“[The idea of the Emancipation of the Jews]

“[The idea of the Emancipation of the Jews] grew sort of organically out of the political theorizing that underpin the Enlightenment. As the Enlightenment went from its theoretical phase to its political phase with the French Revolution, there was the question of the Jews.

What do we do with this religious and ethnic minority – Jews were seen as an ethnic minority at the time – in our midst?

And in France, where everything was up for discussion, people became, seems to me, kind of obsessed with the Jewish question. What do we do with them? Liberty, equality, fraternity.

If all men are brothers, does that mean the Jews too? And the answer, as it was worked out in the constitution-writing phase of the French Revolution, was yes.

And the changes that came out of that were phenomenal.”

‘Emancipation,’ A Story Of European Jews’ Liberation November 21, 2009 



Liberté, égalité, fraternité … French for ‘liberty, equality, fraternity‘, is the national motto of France and the Republic of Haiti, and is an example of a tripartite motto. Although it finds its origins in the French Revolution, it was then only one motto among others and was not institutionalized until the Third Republic at the end of the 19th century.

Debates concerning the compatibility and order of the three terms began at the same time as the Revolution. It is also the motto of the Grand Orient and the Grande Loge de France.”

Liberté, égalité, fraternité ou la Mort! (Liberty, Equality, Fraternity or Death!) became the so-called “French Revolution’s” slogan. “Death” was later dropped for being too strongly associated with Judaeo-Freemasonry‘s Reign of Terror.

It alludes to the “French” revolution’s ultimate source and inspiration: Judaeo-Freemasonry and its Hidden Hand (the Invisible Money Power).

Liberté, égalité, fraternité National motto of France and Haiti



One of “The Jews'” most obvious character flaw is PRIDE: a particularly prominent Jewish VICE. This manifests as racial supremacy (“God’s Chosen,” etc.) and perpetual boasting.

Especially the much vaunted “Jewish genius,” which at best apes the Caucasian “Faustian soul,” (Mendelssohn and Mahler, for example, both good, but no Mozart, no Wagner, and certainly no Beethoven), but usually it manifests as mere mediocrity, but heavily promoted by “The Jews” as something outstanding.

At worst it is subversion through and through.


“The Jews” love to boast of their achievements, loudly and repeatedly, and proclaim to the world their “good works.” Moreover, to tell the world that everything “The Jews” do collectively is “good” for the world. Why an ever growing list of Jews “Jewsplain” why White Christian Civilisation must be destroyed in order for White Christian Civilisation to survive.

Audacity, Gaslighting and the Reversing of Reality, which are “The Jews'” speciality, as well as protesting and extracting money.


“The Jews” love of boasting is like the Judaeo-Freemasons that tediously brag of the prominent men in their Lodges to arrogate good reputation, “The Jews” boast of fellow tribesmen that have “transformed the world.” A particular insidious brand of self-puffery … of Self-Promotion.

Of course, there are some Jews who have a great deal of light and knowledge in their heads, but most do not have grace in their hearts; they possess great gifts, but these are puffed up with pride and vanity, and not sanctifying grace, which is of a humbling nature.

Hence, Jewish braggadocio prevails, and the world’s stage is filled with boastful, prideful Jews, filled with enmity, rancour and connivance.

Conniving Jews using Jewish Sophistry(“Jewish genius”) and Jewish Power too usurp the world of ideas by foisting Jewish doctrines, creeds, “Jewish Mysticism,” and  Jewish Tin Gods onto the world.


Organised Jewry, under its Evil Jewish Leadership (Synagogue of Satan), expends an inordinate amount of energy, endless time and money, in promoting its Jewish Heroes.

It promotes their Jewish Heroes (Jewish Tin Gods) as symbolic of:

  • Jewish innate racial superiority
  • Jewish Emancipation from the ghetto was immensely beneficial to civilisation
  • White Christian intolerance, innate “anti-Semitism,” and stupidity, for keep the wonderful Jewish race locked-up for so long, and depriving the world of “Jewish genius”
  • Jewish paranoia that their much vaunted “Heroes” are found out to be TIN GODS


The Globalists achieve their goals (Global Action Plan) using patently absurd and easily disproved narratives and Cover Stories (e.g., “Climate Change,” “Sustainable Development,” and “COVID,”) by employing repetition and AUDACITY.

So too “The Jews” using repetition and AUDACITY to convince the world that Jewish Emancipation was a world historic event, that the “Jewish genius” once released transformed the world for the “good.”

Moreover, the world would be in a retarded, reduced condition if “The Jews” were still in their ghettos. If it were not for “The Jews” White Christian Civilisation would struggle to survive.

Gentle reader, recognise the temerity of these “Jews.” As if White Christian Civilisation struggled without “The Jews” and their “Jewish genius”…. the arrogance, the AUDACITY of these people!

The White Race transformed the world for the good, for mankind’s greater good. The White Race are civilisation builders, “The Jews” are civilisation destroyers.

“The Jews” plot to destroy the gifts bestowed by the White Race onto the world, to revoke them, negate them, and return the once Third World back to its original pre-civilisation condition. An audacious plan to destroy both Christendom and World Civilisation.

“The Jews” even have a word for their AUDACITY, hypocrisy, barefaced lies, and Gaslighting …  “chutzpah.”


One of the main boasts is how the “Jews of Europe” went from mostly living in ghettos to achieving incredible prominence in the arts and literature, academia, science, in the span of a few generations. That once released from the ghettos the “Jewish genius” burst forth producing “stars” in every field.

