his dealing with “The Jews” had an awakening, he awoke to the Jewish Question, the Jewish Problem‘s true dark depth.

An awakening because Bonaparte realised “The Jews” had hoodwinked him and were like “locusts who are ravaging France.”


“They [The Jews] are the carrion birds of humanity … [and] are a state within a state. They are certainly not real citizens .… The evils of Jews do not stem from individuals but from the fundamental nature of these people.”


“The Jews are the master robbers of the modern age.”


Napoleon Bonaparte, a proto-Judaeo-Christian, an early Christian Zionist and a Mini-Me Antichrist, had become ………..





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