Hence, from that fateful time onwards,The Enlightenment,”The Jews” greatly contributed, positively, to European culture in so many fields: writing, politics, philosophy, science, psychology, sociology, music. Positive, benign, immense intellectual power liberated and unleashed by “Emancipation.”

The Jewish Heroes, we are told, which transformed the world for the “good”: the usual and heavily promoted suspects, “The Jews'” great heroes, “Marx, Freud, and Einstein,” and the lesser brethren Spinoza, Hess, Heine, Mendelssohn, Mahler, Schnitzler, as well as minor subversives like Maimon, Hess and Borne.


The Jewish Myth of Emancipation has it that most of the advances toward modern governments in Europe were started with the discussion of whether or not to emancipate “The Jews.” That answering the Jewish Question resulted in modern, enlightened democracy.

Further, that “Anti-Semitism” and adversity forced “The Jews” to develop skills in all areas to enable them to survive and thrive as a “minority” amongst a hostile majority.

That once, after an arduous struggle, they had secured for themselves a modicum of safety and stability, they then transmuted their struggle for “civil rights,” “emancipation,” “acceptance,” “tolerance,” and “social justice,” into knowledge, skills and abilities that were useful for society in general. Hence, their boast that everything “The Jews” do collectively is “good” for the world … because they have greatly suffered, and know better …

That because of this, “The Jews” knew that White Christian Civilisation could be infinitely better if re-designed by “The Jews,” and governed by “The Jews” … transform Europe so that the words of “liberty,” “equality” and “fraternity” were more than a slogan. Hence, such “chutzpah” as this:

“We [The Jews] intend to remake the Gentiles – what the Communists [Bolshevik Zionist Jews] are doing in Russia [i.e. White Christian genocide and destruction of a Christian nation using incipient “Woke”].”

How Odd of God: An Introduction to the Jews (1924), rabbi Lewis Brown.


In other words, Judaeo-Freemasonry and Organised Jewry’s vast conspiracy, the Judaising of Christendom. Hence, why “The Jews” are found leading every subversive movement that tears Christendom apart.

Why, even before they were “emancipated,” Jews of every type were the leaders and main theorists of subversive social and economic theories: “Socialism,” “Marxism,” “Communism” etc.

Put differently, Emancipation of Jews from the Ghetto greatly accelerated White Christian Civilisation‘s destruction, and the World Revolution would not be anywhere near to completion if the “Jewish genius” had not been released upon the world.

Organised Jewry‘s ceaseless and heavy promotion of its Jewish Heroes is intrinsic to the Jewish Conspiracy‘s success; notwithstanding that their much vaunted triad of “MarxFreud and Einstein” are a miscellany of frauds, charlatans, plagiarists and sexual deviants: a troika of moral and intellectual reprobates, a trio of TIN GODS.


Christophobia’s Rise correlates with Emancipation of the Jews

Hatred and enmity towards Christianity has existed since the time of Christ’s earthly mission. This enmity becomes Christophobia when it manifest as an irrational, pathological, almost rabid hatred.  A morbid condition, an enduring, rancorous hate, first manifest and personified in the figure of the Pharisee

Ahriman-Satan’s minions had by this time infiltrated the Pharisee Cult and were moulding it in their Dark God’s image. Preparing it as a consummate vehicle for the transmission of the five thousand year old Luciferian Agenda into modern times, using “The Jews” as their main instrument.

“The Jews” are indeed a “Chosen People” … chosen by the Dark Gods to not only be “Christ killers,” but also as the preeminent Christophobes; as the World Revolution‘s shock-troops.

The Ancient Cult of Evil‘s secret leaders are unknown to history, but their public representatives are easily discerned.

Two men are prominent in the Biblical accounts of the arrest and trial of Jesus. Annas, the first High Priest of the newly formed Roman province of Judea, and his son-in-law Caiaphas.

Josephus (37 -100 AD), wrote that Annas was a “most happy man” for two reasons: he himself had been High Priest and chief religious authority in the land for a very long time, and then he had been succeeded in office by five of his sons.

Annas wielded great influence. Seven members of his family held the office of High Priest: his five sons; his grandson and son-in-law Caiaphas.

He was thus patriarch of the family that controlled the High Priesthood for most of the first century: during Christ’s Earthly Mission and the Apostolic Era.

Josephus’ clearly shows the monopoly of the High Priesthood exercised by this influential family; that it controlled the Sanhedrin, which was called to resolve the fate of Jesus.

The Pharisee Cult spread throughout the Roman Empire, found receptive homes in several locations, but it was especially well received in the Khazar nation in the 10th century AD, when the rulers adopted Pharisaism as their official religion.

Here it was further refined and became known to the world as Judaism, and the Khazars as Ashkenazi Jews. All the while under the High Priesthood‘s control, and by that, the Ancient Cult of Evil.

While the “Christ killers,” remained confined in their ghettos, Christophobia was inconsequential, existing in a small coterie of Enlightenment rationalist malcontents, and Judaeo-Freemason subversives. However, once “The Jews” were emancipated, two millennia of pent-up hate, enmity, and rancour of all things Christian and White were released, and like a bursting dam, rapidly spread across the European landscape.

Christophobia spread across Christendom like a plague; causing increasing societal chaos in its wake. Arising wherever “The Jews” wandered, and in whatever “social theory” they posited. In short: Christophobia‘s rapid rise and spread correlates with the Emancipation of the Jews.

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